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The fur industry in the Pacific Northwest is a shell of what it once was.

Since the first recorded ALF liberation at a fur farm in 1986, where 66 foxes were freed from a fox farm outside of Portland, anti-speciesists in the PNW have waged a war against the fur industry.  At least 20 farms have been visited, and over 31,000 genetically wild animals have been given a chance at freedom.  All of these animals are native to North America and can survive and thrive in the wild.

Only 5 fur farms remain in Oregon today, down from 18 in 2007. The fur farmers cite direct action, aging facilities, aging operators, and low pelt prices as the reasons.

The five farms that remain in operation are:

Cascade Farms of Oregon, 7582 Hunsaker Road SE, Turner, OR 97392

Ruef’s Fur Ranch, 12305 Ruef Lane, Mount Angel, OR 97362

Ruef & Sons (Oregon Mink / Ormink), 11658 Baron Road NE, Mount Angel, OR 97362

Slack/Masog Farms, 32600 Fur Road, Lebanon, OR 97355

Western Star Fur Farm, 40801 Savola Lane, Astoria, OR 97103

Only 4 fur farms remain in Washington. They are:

Moore/Rodriguez mink farm, Moore Quality Ranch, 9471 or 9580 Mount Baker Highway, Deming, WA 98244

Marr mink farm, 4800 Mount Baker Highway, Deming, WA 98244

Roesler Brothers Fur Farm, 33425 138th Street SE, Sultan, WA 98294

Brick Road Fur Farm (possibly closed), 19780 NE 55th Place, Redmond, WA 98053

This is an industry incredibly vulnerable to attack.  2022 saw over 15,000 mink liberated from fur farms in Ohio and Michigan, with the second largest fur farm in the U.S., Lion Farms, closing as a result. Two farms have been visited in 2023, the Olsen mink farm in Independence, WI saw 4000 mink aided to escape, and a week later dozens of foxes were freed from the Tim Jahr fur farm in Arlington, MN.

Every animal on fur farms will be murdered for their fur in November. We have two months to act. For a complete list of fur farms visit

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