So after the shift in workload and the increase on collective members and folks taking responsibility within UA, we have decided that the online shop is more work than what is worth. We are going to stop stocking hoodies and tees, so whatever is online right now are the last few items to grab!

To ensure we sell out the last bits of stock, we have set the minimum price for tees at 16 GBP and for hoodies at 28 GBP. Of course, the shop lets you chose your own price and we do not consider those numbers “payments”, but donations, so you are very welcome to donate more if you want and can afford it.

We will most likely keep prints, flags and other small items up in the shop on a regular basis, but hoodies and tees are just not profitable enough to grant the effort of running the shop and dealing with missing parcels and wrong sizes! As it stands, the designs we have printed in the past will not be printed again, unless enough folks express they want a specific design reprinted, in which case we might be able to do a pre-order only sale and print only the ones that folks have already paid for.

From now on, in terms of tees and hoodies, we would love to do intermittent drops with fresh designs as and when, only in the form of pre-order. If there are any artists that would like to work with us, please reach out! We’d love to see what we can come up with! Equally as mentioned before, if there is any old design that enough people seem to want, we could also get them printed on pre-order basis.

We would love to hear from you, what kind of limited drop designs would you like to see? What sort of themes? Do you have any artist recommendations?

Go to the website and grab something before it runs out:



Ladislav is a Slovenian activist who was arrested in January 2012, to be charged for an explosion outside of a McDonalds restaurant. Ladislav was later sent to prison for 12 years. 

Ladislav is soon coming home! January 1, 2024 he will finally walk out of prison.

You can support Ladislav by donate money to his release fund. By giving financial support you will help Ladislav start his life again, free outside of the prison walls. 

Check Ladislavs fundraiser for more info:

“Ladislav has not been able to work or raise many funds since his incarceration and his family incurred significant expenses paying for his legal representation on the successful appeal. All donations will be sent to Ladislav to help him with basic expenses adjusting to life outside of prison and welcome him back with his family and community…”

Click link to donate:

Love and Rage – Solidarity 4-ever – Fck the state


Unknown date, Athens Greece

via: Dark Nights.

“On the occasion of the celebration of the great slaughter, there was an awakening of our reflexes to a ritual that takes place at regular intervals validating the rules of hierarchy of species where animals are inferior and are species to be exploited. By striking at butchers we strike at the institutions and laws that wash away crimes but at the same time we highlight how the everyday person, the trader, the customer, etc. also participates in this timeless holocaust. From this authoritarian mania, people from below do not escape by participating in customs or anti-customs calling themselves anti-authoritarians who contribute to the maintenance of the mass massacre by the domination. Being another proof that the state and power is primarily maintained by those who follow the rules, institutions and laws set by those from above and secondarily by the state and power.

For these reasons we chose as a minimal act of retaliation to strike shops and warehouses of dismembered corpses, conceived as food, because of sadistic anthropocentric culture. We chose to sabotage with simple means such as paint, glue, and leaflets by promoting it to every person who espouses the idea of anti-slavery to act accordingly in the spaces where they move.

Breaking down in practice the structures of control, discipline, and self-monitoring. We propose mass sabotage because anarchy without direct action is incomplete.

Authoritarians of all forms will find us before you.

Anti-Spe renovations


via: Animal Liberation Press Office

April, Winsconsin USA.

[Stay free kids.

We need a legal fund if these kids are captured.

One of the first acts of sabotage for the animals on U.S. soil in 2023 and the suspects are 10 year olds.]

Baraboo, Wisconsin —(WKOW)

“Right now Baraboo Police are asking the children who vandalized property at Circus World to come forward.

On Facebook, authorities said multiple children broke into one of Circus World’s buildings Saturday afternoon, damaged electronic equipment and then ran away.

Police say there’s video of the entire incident.

As they await a copy of that video, police are asking the kids to turn themselves in, so they can resolve the matter sooner.”


23rd April, NRW Germany.

via: Act for Free!

“We continue to warm up the shitty RWE company!

As promised, we are continuing to heat up the shitty company RWE [German energy company]. We would like to emphasize once again that RWE is just an example for all other capitalists who can suffer the same fate at any time.

On the night of April 23-24, we burned out the cable which connects the infrastructure of the Inden rat hole [an RWE-owned open-cast lignite mine in North Rhine-Westphalia]. We hope to have caused a lot of damage and chaos for the company. Every year, 20 million tons of coal are extracted from the earth in the Inden rat hole to feed the RWE-owned Weisweiler coal power plant and the bank accounts of the financial elite. In 2020 alone, open-cast mining was responsible for 11.2 million tons of CO2 emissions.

