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anonymous submission:

“The last weeks I have danced countless hours, intercepted by too little sleep and many hours sitting together with comrades, remembering those who have fallen on the way here.

March is a month of celebrations in Kurdistan, and Rojava. We celebrate the 8th of March as a day to dance to the victories working and socialist women have gained across the world. Remembering the long and rich tradition we are part of- here, we gathered for a picnic, with live music and dancing. In between we shared stories of resistance, silly anecdotes of the early days of the revolution and many hugs.

Although I have only been here a few weeks, I was welcomed by many as if they’d known me forever. “Our goodbyes are always so heavy”- I was told in Bakur (North Kurdistan, Eastern Turkey) and it shines through every interaction here, too. March is not only a month of celebration of victories and new beginnings, it is also a month where many anniversaries of internationalist sehids (martyrs) take place. For me, Anna Campbell, Lorenzo Orsetti and Alina Sanchez are all people who inspired me to travel here. Anna was killed by the fascist Turkish state in the Afrin Occupation March, 2018, Lorenzo was killed in one of the last battles against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor in March 2019 and Alina died in a car crash in 2018. With them hundreds of Kurdish friends died.

Tomorrow, we will get together to remember them, the day of the internationalist martyrs. There will be music, dances, speeches and theater performances. Many here, spent time with these friends and other martyrs and can tell funny, sad and heartwarming stories of their times here.

With this depth in mind, we also celebrated the Kurdish New Year- Newroz- some days ago on the 21st. As with every celebration, we started it with a minute of silence for our martyrs. Newroz has a long history of resistance in Kurdish culture, formerly a prohibited celebration in many parts of Kurdistan, people came together in secret to celebrate. And this is still a reality in the occupied parts of Kurdistan. Last year a family of four was murdered in Afrin by Turkish backed jihadists. Knowing what we fight against, and more importantly what we are fighting for, makes every step we take together all the more meaningful. “


The verdict has come for an activists charged with gross slander, in a trial in Sweden. The activist was accused of spreading a video clip in which a farmer talks about sex with non-human animals.

The farmer took the case to trial, saying that he was offended and wanted SEK 100,000 in damages. The prosecutor demanded six months in prison for the activist. The court acquitted the activist due to lack of evidence. It remains to be seen whether the verdict will be appealed. 



24th March, Manchester UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Last night, we sealed shut the Barclay’s ATMs at the ASDA supermarket in Hulme, Manchester, and left messages of solidarity with the Palestinian resistance.

We sealed the ATMs by simply applying superglue to pieces of card and forcing the card into the slot, before painting over the screens just to make sure they were out of action for a while.

We reject the way that the Zionist entity bleeds into our everyday life, whether this is through Israeli produce in supermarkets or high street banks like Barclays who invest in the Israeli war machine.

This action was incredibly easy, but we hope to see out of order signs on the ATMs for at least a few days. Let’s see some more of this!


-Some Anarchists”


24th March, Denmark.

received anonymously via email:

“Pheasant farm in Denmark destroyed by the ALF

Over a million pheasants are bred in factory farms every year in Denmark, just to be realized and then shot by insecure humans, who enjoy killing innocent beings.

A pheasant farm, where about 13,000 pheasants are bred every year, was sabotaged by ALF. Everything that could be destroyed was destroyed, which hopefully means that there wont be any pheasants bred there this year. Most pheasant farms are empty during winter, as most hatcheries for pheasants start hatching eggs in April and until July. So destroying pheasant farms is a nice winter activity.”


18th March, Midlands UK.

Received anonymously via email: 

“Sneaking past houses and fields we arrived at the chicken shed we had previously scouted and opened the door. Immediately the heat and stench hit us in the face as we stepped into the darkness. Broken eggshells crunched underfoot and our torches illuminated cages covered in a thick layer of dust, cobwebs and shit. Filled with cramped chickens covered in bald patches with combs so pale they were almost white.

These birds have never known life outside these cages and dark barns. They’ve never felt sunlight on their feathers or grass underfoot.

We took as many as we could carry. We did this action for them but we write this report for you. This movement is what we make it, make it one where chickens being liberated in the night is so common its barely worth mentioning. Where farmers wake up to find towers of eggs smashed and equipment broken on the daily. Where insurers won’t insure butcher shops because windows will never last long.

Get your friends together or work on your solo capabilities.

The night is ours and we have havoc to wreak and vengeance to take, until every cage is empty.”


