We have received a submission about Punk Aid, a project raising funds for Free the MBR Beagles after producing a collaborative song that you can download (and donate for) on Bandcamp. Hear them out!

“I’m sure readers to the page are no strangers to the Free the MBR Beagles campaign. Activists fighting for the closure of the American multinational Marshall Biosciences in Cambridgeshire, and the liberation of the 2000 odd puppies they hold captive there.

Many methods have been used to bring the fight to them; most famously the Camp Beagle established directly out side the puppy farm that maintains a constant vigilance. Also the actions of Animal Rebellion and their incredible day light liberations of around twenty innocent puppies!

Well now it’s the turn of the punks! Working remotely, we thought “What can we do to help the campaign?” We brought together a collective of pro-animal liberation activist punks and have produced a song in support of the MBR beagles and the activists that fight for them in the true spirit of DIY anarcho punk!

It features contributions from over 12 bands, members of which have for many years been involved in animal rights campaigns such as hunt sabbing and protests against Huntingdon Life Sciences.

You can view the video here:


or download the tune here:


ALL profits raised from the download will go directly to the Free the MBR Beagles campaign!”


6th December, Darmstadt Germany.

According to local hunting press, on the night of the 6th of December a hunting hide in Darmstadt was found on fire by the local hunter. The hunter and owner of the hide says that he estimates the costs at around 800 EUR and insists that “hunting hides don’t spontaneously combust”.

The police is begging for clues and so far they have no suspects.


12th January, Leipzig Germany.

Via: Abolition Media.

“With this earworm in mind and inspired by the prisoners in Hamburg, in Rome and in Athens, we attacked Hertz with fire on the night of January 12. Hertz cooperates with the enemies of our freedom and must pay for it.

In solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, Alfredo, Ivan, Thanos, and with the 11 prisoners from Turkey. For all the anarchist prisoners imprisoned by the state and for all the others who continue to fight outside.

Greetings go to the people who militantly defend Lützerath

For an international solidarity full of hate and passion!

Until the next parking lot.

Cheap thrills

Come on, come on, put the mask on
It’s wednesday night and I won’t be long
Gotta do my hair, put my gloves on
It’s wednesday night and I won’t be long
‘Til I hit the target, hit the targetI got all I need
No, I ain’t got cash, I ain’t got cash
But I got you, baby
Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
But I don’t need no money
As long as I can feel the heat
I don’t need no money
As long as it keeps burning
(Cheap Thrills, Sia & Sean Paul)”


A comrade sent us a reportback from Lützi, giving us insigt on what is happening first hand. It was originally published on Earth First! Journal and we think you should have a read and find out what’s been happening!

“In small gangs, cops start charging towards groups of protesters, beating up people with batons and pepper spray, kicking and pushing them to the ground. Dozens of people are injured, many with serious head injuries, treated by paramedics, and waiting for a helicopter to hospital.

Lützerath has become a battlefield, where cops defend fossil capital at all costs, enforcing climate catastrophe. From all over Germany, over a thousand police have come to coerce the eviction of Lützerath – the last remaining village being cleared for the expansion of the Garzweiler II opencast mine run by energy giant RWE. For years now activists had prepared for ‘Day X’ – built camps, barricades, tree houses, and tripods, and occupied houses to stop the destruction of the village. They rebuilt community in an area that had long been politically neglected, inhabitants intimidated and paid off, slowly cut off from infrastructure. The last remaining farmer, Eckardt Heukamp, lost his court case in 2022 and had to leave his family farm. This is the second time he’s had to move and see his home destroyed for the expansion of the mine.

Over the last couple of months, since my last visit, even more land has been lost to the mine, even more carbon dioxide has been emitted, habitats lost, political promises broken, livelihoods destroyed. All too clearly, the German state and energy giant RWE show us that they don’t care about our futures, about climate catastrophe, about the web of life that makes human life possible. Even liberal environmentalists are forced to recognise that the government doesn’t give a shit. It’s a coalition with the Green Party that is making this possible. The government will not protect us.

Cops and security forces are taking down structures, violently removing protesters. They have outsourced some of the dirtiest work to RWE personnel – the RWE fire brigade are evicting two tunnellers who locked on underneath the village, and RWE vehicles are used to transport protestors. In close collaboration with RWE, cops use water cannons, horses, and dogs to repress resistance, several people are bitten by dogs. Of course they refuse to investigate the cutting of safety lines, and the dangerous removal of protestors from treehouses and ropes.

Thousands have built and occupied structures, burning barricades, tripods, and monopods. Some take part in sitting blockades and demonstrations, putting their bodies in the way to stop the destruction. 35,000 came today to show that they oppose the eviction. And they are not giving up – groups of protesters have just entered the mine, people are burning police cars, and sabotaging machinery.

They build on a long history of combative resistance in this region of Germany, called the Rhineland. Since the 70s, local groups have fought back against RWE. For over 10 years, the Hambacher Forest occupation resisted (and partially stopped) the destruction of the ancient forest and the expansion of the neighbouring Hambach coal mine – through blockades, sabotage, occupations, building tree houses, tunnels, and many other forms of resistance. The Hambacher Forest occupation, just like Lützerath, has always been not just about stopping a coal mine, but about alternative ways of living and organising together, about solidarity and mutual aid, about anarchist values and practices – a world without coal, police, prisons, and borders, a fight against colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, and the state.

