28th December, South East UK.

received anonymously via email:

“On a fine Sunny afternoon, just before the new year, some pixies were out for a stroll in the cuntryside. When suddenly, they found a hunting tower! Unfortunately, tripped into the tower very hard, resulting in it falling over! OOPSIE!

Yours truly,


IMAGE: Unrealated destroyed tower from a report fromm Hambacher FOrst 2017.


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We haven’t shared our arrest support fundraiser for a little while as we did not want to put pressure on anyone with all the capitalist celebrations coming, but we decided to give this one last try in the hope that people might be willing to donate even one or two euros towards the funds.

The arrest support fund was created to help folks who were arrested and or charged during 2019 for many different actions. Some of those actions are public whilst others are not for the safety of the defendants.

Since its creation, we have a few news to share. The Earth First 11 were all either dropped or found not guilty. That means no one will have anything on their record or have to pay any fines for their action inside the coal mine in County Durham. This fundraiser, however, helped some get all the way to the north of the UK for the court hearings. 

The Ramsgate 3 had a plea hearing and are now scheduled for sentencing on the 6h to the 8th of January.  The outcome is most likely a fine, so help covering costs will be very necessary. 

SMASH Speciesism still doesn’t have a specific date for trial as they are waiting on all evidence to be accounted for and accepted, but that is 11 people who might face  serious fines for the slaughterhouse blockade in Kent.

The seven folks who do not want their case to be public yet are still waiting to know more about what is going to happen next, but support is always necessary and needed and their will make their legal status public as and when it makes sense. 

The Dolce & Gabbana Bloody Bunnies will be sentenced next year and the most likely outcome is a fine. Some of them are already having to deal with huge costs for legal help. All just for a theatrical action on the streets of London! 

Finally, a new addition to this year’s arrest support crew is a human charged with multiple accounts of criminal damage towards hunting towers. The prognosis is unknown but the lawyer is talking about anything from a seriously hefty fine to prison sentence, so again support really is needed. 

Normally we get an average of 8-900 reactions per post across all social media. In this case we are asking you TWO favours. The first one is to increase that average to be able to reach more people and fuck about with the algorithm. Like, comment some messages of support towards those who need it and share it absolutely everywhere.

Secondly, we would like everybody to donate. If you are fucked with money that is ok, we do not want to put you in a difficult situation, but if you can spare a euro or two, or maybe five or ten, ANY donation helps towards the goal. 

So please share, comment, donate, show solidarity towards all folks who took action and are now facing consequences and remember it could’ve been any of us.

Never stop fighting.

Solidarity is our weapon.



It is becoming a standard that our comrades at Underground Badger Syndicate create a little video at the end of the badger cull to showcase what the angry punk badgers have been up to. this year it wasn’t any different and they did not disappoint. 

Have a look at the video and read what they have to say below: 

“The long awaited UBS Documentary 2.0 is here. It has taken some time, but imagine how diffiult it is to edit videos whilst being a badger.

In this video we bring you clips that we’ve been sent over email or that we’ve found on the internet or inside of badger setts. Mostly we just want to remind people that they should put their middle finger up to animal exploitation, to the filth and to anyone that tries to murder animals for whatever backwards reason.

Badger cages are a fun target for your middle fingers, specially after they’ve been smashed to bits. Other targets might include pheasant and duck feeders, shooting towers, your local dairy farmer and every single police officer (because ACAB).

With this video we also want to extend our love to every single person that travelled through Europe to join us in the fight. Big up Hunt Saboteurs Sweden, Hambacher Forst Besetzung and a bunch of groupless dirty punks that came during the badger cull from far away countries just to join us in getting wet and flipping off basically everything we could see moving.

Special mention once again to the british police for being such a bunch of radioactive flem bukets. They can now once again retreat back under their fucking rock and stop “investigating crime in the countryside” until the cull starts again. All whilst ignoring the mass murder of animals year round. Fuck off.

Aware that many sab groups are posting their views on the upcoming elections we have a lil advice too. We don’t give a shit who you vote for or if you even fucking vote. Just remember to embrace anarchism, ALWAYS vote with your boots, ALWAYS take direct action.


Fuck cops.

PS: We have merch so if you want some UBS tshirts fucking PM us and we will get you sorted. Seriously get some of our merch so we can carry on being “forest jihadis”.

And if you don’t want to fall for the fucking capitalist enterprise do us a solid and just send us a couple of coins over paypal. That would be massively appreciated.



10th December, Italy. 

anonymous report, from (translation):

“In a house near the Euganeo stadium in Padua (Italy)… A new life has been rescued, from a horrible place where his life depended only on his release.

Now he is free and away from his horrible nightmare.”


December, Czech Republic. 

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

“Rescue Action LIV (November 2019) & Support Project FANG

This report contains 3 rescue actions in which we liberated 67 animals. 26 animals on the first action, 23 on the second and on third wee took 18 of them. We did not ask the businessmen, politicians nor the consumers. We did not care about the public opinion. Why should we?

We climbed over the fence, opened the door and took those hens away.

They are now in new homes with people who created a better world for them. They can spread wings and run. They see the sun instead of artificial lighting. Fresh air instead of the ventilators of the factory farm. The weaker hens are able to escape the stronger hens.

It is not normal that animals are kept in such conditions and for such purposes. It is normal that we do not leave them there.