Received anonymously via email:

17th March, Bologna Italy.

ENGLISH (translation):

“The Orfei Circus Traveling Jail has arrived in Imola (Bologna, Italy), with over 100 animals, including lions, tigers, giraffes, and horses forced to live in unnatural conditions for the sole purpose of entertaining the public.

The Orfei Circus persists in exploiting these individuals. Faced with this cruel reality, an action of resistance and awareness has begun: circus posters and billboards have been combed through the city and the shows have been “canceled” with stickers. The dates have been covered with images of a hypothetical “Secret Alliance of Animals in Revolt”, symbolizing the fight for freedom of those who, despite being locked in cages, will never stop yearning for happiness and freedom.

Some will think it is an act of vandalism, others a message that claims disobedience with a clear intent: the slavery of animals for human entertainment is no longer acceptable.

The Secret Alliance of Animals in Revolt invites everyone to boycott the Orfei Circus, and all circuses in the world that abuse animals, and to support cruelty-free alternatives.

Freedom is not only a human right, but of all living beings that inhabit this planet.”

ITALIAN (original)

“Il carcere itinerante del Circo Orfei è arrivato a Imola (Bologna- Italia), con oltre 100 animali, tra leoni, tigri, giraffe e cavalli costretti a vivere in condizioni innaturali per il solo scopo di intrattenere il pubblico.

Il Circo Orfei persiste nello sfruttamento di queste individui. Di fronte a questa realtà crudele è partita un’azione di resistenza e consapevolezza: locandine e manifesti del circo sono stati setacciati in tutta la città e gli spettacoli sono stati “annullati” con adesivi. Le date sono state coperte con immagini di un’ipotetica “Alleanza Segreta di Animali in Rivolta”, a simboleggiare la lotta per la libertà di chi, nonostante sia rinchiuso in gabbia, non smetterà mai di anelare libertà e felicità.

Qualcuno penserà ad atto di vandalismo, altri ad un messaggio che rivendica la disobbedienza con un chiaro intento: la schiavitù degli animali per il divertimento umano non è più accettabile.

L’Alleanza Segreta di Animali in Rivolta invita tutti a boicottare il Circo Orfei, e tutti i circi del mondo che abusano degli altri animali, e a sostenere le alternative cruelty-free. La libertà non è solo un diritto umano, ma di tutti viventi che abitano questo pianeta.”


7th March, Patras, Greece.

Originally published on Athens indymedia.

ENGLISH (translation)

“Taking responsibility for an attack on a butcher’s shop [Patras]

The struggle for anarchy must be multiform and anti-crisisism can only be an integral part of it. We understand anarchy also in the light of total liberation, we oppose all forms of power and oppression and we attack the rapists of nature by any means. Speciesism, which stems from human arrogance, which is fed by the technology and industry of state capitalist society, is yet another system of exploitation and degradation of non-human animals. From the ownership to which animals tend to be subjected, to their captivity and use as clothing, objects of experimentation/entertainment and food, we recognise the interconnectedness between all forms of domination. We reject anthropocentrism in all its forms and fight with the same passion against dominant institutions in their entirety.

At this point we should stress that veganism as a personal choice and nothing more is reformist. Meticulous veganism and its emphasis on nutrition facilitates its assimilation by capitalism and techno-industrial culture as just another lifestyle choice, which does not impose itself on any torture system, any industry and does not laud respect for life and freedom. We do not consider anyone expendable, therefore we do not perceive anyone as a product. At the same time, because the consumption of plant products (and consumption more broadly) is not an act of resistance, we aim not to participate in anything that generates and sustains product-consumer relationships. Furthermore, the struggle for total liberation is classless, so we do not discriminate between big industries, small neighborhood furriers, and any boss who profits from the confinement and abuse of animals. That’s why we champion veganism as a form of practical refusal of the entrenchment of authoritarian attitudes and relationships in our daily lives, and support any and all attacks, expropriations, sabotage, etc. on all the individual parts of the same system.

