Below is the anonymous reportback submitted about the Animal Liberation march in Santiago. Certainly, Chile knows how to party on the streets!

“black September, remembrance, revenge and direct action. Free the antispeciesist prisoners”

“Record of the march for Animal Liberation 2023, held on Sunday, September 3 in Santiago (Chile, South America). Free call demonstration that takes place for the third consecutive year after the revolt and pandemic.

Concentration that began at 2:00 p.m. from Plaza los Heroes, cutting the south road of the mall in an eastern direction, breaking into the comfort of the rotten citizens with a wide display of anti-speciesist propaganda, expressing slogans of struggle through canvases, posters , scratches, pamphlets and shouts against all forms of exploitation validated by this murderous society.

As always, the journey was escorted by the state’s henchmen, who this time did not try to break up the protest. Moment taken advantage of by individualities related to chaos and sabotage who, without anyone’s permission, made their multiform actions flourish.

During the tour there were various gestures of solidarity with the 4 companions of the Susaron case, who were raided on November 4 by PDI lackeys, serving more than 10 months kidnapped still in the capital’s prisons awaiting trial, accused of the arson attack against the disgusting meat company on September 19, 2022.

Arriving at Plaza Dignidad, there were provocations by the Boric police, shouting threats through the loudspeakers in their armored cars, which were stoned by the group that continued to inconvenience and cut off traffic for as long as possible and then ended the march. no arrests.

Nothing to celebrate in this month full of blood spilled by all the torture and murders committed in the name of the country and its vomitous speciesist traditions.

Animal, human and earth liberation.”


Some folks have anonymously sent us a reportback of a banner drop covering the entrance of a Max Mara store in Italy. Read what they have to say:

“Banner with painted writing “No alle pellicce – No to fur” hung and tied in front of the Max Mara store MaMa ( in Piazza Umberto Giordano square.

Max Mara is still one of the biggest offenders when it comes to fur and only recently the activist scene in Italy has picked up the fight against the cruelty of this fashion brand.

It is also the country where activists should strike harder since Italy is the Maramotti family’s home. Let it be known and made clear that exploiting animals for fashion is not a welcome practice, not even in their own turf.

A reminder that any form of activism in any city, not just the big ones like Milano and Bologna, is important to spread the message and intimidate Max Mara. A simple blanket, some paint and zip-ties can help decorate their shopping windows for citizens to see before opening times.

Be relentless, be dedicated to the cause.

Animal liberation is for the victims of this system, not to inflate anyone’s ego or wallet.

Until every cage is empty.”


We received a reportback from activists in Greece about a protest and blockade outside Dior. Have a read, and remember that you’re also welcome to send us any reportbacks from any actions you’d like publicised!

“On Friday, June 9, 2023, we held a symbolic blockade outside the Dior store on Voukourestiou Street in Athens, Greece.

LOUIS VUITTON & DIOR are killing animals for their profit

The multinational giant LHMV (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), which owns 75 of the most famous fashion companies (Tiffany & Co., Christian Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Loewe, Loro Piana, Kenzo, Celine, Sephora, Princess Yachts, TAG Heuer, and Bulgari et al.) kills animals for profit. The multinational giant LHMV (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), which owns 75 of the most famous fashion companies (Tiffany & Co., Christian Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Loewe, Loro Piana, Kenzo, Celine, Sephora, Princess Yachts, TAG Heuer, and Bulgari and more) kills animals for profit.

In fact, in 2022 they had revenues of 79.2 billion euros, profits which are based on the exploitation, torture and killing of millions of animals for their fur and skin. These companies have the so-called prestige of their name intertwined with their “valuable” skins (more valuable to customers than to the human animals killed for their skins?)

…. We need to reject altogether the anthropocentric culture that wants the body parts of non-human animals to be treated as raw materials. Time to put an end to their sale and exploitation. We can move into a symbiotic world that respects and treats animals as equal companions in survival on planet earth.



