We needed a little break so we decided to step back from work. It didn’t actually happen when a global pandemic kind of kicked in and we had to start working in local mutual aid. After a little longer than expected, we are ready to get back online and bring you all the news we’ve been bringing you until now, plus some of the series that we’ve been publishing before, plus some news ones! 

There is a lot to discuss and a lot to share and we will be working constantly to catch up with the amount of stuff we want to share with you, but bare with us, we are all volunteers! 

We believe this restart is actually a good moment to explain what Unoffensive Animal is and what we do, in case new people are not aware. 

UA is a collective of likeminded individuals coming from an anarchist, animal liberation perspective that comprehends animal liberation as part of a wider fight to achieve total liberation. That means that our work is directed towards toppling the base of the institutional oppression, which hurts all, the earth and all the inhabitants within it, and that we understand the concept of privilege and the multiple faces that oppression might have, from sexism and transphobia to animal exploitation and the continuous bleeding of the planet Earth. We want to see capitalism toppled, we want to see the institutional chains of oppression overturned and we want to see a society where we can work through mutual aid for the betterment of everybody. A serious task! 

We work as a media channel for those who take action and want to remain anonymous. We receive reports anonymously and give a platform for others to read about what has happened. We DO NOT take part in illegal actions, we DO NOT go into farms and help animals away and we DO NOT smash windows. We serve as a platform for anonymous individuals to report what they are up to. That means that there is no point messaging us asking “how to join” or “please help this poor dog in my neighbour’s garden”. The response to all them was given a long time by the ALF: “When, if not now? Who, if not you?”. 

We also serve as a platform for education. We produce written series about history, about theory and about security. We give talks and organise workshops. 

Lastly, we serve as a prison support platform. We collect money for arrest support, for fines and other economic attacks by the state and for prisoners who need to get some stuff from commissary or to call their loved ones. 

We do all of this out of love. We do it because we believe in a better future where people learn collectively and fight towards a more sustainable world. And we say this because it is important. We cannot do this alone. It is your job to help. It is your job to read, to learnt to expand, to organise, to take action and to support. 

So, we are back, we have many plans on the works and we are asking YOU reading this to start organising too. 

If anyone believes in what we do and how we work, we really could do with help. With the global pandemic hitting hard, some folks have (understandably) cancelled their Patreon donations and some others have reduced what they donate per month. 

If you are able to join the mutual aid team behind Unoffensive Animal, please do so. 


Back tomorrow with news and a whole lot of trouble. 


PHOTO: 100 chinchillas liberated from a fur farm in Brazil, 2014.

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