In the month of January, we’ve received 12 reports of direct action for animal liberation. Most of the actions were sabotages (either of animal abusing shops or of hunting infrastructure) but there were four liberation actions and an arsonn too. By country, this were the numbers of actions reported this month: 

Italy: 5
Denmark: 2
UK: 1
Chile: 1
Norway: 1
Belgium: 1

Lots of non animal related actions were reported online in memory of Tortuguita, who was murdered a year ago. You can read those reports on Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

Multiple events were also shared, the UK EF! Wintermoot (9-11th February). A mass action camp organised by Reclaim the Power (8th-13th August, UK) and Take Concrete Action’s ‘Pulp Fiction’, a mass action against the logging industry (summer 2024, Sweden).

On the prisoner support corner, Ladislav Kuc is finally free (and needs economic support, please donate on the fundraiser), Marius Mason celebrated his 62 birthday, and three people are calling for court support during their sentencing on an animal lib related court case (2nd Feb, Reading UK).

Of course, you can read the complete articles and anonymous reports on our website if you want more info! 

If you appreciate the work that Unoffensive Animal does, we could do with support to pay for website hosting, serves and so on, as well as to support prisoners and exprisoners.

You can donate over on patreon www.patreon.com/animalliberation or over PayPal on [email protected]



25th January, Italy.

Received anonymously via email:

ENGLISH (translation):

“In the night we attacked and set fire to a hunting cabin.
Animals slaughtered every day, every hour, every minute, every second cry out for revenge.
Revenge it is.
The Wolf Brigade.

ITALIAN (original):

“Nella notte abbiamo attaccato e incendiato una struttura utilizzata per la caccia.
Gli Animali massacrati ogni giorno, ogni ora, ogni minuto, ogni secondo gridano vendetta.
Vendetta sia.
La Brigata Dei Lupi.


24th January, Denmark.

Received anonymously via email:

“Red paint tossed on fur store along with message “Fur is murder”.

Within a short period, a fur store in Denmark has been hit twice by activists tossing red paint and spraying/writing “fur is murder” on their wall.

It’s easy to make it difficult for animal abusers to profit of abuse and murder. Do everything and anything you can to disrupt their businesses and cause them economic damage.

No one is free until everyone is free.”


23rd January, Lombardia, North Italy

Received anonymously via email:

ENGLISH (translation):

‘”We were in the dark, light never came in even during the day, we were without water, in the dirt. The space was too small for us 6 roosters, 3 chickens and 3 pigeons and we often fought with each other to the point of hurting each other.

One day, in the middle of the night, someone came in, we were so afraid because we knew we were there waiting for death and we thought our time had come. We tried to run away but they caught us.

We were confused because their hands were giving off heat, their voices were urging us to be quiet and they were talking about something called freedom.

Then we made a long journey, we continued to be afraid because experience had taught us not to trust these two-legged animals but our instincts suggested that something extraordinary was about to happen, even if we didn’t want to believe it.

And then…we discovered that there is soft ground called grass, breathed fresh air, admired the blue sky and felt the warmth of the sun.

We met many friends who told us that they were not there waiting for death but to live their lives into old age.

We received care and respect.

From this experience we discovered that there are two-legged animals who do not consider us food or objects to be exploited but individuals who want to live and be free like anyone else. We now know that those hands that took us belong to those who dedicate their lives to animal liberation from all forms of abuse.

With sorrow we always turn our thoughts to our innocent brothers and sisters still imprisoned but our liberators have told us they will continue until cage is empty and we know they will keep their promise.”

We will never regret anything but every animal we could not free.

A.L.F ♥’

ITALIAN (original):

“Eravamo al buio, la luce non entrava mai nemmeno di giorno, eravamo senza acqua, nello sporco. Lo spazio era troppo piccolo per noi 6 galli, 3 galline e 3 piccioni e spesso litigavamo tra noi al punto di ferirci reciprocamente.

Un giorno, nel cuore della notte, qualcuno è entrato, avevamo tanta paura perché sapevamo di essere lì in attesa della morte e pensavamo fosse arrivato il nostro momento. Abbiamo cercato di scappare ma ci hanno presi.

Eravamo confusi perché le loro mani emanavano calore, le loro voci ci esortavano a stare tranquilli e parlavano di qualcosa chiamata libertà.

Poi abbiamo fatto un lungo viaggio, continuavamo a nutrire timore perché l’esperienza ci ha insegnato a non fidarci di questi animali a due zampe ma il nostro istinto ci suggeriva che stava per succedere qualcosa di straordinario, anche se non volevamo crederci.

E poi…abbiamo scoperto che esiste un terreno soffice chiamato erba, respirato aria fresca, ammirato il cielo azzurro e sentito il calore del sole.

Abbiamo conosciuto tanti amici che ci hanno raccontato che non erano lì in attesa della morte ma per vivere le proprie vite fino alla vecchiaia.

Abbiamo ricevuto cure e rispetto.

Da questa esperienza abbiamo scoperto che esistono animali a due zampe che non ci considerano cibo o oggetti da sfruttare ma individui che vogliono vivere ed essere liberi come chiunque altro. Ora sappiamo che quelle mani che ci hanno presi appartengono a chi dedica la propria vita alla liberazione animale da ogni forma di sopruso.

Con dolore rivolgiamo sempre un pensiero ai nostri fratelli innocenti ancora imprigionati ma i nostri liberatori ci hanno detto che continueranno until cage is empty e noi sappiamo che manterranno la loro promessa”

Non ci pentiremo mai di niente ma solo di ogni animale che non abbiamo potuto liberare.