Antispeciesists against the leather and fur industry”

Original text on


We have received a reportback from a demo against hunting in Athens, Greece. Read their words below:

“On Sunday 2 April, a group of antispeciesists was gathered outside the Mediterranean Exhibition Center in Athens to protest against hunting.

A translated part of the antispeciesists call is following:

Antispeciesism and anarchy: connecting the struggles

Human imposition on non-human animals is perhaps the most common and normalized form of violence. In particular, hunting, which has always been a show off power of the ruling class and has a historical role in the imposition of man over non-human animals. Proclamation of power and masculinity are the main characteristics of hunting. The young boys become men by executing and posing with the lifeless bodies of those they have murdered.

For our part, we consider the Anarchist/Anti-authoritarian struggle in the light of total liberation and we invite individuals and groups who recognize the necessity of antispeciesism discourse and actions, comprehending them as integral part of the struggle against every form of oppression.

We consider the human species as a part of the ecosystem and not as the top of a hypothetical pyramid of it, so we do not treat animals and the natural environment as a raw material to be exploited or as a source of production and profit. Therefore, we stand against the exploitation of the natural world and non-human animals by any authoritarian system.



Photo: Folks stand with a banner that reads “Hunting is not a hobby, it’s murder. No guns in hunters’ hands”


Below there is a reportback from an blockade action at a rodeo in Australia. It originally contained a petition link, which we do not share, but that you can find by searching Vegan Raising.

“2 April 2022, so-called Australia

Ten activists occupied the arena of the Bendigo Pro Rodeo on Saturday night, bringing the brutal display of animal abuse to a crashing halt. After two horses had already been brought bucking desperately in to the ring, ten women stormed the centre of the arena by scaling the gates, locking on to each other with chains and padlocks, and refusing to move. The activists wore “Say No To The Rodeo” T-shirts and released red smoke in to the air as a reminder to onlookers of the blood and violence perpetrated against enslaved and tortured animals.

The activists endured verbal insults and imtimidations by men who enjoy tormenting horses, steers, and bulls for kicks, and by a crowd of 900. Victoria Police stood impotently by and watched as men in turn poured water over the women’s heads, trapped them under a hessian blanket, and used horses hooves to kick dust in their faces.

The activists stood their ground and managed to stop the show for just over an hour before the police cut their chains and took them away. Although the entire show was not cancelled, a powerful message was sent to all attendees that tormenting, terrifying, and harming animals is NEVER okay! Some animals were seen being driven away in horse floats, having been spared their impending torture and humiliation. Many patrons left early.

The rodeo is one of the most blatant forms of animal abuse that exists in this country today. The activists are calling on all state governments to make rodeos illegal. They are also calling on the public to boycott this brutal form of entertainment that supports cruelty and violence towards innocent animals.

This disruption took place on the traditional lands of the Dja Dja Warrung and the Taungurung Peoples of the Kulin Nation, so-called Australia.

Say No To Rodeo”.


We have received a reportback from a demo but we believe there is a need to give context before.

Over the past few months in the UK, T&S Rabbits, a business that breeds and farms rabbits for meat and fur in the UK, has once again applied for new sites to be open or to build new slaughterhouses in their farms. This is not the first time they try to expand and they very rarely get any success out of their applications, as rabbits in Britain are regarded as pets, so a big part of the local population tends to campaign against those applications.

Historically, T&S has attracted attention a few times. The ALF has reported the liberation of rabbits through multiple raids in their farms , not too long ago Animal Aid produced a very short video showing the conditions of the farmed rabbits, living locked up in hutches until they are slaughtered. Corporate Watch also produced a piece about them as they are one of the very few businesses still able to farm for fur through the loophole of farming for meat.

We received an anonymous report from someone who attended the latest demo in their Derbyshire site, the past 31st of March.

Here are their words:

“Over 60 activists gathered outside the Atlow site of T&S Rabbit murdering scumbags to oppose their planning application to build a rabbit slaughterhouse on their site.

