Prisoner Support

Until the end goal of prison abolishment is reached, there will be prisoners needing our support. Anyone caught up under the victimhood of society and committing what the system would consider crimes, anyone making a stand for a better world and being incarcerated, deserve the care and love of the people outside. It might not bring them freedom, but showing solidarity fills prisoners with love and hope.

Below there is a very short list of activists that dared to want to change the world for the better. You can write letters to them using the address written on the description under their name or you can write it in the email form at the bottom of the page and send it to us with a small donation to cover postage, we will send it for you. For a longer list of prisoners, check Brighton ABC and NY ABC.

If they haven’t got prisoners, we have stopped fighting. If our prisoners are forgotten about, they have beaten us.”
Keith Mann, ALF activist and former prisoner

Jessica Reznicek.

In 2016, Jessica took action to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline but dismantling machinery as well as pipeline valves. In 2021 she was sentenced to eight years in prison, aided by the application of a terrorism enhancement to her action to save the water and show solidarity with indigenous communities. Without that terrorism enhancement, she would’ve served three years instead. She has also been asked for restitution of  $3,198,512.70 paid to Energy Transfer LLC. 

She reported to prison on August 11th and she could do with letters of support and love. She likes nature, camping, swimming, hiking, theology, music, gardening, laughter and eco-sustainability.

Please write to her here:

Jessica Reznicek # 19293-030
FCI Waseca
PO Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56093

Keep up to date with her case and with all other ways to support her whilst incarcerated on the support website:

Scheduled release: 11th August 2029



Back in September 2022, national and international news covered an arson attack at a meat packaging plant in Chile, where the refrigeration system and the trucks had been set alight by antispeciesist activists.

In November 2022, four people were arrested and remanded to prison accused of the arson and under investigation.

Since then, the four comrades arrested have been adjusting to prison but their spirits are high and their political views are stronger than ever. They even managed to help rescue a cat and her kittens from inside of prison to release them to the free world to be seen by a vet. A true prison escape story!

They are going to need lots of support economically, but they should also receive emotional support and as many letters of love and support as possible.

Prosecution is asking for a minimum of 10 years in prison, but they will have a review of their case (and a reevaluation of their remand) in January 2023.

The four comrades arrested have chosen to remain anonymous and are using pseudonyms as names, they do not wish their photos to be published and will be receiving letters via an email address that is managed by friends outside.

RU/GATO is an anarcho-nihilist, vegan, straight edge prisoner. He is 28 years old, loves animals and hates drugs. He maintains his belief in illegal direct action as the tool to fight for animal and total liberation. He considers himself a proud political prisoner against the business that controls the Chilean territory.

PANDA is a straight edge, vegan anarchist prisoner. He is 26 years old. Enemy of the law and order forcefully imposed by the capitalist system. Loves nature, ecosystems, animals and simplicity. Proud political prisoner, honest with his politics and vehemently in favour of animal and human liberation from the business-territory so-called Chile.

ITA is a vegan, straight edge prisoner. She is 23 years old. She loves nature, animals and specially colours and cats! She opposed the system and the so called law and order. Proud antispeciesist political prisoner. She feels calm and patient with the consequences of the illegal fight against speciesism.

TORTU is a vegan, anarcho-nihilist, straight edge political prisoner. Hates the system, loves nature, animals and freedom for all. Proud political prisoner for animal liberation.

Please write to them, you can simply write an email specifying who you are sending it to [email protected]

If you can afford it, consider sending some cash to the support group, who will be redistributing funds between them for commissary but also will be helping with legal costs, solicitors and court costs.

Their communal PayPal is

Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier was arrested because of a shootout in June 1975 on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in which two FBI agents were shot and killed. Although there was (and is) no evidence against him, and his two co-defendants were acquitted before his trial started, Peltier was convicted in 1977 by a racist court hand-picked by the FBI to get a guilty verdict. Other government misconduct during Peltier’s trial included coercion of witnesses, intentional use of false testimonies, hiding ballistics evidence, and manufacturing a murder weapon. Despite all of this, Peltier has been consistently denied requests for a new trial.

Peltier has now spent over forty years (!) in prison for a crime he did not commit. People are commonly set free due to a single constitutional violation, but Peltier – innocent and faced with a staggering number of constitutional violations – has yet to receive equal justice.

Leonard Peltier #89637-132
USP Coleman I
P.O. BOX 1033

Sending mail.
All mail is opened and read. Do not include paperclips, staples, glitter or anything extra as this may mean your letter is rejected by the prison. You are allowed to send books, but they must be paperback and ship directly from the publisher or online store.

Release date: none, imprisonment recorded by the court as ‘life’

More information:

Marius Mason

Marius Mason is a transgender anarchist and environmental and animal rights activist serving nearly twenty-two years in federal prison for acts of property damage carried out in defence of the planet.

After being threatened with a life sentence in 2009 for acts of sabotage, he plead guilty to his involvement in an ELF arson at a University lab researching genetically modified organisms for Monsanto, as well as admitting to twelve other acts of property damage (it is speculated though as to whether he was forced to accept guilt for these as part of a plea bargain). No one was physically harmed in these actions. At sentencing, the judge applied a so-called “terrorism enhancement”, adding almost two years to an already extreme sentence requested by the prosecution. This is the harshest punishment of anyone convicted of environmental sabotage to date.

Marie (Marius) Mason #04672-061
FCI Danbury
Route 37
Danbury, CT 06811 USA

Letters are one of the only ways Marius can connect to the outside world. He loves to hear about people’s projects, what they’re reading, sensory information, animals, daily life, political thoughts. Even brief postcards, especially if they are sent regularly, help him feel connected. You can also send in printed out copies of articles, which helps him keep up to date on the world.