A.L.F ♥”


WHAT: Weekend of workshops, discussion and gathering
WHERE: Sumac Centre, Nottingham UK.
WHEN: 9th – 11th February.

The Earth First UK’s winter moot date and location has been anounced, it will be hosted in the Sumac Centre (Nottingham UK) 9th-11th February.

As always, you can expect a weekend of workshops and talks, probably a party on the Saturday night and the opportunity to meet new and old friends to plot, conspire and relax.

Sleeping will be in communal areas ot the Sumac Centre, essentially indoors camping (so do not bring a tent! 

Three meals a day provided, but bring your own snacks if you feel peckish! EF! Collective asks to leave a donation at the door to cover costs, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

There is level access to the Sumac Centre and a wheelchair accessible bathroom, but if you have any other accessibility needs you can reach out to the collective on earthfirstuk [at] riseup.net

More info about the moot can be found on the EF! Website: www.earthfirst.uk


WHAT: Mass protest camp for climate justice.
WHEN: 8th-13th August 2024.

Reclaim the Power has sent us a call to join their action camp in august this year fighting back against Drax, a company chopping woods and burning trees under the disguise of bio fuel who is also the single largest carbon emitter in the UK. Read their words below:

“Reclaim the Power Action Camp 8-13th August

Reclaim the Power is back this summer with a mass protest camp for climate justice. As a decade old direct action network we will welcome new faces and old to a mass action camp targeting Drax – the biggest emitter in the UK, the world’s biggest burner of trees and a key driver of environmental racism.

Join hundreds (hopefully thousands) of others from across the country and further afield for six days of workshops, communal living and action to fight the greenwashing eco-genocide of Drax. We will be camping from the 8-13th of August and attendance is entirely free, supported by donations.

Interested? Sign onto the mailing list here https://actionnetwork.org/forms/rtp24

Want to help organise with us? Come to the next gathering – a two day space to make decisions, get to know people and learn new skills. Gatherings are for everyone: new faces and those around since the Drax train hijack of 2008.

There will be a crash space, childcare, cheap and vegan food, and it will be wheelchair accessible.

Our next gathering will be on the 24th and 25th of February in York.

Sign up and find out more here: https://reclaimthepower.org.uk/news/york-gathering/

We can’t wait to see you all!!”


Congratulations to Marius Mason who turned 62 a few days ago. 

Marius is a transgender, anarchist, animal rights, and environmental activist, who has been locked up for several years. In 2009 Marius was sentenced to 22 years in prison for arson, among other things. 

If you wanna write to Marius it will be deeply appreciated. Post letters to following address,

Marius Mason #04672-061
FMC Fort Worth
P.O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, TX 76119

Find more information about Marius, and the conditions for communicating by mail at,



WHAT: Mass action against Swedish forestry industry.
WHEN: Summer 2024
WHERE: Gävle Sweden.

Take Concrete Action (TCA) is a network of autonomous radicals in so called Sweden. Two years ago TCA did a successful blockade against the concrete factory Cementa, on Gotland. This summer TCA is going for the forestry capital, with a mass direct action in Gävle. (Date is TBA)

“What lobby organizations, easily bought politicians and dubious scientists call a forest is not the same as what most of us think of when we hear the word. It’s not a bushy, messy, busy place. They are gigantic plantations. Since the end of the nineties, both the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Swedish forestry companies have been using a definition of forest that even includes clear-cut forests (where all tress are literally cut down). An incestuous relationship exists between Swedish authorities, the forest industry and research.

The PR image that the forestry and pulp industry have managed to establish on their business is total fiction – pulp fiction.

Our network have spent some time studying, writing about and taking action in questions about forestry. In the summer of 2024 we will arrange a climate camp in Gävle, with aim at the pulp industry, together with both old and new comrades… Conscious consumption choices are not enough, we have to change the whole shit.. Join!”

Read more at,

takeconcreteaction.info (as for now only in Swedish)

– IG: https://www.instagram.com/takeconcreteaction

– FB: https://www.facebook.com/takeconcreteaction


– Firefund: https://www.firefund.net/tca


via Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

[photo unrelated to the action]

18th January, Lower Saxony Germany.

“In the early morning of January 18, 2024, a fire broke out on the premises of the Lower Saxony Traffic Management Center in Hanover, where a car belonging to Autobahn GmbH caught fire.”

“The night after the eviction of Tümpel Town, we went out and dedicated a car from Autobahn GmbH to the fire.

Autobahn GmbH is a target that is responsible for so many ecocides, evictions of forest occupations and industrial destruction.

With our action, we are sending a message of complicity with the struggle for Tümpel Town and expanding the area of struggle!

But we will not remain passive and put ourselves in the hands of the henchmen and the repressive, murderous, racist system.

We will find our answer to the destruction in a direct, anonymous attack against the existing conditions and will not allow ourselves to be controlled.

We are everywhere! Tümpel Town is everywhere!

In memory of Tortuguita, killed exactly one year ago by the cops in Atlanta Forrest.

In deep solidarity with the struggles for the forests.

Switch off the system of destruction!”

Original post in Gerrman at https://switchoff.noblogs.org/post/2024/01/18/switch-off-autobahn-gmbh/


via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

18th January, San Francisco USA.

“In the early hours of January 18, one year after the police murder of Tortuguita, we smashed 18 windows at the San Francisco Police Credit Union as an act of vengeance for it.

We also honor the memories of Klee Benally, Sekou Odinga, and Banko Brown. Fight for the dead, fight for the living!

some anarchists”