As activists gathered, the cages behind the doors were empty. The owners have moved all rabbits off site, scared of the backlash. Fucking great, you should be scared! We know where your other farms are. We know where you already have a slaughterhouse. We know where you’re planning applications are for. We are watching you. We will be back. And the cages WILL BE EMPTIED!”

PHOTO: sent over with the reportback, that is the current situation in T&S rabbit farms throughout the country.


This report is from an anonymous individual who joined multiple groups in the mass trespass action on MP Richard Drax estate in Dorset (UK) on Saturday 24th April 2021.

“With great excitement, we finalised our preparations for the mass trespass on scumbag Drax “Draxula”‘s massive country estate. Full credit is given to those involved who planned routes, organised drop-offs, scouted the land, and assembled humans ready for the day.

As we gathered, the smell of spray paint hung in the air as we scrawled the last of our messages onto banners. Taking the tower was the priority, and we split into small groups to spread across the estate. With such a huge mass of land and small numbers of scummers about, this guaranteed some of us would make it there, and when we did, we posed for photographs and took in a view that is usually off-limits.

Trespassing together empowered many folks to roam a piece of the earth that has been unfairly taken from us. There were both beauty and destruction in the woods we crossed. Gorgeous blankets of bluebells and pockets of wild greenery gave way to barren pine plantations and pheasant pens – surrounded of course by blue plastic feeders and plastic tunnels hiding fen traps. More murder and desolation caused by a land hoarding scumbag in what could be a luscious wilderness. We smashed up the fens on the way out and will be back soon to neutralise any more.

We spotted some other shit in our travels too! I’d like to thank Drax personally for the trail camera he donated to us, and for the entertaining footage that was on it. A most satisfying candid view of other protestors doing their thing, then the grumpy gamekeeper chasing them away. Running down from the tower with this gift in my bag, battering fen traps as we went, with the police helicopter circling overhead was the highlight of the day. Rest assured this camera will now be put to much better use protecting wildlife.

Pissing off Drax is of course excellent fun, and annoying rich dickheads everywhere can only be encouraged. However, the deeper meaning of this action and the urgency to which we must all step up was and remains rooted in our hearts.

The fact that trespass is even a thing is outrageous – this earth belongs to all of us and no-one should be able to hoard land and prevent other humans from running free. Yet still, under the new PCSC Bill, trespass could soon become a criminal offence, endangering all our freedoms and seriously impacting many already marignalised communities. We must stop the bill and defend the right to roam, reside, and protest in any way we can.

Tory MP Richard Drax was targeted for multiple reasons. He was one of the first MPs to call for the criminalisation of trespass in 2018. As well as using his land to rear and shoot thousands of pheasants for fun every year, he also hosts the fox murdering South Dorset Hunt, and is responsible for the brutal deaths of many badgers culled here. He claims that the country is “full”, yet excludes everyone from the enormous piece of land he resisdes in. His estate is surrounded by the longest wall in England, a wall his ancestor financed with money from slaves, intended to keep local people out and aid his profiteering. Richard Drax still owns and profits from a sugar plantation in Barbados in which 30,000 slaves were murdered by his predecessors. He refuses to apologise or pay reparations for the damage done whilst he still benefits immensely from his inherited wealth. All in all, Drax is an outright piece of shit.

I encourage everyone, get out, get active, defend what is ours and fight for what is right! As long as nature is being destroyed, we will keep trespassing to defend it.”


We’ve been eagerly watching people fight back against the English governments push to increase police powers. Their blatant attempt of mass repression has not been taken lying down. As the powers that be are trying to snuff out protest it seems they’ve instead ignited the flames. Hunt saboteurs, travellers, feminist collectives, blm and so many other groups are pulling together to fight back. Today we thought we’d highlight this creative action.

On the 23rd of march rats from @resisting.anti.tresspass squatted a Soho pizza restaurant. They did so in an act of protest against the ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’ which seeks to criminalise tresspass in the UK. They made and distributed free pizza to the community despite receiving constant police harassment.

On the 25th of march, after the fabrication of a ‘gas leak’, riot police forced entry, beat people unconscious and arrested the four people inside.

