5th November, California USA.

via: Abolition Media

“For Palestine.
To rebels everywhere.
With deepest love and ancestral rage,

We gathered with heavy hearts and humble hands holding a promise for a world safer from white supremacist, settler-colonial violence. Those who declare war on original peoples and pillage sacred life and land will face retribution. There has been a great fire building, may it overflow and take all enemies of life with it. May it create fertile grounds for victory against violent occupiers.

We took it upon ourselves to make sure these fascists could not gather. Rather than the constant reactivity and rigidness of mass protest spectacles, we wanted to hit them where it fucking hurts.

On November 5th, the Zionist fascist scum, “Friends of the IDF,” who represent the interests of wealthy American capitalists in their direct support of the settler colonial state of Israel and its continued campaign of genocide and apartheid against the Palestinian people, attempted to hold a fundraiser gala at Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California.

The IDF are known to kidnap, torture, kill, and rape Palestinians, as well as disrespect the bodies of martyrs. They are among the most deplorable people to ever walk the earth.

Despite reports and appearances otherwise, this fundraiser was effectively shut down within the first hour. Donor attendees began hurriedly leaving in a steady stream at the start of what was planned to be a full evening of blood money raising. This disruption, however, was not achieved by the tame, above-ground rally being safely contained by both the police and the rally organizers themselves, at a far distance from the unbothered attendees. These symbolic and futile attempts to shame and appeal to the moral conscience of individuals who have no shame or conscience, will always fail.

You cannot do damage to the Zionist project by merely engaging with its facade; you must strike at its soulless heart. You must strike at its veins (supply chains, logistics, cash flows, infrastructure).

While the liberals were congratulating themselves for having their nonthreatening photo op parade out in front of the gala, our people were out of sight at work on the veins of the building. Palestinians have suffered decades of Israeli soldiers and settlers restricting and destroying their access to water, often bricking up or concreting any water source not directly under strict control of the occupation forces, cutting off Palestinian access to the Jordan River while draining it to near extinction for settlement mono-crop agriculture, shooting holes in Palestinian water towers, bombing Gazan water treatment facilities, poisoning Palestinian springs and enforcing water apartheid in order to exert total control over Palestinian life. We decided to give these Zionist bootlickers a taste of their own medicine.

We cracked open the water main for the building housing the gala, switched it off, and filled the box with fresh concrete. This form of sabotage is quick and incredibly easy to replicate, and the tools are quite cheap. It also renders the building in question completely uninhabitable and unusable. We had a good laugh imagining these fascist motherfuckers driven out of the gala by the stench of overflowing toilets, unable to raise any more money for genocide. As we did we were reminded of how Israeli settlers flood Palestinian olive groves with sewage, poisoning food sources, destroying livelihoods.

There are specialized tools that can make this job easier to perform and faster.
1) Water main shut off tool
2) Irrigation lid tool / large screwdriver

The steps are as follows:
1) Lift lid off water box
2) Identify the valve, usually rectangular
3) Turn valve to be perpendicular to the pipe
4) Add a lock to the available hole
5) Fill hole with concrete
6) Put lid back on

At 6:40 PM, just 40 minutes into the gala, we put an end to things before they even began. No auction, no speeches, no propaganda screening, thus cutting off one stream of funding for genocide and apartheid. Donors began sneaking out of the backdoor of the space around 7PM, escorted by fascist police and private security. Around 7:10, a utility truck arrived to attempt a repair. They failed to do so, as our successful sabotage held. The building was evacuated. The Zionists ran home with their tails between their legs, their facade of security and impenetrability proven vulnerable.

We hope that this will inspire other autonomous actors to strike at the infrastructure of genocide everywhere it can be found.

While the Zionist occupation forces deliberately target Palestinian infrastructure to render human survival impossible, we must turn these same tactics on the oppressor, targeting the civil, economic, and political infrastructure that feed the Zionist project, starving it of the resources that sustain its existence and enable its genocidal violence. The targets are here and everywhere. We send a message that there will be no safe space for genocidal capitalism. There will be no safe space for fascist Zionist terror. Wherever you amass, we will find you and shut you down.

This was executed by a group of autonomous anti-Zionists and anarchist saboteurs. We have no name. We are not an organization. We are not an entity. Do not try to find us. We are everywhere and we will not stop.