But this resistance has always been diverse too. In Lützerath, we see black bloc and church groups, students and pensioners, Fridays for the Future and antifascists. We see solidarity with Rojava and the Zapatistas. People coming together who might not otherwise meet, talking and connecting, sharing skills and building community.

Lützerath is the latest of dozens of villages that have been evicted, inhabitants dispossessed under old Nazi legislation, to facilitate the expansion of lignite coal mines, the dirtiest and most carbon intensive form of electricity generation. This eviction takes place three years after the eviction of the neighbouring Hambacher Forest in 2018, which lasted over four weeks and led to the death of a young film maker. The eviction was stopped by the courts in October 2018, and later declared illegal.

Financed by Deutsche Bank and HSBC Bank, among others, RWE are planning to extract a further 280 million tonnes of coal from the Garzweiler mine. The company itself has admitted that the coal that is being mined here is not necessary for the country’s energy supply. It’s part of a deal between RWE and the government which brings forward the end date of lignite coal mining in Germany from 2038 to 2030, “saving” five remaining villages. But studies show that by reconnecting two generating units and increasing annual extraction, the amount of total coal burnt is hardly reduced at all.

The ‘gas crisis’ triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine serves as a great excuse to continue supporting the coal industry, appealing to people to cut energy use, switch off their lights and turn down their radiators, while leaving industrial energy use intact. The German armament industry – one of the major electricity users – is thriving. Rheinmetall, the largest German arms manufacturer, based in the Rhineland, made record profits in 2022. There is a lot of money to be made from war.

There is still a lot of money to be made from coal, too, indirectly subsidised by the German state. German coal interests have always been inseparable from state interests in the Rhineland. Politicians from all parties – from mayors to parliamentarians – have been on RWE’s payroll. Revolving door relationships have lubricated the political manoeuvring to defend coal at all costs. Just recently, the office manager of Germany’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Leader of the Green Party has become a RWE lobbyist. But there are plenty of examples.

Paying out communities in shares, not cash, for decades means that many communities are financially dependent on RWE’s financial well-being. A quarter of RWE’s shares are owned by communities, cities, and towns. That means local authorities are shareholders, licensors, clients, constituencies, employees, and tax collectors at the same time. Through payments for attending advisory councils and supervisory boards, politicians have lucrative side incomes, and revolving door relationships ensure preferential treatment.

The boundaries between RWE and NRW (the state of North Rhine Westphalia) – NRWE – have always been blurry. RWE representatives can be found everywhere – in church choirs and town councils, school board and universities. They finance police barbecues and fire trucks, sponsor football clubs and festivals, concerts and exhibitions, viewing platforms and historic castles. They put up baking carts and public bookshelves, pay for school buildings, organise volunteering activities and tours through the mine. They go into school and hand out lunch boxes to first graders. They create teaching materials, role-playing games, and girls’ days in their training centres, offer school trips into power stations, zoo schools, and environmental education initiatives.

In collaboration with government forces, RWE has been able to stop and repress the publication of scientific reports and censor media coverage, write legislation and pay for university research. They conduct acceptance studies to understand resistance and collaborate with researchers to co-opt and repress dissent.

All of these are classic counterinsurgency strategies to repress, pacify, and co-opt dissent – a combination of psychological operations, intimidation, and surveillance – including rape threats and sexual abuse – combined with physical violence and beatings. They are covered up by a well-oiled propaganda machine that consists of PR agencies, RWE departments, police forces and other state structures.

Intimidation and violence against the press help to reduce negative coverage. During the ongoing eviction RWE published strict guidelines – co-written with police – that restricted media coverage by journalists, requiring additional police accreditation and restricting access to certain areas, times of the day, and only when accompanied by RWE representatives. As predicted, footage of police violence is absent from the mainstream media.”

Funny video of cops stuck in mud:

Serious videos of police videos here



15th January, Ozark USA.

Via: Scenes

“Happy New Year to the crew of the 4 tree-killing machines in Ozark. For days the noise was the only goddamn thing you could hear in the forest. We emerged from our nests and holes and severed the infernal racket with tooth and claw. We found all machines unlocked with keys still in their ignitions!

We chewed through wires and cables, filled fuel tanks with sand and soil, drained the machines dry, and restored the forest to perfect winter silence. It was a beautiful night, just right for stargazing (and sabotage :))

In solidarity with the Atlanta Forest (STOP COP CITY!!!) and forests under siege everywhere. You woke us up and there’s more to come!

– Pissed-off locals”

(Photo unrelated).


12th January, Cologne Germany.

Via: Abolition Media

“In the night of 12.01.2023 we set out in deep solidarity with our friends in the Zad Lützerath to sabotage the coal railroad in the Cologne city forest.

With two strategically placed incendiary devices we hope to have stopped the delivery of the coal at least for a small moment.

