March, Lincolnshire UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Whilst out on a rekkie for a different mission, we stumbled upon four large sheds. At first thinking they were chickens, we climbed up towards them and were able to peer inside.
We could see thousands of ducks. Although it was the middle of the night, and we had not yet caused any disruption, these animals were distressed and loud.
We knew we couldn’t bare to leave them.
Unfortunately we suspected we had been caught on camera by this point, so returning at a later date was not an option. It was now or never.

Breaking into the shed proved extremely difficult. Of the 4 sheds, one had a weaker point of entry than the others. Still, we struggled for a long time. We scoured the area for something we could use as a tool. After much time had passed, we were despairing at the idea of not being able to save any of these animals. This was not an option we were willing to accept.

Just as we were running out of options, we stumbled across a sturdy metal shovel. Perfect. We were able to break down the door. The scene inside was horrific. The ducks were still relatively young, and yet dead bodies littered the floor. One small duck lay crying for help, on his back and struggling to breathe. Quickly, we helped him and 3 of his friends into bags. Our only regret was that we couldn’t take more. We hope that some of them have taken a chance in the wild through the destruction of the door that we left behind us.

There will be many more nights, many more opportunities to save lives. Every fall of darkness brings another chance for rescue.

There is always a way to save the animals. All you need is determination.”


Mutual aid has been in the spotlight recently in light of the current crisis, but what exactly does it mean? And what makes it a powerful form of anarchist praxis unique from charity and volunteering?

Well, ‘mutual aid’ is essentially the very radical notion that co-operation, rather than competition, is what drives communities forward. It is the most practical expression of solidarity, aiming for everyone to be taken care of, incentivising but never expecting reciprocity. It is decentralised and grassroots, relying on the collective skills, resources and efforts of the community rather than state intervention or making demands.

In the animal kingdom, it is second nature – Kropotkin’s evolutionary observations in “Mutual Aid” displayed how mutual support networks, rather than mutual struggle, play the greatest role in species prosperity. But like most forms of commonality that pose a threat to capitalism in all its neoliberal individualism, our instinct for mutual aid has been ironed out and repressed. Organising in this way is therefore a display of solidarity which threatens to crush the destructive fallacy of “Every one for himself, and the State for all”. It breeds a form of collective abundance that endless economic growth will never succeed in creating, and that the state will never understand.

Reclaiming it is taking the fuck back our humanity, our animality, from the capitalist machine. Practicing it, is an act of resistance and an embodiment of an alternative system that we can carry out here and now; anarchism does not sit around and wait for capitalism to collapse. It lives and breathes in the present. Now more than ever, it is not something you pray for… it is something you do.

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It is on everybody’s minds. COVID-19 is shutting down borders, wrecking havoc within vulnerable people and leaving the whole world in a state of government surveillance, lockdown and fear. And it is serious; those who struggle with other medical conditions are at serious risk. The working class, without a job and or help, are going to struggle. The governments will use the new crisis to enforce more freedom-limiting laws.


So what should we do with an event scheduled for the end of May? An event that is envisioned to gather people from around the world, to mingle with one another, to learn and teach and create connections to unify the animal liberation movement and to make history change? We don’t know.


The reality is that it is highly unlikely the situation will change by the end of May. Europe’s numbers of infected and in critical care are only now starting to increase, they have not peaked and they will take a while to do so. But we do not want to give up yet the little hope we have for normality in a couple of months time.


So for now, we do not want to cancel the event because we believe, if things improve and if carrying on would not put anyone at risk, that people will benefit from normality. That it would be refreshing for folks to enjoy something like LoD. And that the animal and human exploiting machinery doesn’t stand still, not even in these times.


But we are also being realistic and we are aware that governments reopening borders does not mean that we should travel. So for now, we have not called off the event, but we might do so in the upcoming weeks if we don’t see any other solution.


We would like to hear from you, what do you believe is best?

