13th February, Bristol UK

received anonymouysly via encrypted email:

“On the evening of the 13th of feb we popped all four tires of a butchers van in Bristol. A small but fun and easy action. We would like to use this space to call for a return to militant action and radical thought in the animal rights movement. This action is dedicated to all other ALF activists, we love you!.


20th February, Turkey.

Via: Frentedeliberacionanimal

English :

“This emotional footage shows only a couple of minutes of a dangerous
rescue mission.

Our ALF member in Turkey, at a secret location secretly goes into a
shelter and rescues these 2 ‘banned breed’ dogs at night.

This mother and daughter has been abandoned at a shelter and they would
have to spend their lives there due the laws in Turkey. Living on cold
concrete, eating, sleeping, peeing and pooping in the same 5 metre
square cage. And one day possibly being secretly put to sleep.

We have taken these girls onto a freedom ride and they are at a safe
location now living happily with a family.

These dogs breeds are the most abused, sold, pushed into fights, made
pregnant, ears and tails cut off. WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING FOR PITBULLS,


“Bu duygusal görüntü, tehlikeli bir kurtarma görevinin yalnızca birkaç
dakikasını gösteriyor.

Türkiye’deki ALF üyemiz gizli bir yerde gizlice bir barınağa giriyor ve
gece bu 2 ‘yasaklı cins’ köpeği kurtarıyor.

Bu anne ve kızı bir barınağa terk edildi ve Türkiye’deki yasalar
nedeniyle hayatlarını orada geçirmek zorunda kalacaklardı. Aynı 5
metrekarelik kafeste soğuk beton üzerinde yaşamak, yemek yemek, uyumak,
işemek ve kaka yapmak. Ve bir gün muhtemelen gizlice uyutulmak.

Bu kızları bir özgürlük yolculuğuna çıkardık ve şimdi bir aileyle mutlu
bir şekilde yaşıyorlar.

Bu köpek ırkları en çok istismara uğrayan, satılan, kavgaya itilen,
hamile bırakılan, kulakları ve kuyrukları kesilen köpeklerdir.


21st February, Sweden.

Received anonymously via email:

“In Sweden, ALF has taken direct action against the murderer and fascist
Karl Hedin. We don’t want justice! We’re out for revenge…

In Sweden, the hunter and business billionaire Karl Hedin is charged with a
serious hunting crime. The trial is set to begin on the 22nd of

We do not care about society’s rotten legal system! Hunters are always

Karl Hedin has killed over 1000 individuals! No forgiveness! Uncompromising
struggle and raging fire! Until everyone is free!


 (CW – Antisemitism, nazism, fascism)

In October 2019, a mink farm was set alight in Sweden. Almost half of the farm was destroyed, causing almost 100K USD worth of damage. A report sent anonymously read: 

 “There is now one less mink farm in Sweden. It was burned down in the heart of the Swedish mink industry: Sölvesborg, a small town of inbred animal abusers and extreme racists.

The farm was empty, but now future abuse is prevented. No animals were hurt. Unfortunately, no mink farmer was killed in the fire.

To all fur farmers in Scandinavia. You might be next!

Close down before it is too late.

Djurrättsmilisen – The Swedish Animal Rights Militia

in Memory of Barry Horne (RIP)”

This came as no surprise. Sweden has a track record for animal liberation direct action, and many reports are signed as Djurrätsmilisen. But it was everything but ordinary. 

 Sometime after the happening, leaked media showed two teenagers setting the farm on fire. It was a video with a fascist-metal soundtrack published in a fascist channel owned by The Base. 

 The Base is a Neo-nazi group that believes in accelerationism. They believe that society needs a “push” (meaning, creating instability in society through acts of sabotage, bombs and assassinations), to start a new civil war. They believe in a “White Europe” and claim that all wrongs in society are caused by the Jewish people. 

Whilst it was odd to put a report that condemned “extreme racists” and dedicated the action to the memory of Barry Horne with a fascist Neo-nazi group, it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary. Many Base members have taken eco-fascist action to cause chaos in their fantasy world of accelerationist revolution. 

Soon after, two people were arrested. One of them would spend nine months in custody awaiting trial. 

