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18th January, Lower Saxony Germany.

“In the early morning of January 18, 2024, a fire broke out on the premises of the Lower Saxony Traffic Management Center in Hanover, where a car belonging to Autobahn GmbH caught fire.”

“The night after the eviction of Tümpel Town, we went out and dedicated a car from Autobahn GmbH to the fire.

Autobahn GmbH is a target that is responsible for so many ecocides, evictions of forest occupations and industrial destruction.

With our action, we are sending a message of complicity with the struggle for Tümpel Town and expanding the area of struggle!

But we will not remain passive and put ourselves in the hands of the henchmen and the repressive, murderous, racist system.

We will find our answer to the destruction in a direct, anonymous attack against the existing conditions and will not allow ourselves to be controlled.

We are everywhere! Tümpel Town is everywhere!

In memory of Tortuguita, killed exactly one year ago by the cops in Atlanta Forrest.

In deep solidarity with the struggles for the forests.

Switch off the system of destruction!”

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