We have received a Call to Action for everybody to join the fight in Atlanta Forest. We would add for all people who cannot travel to the USA that you can do a lot of things from wherever you are. Learn about the multinational companies that are part of the destruction of the Atlanta Forest and organise locally! More info can be found on and


This is a CALL-TO-ACTION for eco-warriors worldwide to come help defend the forest from any further police intrusion and destruction! The kkkops would train here to militarize against those resisting all systems of oppression; in the name of abolition we must take action!

We have over 500 acres to defend between fighting off the police and staving off Hollywood from clear-cutting the forest for their bullshit movies.
If you come to make a stand against the long arm of the law, know that autonomous action is encouraged!
Go feral! Build pirate ships! Dance with us! Don’t bring your hierarchical shit here. Leave your clocks.
Bring your art and your fury! Let’s supplant the slimy fingers of the police and oppressive systems they make possible.

If you are interested in throwing down and joining our funky feral brigade, hit us up on the riseup at:


See you in the Forest!
With Love and Rage,

-Camp Deadnettle-“


27th April, Bristol UK

Received anonymously via email:

“Bristol Butcher Bashing!
In the early hours of wednesday the 27th of april we visited sandy park butchers in Brislington,BRISTOL.

A attempt was made to smash both front windows. We know one shattered nicely but are unsure how badly the other was damaged. We had made a bit of noise and were feeling flighty so fucked off before we could tell if the second was damaged enough.

For animal liberation


EDITOR’S NOTE: Sandy Park Butchers was targeted by the ALF in march last year. As the current report did not include any media, we have used the photo received in that report, that you can read here:


April , Quebec, Canada.

received anonymously via email:

“After a 5 km walk, we take a break in the bush, impatient, waiting for the sun to set. Tonight, we are finally gonna knock down some hunting towers we had previously spotted from the road in the country.

We hope to send a clear message to the animal killers and inspire our anti-speciesist comrades to take action for the wild animals.



Richii is a Swedish activist who has faced the law a few times because of his work fighting for animal liberation. Two years ago, during a demo at a fur farmer’s house in Falkenberg, Richii used the megaphone’s alarm sound. A journalist who was present at the demo claimed that it damaged their hearing (the press has been dealing a lot of low blows against activists in Sweden), and took him to court.

In court, he was trialed for the megaphone sound but also for a trespass action inside the fur farm. He was found guilty and ordered to pay fines, which the Swedish activists managed to raise funds for. Sadly, the fundraiser did not cover the court costs and they are in immediate need of funds to pay for them before the deadline, which is is approaching rapidly. He owes the courts 9000SEK which is about 870 EUR (720 GBP / 910 USD).

If anyone is able to donate it would be highly appreciated. Send Richii and the activists at Djurfront all your love and solidarity and share far and wide so we can all fundraise enough to cover the costs!

The best donation method is PayPal, you can send some coins to:



February/March, Bavaria Germany.

According to local press, a string of arsons against hunting infrastructure is being investigated. The people involved have targetted multiple different counties and have burn hunting towers, hunting lodges, body disposal bins and other hunting infrastructure, totaling a huge 20,000 EUR worth of damage in between February and March 2022.

The police is begging for clues about any of the multiple arson cases as they are unaware of any details besides the date and location something was burnt.

PHOTO: Unrelated arson at a german hunting hut.


Below there is a reportback from an blockade action at a rodeo in Australia. It originally contained a petition link, which we do not share, but that you can find by searching Vegan Raising.

“2 April 2022, so-called Australia

Ten activists occupied the arena of the Bendigo Pro Rodeo on Saturday night, bringing the brutal display of animal abuse to a crashing halt. After two horses had already been brought bucking desperately in to the ring, ten women stormed the centre of the arena by scaling the gates, locking on to each other with chains and padlocks, and refusing to move. The activists wore “Say No To The Rodeo” T-shirts and released red smoke in to the air as a reminder to onlookers of the blood and violence perpetrated against enslaved and tortured animals.

The activists endured verbal insults and imtimidations by men who enjoy tormenting horses, steers, and bulls for kicks, and by a crowd of 900. Victoria Police stood impotently by and watched as men in turn poured water over the women’s heads, trapped them under a hessian blanket, and used horses hooves to kick dust in their faces.