Palestine will be free.”


11th November, Annaghmore Ireland.

Received anonymously via email:

“The Ulster Brigade of the Animal Rights Militia paid visit to a fox hunting group who were terrorising the countryside of Annaghmore, County Armagh. (11/11/23)

The group in question are notoriously hostile towards any opposition to their presence. They are known for having zero control over their hounds and there have been several incidents involving people’s beloved companion cats/dogs being mauled, as well as wildlife. 

Sab groups in the area cannot confront this particular hunt without large numbers due to the extent of violence this hunt are willing to inflict, even with cameras running. 

ARM Volunteers were tipped off to this hunt being in the area and within minutes were on the scene. 

Volunteers decided the best course of action was to inflict damage to the most expensive pickup truck in the group. The windscreen of this £100,000+ vehicle was smashed within a matter of seconds. 

If Sab groups are unable to traditionally tackle this hunt, ARM Volunteers will ensure that every outing for them is a costly one. Our methods will only become more chaotic if our warning is not heeded. 

Colonial British bloodspots are not welcome in Ireland. 
Animal killers are not welcome in Ireland. 

Saoirse Go Deo!
ARM Ireland.”


Marius Mason is an anarchist animal rights activist who has been in prison since 2009.

Marius plead guilty to being involved in an arson at a research lab, and to twelve acts of property damage. Marius release date is January 10 2027. 

Recently Marius has been moved to a new prison. If you want to write letters to Marius, you can reach him at the following address:

Marius Mason #04672-061

FMC Fort Worth

P.O. Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

At the end of October Marius wrote a text to his family and friends:

“Dear friends and family,

I am now at FMC Ft. Worth, as of September 18, and am waiting to find out what possible timelines it will take or even if I will be allowed to continue my transition surgically. I continue to take my HRT therapy and am meeting other trans inmates here – all transwomen who are oftentimes waiting for THEIR transfer to a female facility! I am hoping that this policy will continue to help many trans people, but am concerned that this policy may be in danger of reversal if the far right has their way! Please continue to fight for trans and queer people in prison, as so often we are invisible to the wider public and easier to shove under the rug and hide. I know that it is the support that we have from our community on the outside that helps our cause and gives us care and strength.

Thank you very much for your support in letters and cards this past year – I have a list of everywhere I got mail from, but it is packed up in my property and in a box on its way to Texas right now! I have even gotten a few letters at my new address here – but also, sadly, a few documents saying that the intended letter was returned to sender because of the new rules here at FMC Ft. Worth. So, to lessen the aggravation for anyone kind enough to write to me – here are a few of the different rules…

1) all letters have to be written on only one side of the page and are limited to 5 pages.

2) no letters that are on colored paper or on cardstock. 

3) any photos must be sent through a company and not directly from the sender. No more than 25 photos will be accepted.

4) all acceptable letters will be photo-copied in black and white and that copy given to the inmate.

I am sorry to say that all the beautiful original artwork that I have received over the years will not be allowed into this facility. That is a great sadness to me, as I have been given such amazing original art from so many great people from all over the world. Thank you, everyone, for keeping me in their thoughts and including me in their outreach and educational work. I am so encouraged by the campaigns that continue to run bravely in the face of the worst destructive efforts – long live the Wild Free Earth!

I want to make more of an effort to reach out to you all – especially as it will be harder to write as many emails or send as many letters as I have before (which never seemed enough then). I will be facing a higher monthly fine payment now, as Congress has asked the prison administrators to enforce higher payments….but I will use the website more to compensate.

Thank you all, again – for taking this journey with me, for seeing me through so many years and over so many hurdles….I am constantly humbled and warmed by the power of solidarity. Together, we are strong!” 

For more information about Marius, the case, prisoner support, check out:



Ladislav Kuc was arrested in 2012, and sentenced to prison in 2014, for allegedly making explosives and bombing a McDonalds restaurant (where no one was hurt).

After being incarcerated for 12 years, Ladislav’s release date is in a couple of months. If all goes as planned, Ladislav will be released from prison in January 2024.

If you want to support Ladislav, you can donate to his release fund:

“… Ladislav has not been able to work or raise many funds since his incarceration and his family incurred significant expenses paying for his legal representation on the successful appeal. All donations will be sent to Ladislav to help him with basic expenses adjusting to life outside of prison and welcome him back with his family and community. Thank you for your generosity!”


DONATE – Release fund:


Ladislav Kuc


Gucmanova 19/670

Priečinoik 7

92041 Leopoldov



 Image credit: @derbyshireagainsthecull

Action against the intensive badger cull continued throughout October. Many speculate about the political interests of culling badgers in the future, following recent statements from politicians but, even if it were to be ‘phased out’ by a successive government post-election, much of the damage has already been done as 210,000 badgers already murdered since 2013. Besides, this has not stopped the 29 zones from continuing this year, which has maximum target of 24,000 individuals, and is unlikely going to make a difference to the government licenses that have been issued for the upcoming years. These figures are incredibly bleak but they could be much higher if it wasn’t for the action being taken against cage trapping and free-shooting. The desperation to kill has been quite obvious with Underground Badger Syndicate smashing cages soon after they had been replaced, multiple times. This repetitive behaviour was also seen by Derbyshire Against The Cull, joined by neighbouring hunt sabotage groups, who have stopped the same shooters night in, night out. Hunt saboteurs elsewhere in the country have responded to cages they have found, sometimes while out stopping a cub hunt, showing that anyone can produce results by checking up on a local sett. Intensive culling is intended to be carried out over a 6-week period but licenses in multiple zones have been granted extensions, which is a strong indication that direct action is causing major problems for badger killers.

Proposals for badger culling in Northern Ireland have been foiled following a judicial review spear headed by Wild Justice and Northern Ireland Badger Group. Though there is likely to be further pressure from Northern Ireland’s Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to appease wildlife killing farmers, there is a relief that for now that the plans to kill 4,000 badgers a year aren’t going ahead.

Fox and Hare hunts have continued to feel the pressure as they attempt to hunt fox cubs and leverets in preparation for the upcoming main hunting season. Sabotages groups across the UK have been relentless, with some active multiple times of the week, including West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs who were out 6 days in just one and Mendip Hunt Sabs who disrupted three hunts in one day. Later in the month, some hunts had their ‘opening meets’, which mark the start of the main hunting season, such as the Pimpernel Beagles who were forced to pack up on the first day of the hare hunting season following the arrival of saboteurs from North Dorset. Two saboteurs from this group were also targeted at their homes and had vehicles attacked, following the groups’ sustained pressure on the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. They responded by stating ‘as history has shown, violence never makes sabs go away’ and that they continue undeterred.  Alongside other sabotage groups as well as Wildlife Guardian, they also have targeted stag hunts throughout the month.

New legislation in Scotland came into affect on 3rd October, which is believed to close loopholes in a previous law and effectively outlaw hunting with packs of hounds. Though it is important to understand the limitations of political reform and that the state is not the answer, this legislation has undoubtedly been a disaster for hunting. The Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Hunt, who have existed for 250 years, have already folded while the Fife Foxhounds have claimed to switch to drag hunting; where hounds hunt a genuine non-animal based scent, unlike trial hunting. Glasgow Hunt Sabs stated: “Our sabs along with our predecessors have worked tirelessly for decades, working towards this momentous day.” Though sabotage groups played a considerable of part in this, this achievement is an example of how communities and wider society, using a variation of methods, can pressure the government to make change. The behaviour and longevity of the 8 remaining hunts in Scotland is yet to be seen, and will not go unchallenged.

Paul Allman, a hunt saboteur from Stockport Monitors who was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison, has been released. Messages of support and solidarity to him via the group are still appreciated as adjusting to life after prison can be difficult. His incarceration should be a reminder that the legal system is ultimately not on our side, even if there we have the odd legal victory. The state is not the answer. We are.



On the 12th October Pal Action US staged a mass action against Elbits Cambridge facility in Massachusetts, USA 

Multiple of people have been arrested after they knock down the barricades to the Massachusetts facility

That evening the building was also defaced with graffiti reading 

Then on Sunday key card scanners where smashed stopping staff from entering and the building drenched in red paint and graffiti reading “GAZA RESISTS” “ELBIT ARMS GENOCIDE”

According to reports they have shut the facility down 

More to follow…

Go and give our comrades some support and love at Pal_actionUS on the socials @pal_actionUS


3rd November, North UK.

received anonymously via email:

“With so much talk recently about cage-free being better for hens, we wanted to see for ourselves. We went to a free-range farm to see how much ‘better’ it really is for the hens and it was fucking disgusting. Dead and dying birds were everywhere. The rest had next to no feathers left. They are so stressed that they pluck each other. Never trust an animal welfare group who is promoting shit like cage-free or ‘better commitments’ for chickens. It will NEVER be okay to do this to anyone.

We took our chances, as the farmers were asleep in the house next door, and we liberated 49 beautiful souls. They will now receive the love and care that they deserve and will never be killed for profits.

This action is in solidarity with the recent egg investigations that have been released in the UK and we hope that it inspires more people to go fuck the system and smash these scum fuck places!!!”


After an eight weeks court case for the open rescue of chickens and ducks, Wayne was found guilty of one count of felony conspiracy to commit trespass and two misdemeanour trespass charges, for entering the chicken supplier Sunrise Farms. On the charges related to the duck farm, the jury did not come to an unanimous decision.

The court case was a massive overreach by the justice system, banning Wayne and his two codefendants from talking to the press and even from mentioning why they had taken action to rescue animals in the farms. No mention of animal welfare was allowed.

It is also important to mention that, after multiple failed cases against him, prosecution decided to drop the burglary and theft charges in favour of conspiracy to trespass, as it was a more likely guilty outcome. This shows that their “crime” was a lot less important than their thirst for “punishment”.

Wayne is scheduled to receive his sentencing on the 30th of November, and will be spending the month in jail. You can write to him at:

Wayne Hsiung (Inmate #264701) 
Main Adult Detention Facility
2777 Ventura Avenue 
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Needless to say that you should not mention any illegal activities in your letters, for the good of Wayne but also for your own safety! Write on white paper only and use white envelopes too, colour paper is apparently VERY BAD for the prison system, imagine if someone had a little fun! 

The whole list of writing rules (and if needed, the updated address) can be found on



Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics, and ideas given in the series are only meant to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of these tools as a form of dissent, and we do not promote, partake in, or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

You don’t always have to carry a 6-sheet poster with you if you want to do some ad hacks. For a quick, opportunistic, and on-the-go kit that you can easily fit in your bag, you’ll need:

A marker: the bigger, the better
H60 security pin
Four-way utility key

Once you’ve done a quick scan to make sure there’s no cops or security around, you can locate the lock. The placement depends on the model, but usually you’ll find it in the bottom corner or middle on the side of the ad. Once you’ve located the lock, take a look and see which of your tools you’ll need. Often, you’ll be able to just pop open the ad with one tool, but sometimes the first lock will just open a panel and you’ll have to locate the keyhole. Remember, some ads open incredibly easily while others are fiddly and mechanisms can be rusty and stiff. Just take a breath and keep trying.

Now that you’ve opened the ad, you can pull the perspex door back as far as it’ll go and start making changes to the existing ad, turn it around and use the other side, or get rid of it entirely.

Brandalism has this great PDF if you want to do some further reading:

The website ‘Public Access’ tells you the exact tool you need to open the advertisement screens in your city.

You should be able to find all the tools you’ll need at your local hardware store.
Good luck reclaiming public spaces from advertisers.


Hambi folk have asked to extend an invitation to all to join the forest in a nine day long festival and skillshare even at the end of November. Read their words below:

“The festival season is over? Not for us! While RWE is getting closer to us and the local government is already dreaming of getting rid of us altogether, we are still here and making life difficult for the state and capital! The Hambi is acutely threatened again, but we have the will to keep up the resistance together and with fun.

Some of you have already heard and now it is official: there will be a Skillshare Festiwald in November! We invite you to skillshares, music acts, climbing, actions, forest life and much more! The whole thing is as self-organized as possible, which means there is a lot of room for your ideas, wishes and input. So you can also add things to the program when you arrive and there will be a lot of stuff coming up spontaneously which is not in the program yet.

Let’s enjoy together what we defend here, let’s show that we are still eager to resist and whoever falls in love with forest life, we invite them to just stay with us!

What? Skillshare Festiwald
When? 17 to 26 November
Where? Occupation in the Hambach Forest

You can find the program, a packlist and further information in this blog post:

We also need help with spreading the news! So feel free to print out these posters and hang them up where people might see them.”