One of the go-to critiques of anarchism is essentially that “if there isn’t hierarchy and the constant fear of having no shelter or food, then no one will do any work”. So let’s talk about it: can we work without a boss breathing down our necks?

We already do! While the threat of homelessness is probably needed to get someone working 70 hours a week doing something they hate to make billionaires more profit, people do actually want to help each other. Doing labour to care for your community is something people have been doing since long before shareholders ever existed. Even while exhausted from labouring for shit bosses, many people are still so compelled to care for others that they help their older neighbours by taking the bins out, go litter picking, have friends crash for extended periods, cook for each other, and provide emotional support. With covid-19, as governments failed, we saw communities come together in mutual aid. Setting up local networks to check up on each other and make sure urgent needs got met and distribute supplies.

How can we apply these principles of voluntary contribution more, especially within activism? See a job, do the job. Make anarchy reality by not waiting on someone else to do what you see needs doing. People talking to cops at demos? You print some bust cards with advice on why we shouldn’t talk to cops and links to further resources to help people navigate interactions with filth. Community fridges, copwatch groups, and so many other campaigns have all started with someone simply deciding that they weren’t gonna wait for someone else to address the issue but get started themselves. Write to prisoners, check in on your mates, take down ads and cover fascist graffiti. Anarchy is found in action.

It takes a lot of hoarding of resources and propaganda to make people think we don’t want to care for each other when we really do. Fight like all we have is each other, because it’s true.


Two main updates from the Campaign Against the Fur Trade this month.

First, the pressure is continuing against Marc Jacobs, with CAFT dishing out the numbers to call to let them know what you think of their death trade. Pressure continues outside Marc Jacobs stores to let their customers know about the suffering behind the brand. See @caftusa for details.

Second, an anonymous group released around 7,000 mink from a farm in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, making state news. It would seem that most have not been found. Long may the mink live free <3


Since the beginning of the badger cull operation in the UK, over 200k badgers have been killed. Badgers are a protected species in the UK, but because cattle farmers blame them for bovine tuberculosis, every year an intensive cull is organised in specific areas of England in an attempt to reduce the numbers down to 30%.

Many groups, hunt sabs and individuals fight the badger cull day and night, looking for traps to smash, searching for shooters to move on from setts and causing a nuisance to every single person who gets involved in the murder of badgers.

UBS, like every year, is out there in the fields getting wet and muddy and terrorising hunters and farmers wherever they walk. Since the beginning of September they have smashed badger cage after badger cage, toppled the hunting towers they find on the way and destroying all other wildlife murdering traps they stumble upon.

They reached out to let us know that they are in need of economic support to carry on being the absolute pain in the ass they are to hunters and that they’ve set up a fundraiser. If you can afford it, please send UBS some coins. As they are a completely independent group they do not receive funding from any organisation, so your help will be immensely appreciated.

You can find UBS on:
Instagram: @undergroundbadgersyndicate
Facebook: When The Wild Things Come At Night.




Image unrelated to the action

Received anonymously via email

September, France


“Locks of butcher shops and cheese shops glued

3 millions animals die every day in french slaughter houses.
Reminders of this massacre are everywhere, so common that they become normal. Butcher shops, cheese shops, dairy shops… These industries are based on the killing and exploitation of individuals. These industries are all over. As a consequence, no one is stunned at seeing dead bodies in a showcase. Activists tried to break, for a few hours, this grim reality. During the night, locks of speciesist shops have been glued to prevent them from opening, as a warning we do not forget the violence they represent and we will stand tall.

With this action, we also want to show or love and support to all the animal right activist who are suffering state repression, and especially to the activist of the french group Animal1st who, after a violent investigation, are now facing multiple trials and potential jail sentences.”


“Glutage de serrures de commerces spécistes

3 millions d’animaux agonisent chaque jour dans les abattoirs français.
Des rappels de ce massacre sont présents dans tous les recoins de nos vies et de nos villes. Leur présence est tellement omniprésente qu’elle a fini par devenir la norme. Boucherie, fromagerie, laiterie… Toutes ces industries se basent sur l’exploitation et la mise à mort d’une catégorie d’individus. Toutes ces industries ont pignon sur rue, au point que l’on ne s’étonne plus de voir des cadavres exposés en vitrine. Des militant.e.s ont tenté de rompre, quelques heures durant, cette normalité mortifère. Dans la nuit du 18 au 19 septembre, des commerces représentant l’exploitation spéciste ont vu leurs serrures gluées, car nous n’oublions pas la violence qu’ils représentent et nous entendons être le grain de sable dans le mécanisme.

Nous attaquons de front l’économie spéciste.
Nous nous inscrivons en solidarité avec les animaux non-humains.
Nous luttons pour un monde où l’égalité deviendrait la norme.