Support Project FANG

In 2006 in NYC the Anarchist Black Cross launched Project FANG. Their aim is to help families and close people of those who are imprisoned for defending animals and nature. For example, they aim to provide the travel costs associated with visiting the prisoners.


Crowdfunding Visits to Eco & Animal Rights Prisoners


November and December, France.

Two separated news have appeared from late November and early December where unknown humans set fire to hunting buildings. No claim of responsibility has been received.

Read below the BiteBack Magazine account of actions: 

“A hunting association clubhouse in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont was set on fire early on December 1. “Romania” was found painted inside the building, a possible reference to the recent incident in which thousands of sheep died in a capsized cargo ship off the coast of Romania.”

“A hunting hut in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux was heavily damaged by fire on November 27. A container of gasoline was found inside.”


8th December, Stockholm.

via: BiteBack Magazine

reported anonymously:

“The owners of the fur selling shop named Wacko in Stockholm made a promise earlier this year to close the shop in november 2019. They broke that promise, so we broke their window and glued their lock.

We never give in and we always win!

For the animals.

Swedish Animal Liberation Front

Djurens Befrielsefront”


It is with a sense of relief that we greet the online release of the new documentary film, The Animal People, this week. After more than a decade of being dismissed as criminals and extremists, a side to our story is finally going to be told.

Produced by Joaquin Phoenix, the film follows the journey of the SHAC 7: six young activists who find themselves indicted as terrorists by the United States government. The reason for their indictment: the activists’ leadership of a controversial protest campaign aiming to close down one of the largest animal testing laboratories in the world, Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The story about how government and big business colluded to rewrite laws to crackdown on effective activism is an important warning on the lengths that the state will go to in order to protect corporate interests. It is also important because it was not only in the USA that this happened: it happened to activists in the UK too. The signees to this statement have endured years of government repression and draconian prison sentences as a result of our involvement in running the European SHAC campaign, an above-ground grassroots protest group.

As in the USA, the British government took aggressive action against SHAC activists as soon as we began to affect corporate power. Frightened by threats from multi-billion pound pharmaceutical companies that they would pull out of the UK unless the government took action, and unable to pursue underground activists, politicians instead, decided to introduce new legislation to target SHAC. Impressed by how the USA had managed to silence SHAC and spread fear throughout the movement in the USA, the British government decided to replicate the same in the UK, working in collaboration with the FBI. We would soon find ourselves being labelled as terrorists and extremists in the Houses of Parliament and in the press for our protest tactics and support of non-violent direct action. A secret two year £3.5 million police operation was tasked with targeting SHAC and our campaign was infiltrated by undercover police officers. A corporate spy would also go on to admit to spending years inside SHAC, working on behalf of the vivisection industry and collaborating with the police, assigned with sabotaging our campaign.

On 1 May 2007, aiming to decapitate the SHAC campaign, over 700 police officers raided 32 addresses, arresting 30 activists and seizing our campaign banners, posters, megaphones, flyers, computers, cameras and funds. The supposed “leaders” of the campaign (many of us only teenagers) found ourselves being charged with Conspiracy to Blackmail. Despite always including a legal disclaimer as well as paying a top barrister to read through our website and newsletter communications, the prosecution alleged that since its beginning, our protest campaign had in fact been blackmailing companies to drop Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We found ourselves demonised in the press, photos of threatening letters and hoax bombs plastered across pages with the allegation that we were somehow responsible for them. In fact, the prosecution did not and could not allege any of us had sent them: after all, we hadn’t. Rather, the CPS blamed us for the actions of other unknown individuals who had sent them. They claimed it was our fault because we had exposed and published the company details and encouraged people to contact the companies and urge them to sever their ties to the laboratory. Such an extraordinary leap in logic was lost on the media who concluded that we must have sent them.

Because of the political will to see our campaign end, we have all endured years of repression, trauma, untrue allegations being made about us and excessive prison sentences. We have been treated worse than any other criminals in the prison system: denied day release, outside work schemes or tagging and been subjected to punitive and absurd licence conditions upon our releases. The police claim of not targeting lawful activists when they targeted SHAC is hard to believe when they also demanded we receive Anti-Social Behaviour Orders preventing us from peacefully campaigning in any way against Huntingdon Life Sciences (with the threat of a further five year prison sentence if we do so). Unable to continue under all the repression, police harassment and seizures, the SHAC campaign itself was forced to end in 2014 after every single activist who tried to run it found themselves also being arrested and prosecuted.

Whatever consequences we faced for our actions, the brutal reality is that as a result of the repression we faced, the animals who we did it all for are still locked up, suffering and dying inside Huntingdon Life Sciences (now rebranded as Envigo and part of Covance). Many of the SHAC defendants have been designated as core-participants in the Undercover Policing Inquiry currently taking place. The inquiry will look at whether we were victims of a miscarriage of justice because the CPS never disclosed the undercover police operations to our defence. We are pleased that our convictions are finally being looked at but it is with heavy hearts as we remember all the animals who have died in the meantime. We look forward to the whole truth coming out about how politicians and big business conspired to crush our campaign and deny us a fair trial. Until then, we look forward to people making up their own minds after watching The Animal People.

– Alfie Fitzpatrick
– Tom Harris
– Jason (JJ) Maguire
– Gerrah Selby
– Nicola Tapping
– Sarah Whitehead


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See you in the next riot.