26th March, San Francisco USA.

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“Last Sunday someone redecorated the facade of the GI Partners building (4 Embarcadero Ctr) in San Francisco using a fire extinguisher filled with green paint. Fuck with the forest and the forest will fuck with you.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: In late January, GI Partners acquired Atlas Technical, a major player in the destruction of the Atlanta Forest.

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17th March, North of Italy.

“Alf attacked Coldiretti in North of Italy.

Coldiretti is one of the major responsable of the hunting policy and the fight of boars and other wild animals.

Also involved in all meat productions”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Coldiretti is the main Italian farming association lobbying the government. They run many campaigns, and lately they have been very focused on the ban on “synthetic meat”. Italian press has given a lot of coverage to the paint job, and Coldiretti has said that they “can’t let the ‘turbo-environmentalists’ win”.


42 people have been charged with “domestic terrorism” since Dec 2022, and 11 people are still incarcerated awaiting release or court for their alleged involvement in the ongoing effort to stop ‘Cop City’ and to Defend the Atlanta Forest in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The Atlanta Solidarity Fund provides legal support for them and others who are arrested at protests, or otherwise prosecuted for social movement involvement and pays bail for people imprisoned awaiting court.

The first charges of domestic terrorism came after a two day raid on Dec 13th and 14th of 2022. On Jan 18th 2022 police conducted another raid and murdered forest defender Tortuguita and charged 7 with “domestic terrorism” and 15 people with trespassing. On January 21, 2023 at a demonstration in downtown Atlanta in response to the murder of Tortuguita, 6 people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. On March 5, 2023 police arrested 35 people, of which 23 were charged with domestic terrorism. The Atlanta Solidarity Fund has worked to quickly pay bail for people’s release when the courts have allowed, and provide lawyers for their cases.

Support people and act in solidarity with them when they’re targeted by the state and let them know that they are not alone, that they are loved, and not forgotten.

You can find information to write to forest defenders imprisoned awaiting court on our website

To donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund go to
For the most up to date information about arrestees follow @atlsolfund on twitter/instagram general information on the movement campaign against contractors and subcontractors counterinfo website and information on the movement


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17th March, Cambridge UK

“HIT REPORT. This morning, a group of activists in Cambridge broke the windows and spray painted the office building at 50 – 60 Station Road near the rail station. They sent us this explanation.

Why did we choose this anonymous-looking building? Because as soon as it was built, it was occupied by several of the worst enablers of fossil fuels and ecocide. So who are we talking?

EVERSHEDS SUTHERLAND – a law firm that has represented Shell, Chevron and BP, among others [1]. They specialise in injunctions against protestors, including recently assisting Esso in suppressing climate activists [2]. They were recently targeted by activists from HS2 Rebellion for their work on HS2 [3].

CENTRICA – The owners of British Gas, Centrica recently reported record profits for 2022 – off the back of the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine [4]. They’re also known for their fracking lobbying (alongside Cuadrilla) in Lancashire [5].

AMAZON – These guys need no introduction. Their carbon emissions are astronomical and their evil billionaire owner Bezos rakes it in off the backs of people living and working in shockingly bad conditions [6].

CHARLES RIVER ASSOCIATES – A dark horse, this lot are famous for creating biased economic forecasts to help their fossil fuel clients lobby against climate policies [7]. They’ve also worked on major oil company mergers – like BP/Statoil and Schlumberger/Cameron – and were hired by BP to defend them after their catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill [8]. 

STANTEC – They boast about their work ‘increasing the value of Canadian oil’ through the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, which is notorious for the theft of Indigenous land and workers rights abuses [9]. They’ve also provided ‘professional services’ (whatever those are) to HS2.

SIMMONS – These guys have worked with BP on the Caspian pipeline, which is notorious for human rights abuses, and especially harm to the Kurdish people [10]. They are also involved in the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, a project that StopEACOP are working around the world to halt [11].

