For anyone who does not know, Eric is an antifascist and anarchist prisoner who is serving a 10 year sentence for throwing Molotov cocktails to an empty federal building. Since 2018, he has been facing incredibly brutal and violating prosecution from the guards in prison. Guards purposely led Eric into a locked up area where a nazi was waiting for him minutes after informing him that a white supremacist group was after him. They sat and watched the nazi beat the shit out of Eric.

Guards beat Eric multiple times whilst in the showers and even shackled him naked to a bed for eight hours straight. He was also led into an out of sight storage area and beaten up by the guards and when defending himself he earned multiple disciplinary complaints that could land him another twenty years in prison.

He has been held in solitary confinement for over 1000 days. 

The sole reason for this abuse is his political believes and the unwillingness to stop talking about it. 

The Civil Liberties Defence Center has now filed a lawsuit on his behalf to challenge the obvious collaboration between white supremacists and guards to harm or even attempt to kill Eric whilst in prison.

There is no doubt that Eric needs as much support as it is humanly possible. He is being targeted as a political prisoner and the mistreatment he is receiving is shocking. Please send a letter to Eric today. Tell him what is going on in your world, or write about some actions or news that you’ve read that you think he would like hearing.

As the prison guards are scum, try to avoid sending cards. Just send letters on white paper, black pen, in case they decide that colourful stuff is too dangerous. 

His address here: 

Eric King #27090-045
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, Colorado 80123

More info on his case:


A recently resurfaced video showing a raid in a vivisection breeding facility in Iowa (USA), where pigeons, ducks and geese were released. Extensive economic sabotage was done to the farm as well as taking breeder tags from the farm.

Whilst grainy, this is quite a good video showcasing the action of just a few individuals to free animals from vivisection. That raid was the second the farm had received.

Another interesting point to note is the fact that the report very clearly mentioned the name of the farm and their address, ensuring that everybody knew where the breeding facility was. This used to be a standard in ALF reports which is not seen very often in actions now.

Adding to that point, a quick search on google maps (aint that some sort of evil?) shows that the place is still breeding animals and most certainly keeping birds in aviaries. Their purpose remains unknown.

You can read the report published after the action below:

“In the early morning hours of October 18, 2001, the Animal Liberation Front visited Double T Farms (21655 Barrus Rd., Glenwood, Iowa.), a breeder of birds for vivisection.

We located the pigeon shed, and cut through the wire mesh perimeter. 62 pigeons were found and released. These pigeons were destined for a cruel and senseless death at the hands of vivisectors.

All possible nesting boxes were emptied, and breeder tags were removed from each bird. The shed was also damaged. A second aviary containing ducks and geese was located, and 50 yards of netting cut away, allowing approximately 50 birds held captive within to escape.

A third aviary holding approximately 50 geese was similarly ripped apart, and those geese who did not immediately take flight were picked up and taken outside.

Approximately 162 birds were released.

This is the A.L.F.’s second visit to Double T Farms , and there will be further visits until Ted Golka’s operation is shut down.

Risking our freedom for theirs.


20th May, Midlands UK.

received anonymosuly via email:

“We’re taking the animals back off you animal farming scum, one by one!

Tonight we took 51 chickens from your shitty, mite-infested sheds. We rescued “your” slaves and now they’re safe and free. They won’t live out your plan: to be murdered when they’re no longer profitable to you.

We’re sick of you animal abusers – parasites; draining every last penny out of your victim’s little, depleted bodies until they’re dead.

We fucking hate you! We’ve had enough of your sick, selfish ways. We’re coming to your homes and your places of work. We’re coming for the animals and we’re coming for you! Get another job! Try earning your living not enslaving, oppressing, exploiting and murdering others.”


May, Germany.

received anonymosuly via email:

“We got a call saying that some rabbits were about to sneak out of cages to finally run freely under the starry sky. We decided to help them reach a safe place.

We met them in the middle of the night. They couldn’t fully trust us, being specimens of that specie wich already made them suffer so much. But they were determined to not stay locked up any more time.

We all made in to a hideout, waiting for the perfect time to leave. Meanwhile, they started to wonder around in the grass, jumping and getting more and more confident.
Chewing on local hay for the first time.

Once it was time to go, everyone got driven to a safe place to rest and start recovering, being provided fresh air, vegetables, silence and crisp water.

They are now safe and taken care of. But saying that everything went fine would be lying : we lost two freedom fighters during this process.

One person was not feeling well from the start. Their health state rapidly got worse. They passed away in the grass before we could leave the surroundings. A second person died several days later, caught back by the physical pain they went through there.

It always fill our minds with anger and sorrow when someone physically makes it out of a cage to die hours, days, months or years later because of what they went through. Obviously no one comes out of there totally healthy. Every single one of them will run into medical problems soon or later. But when someone can finally experience running around but gets denied a safe and happy life right after, it’s just heartbreaking !

