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WHAT: Eco-anarchist gathering
WHERE: Crabapple, Shrewsbury, UK
WHEN: 25-29th July, 2024.

Received anonymously via email:

“We call all animal liberation activists and anarchists to come to the Earth First! Gathering in Shrewsbury next week, to mingle, plot against the industries that destroy the earth and harm animals and to learn from one another. We are aware it is at the same time as VCO and to that we say fuck that capitalist enterprise!

Earth First! Gathering is a five day event where everybody is crew (that means if you see a job, you have a job!), pay-as-you-feel priced and with an anti capitalist, eco anarchist ethos. You bring your own tent, you get fed vegan food by Veggies kitchen (it is their 40th anniversary, isn’t that cool!?) and you learn shit from people who do shit, or teach shit if you fancy, or plot your next actions, or relax and have a breather after continuously organising for the year!

We want to see more animal liberation folk involved (because the gathering is what we make it!) so lets meet and organise! 

EF!UK has uploaded a few of the workshop descriptions to their website already and a few are looking awesome, from How to care for a rescue fox hound to discussions on violence, there is. Lot to talk about! 

See you next week in EF!

More info:


Hey friends!

We are taking a little break. We could write heaps about how rest is revolutionary and whatever else, but we are burnt out enough to not want to take it on.

Over this week we will publish all prisoner support posts, submissions and hit reports sent to us through the last couple of weeks. After that, we will not monitor our emails or socials until the 29th. This means that any submissions sent between today til the 29th need to be set with a longer expiration date than normal, as we will not be taking care of emails for the next 14 days!

We will resume our standard work on the 29th, and if we could request for people to email us if they need something instead of DMing us, that’d be grand. We don’t really give many fucks about social media and it is very possible we will not see your DMs, but we always check emails!

If in the meantime folks need to publish any submissions that cannot wait, we are sure that NAALPO will take reports, just email [email protected] to contact them.

We hope you all keep causing chaos!



July, Mountain Valley Pipeline USA.

Via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

“Earlier this year a series of holes were drilled into the mountain valley pipeline. These attacks were strategically placed between mile markers 236 and 239. It is clear to us that those who built this black snake did not adequately fix these holes. As there is now gas flowing through this horrendous beast, we are forced to ask for help in holding them accountable. These entire sections of pipe need to be replaced. Be creative. Make sure they hear you.

For those interested, decorating a pipe with holes (before gas is in it), is quite easy. All it takes is a normal household drill, larger drill bits made for metal (can be found at any hardware store, the ones with a tooth on the tip work best), WD-40, lots of extra drill batteries, and the ability to push hard for 5-10 minutes per hole. We’ve found that it is sometimes helpful to have two people pushing on the drill together. Replace the drill bit after each hole to make the most of your time. It’s fun! We recommend giving it a try.

This fight ain’t over. The blood of this black snake is gushing out. Don’t let anyone convince you that people are done fighting this project.

with love and rage — fire and smoke”


July, Denmark.

VIA: @vegan_activism_dk

ENGLISH (translation):

“No thank you to animal cruelty propaganda. Thanks to the anonymous activists that fixed this marketing mural.”

DANISH (original):

“Nej tak til propaganda fra dyremishandlingsindustrien. Tak til de anonyme aktivister for at fikse dette ulækre propagandamaleri!”


11th July, Victoria, Australia

Received anonymously via email:

“With the closing of the duck shooting season occurring early June, the ALF thought Jacinta Allan’s office deserved a closing message after the bloodshed she allowed to take place this year. Having been targeted twice this year already, the third time we came back with heavier equipment. The words “Heartless”, “Gutless” and “Spineless” spray painted on her windows yet again to describe exactly her character, a sledge hammer to her windows and door, as well as super glue to the locks and keypad to her office.

While this action was taken for the ducks slaughtered on the wetlands, not only this year but the many years this poor excuse for a sport has been allowed; we keep in mind the struggles of First Nations people on this land, the colonisation that has impacted them, and continues to impact them. We express our solidarity to all groups facing oppression, especially to the Palestinians fighting an apartheid state, a state that the Australian government and Jacinta Allan continues to fund, and provide weapons for.

None are free until all are free

Make politicians afraid again”


16th July, Denmark.

Received anonymously via email:

“20 Arla trucks deflated by ALF activists.

Arla is the largest producer of cows milk and other dairy products in Denmark and several other countries. The dairy industry enslaves and rapes cows, steal their calves from them and abuse their bodies. And when the dairy industry no longer profits off of abusing the cows bodies, the cows are send to the slaughterhouse, where they get shot in the head and have their throats slit, so they bleed to death.

Activists passed by a parking lot for Arla, near one of their distribution centers in Denmark. Did you know that if you screw off the plastic cap on the valve on a tire and put a lentil or two in it and put it back on, it deflates the tires?

All 20 trucks parked in their parking lot were deflated, presumably making it difficult for them to deliver their products of abuse the next day.