A couple of weeks back, they were sentenced. The trial exposed their involvement in fascist groups, with photos dressed in Nazi uniforms, writing manuals about how to create explosives, and even detailing their intent to kill a judge and bombing an abortion clinic in Stockholm. It also shed light on the action itself. They were planning to release the mink, but as they had not reccied the place beforehand, they did not know the farm was empty. They then decided to pass to plan B, setting the place alight, and they tried and failed to burn two different building until they used the sawdust used in the farm to burn the mink sheds. 

The report was probably a poor attempt to throw the cops off the scent, which was not very effective as both boasted about the action in their telegram chat rooms. 

The sentence was unsurprisingly lenient for the nazis. They were asked to pay a fine and given suspended sentence after being found guilty of arson. 

 This is one of many examples we should be remembering to understand why the animal liberation movement is political. Not only because the abuse of animals is systematic, but also because nazis and fascists should never feel welcome in any environment. Whilst the pair were not involved in any Swedish animal liberation groups, as a community, we should ensure nazis are not welcome either within groups, or online. We cannot “leave politics behind” to “focus on the animals” because nazis and fascists are always a danger to our communities. 

The animal liberation movement is anti-fascist. 



Let’s make things clear from the beginning; animal sanctuaries do an immense, thankless and relentless job and are deserving of as much funding as we possibly can provide. They not only offer a place of rest, healing and happiness to animals who previously were used and abused by anthropocentrism, but they also offer a space where folks can get politicised, can learn about speciesism or can simply take a break. They are necessary and no one should be less than grateful that people give up their life to create safe spaces like that. 

 But this is not about animal sanctuaries. This is about the animal liberation movement, and about keeping afloat in the ride that is capitalist society. The past few years, the vegan movement sucked up a great deal of resources, mostly directed towards so-called “saviours” but also some other organisations focused on vegan outreach. This was not just about small donations from individuals, but also about venture capitalists with tens of thousands to spare that could see a potential growth to their fortune by “investing” in figureheads that would teach activists how to convince folks on the streets to buy the products those venture capitalists have stocks in. The funnel was obvious, and it was exponential. The more money venture capitalists put towards the “vegan saviours”, the more notice (partially thanks to publicists and videographers contracted with those funds) the grassroots movement would take towards them, redirecting partially or totally their funds towards that same goal. The “saviours” were created as a marketing strategy. 

 Fast forward three or four years, and folks start feeling that things are not like they thought they were. You start hearing voices of discontent about how figureheads are spending their money or receiving huge wages, and slow and steady the philosophy of “donate to sanctuaries, not saviours”, extends in a fringe of the vegan movement and in a big part of the animal liberation movement. Improvement, right? right. 

Let us redirect you to our first paragraph once again for folks to not misinterpret our words. Sanctuaries are worthy of as much (economic or otherwise) support as we possibly can muster. But where is the nuance on “support sanctuaries, not saviours”? Over the past couple of years, this dichotomy has created a bilateral concept of where money should go. And if you choose one, it is wrong, and if you choose the other one, it is right. 

The problem is, sanctuaries are not the only worthy cause to support. From anti hunt groups who spend their time searching for traps or standing between the wild and the hunter, to direct action groups doing whatever they need to do to make the animal industry tumble, many worthy causes are lost in the lack of nuance. Those organising effective campaigning need support to take their campaign to the next level. Those who spend night after night coding the encrypted applications you use to organise, or the browser to search your information, for free, need support. Those creating anti media, like us, or like Biteback, or Crimethinc, or 325, need help to upkeep web servers and technology to keep bringing that media to you. The folks who organise Food not Bombs and feed as many folks as possible on the street? You guessed it. How about the folks who access farms and breeding centres to provide the wider audience with the photos and videos we all use during outreach? And the folks in prison who cannot eat vegan unless they buy from commissary? And those who were arrested during a civil disobedience action and need to cover a fine? There are many, many avenues within our movement that need all the support we can give. 

 But at the end of the day, capitalism bleeds all of us dry. We only have so much, and we can only give so much to those who need it. There is no doubt that we shouldn’t put ourselves in a situation where we cannot provide for ourselves to support worthy causes. But what is also certain is that we need to be more nuanced than the “either or” dichotomy we have created within the movement. 