For now, we believe it is important for people to focus their energy on showing mutual aid in their communities. If you are healthy, fit and young, please provide aid for those who are vulnerable. Organise working groups in your street or your neighbourhood so those who are more vulnerable don’t need to go out for shopping or medicines or to walk the doggo. Please, show up for one another, create those community links and see them growing into strong relationships that we can all use to topple this fucking capitalist system.


We will bring you more news once decisions have been made. 

See you in the next riot.


LoD team.



Last year we saw an increase on actions targeting the game bird farm industry by releasing thousands of birds into the wild from their breeding facilities, thus stopping the farmers from selling those birds to shoots. The aim was simple, climbing up the chain and stopping the industry where it starts, so that people don’t have to target the shooters on their day out. No birds to shoots no hunters to pester!

A map was produced outlining many of the UK based game farms, which most likely aided folks finding their local ones and targeting them immediately. That map has now been updated to include farms from many different parts of Europe, increasing the amount of people who have access to local farms and giving the resources to find them. 

You can see the game farm map here:

Last week, another important document surfaced on 325. A PDF explaining step by step how to sabotage those farms and how to ensure that the industry loses enough money to stop once and for all. It also explains the urgency of taking action against game farms. It is a good read that we believe people should have at hand, just to be aware of how people operate. You can read it here:


We would like to finish this post by pointing at two sentences within the PDF:


When if not now?
Who, if not YOU.


Early March, Pontaury, Belgium

Received anonymously via email: 

“In early March 2020, near the village of Pontaury, activists again took action against hunting by destroying 21 hunting towers, many of which were new.

We do not communicate the precise date so as not to facilitate the repressive work of the Speciesist State.

This hunting area had already been targeted in October 2019, when 32 towers were destroyed and one hunting hut ransacked. 

With this repeated attack, in the same area, the activists show their determination to fight against this leisure activity, which should no longer exist in a society that claims to be evolved, just and strongly linked to scientific and ethical knowledge.

We invite all those who oppose hunting to cause economic damage to hunting activities, everywhere, at all times.

In solidarity with animal species persecuted by hunters and humans in general.

Citizens fighting against speciesism.”


“Début Mars 2020, à proximité du village de Pontaury, des activistes ont à nouveau agi contre la chasse en détruisant 21 miradors dont plusieurs étaient neufs.

Nous ne communiquons pas la date précise pour ne pas faciliter le travail de répression de l’État spéciste.

Cette zone de chasse avait déjà été visée en octobre 2019, 32 miradors avaient alors été détruits et une cabane de chasse saccagée. 

Par cette réplique, sur une même zone, les activistes montrent leur détermination à lutter contre ce loisir qui n’a plus lieu d’exister dans une société se disant évoluée, juste et fortement liées aux connaissances scientifiques et éthiques.

Iels invitent toutes les personnes s’opposant à la chasse à causer des dégâts économiques aux activités de chasse, partout, en tout temps.

En solidarité avec les espèces animales persécutées par les chasseurs et les humains en général.

Ci-joint un communiqué de presse, réalisé à la suite de la première action en octobre 2019, et des photos récentes de 9 des 21 miradors détruits lors de la seconde action.

Des en lutte contre le spécisme.”


We needed a little break so we decided to step back from work. It didn’t actually happen when a global pandemic kind of kicked in and we had to start working in local mutual aid. After a little longer than expected, we are ready to get back online and bring you all the news we’ve been bringing you until now, plus some of the series that we’ve been publishing before, plus some news ones! 

There is a lot to discuss and a lot to share and we will be working constantly to catch up with the amount of stuff we want to share with you, but bare with us, we are all volunteers! 

We believe this restart is actually a good moment to explain what Unoffensive Animal is and what we do, in case new people are not aware. 

UA is a collective of likeminded individuals coming from an anarchist, animal liberation perspective that comprehends animal liberation as part of a wider fight to achieve total liberation. That means that our work is directed towards toppling the base of the institutional oppression, which hurts all, the earth and all the inhabitants within it, and that we understand the concept of privilege and the multiple faces that oppression might have, from sexism and transphobia to animal exploitation and the continuous bleeding of the planet Earth. We want to see capitalism toppled, we want to see the institutional chains of oppression overturned and we want to see a society where we can work through mutual aid for the betterment of everybody. A serious task! 

We work as a media channel for those who take action and want to remain anonymous. We receive reports anonymously and give a platform for others to read about what has happened. We DO NOT take part in illegal actions, we DO NOT go into farms and help animals away and we DO NOT smash windows. We serve as a platform for anonymous individuals to report what they are up to. That means that there is no point messaging us asking “how to join” or “please help this poor dog in my neighbour’s garden”. The response to all them was given a long time by the ALF: “When, if not now? Who, if not you?”. 

We also serve as a platform for education. We produce written series about history, about theory and about security. We give talks and organise workshops. 

Lastly, we serve as a prison support platform. We collect money for arrest support, for fines and other economic attacks by the state and for prisoners who need to get some stuff from commissary or to call their loved ones. 

We do all of this out of love. We do it because we believe in a better future where people learn collectively and fight towards a more sustainable world. And we say this because it is important. We cannot do this alone. It is your job to help. It is your job to read, to learnt to expand, to organise, to take action and to support. 

So, we are back, we have many plans on the works and we are asking YOU reading this to start organising too. 

If anyone believes in what we do and how we work, we really could do with help. With the global pandemic hitting hard, some folks have (understandably) cancelled their Patreon donations and some others have reduced what they donate per month. 

If you are able to join the mutual aid team behind Unoffensive Animal, please do so.

Back tomorrow with news and a whole lot of trouble. 


PHOTO: 100 chinchillas liberated from a fur farm in Brazil, 2014.


We are taking a break. We could explain all the reasons for it but the reality is that internet isn’t the whole of the world and it is very easy to get lost in it. With a project like Unoffensive, a great deal of time is spent in social media and in front of technology. Out of respect for our personal mental health, we need a little break.

We will be back in two weeks. That means no posts, stories or emails for the next 14 days. For immediate release Hit Reports, please contact BiteBack Magazine on info(at) and please remember to take security steps sending reports. 

Please continue to support prisoners and tell their stories. You all should check on the latest news on Eric King because it is so incredibly fucked up we cannot just explain it on a paragraph. Go read about it, send a letter, send some money and remember it could easily be you.

We hope this break allows us to breath for a little bit and to focus on the bigger projects we are working on. The documentary needs focus, the information series are lacking and there is at least one if not two major events to organise.

Liberate Or Die event in Hambacher Forst is still on the works. Folks are confirming workshops as we speak. If anyone needs information or wants to offer a talk, please email 3_LoD(at)

And that’s basically it because part of learning self care is learning not to feel guilty about taking a break.

See you in the next riot.

Unoffensive Animal.

Photo: Lab raid in Iowa University, 2004. From No Compromise! Magazine n30. 


22nd February, Kent UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“On Saturday 22nd February activists found a rabbit dumped within household rubbish whilst checking out a filthy farm where calves and cows were living in unbelievably disgusting conditions.

Bunny was liberated and now the work with the scum farmers start.

Kent, UK”



25th February, North of France.

Received anonymously via email:

(French below)

“This Tuesday, 25.02.2020, during a walk in the north of France, a young woman saw a hunting stand and literally rushed at it to destroy it.

Let us recall that every speciesist system must be destroyed, the fight must always continue.

Nothing will stop us from fighting against speciesism.



“Ce mardi 25.02.2020, lors d’une promenade dans le nord de la France, une jeune femme ayant vue une hutte de chasse ses littéralement précipiter dessus pour la détruire.

Rappelons que chaque système spéciste doit être anéanti, la lutte doit toujours continuer.

Rien peut nous empêcher à faire face à leur spéciste.