Our Comrades

“The Earth First! Journal is the voice of the
radical environmental movement.”

Bite Back Magazine logo
Bite Back Magazine

“ALF Hit reports from around the world”

Hunt Saboteurs logo
Hunt Saboteurs Associations

“Protecting wildlife from bloodsports since

Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Logo
ALF Supporters Group

“Animal Liberation Front prisoner support website.”

Frente de Liberación Animal
Frente de Liberación Animal

“Spanish ALF reporting blog.”

Green & Black Cross logo
Green & Black Cross

Independent grassroots project offering legal support to social and environmental struggles within the UK.”

Content warning: Violent imagery. Photo from inside a slaughter house where a man is clubbing pigs
Tras Los Muros

“Photography project for Animal Liberation.”

Warrior Up logo
Warrior Up

“The troublemakers website. PDFs about sabotage and direct action with very specific instructions.”

Hambacher Forst Poster
Hambacher Forst

“Hambacher Blog about the forest occupation and the fight against RWE”

Person in a balaclava comforts a mink
The Final Nail

“A complete guide to destroying the fur industry.”

The Talon Conspiracy logo
The Talon Conspiracy logo

“Compilation of magazines about animal liberation from 1970s.”

Sub Media logo

“Independent, grassroots and radical media collective focused on video making.”

Photo of a sign that reads: "Por la liberacion animal. voicot.com"

“Animal liberation activists with incredible sense of design.”

Photo of a close up of a pig's eye who is clearly in distress
Saving Me

“Photography collective covering animal liberation activism and farm investigations.”

Crimethinc logo

“Anarchist Ex-Workers collective bringing news, zines, posters and more.”

Heartcure Logo
Heartcure Collective

“Non-profit hub in Sheffield focusing on education, community and events.”