Received anonymously via email:

“Four hundred activists from across the country and beyond mobilised at MBR Acres on May 25th, in a sure sign that British grassroots animal liberation is back. MBR Acres breeds 2,000 dogs a year for the research industry. These dogs will be poisoned to death inside Frankenstein laboratories and then cut apart by sadistic lab technicians.

This was the largest turnout at a vivisection breeder in some years, and if the energy, rage, and determination are anything to go by, this is a movement once more on the rise.

Setting the tone, the night before, the iconic Louise Ryan proudly and publicly defaced and tore apart MBR’s fresh new advertising banner draped across their front gate. The banner, which bragged of ‘thriving’ dogs and benefits to human and non-human animals, was as offensive as it was misleading. If the CPS and MBR are brave enough to try to prosecute Louise for her courageous action, they will struggle to find a jury willing to disagree with her.

On the day itself, almost as soon as activists began to arrive, a sit-down protest blocked the main road. Police struggled to remove the activists as more and more people swarmed into the area. Smoke from flares filled the air as drums, megaphones, and hundreds of voices reverberated along a growing queue of blockaded vehicles. Eventually, the police gave up and officially closed the whole road for the rest of the day.

The little that remained of MBR’s vinyl banner, was ripped down and replaced with new signs denouncing the company and explaining the truth about their vile industry. Attempts were also made by some to climb the front gates.

Meanwhile, along the fence’s side perimeter, police seized at least one pair of bolt cutters used by activists to cut through it. As sticks and stones began raining over the razor wire, the fences began to shake as activists tried to tear them down.

Dozens of police stormed to the action, pushing, shoving, and throwing activists into ditches as they did so.

As police desperately tried to regain control of the situation, the majority of the protestors, who were now by the side fence, listened to speeches and held a minute’s silence. 

With the police distracted, just twenty meters away, two activists tore the chainlink fence from the metal fence posts, revealing enough space to get inside. Security began to panic, and screams of ‘We have a breach!’ were heard down the radios as backup flooded to the scene. Outnumbering the activists by three to one and setting guard dogs on the fences, the best opportunity to enter MBR Acres was lost.

As the protest dispersed, the action wasn’t quite over. Throughout the following night, MBR’s remaining signage was covered in red and black paint.

This is a movement on the rise, and anyone who experienced the action at MBR on May 25th will have felt the energy, spark and determination brewing. It feels inevitable that this hellhole will close. It’s not a matter of if, but when; and that is up to us.”

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