The slaughter and consumption of animals is deeply rooted in Greek culture and tradition, with Tsiknopesthi being one of the most characteristic examples. In particular, in the city of Patras, on this day there is a suffocating atmosphere with grills outside every kind of shop and on every street, with feasts being set up around the “pleasure” of skewering carcasses. All religious customs go hand in hand with meat-eating and torture, which not only normalises exploitation and abuse, but also makes it a central event of celebration. For us, the meanings of this day go beyond the profitability and annealing of the meat industry. Chicken Thursday is another day of release imposed by the system on the oppressed. A day where everything is allowed and every peaceful and docile citizen ‘overreaches’ and lashes out in equally enforced ways. Thus any remaining healthy and source feeling of rebellion, venting and shaking off an oppressive reality is expressed within the controlled plasmas defined by those in power. These decompression valves are a fundamental part of a decaying society that relies on the voluntary servitude of the oppressed to continue to sustain it.

For the above reasons, in the early morning hours of Thursday 7/3 we attacked the butcher’s shop in Favierou Street in Patras, breaking its windows. We are under no illusions that this act seriously harms any meat industry, instead it is a form of resistance and practical solidarity with every imprisoned, tortured and abused animal. Human and non-human.



GREEK (original)

“Ανάληψη ευθύνης για επίθεση σε κρεοπωλείο [Πάτρα]

Ο αγώνας για αναρχία οφείλει να είναι πολύμορφος και ο αντισπισισμός δεν μπορεί παρά να είναι αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι του. Αντιλαμβανόμαστε την αναρχία και υπό το πρίσμα της ολικής απελευθέρωσης, εναντιωνόμαστε σε κάθε μορφή εξουσίας και καταπίεσης και επιτεθόμαστε με κάθε μέσο στους βιαστές της φύσης. Ο σπισισμός, που απορρέει από την ανθρώπινη αλλαζονεία, η οποία είναι αλληλοτροφοδοτούμενη από την τεχνολογία και την βιομηχανία της κρατικής καπιταλιστικής κοινωνίας, αποτελεί ακόμη ένα σύστημα εκμετάλλευσης και εξαθλοίωσης των μη ανθρώπινων ζώων. Από το ιδιοκτησιακό καθεστώς στο οποίο τείθονται τα ζώα, μέχρι την αιχμαλωσία και την χρήση τους ως ένδυση, αντικείμενα πειραματισμού/διασκέδασης και τροφής, αναγνωρίζουμε την αλληλουχία μεταξύ όλων των μορφών κυριαρχίας. Απορρίπτουμε τον ανθρωποκεντρισμό σε κάθε μορφή του και πολεμάμε με το ίδιο πάθος τους εξουσιαστικούς θεσμούς στο σύνολο τους.

Σε αυτό το σημείο να τονίσουμε πως ο βιγκανισμός ως προσωπική επιλογή και τίποτα παραπάνω είναι ρεφορμιστικός. Ο σχολαστικός βιγκανισμός και η έμφαση στην διατροφή, διευκολύνει την αφομοίωση του από τον καπιταλισμό και τον τεχνοβιομηχανικό πολιτισμό, ως μια ακόμη lifestyle επιλογή, η οποία δεν επιτείθεται σε κανένα σύστημα βασανισμού, καμία βιομηχανία και δεν εγκωλπώνει τον σεβασμό προς την ζωή και την ελευθερία. Δεν θεωρούμε κανένα αναλώσιμο, επομένως δεν αντιλαμβανόμαστε κανένα ως προϊόν. Ταυτόχρονα, επειδή η κατανάλωση φυτικών προϊόντων (και ευρύτερα η κατανάλωση) δεν αποτελεί πράξη αντίστασης, στοχεύουμε στο να μην συμμετέχουμε σε οτιδήποτε γεννά και συντηρεί σχέσεις προϊόντος-καταναλώτριας. Επιπλέον, ο αγώνας για ολική απελευθέρωση είναι αταξικός, έτσι, δεν κάνουμε διακρίσεις ανάμεσα σε μεγάλες βιομηχανίες, μικρά συνοικιακά γουναράδικα και κάθε αφεντικό που κερδοφορεί από τον εγκλεισμό και την κακοποίηση των ζώων. Γι’αυτό, και προτάσσουμε τον βιγκανισμό ως μια μορφή έμπρακτης άρνησης της εμπέδωσης εξουσιαστικών συμπεριφορών και σχέσεων στην καθημερινότητα μας και στηρίζουμε κάθε επίθεση, απαλλοτρίωση, σαμποτάζ κλπ. σε όλα τα επιμέρους κομμάτια του ίδιου συστήματος.