Cette action s’inscrit également comme un message d’amour et de soutien envers les nombreux.ses antispécistes victimes d’une répression étatique démesurée, signe que ce combat fait peur et que l’on cherche à l’étouffer dans l’œuf. Toutes nos pensées vont aux militant.e.s du collectif Animal1st, confronté.e.s à une violente enquête à plusieurs centaines de milliers d’euros, une condamnation pour « association de malfaiteurs » et des procès à répétitions, pour des faits présumés… de tags, dégradations légères et libérations d’animaux. Mais peu importe la répression, des personnes déterminées répondront toujours présentes pour continuer la lutte.”


Last month a RICO indictment came against 61 people alleged to be a part of Defend the Atlanta Forest. RICO(Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) carries sentences of up to 20 years, some named in the indictment already face charges of Domestic Terrorism carrying between 5 and 30 years by itself. The fund taking donations to support legal defense is the Atlanta Solidarity Fund.

The Defend the Atlanta Forest struggle is being engaged with in many directions and with many tactics from legal, to clandestine attack and sabotage, to planned mass non-violent direct action protest.

Clandestine action, claimed through communiques, continue to include such things as sabotage of machinery involved in construction, attacks on funders/contractors, attacks on the police, and the public identification of police officers. Interestingly during the last week of action in Atlanta, various parts of Norfolk Southern’s rail infrastructure was sabotaged. The communique claiming the rail sabotaged stated “our original intent was not propaganda of the deed, but to cause economic harm. However, in light of the recent RICO charges, we realized that people might need a little encouragement on how to respond. Norfolk Southern owns and operates many railroads across the country east of the Mississippi.” 

The petition organized by Vote To Stop Cop City is currently in a legal battle as the signatures in the petition are verified and counted. This petition, if accepted, would put to a vote the lease that allows the Atlanta Police Foundation to build cop city on the land.

Shortly after religious individuals chained themselves to construction equipment, a new group, Block Cop City, announced plans for a mass action on Nov. 13 to halt construction of the facility. The group says it plans to hold a 70-city tour in the runup to the mass action and then a convening in Atlanta beginning Nov. 10 and ending with the mass action at the construction site. Block Cop City, says November’s action will not engage in the tactic of property destruction and economic sabotage used in March and at other points over the last two years. The group plans instead to engage in a tactic known as “non-violent direct action.”


Below is the anonymous reportback submitted about the Animal Liberation march in Santiago. Certainly, Chile knows how to party on the streets!

“black September, remembrance, revenge and direct action. Free the antispeciesist prisoners”

“Record of the march for Animal Liberation 2023, held on Sunday, September 3 in Santiago (Chile, South America). Free call demonstration that takes place for the third consecutive year after the revolt and pandemic.

Concentration that began at 2:00 p.m. from Plaza los Heroes, cutting the south road of the mall in an eastern direction, breaking into the comfort of the rotten citizens with a wide display of anti-speciesist propaganda, expressing slogans of struggle through canvases, posters , scratches, pamphlets and shouts against all forms of exploitation validated by this murderous society.

As always, the journey was escorted by the state’s henchmen, who this time did not try to break up the protest. Moment taken advantage of by individualities related to chaos and sabotage who, without anyone’s permission, made their multiform actions flourish.

During the tour there were various gestures of solidarity with the 4 companions of the Susaron case, who were raided on November 4 by PDI lackeys, serving more than 10 months kidnapped still in the capital’s prisons awaiting trial, accused of the arson attack against the disgusting meat company on September 19, 2022.

Arriving at Plaza Dignidad, there were provocations by the Boric police, shouting threats through the loudspeakers in their armored cars, which were stoned by the group that continued to inconvenience and cut off traffic for as long as possible and then ended the march. no arrests.

Nothing to celebrate in this month full of blood spilled by all the torture and murders committed in the name of the country and its vomitous speciesist traditions.

Animal, human and earth liberation.”


Back in 2016, at the Brenner Pass in Austria, a demonstration against the plans to build a wall at the border between Austria and Italy was met with police violence and repression, using tear gas and battons.

Whilst the racist and discriminatory border wall plans were ultimately scrapped, sixty people were hunted down for months and arrested as a result of that protest. They were charged with a mix of looting, devastation, aggravated resistance and damage charges.

Those sixty people were sentenced to a total of 166 years in prison in between all of them. Dalston Solidarity cafe’s comrade was sentenced to 10 of those years.

Back in February of this year, under appeal, the sentence was reduced to 129 years total, 4 years for the comrade.

Next month the legal team is launching the final appeal, hoping to reduce the imprisonment tariff. Dalston Solidarity Cafe is organising a fundraiser to help with the appeal costs and are hoping to raise £2500. They have already raised 500, and they have a fundraising gig on the 14th October (find more details on their socials) but if folks can donate to the online fundraiser that would be absolutely fantastic.

Please head to tiny.cc/noborders and drop some coins and maybe check out Dalston Solidarity Cafe on https://dalstonsolidaritycafe.net/



via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

August, Milwaukie USA.