The activists stood their ground and managed to stop the show for just over an hour before the police cut their chains and took them away. Although the entire show was not cancelled, a powerful message was sent to all attendees that tormenting, terrifying, and harming animals is NEVER okay! Some animals were seen being driven away in horse floats, having been spared their impending torture and humiliation. Many patrons left early.

The rodeo is one of the most blatant forms of animal abuse that exists in this country today. The activists are calling on all state governments to make rodeos illegal. They are also calling on the public to boycott this brutal form of entertainment that supports cruelty and violence towards innocent animals.

This disruption took place on the traditional lands of the Dja Dja Warrung and the Taungurung Peoples of the Kulin Nation, so-called Australia.

Say No To Rodeo”.


January 2022, Czech Republic

received anonymously via email:

“At the end of this year, around midnight, we are inspecting the selected object with a group. We see a car inside the compound, we don’t mind, we go in, we go get them.  We get the radios ready and test the signal with the patrol.

Last check, we go in. We open the lobby and slowly slip behind the door, close it behind us and look around, it’s dark everywhere. We turn on the lights, see rows of cages full of small hens, still chicks, just a few weeks old.
They are disturbed by our presence, and the cries of the trapped animals line the inside, along with clouds of dust swirling all around the hall.

All the cages are completely full and have several floors, with hundreds of animals in them.
We approach one of the cages, I open it and reach for the first chicken. Everything is happening so fast. Then the second, the third. I reach for the next one, thinking that I must not let it go at any cost. Fourth, fifth… I don’t choose, I just reach for the next one.
I hold the tenth and put it in the box. That’s the last one, we can’t take any more.

We close the cage and quietly walk out of the hall. We go to the fence and pass the box with the ten hens over it, they are safe now.
We climb out over the fence and turn to see the lights of the illuminated halls in the midst of the black darkness. I think of the ones left behind, so sorry.”


17th April, Rutland UK

received anonymously via email:


Op Easter Bunny, 17th April 2022

When we heard that the Rutland rabbits at the T&S Farm had been found we decided to join the surprise demo. The idea was simple, come dressed in black with animal carriers, on Easter Sunday, and stage a demo in front of the many families walking around the nature reserve. When we arrived it was to the beautiful sight of a fully masked black bloc. While it was clear that people were there for a peaceful demo there was an atmosphere of wanting more.

A few jumped over the fence and soon it was a tidal wave of people suddenly willing to do more than stand on the sidelines. We wanted to see those rabbits, we wanted to show others the abuse they were enduring, the mistreatment that Phil inflicts on them. Even with the sound of sirens getting closer there was no turning back, we would not abandon the rabbits. We b-lined through the site and past the static homes and straight to the tiny hutches were the rabbits waited.

When we arrived there, everything changed. Those rabbits were living in tiny hutches, skin and bones, infested with mites, some clearly ill. We couldn’t just bare witness abandoning them behind. How could we leave them awaiting their certain death? We wanted those rabbits to be safe and not murdered and skinned as Phil Kerry had planned for them.

Into the carriers and we were running. The cops had arrived but with our precious cargo we all had to try. Our hearts broke as we saw some people getting grabbed by the filth, some who had not even stepped foot on site, but we kept going, we had to give these rabbits a chance.

Adrenaline was high and the carriers were heavy but we made it and saw others did too.

Thirty rabbits that day made it out, they will live long and happy lives in good homes. There was such power in what happened this Easter Sunday, there was messiness and arrests and mistakes but there was such boldness. There was a job to do and people got it done. The beauty of a crowd autonomously taking action, the strength of it.

We don’t know who else was there but we hope you know we love you. And to those of you who left in the back of a police van we hope you know that many rabbits made it out who wouldn’t have without you.

The glory days of animal liberation are not behind us, they are in front of us, they are now if we make it happen.

Love, rage, solidarity and freedom to the T&S Rabbits!

PS: This text does not represent every person who took part in the mass action, and only explains the feelings and emotions of a group of people who took part.”