Unoffensive has been running for the most part of four years. In that time, we have been privileged enough to regularly support multiple prisoners, to have enough in the reserve to cover fines for people who had trouble with the law, to fund groups that needed a bunch of radios, or a pair of boots, or building material for a treehouse in an occupation. We have also spent quite some money to keep our platforms accessible to all of you, without censorship, when governments have tried to shut us down. In the past couple of months, we managed to cover most of the fines that Djurfront were facing, for demos against a fur farm that will very soon be closed, whilst also sending enough funds to three different prisoners and helping an anti hunt group get their vehicle fixed. All that work is because people have been generous enough to donate to us, and the collective donations have helped many folks keep fighting the fight. 

We have also turned down requests. Many more than we would like to say, and many more than we have fulfilled. The only reason is that we do not have enough funds to help everybody. 

 So this huge write up is just an attempt to make people think about how we have allowed a false dichotomy to determine how we behave in relation to funding and donations. And whilst money is an uncomfortable topic, we still believe it to be an important topic to cover. Money is trash, yet we still need money to navigate capitalism. If you can afford it, donate to whoever you feel is making good use of that money. Get informed, support whoever needs it, or simply use that money to create something better in the world. 

So what do you think? What is the best way of managing money within the movement to help as much as possible? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

 If you can afford it, we have a Patreon. Folks can support us with as very little a months or with a lot a month. That’s your choice to make. Or you can just donate to other funds if that feels better to you. We are not here to make money off other folks and have zero interest in personal gain. 





9th February, North UK.

received anonymously via email:

“The target – a broiler farm in the north of the UK. We’d already checked out the satellite maps, done our recy and found good homes for up to 8 birds, so tonight we were ready to break them out.

We arrived at the target and masked up, we crossed two snowy fields and through a ditch to find 3 massive barns. All 3 barn doors were locked, but our handy crowbar had no problem popping one of the doors open. So, following biosecurity precautions, we went in.

The first thing we saw were dead bodies rotting on the shit covered floor. There were thousands of chickens packed into that stinking barn but we only had homes for 8. We quickly scooped them up into bags. Our lookout alerted us to lights turning on in the farmhouse nearby, so we left, sharpish.

Today those birds are free, safe and nobody is going to eat them.

But what about those birds left behind? We live in a society where those murdering scum with blood on their hands, who terrorise for money and pleasure, are protected by law. Anyone who feels the urgent moral obligation to act against this cruelty and injustice has to work outside of the law…..

There’s a farm near you full of slaves that just want YOU to get them out of there. They don’t have the privilege to wait until the world changes for the better, they want their autonomy and freedom now, and they need you to give it to them. “


Assemblea Antispecista and an array of other groups have been putting a lot of effort in fighting Casteller. For anyone who doesn’t know, Casteller is a concrete prison in Italy where multiple bears deemed dangerous have been locked up under strict measures and for life. Currently, three bears are kept in concrete rooms and exiled from the wild because the authorities decided they are a risk to the humans in the area. The same authorities that participated in the project of bear reintroduction in the wild. Those authorities have been combating the information that bears do not deserve to be locked up and insisted that right now, the bears are hibernating.

Anonymous activists from Assemblea Antispecista accessed the prison to film the conditions of the bears. In the video, you can clearly see the size of the rooms where the bears spend their life, and as if by some weird magic, that the bears are not hibernating. Surely the authorities will be able to justify it one way or another, but the reality is that forcing wild animals into a cage will negatively impact their normal functions.

In October last year, a mass action was organised, where a group of people locked on in front of the main entrance whilst a different group toppled down a big part of the perimeter fence surrounding the prison. Meanwhile, multiple organisations have been lobbying and campaigning politically to stop Casteller from imprisoning wild bears. With the video of the precarious situation of bears surfacing online, Assamblea Antispecista has called for another mass day of action in Trento, Italy, and is calling for international support.

20th March, Trento, Italy.