Ο σφαγιασμός και η κατανάλωση ζώων είναι βαθιά ριζωμένα στην ελληνική κουλτούρα και παράδοση, με την τσικνοπέμπτη να αποτελεί ένα απ’τα πιο χαρακτηριστικά παραδείγματα. Ειδικότερα, στην πόλη της Πάτρας, την συγκεκριμένη ημέρα επικρατεί ένα ασφυκτικό κλίμα με ψησταριές έξω από κάθε είδους μαγαζί και σε κάθε δρόμο, με γλέντια να στήνονται γύρω από την “απόλαυση” του σουβλίσματος πτωμάτων. Όλα τα θρησκευτικά έθιμα πάνε χέρι-χέρι με την κρεατοφαγία και τον βασανισμό, γεγονός που όχι μόνο κανονικοποιεί την εκμετάλλευση και την κακοποιήση, αλλά παράλληλα τα αναγάγει σε κεντρικό γεγονός του εορτασμού. Για εμάς, τα νοήματα αυτής της ημέρας ξεφεύγουν από την κερδοφορία και την ανάπτηξη της κρεατοβιομηχανίας. Η τσικνοπέμπτη αποτελεί μια ακόμη μέρα εκτόνωσης που επιβάλλει το σύστημα στα καταπιεσμένα. Μια μέρα όπου όλα επιτρέπονται και κάθε φιλήσυχος και πειθήνιος πολίτης “υπερβάλλει” και ξεσπάει με εξίσου επιβαλλόμενους τρόπους. Έτσι κάθε εναπομείναν υγιές και πηγαίο αίσθημα εξέγερσης, εκτόνωσης και αποτίναξης μιας καταπιεστικής πραγματικότητας εκφράζεται μέσα στα ελεγχόμενα πλάισια που ορίζουν οι εξουσιαστές. Αυτές οι δικλίδες αποσυμπίεσης αποτελούν θεμελειακό κομμάτι μιας κοινωνίας που σαπίζει και βασίζεται στην εθελοδουλεία των καταπιεσμένων ώστε να συνεχίσουν να την συντηρούν.

Για τους παραπάνω λόγους, τα ξημερώματα της Πέμπτης 7/3 επιτεθήκαμε στο κρεοπωλείο, στην οδό Φαβιέρου στην Πάτρα, σπάζοντας τις βιτρίνες του. Δεν τρέφουμε ψευδαισθήσεις πως αυτή η πράξη μας ζημιώνει σοβαρά την οποιαδήποτε κρεοτοβιομηχανία , αντ’αυτού αποτελεί μια μορφή αντίστασης και έμπρακτης αλληλεγγύης σε κάθε έγκλειστο, βασανισμένο και κακοποιημένο ζώο. Ανθρώπινο και μη.



March, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Via: anarcoveganismo.arg

ENGLISH (translation)

“We claim responsibility for this direct action. Our sisters cannot wait until the population wakes up, complicit to the monster machine that we want to destroy. Thirteen lives were liberates and are now safe, they will never have to shake out of fear whilst their oppressor cuts their throat and ignores them whilst they bleed to death. They are free and able to grow old.

With rage in our bodies and feeling the eyes of all those we left behind, we will not forget their confusion and dismay. Animal liberation is a promise and a tangible reality for the chickens that were liberated from their murderers, who are as responsible as most of the people in a society that finances and ensures their behaviour becomes standard.

From the Animal Liberation Front we call for subversion, we wish for the destruction of this ill and speciesist system and we call for the multiplications of this ethics into action.

To all other animals, health and freedom.”

SPANISH (original): 

“Reivindicamos la acción directa porque nuestrxs hermanxs no pueden esperar a que la población dormida despierte, cómplice de la maquinaria monstruosa y demencial que queremos desarmar. Fueron trece vidas y libertades las que hoy están salvadas, y nunca sabrán lo que es temblar de miedo mientras su opresor corta sus cuellos y las ignora desangrándose. Son libres, podrán envejecer.

Con la rabia todavía en el cuerpo por la mirada de las que dejamos atrás, no olvidaremos su desconcierto, su deterioro. La Liberación Animal es hoy una promesa y, también, una realidad tangible para las gallinas que sí fueron rescatadas de sus asesinxs y raptorxs, igual de responsables que la mayoría de la sociedad con su permiso y financiamiento cotidianos.

Desde el Frente por la Liberación Animal (A.L.F.) llamamos a la subversión, deseamos la fractura de este sistema enfermo y especista, convocamos a la multiplicación de esta ética en acciones.

A los demás Animales, salud y libertad.”