We were quite few activists doing this. Never underestimate what you can do, even if you’re few people, or even just one. Everything helps in the fight for total liberation.”


6th July, Wörsdorf Germany.

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According to pro-hunt media, two young peopler observed setting fire to a hunting hide on the 6th of July near Wörsdorf. They were seen by a dog walker, who could not stop the fire. The damage was estimated at around 1500 EUR.


Jessica Reznicek is a land and water defender, imprisoned since 2021, for eight years, due actions to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In February the prison forced Jessica to spend about two months in disciplinary segregation.

Jessica is out of isolation since April. Jessica has recently written a public statement, in which she thanks for all support given to her, and expresses solidarity with her fellow prisoners.

Read more on our website, about how you can support, and write a letter to, Jessica:



Leonard Peltier is a native american activist, who has been locked up since 1976, sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment, for murder of two FBI agents. Leonard did not get a fair trial and he has always claimed his innocence. Leonard is 79 years old. Lately Leonard has struggled with health problems, he has diabetes and an aortic aneurysm.

Recently Leonard applied for parole. But on July 2th the US Parole Commission announced that they denied Leonard freedom. The fact that Leonard was not granted parole, and that he won’t be eligible for another parole hearing until June 2026, possible means that the last chance for him to be free, is that President Joe Biden will pardon him, so that he can be reunited with his friends and family, spending the last days of his life in freedom, outside the prison walls.

We stand in solidarity with Leonard, with love and respect for the fight that he waged and the price that he has payed. We continue to spread information about his case, and in various ways fight for a world without prisons.

Leonard has written a statement about him being denied parole:

“Greetings my Friends, Family, Loved Ones and Supporters. Hope is a hard thing here. But I always hold hope in you, My People. Pay attention. The parole decision on July 11 may show you what justice truly means to this nation and to whom it is meant for.

Living in lockdown, time has twisted into something that has nothing to do with minutes, hours or years. They have taken what little freedom I have outside this box. Art — gone. Ceremony — gone. Yet they will never take the Spirit of a Sundancer. I have never given them my integrity. I remain undestroyed.

I am counting on you if this decision does not go my way. I always need your prayers. I need you to demand that this country finally commit one act of Justice. My attorney assures me the battle is not over until it is over — she will not back down. I am counting on you not to back down. My time is running out here, with no medical care. I do not fear death, returning to Mother Earth’s womb, but I do not want to die in lockdown.

In my solitude, my mind often returns to Raymond Yellow Thunder. The profound tragedy of Raymond’s murder sparked change in our people and showed them who the American Indian Movement is.

Raymond was a hard-working man. When he came into town to give money to his sisters, it was not enough for the Hare brothers to humiliate Raymond, strip him and parade him around an American Legion Dance.

Raymond was shoved into the trunk of a car and died the next day. The Hare brothers were charged with second-degree manslaughter and released with no bail. [The Hare brothers were arrested as the primary assailants of Raymond Yellow Thunder, a member of the Oglala Nation, who died from his injuries in February 1972, in Gordon, Nebraska. (Lakota Times, Feb. 23, 2017.)]

Raymond’s sisters were distraught that even that small charge may not stick. The authorities would not release the autopsy report. They would not allow Raymond’s sisters to see his body. The sisters sought help from the BIA [Bureau of Indian Affairs], the Tribal government and private attorneys.

In desperation, they turned to the American Indian Movement. AIM members are Spirit Warriors, not merciless savages. We organized 200 carloads of people and demanded justice. With dignity, we demanded justice. Sheriff’s deputies, state troopers and FBI agents agreed that serious charges should be filed against the Hares and that the local police chief should be dismissed.

Indigenous people started holding their heads up after that victory. They started speaking out against abuses by the BIA and Tribal government and white ranchers profiting off their land. We must not allow Raymond’s fate to befall others.

My mother used to ask with dismay, “Why is it so bad to be Indian?” I find myself wondering why they hate us so. We will triumph over the misguided hate of others. Never, ever, forget who you are. We are the First People.

Mother Earth herself fires the blood that runs through our veins. Protect each other, protect Mother Earth for future generations, and stand with oppressed peoples everywhere. Remember that true strength does not reside in holding power over others. Strength comes from living out of a place of humility and integrity, inspiring others to find their unique strengths.

Oppression is rising, running like black mold through every facet of society. We must stand together and let society know that Indigenous lives are not cheap. The lives of our oppressed brothers and sisters are not cheap. All people are worthy of basic human dignity. Colonialism has all but destroyed us. We must do nothing less than transform society into a place where human beings are not disposable.

Do not weep if I am not granted parole. Cry freedom. Coalesce yourselves, galvanize your relationships, establish alliances.

In the power of our people we find strength. Hold your head up high. It is not over, until it is over.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. Doksha,

Leonard Peltier”

Read more about Leonard, how you can support, write letters to, him.