Fight speciesism forever !
Fight WITH them, not FOR them !
HELP them fight, don’t take their space in their own liberation.
It’s their struggle, not ours. It’s their story not ours.
Fight the state and it’s lockdown and curfew.
Fight curfew. Fight during curfew.
Make troubles and run fast.
Every night is a call for action. Don’t ignore them.
To everyone who’s about to break free, we’ll be right on time waiting for you.
See you tonight friends.”


“On 21.10.2019 we, the action group “Tear down Tönnies” blocked the Tönnies slaughterhouse “Thomsen” in Kellinghusen. For almost twelve hours, we prevented the regular slaughter operation and the killing of several thousand animals. The aim of the action was to draw attention to the precarious working conditions, the endless animal suffering and the severe climate and environmental pollution caused by the animal industry. Now Tönnies is demanding a high 5-digit sum of money as compensation for the lost profit and expenses incurred. In the meantime, Tönnies’ demand has been extended to include a claim for injunctive relief.

Tönnies has begun to enforce its claim for damages and injunctive relief in court. Tönnies is represented by the law firm Eversheds Sutherland. With the cease-and-desist declaration, Tönnies

wants us to refrain from entering the slaughterhouse premises, from interfering with access to the ramps or the access road to the slaughterhouse by having people on the roadway and/or from causing or assisting third parties to do so. In the event of a violation, we are to pay 250,000 euros or be sentenced to up to 6 months’ imprisonment.

Tönnies has split up the proceedings and is having the cases heard at the activists’ respective places of residence. This is intended to put us under further pressure, as multiple proceedings significantly increase the cost pressure.

In the meantime, the first hearings have been held before the courts. The first trial was held at the court in Kiel. The activist was ordered to pay 15,626.20 EUR in damages. The court thus recognized Tönnies’ claim in full. However, the injunction demand was judged to go too far and was reduced to prohibiting the activist from entering the slaughterhouse grounds in Kellinghusen. We have appealed against the decision of this court.

The second and third proceedings were heard by the court in Braunschweig. The court in Braunschweig followed our argumentation that the splitting of the proceedings represents an abuse of the procedural rules and that it also makes no sense in terms of procedural economy to burden several courts split through Germany with the same facts and proceedings. The Regional Court of Braunschweig has referred the proceedings to the Regional Court of Itzehoe (responsible according to the location of the crime). This makes us optimistic that other regional courts will refer the proceedings to Itzehoe.

The fourth trial was again heard by the Kiel Regional Court. The competent judge considers Tönnies’ claim for damages to be inconclusive and insufficiently substantiated. However, she does not fundamentally question the claim for damages against us. Tönnies has until mid-May to submit further evidence for the claimed costs. The verdict is to be announced on June 03, 2011.

The proceedings in Braunschweig and Kiel were accompanied by solidarity.

20 to 50 supporters came to the rallies in front of the court. Due to the Corona restrictions, only a few people were able to accompany the trial in court. The trials attract a lot of media attention. Thus, they offer us a good opportunity to emphasize our demands for an agricultural turnaround towards solidarity-based and organic agriculture as well as an exit from the animal industry and an end to the exploitation of animals, humans and the environment. We also have to criticize and problematize the attempts of corporations to stop protests with civil suits against activists.

We do not want to resign ourselves to this. We will continue to campaign for the liberation of people, animals and nature. We will continue to defend ourselves legally against the intimidation attempts by Tönnies.

We can only be successful together. Let us ensure that Tönnies loses the desire to sue. Use the trial to take further action against Tönnies.

We are happy about a solidary process support,

If you would like to support us financially:

Donation account:

Recipient: VusEumUmseP e.V.
IBAN: DE30 8306 5408 0004 0613 81
Subject: TDT2110 [important]

Our solidarity against their repression!

You’ll find more infomation at:


We’ve received a callout for the next antispeciest gathering in Hambacher Forst. As we mentioned last year, the Anti-Speciesist Gathering in Hambacher Forst is now a fully fledged project and we’ve stepped down from the organising, so any questions and doubts you can reach the team on their website and email. You can find all the details below:



During the pandemic many people started to think that online-activism is the best way of resisting…

The Hambacher Forest is a long-standing autonomous zone fighting the biggest opencast coalmine in so-called Europe. Meet us here this summer for a weekend of exchanging knowledge on the topic of direct action for animal liberation.

Many animal rights groups have become a hotbed for fascist/patriarchal/transphobic/homophobic/white-suprematist views and behaviors. Others offer a smug vegan capitalism promising to save the world if only we change our consumption habits. At this event we want to appeal to our comrades and not the masses: this is a space for like-minded individuals to share skills and perspectives on anti-speciesist struggles, outside and against bureaucratic campaigns and organizations, uncompromising in our rejection of the state, capitalism and all forms of oppression.

No liberal campaigning or protesting. No pacifist cop-hugging. No saviour complex “rescuing”. It’s time to meet, plan and make trouble!

A list of workshops will be soon announced. They will mostly be practical, along with broader discussions on animal liberation strategy. (You are also warmly invited to propose/provide your own!)

Pack your sleeping bag, get a ride, and join us in July!