It is unacceptable that those responsible for the global climate collapse do not feel the consequences of their actions. What we are doing are only pinpricks. Nothing compares to the suffering that the climate catastrophe is already imposing on many living beings today. But while nothing changes politically, while global hierarchies accumulate money and power, and while living beings die for the profit of a few individuals, the pinpricks will multiply…

Greetings from GAFFA (Guerilla Activists Fighting For Anarchy)”

Photo: Unrelated image, arson attack at a pumping station in Hambach Mine in 2017.


Via: Earth FIrst! Journal.

On Wednesday May 17, A female FBI Agent approached Burning Books wanting information about an arson attack on an anti-choice medical center. In June of 2022, a pro-choice activist group, Jane’s Revenge, claimed responsibility for the action. Burning Books is trying to spread this information around the activist community to be aware.

Leslie’s facebook statement on the situation read:

“About an hour ago I had a visit from the FBI.

The agent presented her badge, stuck her foot in the threshold of the door, &attempted to ask me about the fire last June at Compass Care here in Buffalo. I replied that I was not going to talk to her, pointed at her intrusive foot, and said she was not welcome to come inside.

The FBI has an inexcusable and horrific track record of working to destroy social justice movements, which spans its entire history. I have personally been targeted by the FBI for over 25 years, & the thought of cooperating with them in any way turns my stomach, to say the least.

Please beware that this investigation is underway and do all you can to spread the word about this danger to activists, our movements, & our collective future. Together we keep us safe.”


Needless to say, be it the FBI or any other form of law enforcement around the world, cops are not your friends. Don’t talk to cops. Never talk to cops.

Leslie, thank you for being not only an inspiration and reference, but so fucking good at raising the alarm without being alarmist!


we have received an anonymous submission about cop city that we would like to share with all our readers:

“The struggle against cop city, and for the Weelaunee forest has been explosive, experimental, and wild for nearly three years now. In the situation in the process our enemies have brutalized us, charged people with domestic terrorism, leveraging 5-35 years in prison against them, murdered our friend and comrade Tortguita, attempted to repress our struggle, and yet we are still here fighting.

As the forests we swore to protect get clear-cut, and people face hefty sentences leveraged by the courts, as we stare at the possibility of raids, repression, investigations, and the unknown, we desire to take the plunge. We will make our enemies pay for every inch. We will not let them know a moment of peace.

We call for the mechanisms of the US capitalist system, the government, and the infrastructure that upholds it to be moved against in an effort to make this wretched civilization and those responsible which took our friend and levies the might of their courts and police against us pay.”


Via: Animal Liberation Press Office

“CLEVELAND, OH—FBI Cleveland and the FBI Toledo Resident Agency continue to seek information from the public regarding the release and vandalism surrounding several mink farms in Northern Ohio and Michigan several months ago.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility for the releases. According to the ALF Liberation Press Office website, ALF is an international, leaderless, decentralized political and social resistance movement that advocates and engages in what it calls nonviolent direct action in protest incidents of animal cruelty. Arson is one of the many tactics utilized by ALF. ALF’s goal is to cause financial hardship to entities whom ALF believes to have committed acts of animal cruelty. Members of ALF and other underground organizations feel that to truly liberate animals, the unjust laws that allow their exploitation must be broken.

The releases and criminal activities stem from occurrences at various locations on the following dates:

  • November 8, 2022: ALF release 100 Mink in Massillon, Ohio – between 2:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m.
  • November 9, 2022: ALF released 800 Mink Pipkorn Farm, Michigan
  • November 15, 2022: ALF released 10,000 Mink in Van Wert, Ohio – between 2:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m.
  • December 19, 2022: ALF released 4,000 Mink in Wayland, Michigan
  • February 1, 2023: 2 females vandalized a semi-truck at a mink farm in Mercer County Ohio – between 2:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.

The FBI is working collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies, including, but not limited to, Van Wert County and the Mercer County Sheriff Offices.

The releases caused significant economic strain to the locations where the vandalism occurred. In one instance, the farm closed entirely.

Due to ALF being a leaderless movement and the subjects who carried out the crimes potentially being transient, the FBI is seeking information on individuals who were involved in attempt to provide a successful judicial outcome for the local business owners who suffered financial loss.”