Marius has a list of 100 pre-approved people he can write to; this means he will be able to receive your letter but until your name is added to his list he cannot write back.  Marius can request people to be added/removed but this takes time and is not always granted.

Sending mail.
Please address letters to “Marie (Marius) Mason.” Contrary to previous reports, Carswell is not accepting mail addressed to “Marius.” All mail is opened and read. Letters that mention other Green Scare prisoners may be rejected. Marius has a list of 100 pre-approved people he can write to; this means he will be able to receive your letter but until your name is added to his list he cannot write back.

Your letter and envelope must contain your first and last name when writing. If letters are not entirely in English, they may be delayed up to several months. Be sure to include your return address on the envelope and in the letter/card. You may also want to include his name and prisoner number on the letter/card in case it gets separated from the envelope during processing. Page numbers are also helpful in case of lost pages (example: page 1 of 5).

Last, letters and envelopes with anything “affixed” to the letter or card – such as glitter, glue, or white-out are not permitted but do not let that stop you from sending a colourful letter! Pen, pencil, crayon and paint in the letter (not on the envelope) are accepted. Marius can also receive articles printed from the internet (which helps him keep up to date on the world) or photocopies but no newspaper clippings.

Marius is always in need of penpals. As people become more digitally focused and less familiar with writing letters, letters have dropped off, contributing to his isolation. Even brief postcards, especially if they are sent regularly, help him feel connected.

If you’re stuck on what to write, you could tell him about projects you’re working on, what you’re reading, sensory information, animals, daily life, political thoughts. And if you don’t feel up to writing, you can always send him book/s (must be paperback and direct from the publisher or an online bookstore only)!

Release date: January 10, 2027.

Eric King

Eric G. King, a thirty-two year old vegan anarchist, was arrested and charged with an attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas City, Missouri in September 2014. Eric was being charged with throwing a hammer through a window of the building, followed by two lit Molotov cocktails.

In March 2016, he accepted a non-cooperating plea agreement to one count of using “explosive materials to commit arson of property used in or affecting interstate commerce” and was then sentenced to ten years, the statutory minimum and maximum for the charge he plead guilty to. Eric King #27090-045 FCI Englewood 9595 West Quincy Avenue Littleton, CO  80123

Eric would love to receive mail from any and all supporters, around the world. Please keep in mind when you do write to Eric that all mail to or from a jail or prison will be read by the cops in the mail room. Also, a letter can be as long as you’d like it to be and you can include articles that you’ve printed off, but anything other then your letter, card or printed pages that you may include in the envelope could prevent your mail from getting to Eric.

If you are a little stumped as to what to write to Eric, now that you’ve decided to send him that first letter, go ahead and head back through some of the previous posts on this website and you’ll see some wonderful poems that Eric has written. Once you start reading Eric’s poems you may get to know him a little better and writing that first letter could come a little easier at that point.

And if you’d like to Send Eric a book, here is his  amazon wishlist:

Sending mail.
All mail is opened and read. A letter can be as long as you’d like it to be and you can include articles that you’ve printed off, but anything other then your letter, card or printed pages that you may include in the envelope could prevent your mail from getting to Eric (glitter, stickers, paperclips etc). If you are stumped on what to write, check out his wonderful poetry on the website listed!

Eric King 27090045
PO BOX 8500

You are also able to send books to Eric, as long as they are paperback and directly from the publisher or an online bookstore!

Release date: June 25, 2023.

More information:


In the fight to defend the Atlanta Forest, people are still sitting in jail. Some of them would like public support, here are their names and addresses, but please read below to get specific information on how to send letters! Some prisoners can only receive letters on prepaid postcards that are only accessible in the USA, so if you are writing from abroad, we have listed one person who can receive paper letters just below the images.

For donations and economic support, donate to the National Bail FundFor more info about the movement, visit Defend the Atlanta Forest or Scenes From The Atlanta Forest.

When writing people please use their chosen name in the letter, but address mail exactly as the address is listed.

People who can accept any letter type or length:

  • pen and marker only
  • mail is scanned digitally to jail
  • mail takes about 3 weeks to arrive


6B 215B
P.O Box 248
Lumpkin GA 31815 USA

Ladislav Kuc

Ladislav is an animal rights activist accused of illegal possession of arms, manufacturing explosives, and terrorism for a bombing in front of a McDonald’s on December 28, 2011, in which there were no injuries.

He was arrested on January 1st, 2012. Reports indicate he was traced after almost a year when the police tracked down the producer of a timer found at the crime scene and also mail communications between Ladislav and the manufacturer. During a house search police found materials related to ALF and components for another bomb.

He was originally sentenced to twenty-five years in 2014, but in 2016 his case was returned to the district court, the terrorism charges were dropped, and he was resentenced to twenty-three and a half years. This was appealed and he was resentenced in 2017 to ten years. In the latest ruling in early 2018, his sentence was extended by two years bringing the total sentence to twelve years.

Ladislav Kuc
Gucmanova 19/670
Priečinoik 7

Sending mail.
All mail is opened and read. So far, there are no letter restrictions listed.

Release date: January, 2023.


Type up some solidarity messages for someone in the list and we will post it for you Include your address in the main message box if you want to give them a chance to answer back or don’t include any details and make the letter completely anonymous. Please drop us a PayPal donation to help with the cost of printing, envelopes and stamps.


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