[photo unrelated to the action]

“Last week, to commemorate the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, under the cover of darkness a small incendiary device was placed on the wheel arc of a Vertiv truck located on the edge of a sleepy office park in Milwaukie OR. The delay was lit before we disappeared back into the forest

Vertiv Corporation develops critical support equipment and services for commercial IT systems—technology that is utilized by United States military in addition to state and federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and ICE. Vertiv is part of the broad corporate infrastructure of state repression that condemns us all to a world of mass surveillance, borders, and militarized police


This action was inspired in part by the continued militancy and creativity of the movement to stop the construction of Cop City in Atlanta GA. Cop City is a testing ground for other law enforcement agencies across the country to construct similar facilities—continuing a broader trend towards the militarization of policing and domestic counter-insurgency. For their part, Vertiv is a supplier to the Atlanta Police Department. Just in the year 2023 alone, the APD paid Vertiv $168,315 to utilize their technology.

Cop City is everywhere, so our resistance will be everywhere. March 5th was our call to war…

For Tort

For Rayshard Brooks

March 5th Movement (M5M)”


summer, Bavaria, Germany.

via: Act for Free

“But who said summer wasn’t conducive to incendiary attacks on structures of domination? Not the police in Bavaria’s capital city, at any rate, where these have not ceased. On July 8, a construction machine set fire under the Föhringer Ring in the north of Munich, destroying the telecoms cables running along the bridge. On July 16, a cell phone antenna caught fire in Forstenrieder Park, south of Munich. Then on July 26, five construction machines at the Martinsried subway station were hit by flames in Planneg, this time in the west of the city. And on July 27, at around 10.30pm, a forestry machine used for felling large trees was engulfed in flames in the Perlach forest, south of the city, again causing over 100,000 euros worth of damage.

All this anonymous destruction is enough to make uniforms dizzy, as they no longer know which Saint to turn to or which direction to dig, so much so that helicopters have even taken to circling the skies over Munich at night, in search of saboteurs. All to no avail.

On Sunday night, August 14, at around 3:30 a.m., the crew of a police helicopter spotted – albeit a little late to start the hunt – a new excavator fire. It was located near the central dam on the River Isar, between Pullach and Höllriegelskreuth to the south of the city, and belonged to the municipal company Stadtwerke München (SWM), one of Germany’s largest energy supply companies. The damage is estimated by the cops at “several hundred thousand euros”, and the investigation has once again been handed over to Kommissariat 43 (state security offences).

But there’s more. Firstly, because summer isn’t over yet, and secondly, because the clever ones will have noticed that a cardinal point was missing from this beautiful continuity. Of course, there was no reason why the domination interests to the east of the city should escape the flames!

On Tuesday night, August 16, at around 2:30 a.m., a large construction machine went up in flames on the A94 freeway in Anzing, some fifteen kilometers east of Munich. According to the criminal police, this was probably a case of arson, and links with similar cases throughout the Munich police district are being investigated. The burnt-out machine was an asphalt paver parked on the construction site, and the damage is again estimated at over 100,000 euros.

With two more beautiful construction machines reduced to ashes, one on the eve of August 15 and the second after the feast of the Assumption, if the Saint to whom the Munich police devote themselves in an attempt to catch the arsonists is still called Mary… it’s because she really doubts nothing!”


via: Unsalted Counter Info

The fur industry in the Pacific Northwest is a shell of what it once was.

Since the first recorded ALF liberation at a fur farm in 1986, where 66 foxes were freed from a fox farm outside of Portland, anti-speciesists in the PNW have waged a war against the fur industry.  At least 20 farms have been visited, and over 31,000 genetically wild animals have been given a chance at freedom.  All of these animals are native to North America and can survive and thrive in the wild.

Only 5 fur farms remain in Oregon today, down from 18 in 2007. The fur farmers cite direct action, aging facilities, aging operators, and low pelt prices as the reasons.

The five farms that remain in operation are:

Cascade Farms of Oregon, 7582 Hunsaker Road SE, Turner, OR 97392

Ruef’s Fur Ranch, 12305 Ruef Lane, Mount Angel, OR 97362

Ruef & Sons (Oregon Mink / Ormink), 11658 Baron Road NE, Mount Angel, OR 97362

Slack/Masog Farms, 32600 Fur Road, Lebanon, OR 97355

Western Star Fur Farm, 40801 Savola Lane, Astoria, OR 97103

Only 4 fur farms remain in Washington. They are:

Moore/Rodriguez mink farm, Moore Quality Ranch, 9471 or 9580 Mount Baker Highway, Deming, WA 98244

Marr mink farm, 4800 Mount Baker Highway, Deming, WA 98244

Roesler Brothers Fur Farm, 33425 138th Street SE, Sultan, WA 98294

Brick Road Fur Farm (possibly closed), 19780 NE 55th Place, Redmond, WA 98053

This is an industry incredibly vulnerable to attack.  2022 saw over 15,000 mink liberated from fur farms in Ohio and Michigan, with the second largest fur farm in the U.S., Lion Farms, closing as a result. Two farms have been visited in 2023, the Olsen mink farm in Independence, WI saw 4000 mink aided to escape, and a week later dozens of foxes were freed from the Tim Jahr fur farm in Arlington, MN.

Every animal on fur farms will be murdered for their fur in November. We have two months to act. For a complete list of fur farms visit finalnail.com