Long live the rats and everyone’s right to access the land.



Casteller was on the news recently due to a mass action in support of the bears running wild in Italy and demanding the release of those imprisoned inside. The whole story is grotesque, where a system -run by humans in support of capitalism – will condemn bears to prison when accused of eating a sheep, or a goat, or the remnants in a trash bin. Multiple bears (who were reintroduced into the wild from other countries with the aim of increasing biodiversity) have fallen into a system where they are locked up and sterilised, condemned to live forever between concrete walls.

Two Italian women, Barbara Nosari and Stefania Sbarra have been in hunger strike since the 21st of September in an attempt to gain freedom for the bears in Italy. They sent their demands, that read: “Following up to what emerged from the recent CITES inspection at the Casteller, the hunger strike will be aimed at the following points:

  • immediate closure of the Casteller site;
  • release of the bears called M49 (Papillon) – M57 – Dj3
  • definitive annulment of the order of capture for bear JJ4;
  • elimination of future PACOBACE interventions marked as ‘J’ and ‘K’ which, practically mean death and imprisonment of bears.”

Yesterday, when we last talked to Stefania, she said: “our action is very painful but we must bend them (the government). They must give the bears back the freedom they have stolen. Help us please thank you.”

When we were first contacted about this, the request was for us to share a petition for people to share, which we have categorically denied in multiple occasions due to privacy, security and effectiveness issues. We see this as a slightly different situation, so we will share the petition link with everybody who wishes to sign, but we would call everybody to do something more than sign a fucking internet petition.

Two people are facing immediate death due to the inactivity of the Italian government. Multiple bears are facing life in prison because of the greed of animal agriculture. Wherever you are in the world, it is now a good time to make your voice heard. There are Italian embassies in most countries in the world. That might be a good starting point to elevate the voice of the two humans asking for help.

This is your moment to save multiple lives. Take it serious.

Link to their petition:



“Bears named M49, M57, DJ3 are currently held at the Casteller facility. M49 has in recent years become famous worldwide for his acts of resistance, repeatedly escaping from the facility where he is currently detained. DJ3 is one of the three children of Daniza, a bear killed several years ago. They are all locked in confined spaces, victims of repeated sedation, stress, anorexia and there are other captures planned. Needless to say, the Casteller does not meet their ethological needs. In spite of the substantial European funding aimed at safeguarding and protecting the brown bear (Life Ursus Project), the Autonomous Province of Trento has repeatedly proved incapable of establishing interspecies cohabitation.

There are in fact economic interests linked to tourism and hunting behind such political strategies. These wild non-humans are criminalised and stigmatised solely for their ethological needs and oppressed by speciesism. We are convinced that coexistence with them is possible, as it is in several other parts of Italy. Even if this is not possible, we have no right to deprive these bears of their freedom, since it is we humans who have invaded their habitat. On 18 October 2020 there was a siege of the prison called Casteller, organised by Assemblea Antispecista and Centro Sociale Bruno.

The action took place on several levels: the first one occupied and blocked the entrance, while the second and third one started to dismantle the fences. While the gate was blocked, a hundred or so activists started to dismantle hundred metres of external fence, chased by police and drones. In addition, a small group entered, passing the first and second, until they reached the new bear cages (the outdoor areas where they are given the hour of air). Each section was strategically fundamental for the realization of this act of resistance.

The action has been supported by realities such as Coordinamento degli Studenti Medi of Trento-Rovereto, Insectionals, Oltre la Specie, Resistenza Animale, Rise Up for Climate Justice, Scrofe in Rivolta, and Veganismo Logico.

An anti-speciesist project, but also deeply consistently anti-oppression. The fight against the Casteller embodies the resistance of all non-conforming bodies, which daily fight back the State and the prison system, the Patriarchy, Cisheteronormativity, Fascism, Racism, Capitalism, Abilism and psychiatric control. This is just one of the actions that will be carried out, we call for the immediate release of the bears from captivity. We will not stop until this and other cages are empty.

Find more information here: