You’ve been asking for it for a long time and we have finally managed. All clothing sizes and designs have been restocked, and we have added a new design to the website for all of you who basically have a whole Unoffensive wardrobe!

Our new design ‘All Animals Are Equal’ by @pduthiedraws, is based on a personal take on Animal Farm, by George Orwell. We’ve had enough of folks depicting pigs as evil and using their image to represent dictators and police. Pigs are fucking badass animals, and in our personal Animal Farm story, they are instrumental in bringing down the establishment, one Molotov cocktail at the time! Grab yourself a hoodie or a tee and support our work!

Our tees and hoodies are always printed on organic cotton, certified fair-trade and climate neutral and with vegan ink, so that you feel like the world is better while reading buzzwords about greenwashed capitalist fucking bullshit.

Every order from now until the end of December will include a free Wildfire Magazine and a few stickers, so if you are grabbing a present for a mate, they will get a few extra bits with it!

Remember that our merch is pay as you feel because we let folks decide if they would like to donate extra. We are not a shop, but a collective, and all money raised goes towards the different projects that Unoffensive have, from prisoner, arrest and court support to media production or funding grassroots groups. If you can afford it, throw a couple of extra coins with your hoodie order! Printing costs are high so any extra money is appreciated so we can keep sending money to prisoners or helping with fines!

If on the other hand you don’t want any more clothing but you want to support us anyway, remember that we have links for donations:




November, Midlands, UK.

received anonymosuly via email:

“We’re back. We’re back and we are taking the turkeys.

7 turkeys were liberated from a free range organic turkey farm. Fuck your welfare standards, killing is killing and we ain’t letting it happen.

These turkeys were already ‘sold’, already marked for somebody’s Christmas dinner, kept to grow fatter until the fast approaching day of their murder. They were going to provide the ‘Christmas bonus’ for a cattle farmer.
To the farmer and the humans who had paid for the body of these beautiful beings, we sincerely wish you a ruined Christmas and assure you that 2021 will bring you many more hits.

These turkeys who were destined for one Christmas on a dinner table, will now live to see many Christmasses and many years to come.

This action was completed in solidarity with our comrade who has been imprisoned this last week. 7 turkeys – 6 for each day of imprisonment and 1 more for a big fuck you to the system.
7 homes found, 7 lives saved.

#turkeys #christmasturkeys #animalliberation #defenddirectaction #getshitdone #fuckwiththeanimalswefuckwithyou #untilallarefree #fuckwelfarists #abolishanimalfarming #abolishprisons #acab #solidarity #merryfuckingchristmas”


Defend Direct Action - Hoodie

As you all know, we spent almost three months working alongside Underground Badger Syndicate in the badger cull, partly helping badgers make it through that horrible time, and partly filming a documentary about badger cull action. As you might also know, due to repression, we lost most of our footage and will have to wait until it is released or until we can film it once again.

During that time, Unoffensive Animal was mildly dormant as we were unable to focus on internet work as much as we normally do. Slow and steady we have been getting back to bring you direct action news as well as prisoner support and other stuff we believe we should give platform to.

Sadly, due to the lack of work online, our fundraising fell behind big time, and in the past few weeks we have really felt it. We run out of merch but we were unable to print more and a couple of requests for funds by groups were sadly postponed as we run out of money completely. The latest is our web server bill, that is due pretty soon and we are still trying to work out how we will cover.

We don’t really talk about money often because there is a huge stigma about donations, patreon and funding, but the reality is that within this capitalist society we try to navigate, money is needed every now and then. The conversation around funding and generating money through animal rights is an important one to be had and certainly not as black and white as “Give money to sanctuaries, not to saviours”, as it creates a false dichotomy where different collectives, organisations and even individuals are erased or wrongly attached to either one or the other. Whilst we praise the reminder that sanctuaries are a massively important part of this movement that deserve upmost support, it is important to also remember that campaigns, collectives and prisoners are also worthy of support.

We have written about how we manage money before, but we can sum it up quickly again. Unoffensive works as a media platform, so a part of the money goes towards serves, web stuff and technology bullshit. Some of it is either lifted or borrowed but a fair bit of website requirements we actually have to pay for. We also work as a platform for prisoner, arrest and court support. A good chunk of the money goes out for prisoners to get some food from commissary or for individuals that have been fined after arrest. If and when we have any money left, some of the money goes towards supporting groups and campaigns with equipment and other means. An example of this would be a night vision for an anti hunt group, or some cash for a grassroots group who needs to cover vet bills.

Note that none of the money goes towards personal gain, towards rent, or food, or anything like that. Whilst we are not necessarily against folks making a living out of donations, Unoffensive was never set out to “pay wages” and we will never do so.

So if you believe in the work we do and you think you would like to help, we really, really could do with the support.

We have two streams of income. The first one is merchandise. We are in the process of restocking and releasing new items. We print on organic, fair trade garments with vegan ink and we are shit at being organised so your parcel might take a while, but hey, long live anarchist self organising no?

Secondly, we receive donations through either PayPal or Patreon. Both are shit and both take commission but what can we fucking do. When folks join Patreon they get a sweet nothing as a reward as the only thing we could think of was educational PDFs and whatnot and we cannot imagine putting knowledge behind a paywall, so everybody is welcome to contact us and ask for any information needed.

Are you able to help us out and keep us going?

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22nd October, Italy.

anonymous report, from Frente de Liberación Animal (translation):

“Stuck in little cages full of filth, in a disgusting environment, with a floor full of excrement.
The Animal Liberation Front released two rabbits from their cages
Now they will live a life in freedom away from exploitation and death.”

“Metidos en pequeñas jaulas llenas de porquería, en un ambiente asqueroso, con un suelo lleno de excrementos por todas partes
El Frente de Liberación Animal libera dos conejos de sus jaulas
Ahora tendrán una vida en libertad alejados de la explotación y la muerte.”


November, Quebec, Canada

received anonymously via email:

“On a cold night, we decided to dismantle 4 hunting towers we had previously spotted a few kilometers from the city. We hope to send a clear message to the animal killers and inspire more anti-speciesist comrades to take action in the field. Wild animals need us. Everybody can operate with few equipment such as a cheap pocket saw or a hammer. Some of the sport hunters have really good building skills though. Luckily for us, we found a good long pruning saw in one camp, which was really convenient to destroy it. xoxo

AHAB! Your sport sucks! We are watching you like you are watching them.”


16th November, Toulouse France.

Via: BiteBack Magazine.

“A butcher shop in Toulouse was covered in red paint and painted slogans (“le coronavirus tue moins que le boucher” = “coronavirus kills less than the butcher”) during the night of November 16-17.”


WHEN?: 27th November
WHAT?: Take adverts off, reclaim public space!

Advertisement shits in your head. No, seriously, it fucking does. On average in western society, people see 3000 adds per day. Most of them are littered in public spaces. All of them have the exact same aim; to make you consume. To shape you into another robot of this society that spends most of the life working to be able to consume all the mindless bullshit that they sell to us.

In order to give a rest to your eyes, NO-AD day is an initiative calling for action to every single person who feels like capitalism should not get a free pass. On the 27th of November, people are called to remove advertisement from public spaces. From Telephone Boxes that simply require you to peel off the sticker to Bus Stop Ads (we’ve made a tutorial for that one) and even billboards that can be painted white, you have the chance to clear all the rubbish from your city.

According to NO-AD Day organisers, if you wish to work under their umbrella you should not commit acts of vandalism and you should keep peaceful.

Most importantly, you SHOULD NOT install new adds under that action name. The idea is to leave the advertisement spots naked and empty, to enjoy the simplicity of a life without adds.

All actions can be posted online under #noadday. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can send us reports like any other report is sent (details on our website!)

Remember that wearing a Hi-Viz makes you nearly invincible, remember that those spaces were taken from you without permission and remember that as we said before, ADVERTISEMENT SHITS IN YOUR HEAD.

There is a telegram group you can join to get more info and updates:

Here you can find more info about what tools you need and how you can open bus stop adds:

You can get all the info you need about the day of action on the link below:

See you in the streets.

The beauty of not being sold anything.


23rd November, Switzerland.

Received anonymously via email:

“We’ve been out to play again… this time it was your well decorated store front windows that we had a taste for.
We visited 6 locations on this long, sleepless night, you don’t have to worry though, we absolutely had fun! Thank you!
It’s just a real shame that when you go to work in the morning, It’s going to be very cold and breezy for you, We didn’t check but… you have insurance right? I hope the cost to repair these windows isn’t going to come out of the profit you’ve made from our dead friends?
We’re going to keep an eye on you though, we might wait before we visit again, maybe when you’re back, feeling normal, comfortable and when you think you’ve forgotten, we will make sure that you don’t.
Sweet dreams for now xoxo

6 Windows for 6 days in prison.
Stop stealing our comrades.
Fuck the prison system <3”


15th November, Switzerland.

Received anonymously via email:

“Report from Switzerland. 
During one COVID friendly evening walk we stumbled upon a few vehicle used to transport comrades to their deaths. 

Needless to say, we toyed around with them before heading off… expanding foam in the exhaust pipes, electrical wires cut & pneumatic systems fucked with. 

Though, we are not yet satisfied, we are on the prowl and we will find more, hope you can afford the repair fees xoxo “