This isn’t even every destructive company in the building! This building is a hub of planetary exploitation, and shows clearly how Cambridge’s growth agenda is bound up with extractivism. We wish we’d managed to get a pic of the broken windows, but they’ve covered them – instead, you’ll have to make do with this (sent in by a friend) which shows that our action apparently reached new heights (the first floor…)!”


[2] no link because no-one needs to know the details of injunctions xx











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Mid-March, Windsor USA.

“In mid-March, 2023, anarchist comrades attacked a local Consolidated Engineering Laboratories (CEL) office in Windsor, CA, an ATLAS subsidiary, to decry their affiliation with the creators of Cop City.

The action was carried out in solidarity with those who defend the Weelaunee Forest against destruction, despite facing domestic terrorism charges; who grieve the brutal murder of Manuel Tortuguita Teran; who stand against the widespread terror caused by carceral state; and who stand against the earth’s decimation.

CEL and ATLAS operate at the behest of profit, regardless of human and environmental cost. CEL boasts its involvement with a new Utah state prison (comprising over 200 acres and 25 + buildings). ATLAS is expanding the US Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

In response, a small but impassioned strike was made against the capital-carceral enterprise creating Cop City. Glass was etched and smashed; a ridiculous flag removed; an explanatory sign posted; and emphatic messages provided.

We stand with the forest defenders. Smash the state. Abolish the police. Defend the earth.”


Over the past four months, Attendorn, Germany.

According to hunting media, several hunting towers and seats were destroyed between November 2022 and March 2023 in the region of Attendon, North Rhine Westphalia.

Seven towers were completely destroyed and multiple others were damages in what the hunting media describe as “mischievous and hidden manners”. They say that those seats and towers that were damaged in a not-so-obvious way are incredibly dangerous to hunters, who must check the towers are safe before climbing or risk injury or death.

The hunting association approximated the costs due to vandalism at almost 10.000 EUR, and the police released a statement where they say that they cannot rule out the possibility that the acts of vandalism are politically motivated and that they have opened an investigation. They also insisted that hunters refrain from using hunting hides and seats unless they have been thoroughly checked to ensure their safety.



Mid February, Skåne Sweden.

“Received anonymously:⁠

In the middle of February a butcher shop was visited in southern Sweden, the province skåne, and where spraypainted with meat is murder, the Alf logo and some lines drawn alongside the facade just to make as much trouble for the animal abusers as possible. ⁠

Unfortunately no pictures were taken. They are the small city’s only meat shop and hopefully soon there will be no meat shops in the city at all.⁠

For the Animals!⁠


We believe we’ve found enough folks to keep the project going, so we have reopened the website. 

This means we can once again receive anonymous reports, and folks who have any prisoner/arrest/court support needs can reach out again. In the near future, we will set up a public prisoner support email address so that the prisoner support team can directly communicate with those who might need some support (or with their solidarity groups if they are in prison). For the time being, our usual email address will do just fine for this matter. 

From Monday onwards, we will be back to a semi-regular schedule, and with the help of multiple people who have offered to submit regular work, we will get back on track with news about prisoners and campaigns from around the world. 

Folks are still welcome to reach out with single submissions if they wish to publish about a specific topic or if they want to write something on a regular basis. 

Unoffensive Animal was born to educate and bring news to the public, to support those who fight and to give a platform to those who wish to remain anonymous. That ethos stays there, for as long as we have the energy and capability to keep going, but it is also important to remember that Unoffensive was born and should stay as a collective. You are part of that collective if you want to be, and as per the definition of Direct Action, don’t wait for others to do what you want to see done. Reach out and support, let’s work together and make this platform a positive tool within the animal liberation movement. 

If you can afford it, please consider donating to UA. We do not get wages, money goes to prisoner/arrest/court support for those who reach out, and to expenses related to tech, servers, websites and domains.

Solidarity always. 

Defend Direct Action. 

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