For more information, organisation and timetable, contact Assemblea Antispecista here: assembleaantispecista(at)gmail(dot)com

You can check their socials here:
FB: Assemblea Antispecista
IG: Assemblea Antispecista

If you are not able to go, you should probably let other folks know. Share, contact your local collectives and other mass action groups in Europe. Are you unable to do so due to being in a different continent or not being able to travel? Generate press. Create videos, write about it, contact mainstream media or organise solidarity actions. Choose what you’re good at and join this campaign!

The wild is not to be caged. We are all responsible for this fight. We are all responsible for the freedom of those bears. We should all fight until we win.




Ladislav Kuc is serving a twelve year sentence in Slovakia charged with the detonation of an explosive at a McDonalds. The police also tried to charge him with other incendiary attacks against shooting towers and threatening letters to veterinarians and vivisectors. For a long time, he suffered from abuse in prison, disregarding his mental health and forcing him into inhumane conditions. Because of his debt due to fines, he was not allowed to access a doctor for multiple years.

His situation has changed slightly as he has been transferred to a different prison. He reports that the conditions are slightly better, but he is still in need of support. Ladislav has mental health issues that have never been taken into consideration during his sentencing or his time in prison. The fact that he isn’t allowed to access a doctor because of his debt with the state is a breach of his human rights. The silence from the animal rights community and from the wider anarchist and prison abolitionist community is unacceptable, and we must change it once and for all.

After quite some time, we have managed to find a bank account where we are able to send him money to help with the fines and his needs in prison. He still owes almost 8000 EUR, and whilst his family sends some money every month, he only received 50% of it as the government takes the rest. We have kept a float of 1000 GBP aside purposely to send to Ladislav as soon as we found a way to do so and we will be sending that money next week. Until then, if you are able to, donations to Unoffensive’s PayPal will be redirected to that fund.

Ladislav likes metal and goth metal music, has a nephew who was just three months old when he was taken to prison and who he has barely managed to see over Skype in the past few months. His level of English is low, but he is completely able to communicate via letter, and you should most certainly write to him!

This is what you can do to help:

1- If you can afford it, pop a donation over PayPal with a “Ladislav” on the notes. We will be sending money next week.
2- Get together with your animal rights group, tab group, protest camp, anarchist black cross, literally anyone, and organise solidarity fundraisers and letter writing days.
3- Write a letter yourself, this evening, and get it sent!
4- Share and spread the word. Ladislav has gone unnoticed for a long time. We should change it
5- Ideally from Slovakia, Ladislav needs a supporters group. A website, people in contact with the barrister and the family, news fro prison coming out and most importantly, emotional support. If you think you can help organise that support crew, please get in touch. We have some information to share, and we truly believe this is vital in order to help Ladislav whilst incarcerated.

This is his address:

Ladislav Kuc
Gucmanova 19/670
Priečinoik 7


And if you are able to afford a donation, you can send it over PayPal to:
unoffensive_animal (at) tutanota (dot) com

Share this, let people know, help in any way you can.



22nd January, Sweden.

According to media reports, 600 mink were freed from cages at a fur farm in Tingsryd during the night of January 22. The same farm was raided by activists in 2019. We have not received a statement in relation to the action, but you can read the report that was released after the action in 2019:

anonymous report:

“In the early hours of September 3, 2019, all of the prisoners on a small mink farm in Hölkemåla, Blekinge, Sweden, escaped from the cages. In total about 1500 persons managed to get free.
We gave a helping hand by disassembling the fence of the farm and then opening all the cage doors. We removed parts of the fence using a wrench to ensure a way out. The fur farm was situated right next to a lake where we hope that as many as possible now get to live.
In a world where freedom exists only in moments of rebellion and insurrection, we still think that the possibility of a life in the forest and lake is quite the opposite of that in a cage. We do recognize that the already destroyed eco-systems and colonised nature is nothing like a dream, but since it is all that we have it is where we will go from our imprisoned existences. A passion for freedom is what drove us to this hidden killing facility to increase the freedom for all of us. Our desire to share this moment of freedom with the minks is rooted in solidarity and love as well as anger and hatred towards those who dominate us and try to steal our lives.
We strongly believe that there is no limit to the things we can do, all we need is to make up our minds and pick a target.
We send our love to Eric King, Matthias in Switzerland and all other prisoners around the world!”