6th May, Mapuche Territory.

via: AMWEnglish

“In the Mapuche territory, in the south of Chile, a beautiful coordinated attack conducted in full day made great noise on Thursday, May 6, 2021 in the region of Araucanía. It is nothing less than eight incendiary attacks in less than 6 hours, from noon to 6 pm, against no less than 26 machines of all types (trucks, carriers, skidders) of the forest industry, On the P90 road that leads from Lumaco to Tirúa, in the fields of Los Laureles, the way to Rilún, in Rilún even and at Pishi PiCheen, operated by the company CMPC. The latter, founded in 1920, is one of the forty greatest in the country and is a major player in the paper and forest industry, which destroys and operates the forests of the large-scale zone, and is the subject of a fierce opposition by certain Mapuche groups.

This destructive attack is one of the most important in southern Chile, with that of 2017 when 29 trucks had gone in smoke in Mariquina, in the region of Los Ríos. In the midst of the cries of various state stooges who are now asking for the choice to reinstate the state of siege in the region or to involve the army to protect the forest operators-in particular because a cop who came to stop the attacks took a shot in his bulletproof vest-, this attack was claimed by the RESISTENCIA WEICHAN AUKA MAPU (WAP) group, which left a message on one of the eight sites taken for target: “freedom For Mapuche political prisoners and those of revolt. Down with the forest industry, gravel, latifundists, hydroelectric dams. Down with the Yanaconas [pejorative term that refers to the “traitors”, or the Mapuche working for the forest industry]. Marichiweu.” This last word, a well-known battle cry in Chile, means in Mapuche “ten and a thousand times we will defeat them.””


Winter 2020 (*delayed report), Belgium.

received anonymosuly via email:

“Belgium – winter 2020 | 99 hens were liberated from an egg farm .

All tough these caged systems are prohibited in Europe from 2012, “enriched” caged are not by far better than their previous systems.

The animals at this egg farm never saw daylight, and don’t have access to clean fresh air, and a minimum of food and water. Some animals had severe leg problems, underweight and respiratory problems, their feathers in rough condition.

In two hours, 2 activists managed to liberate 99 birds and still handling the animals with respect and caution, bringing them to a safe location to recuperate and heal before send to adoption.

All now live a life free from harm at homes with excellent accommodations.”


17th May, Atlanta USA.

via: AMWEnglish

No Whistling In The Atlanta Forest: A Communique

This is a story about a couple of queers who gathered last night in Intrenchment Creek Park to reject destruction in the name of profit and power and to destroy the machinery of the nefarious polities that have defiled the Atlanta Forest. We have deep respect and regard for acknowledging that this is Muskogee land and was the site of horrific abuses, of displacement, chattel slavery, and prison slavery.

They set out meandering through the forest, touching undergrowth, brush, breathing the cleanest air in the city, feeling the wetland take them in as their heels sunk beneath them. After a short walk, they reached an artificial break in the embrace of the forest. They found themselves upon the intrepid mound of dirt, a site of destruction, a jarring crack in the rythym of the forest. In the distance, 7 unguarded machines were illuminated by the moonlight. They knew what they had to do.

As hammers met windows and knives cut tubing, the undoing of the mechanical monsters that had violated the forest begun. No tool of the evildoers went unharmed. Many antagonistic and proclamatory messages were left by the hissing sound of rattling cans. In little time, the moon was far from the only light that shone over the mound of dirt left by the machines’ destruction. The splash of gasoline as an extension of the blood that fuels the burning fire in their hearts became alight with the rage that they felt. By the time the fire department took notice, the deed was done and the culprits had already dissipated into the night like the curling black smoke that drifted into the sky. It was upon unusable machines that the fires were extinguished. Fires are temporary and can be undone. The connection that those who live in a forest, who breathe its air, and who drink water filtered in its wetlands is not so easily broken.

We hope that in telling our story, we can call you to our side in defending the Atlanta Forest, and inspire others to be dangerous towards everything that wages war on our bodies, on the earth, and on our very lives.

We are outraged by the destruction already done to the Atlanta forest by Blackhall Studios and the so-called governments that gave them permission.

We will not allow any further destruction; we will not allow the so-called City of Atlanta to build a horrific 300-acre training facility for police that they will call the “Institute For Social Justice.”

We will not abide the destruction of the Old Atlanta Prison farm, further erasing history and concealing the connection and transition between chattel slavery and modern prison slavery.

We condemn the swapping of the 250 acres of beautiful forest that Blackhall Studios destroyed when they thought they could develop the wetland.

We condemn Blackhall Studios’ hasty cover-up: the proposed “Michelle Obama Park” that will sit on the mound of dirt they left in their wake. We will not allow them to destroy any more forest for the building of a massive soundstage.

We don’t need a soundstage for entertainment. Everything we need is already there.

We don’t need police training facilties. We demand an end to policing.

To the developers, governments, contractors, corporations, and politicians that perpetrated the heinous deforestation of the part of the forest along “Bouldercrest Road,” there’s something you should know.

Any further attempts at destroying the Atlanta Forest will be met with similar response. This forest was here long before us, and it will be here long after.

We’ll see to that.

Defend The Atlanta Forest