RWE deserves nothing but our deepest hatred!

Even if the cops occupy the whole Rhineland they can’t watch us everywhere. The night belongs to us!

Our action is part of a militant campaign for the preservation of the autonomous zone and against the global climate destruction.

Fossil energy production and its exploitation of the planet must be stopped at all costs.

We greet all those who oppose climate destruction and oppression throughout Germany and the world.

Freedom for all!

For a militant climate movement!”

Note: photo not associated with action.


We realise that it isn’t often we publish where donations go, and that is mostly due to lack of time to write more articles! But we thought we should do a quick update on last week’s donations to different prisoners’ funds in the hopes that some of you can join us and send some coins to them too!

We have sent $150 to Eric King’s support PayPal, as the support group put a fundraiser up to get some cash sorted for when he is released from prison. Whilst being out of prison is a fantastic feeling, it is hard to get back to society, hold a job (or even get one) and take care of your mental and physical health after whatever time you’ve been incarcerated. We hope that Eric and his family and friends raise the much needed funds for when he is free. You can drop some coins to his fundraiser here, at the time of writing this he is 45 USD away from the goal!:


Or you can directly donate to the support team for commissary and other expenses:

We also sent $150 to Ladislav via comrades from Philly ABC. They set up a fundraiser for his release (January 2024) and they really could do with more support as they have only raised 590 USD of the 5000 USD goal, so donate to it or share it around as much as you possibly can:


We sent $150 to Marius Mason, a trans, anarchist, environmental and animal rights prisoner serving the longest eco-sentence ever in the USA. He was convicted of sabotage and arson in 2009 and is serving a 22 year prison sentence. You can donate to his fund here: https://supportmariusmason.org/donate/

Through our comrades in the UK ALFsg we sent $150 to Mel Broughton, who is sitting in prison awaiting trial and needs both economic support and moral support in the shape of letters and books! You can check out the ALFsg and maybe even become a member, aiding in the support of animal liberation prisoners around the globe:


Lastly we sent $250 to the SUSARON4, who are also awaiting trial in Chile accused of the arson at SUSARON meat packaging plant. We would’ve liked to donate more to them as they are four prisoners, but that’s as much as our funds allowed us to!

If you can, please support them here: www.paypal.me/solidaridad4

If you can support any of them, please do so! And if you’d like to support Unoffensive (we send money to prisoners, but also to activists facing trials or having to pay fines, and we use some of the donations for equipment and website related expenses) you can donate or join our patreon here:





On our last update, we mentioned that Ladislav was going to be released in January of this year. Unfortunately, there was a mix up of dates and miscommunication and his release date had not changed, so he is still scheduled to be released in January 2024 instead of this year. We can only apologise for the wrong information being shared. That means that we still have time to raise funds for his release, helping him get back on his feet after many years suffering the prison system.

Our comrades at Philly ABC have a fundraiser event which is still open for donations and we would like to encourage everybody to donate even if it is just a few coins, so when he is out he is able to fend for himself whilst getting his head around being back out in society! The fundraiser has been up for a month and it has only managed to raise 10% of its goal. Can we all do a big push of support and double it?

You can donate here: www.fundrazr.com/027Cec

If you cannot support (and even if you can!), you certainly should send him a letter and let him know about the outside world.

Write to him here: 

Ladislav Kuc



19/670 Priečinoik 7




Solidarity with all facing the jaws of the state!


Earth First UK usually organises two events a year where radical, environmentalist and animal liberation activists meet to discuss their plans and problems, to promote campaigns and to seek new ideas, knowledge and communal solidarity.

They have announced their Winter Moot dates, which this year will be based in Manchester UK from the 10th to the 12th of February.

Whilst they have not yet announced the exact location or the workshops and talks schedule, you can follow them for more info on

Twitter: @earthfirst_uk
Website: www.earthfirst.uk



Eric is due to be released this year and we cannot wait to hear he is out and surounded by his friends and family!

We hate prisons, they are designed to destroy people and communities and no one comes out of these twisted and malicious places unscathed. Eric King has had it rough in prison since he was sentenced in 2016. He has been systematically attacked by prison guards, who on one occassion took him to a closet with no CCTV to beat him up due to his anarchist and anti fascist beliefs. They also retrained him for 6 hours afterwards. He has spent much of his long prison sentence kept in solitary confinement, isolating him as a means of torture.

In 2019, he was falsely accused of attacking a guard and faced an additional 20 years in prison, he was found innocent but the prison system is still set on making his life as hard as possible and transferred him to MAX.

In much lighter news, Eric is due to be released from prison this year and is desperate to be free and reunited with his family. There is currently a GoFundMe set up. Donations will help him do things like see a doctor, have some family days out and just take a bit of the burden off.

We have just sent 150USD to Eric for his release, why not join us?

If you can support our comrade Eric then do it, solidarity is everything.

Do send him a letter and help him get through the last months of imprisonment, his address is this:

Eric King 27090045
PO BOX 8500

For further updates and more info about Eric and his experiences as well as a number of poems he has written while inside, check out: https://linktr.ee/supportericking