22nd June, East Midlands UK.

received anonymously via email:

“In the dark of night we found a hatchery full of thousands of newly hatched chicks, who in just over a month would be killed for their flesh. The shed was brightly lit even in the early hours of the morning.

One of our comrades squeezed through a small hole in one of the wooden sheds, and passed 14 chicks through to safety. We were in and out very quickly and ran away into the cover of night.

We thought we would make a cute video which features the chicks being carried away, and playing so we hope you enjoy it!

Our thoughts are with Regan Russell. Action is needed in her memory.
Keep fighting for total liberation.”


25th June, Alberta Canada.

received anonymouisly via email:

“!It is time that we send a clear message to exploiters. Your time is up. Your reign of terror will come to an end. We will burn your slaughterhouses, we will destroy your death trucks and we will make your lives a living nightmare.

Recently in Alberta, a butcher shop & “livestock” hauling company were targeted. This butcher shop murders pigs who are raised on their small family farm. These people are a family of killers. The butcher shop was redecorated with the truth “PIG KILLERS”, every single lock glued, including their van and destroyed their refrigeration system. The trucking company targeted takes thousands of cows to their execution, year after year. These drivers have no regard for non human or human life. They have tried to run humans over, time and time again. They brag about trying to kill people and view sentient beings as dollar signs and targets. Approximately 15 trailers were damaged. Every hose was cut on each trailer, the back gate chains cut, a message letting them know the ALF stopped by, building locks glued and their building spray painted. Economic sabotage hits these monsters where it hurts the most, their profits.

PIG KILLERS & DEATH ROW TRUCKERS, you are being watched.

In honour of Jill Phipps & Regan Russell.

Because buying veggie bacon will not save animals or end this injustice.”


On the 28th of May the only Dutch slaughterhouse murdering ducks was attacked. Five meat transporting trucks were set alight and destroyed. An incendiary device in the slaughterhouse never caught fire. This action would later be claimed as an ALF action.

The person behind the action had to leave prematurely losing his car keys and abandoning the car at the scene. A week later and after being wanted by the police, he would give himself in.

Today, his name was publicly released. Peter Janssen, known mostly for his work in Vegan Strike Group interrupting bullfighting and in Konijn in Nood investigating rabbit farms and performing open rescues, remains in prison, remanded and accused of “arson with danger for goods” although prosecution is weighing in changing the charge to “arson with danger to people”.

For now there is no public address for letters or an organised support group. As soon as fundraisers are ready and there is more information we will make sure to make it public.




21st June, Republic of Ireland.

received anonymously via email:

“At 2AM the team arrived at the facility to document the rights violations that are being inflicted upon these innocent and beautiful individuals. While scouting the perimeter they found wheelie bins stuffed with the deceased victims of this shit-hole.

When they entered one of the main buildings they were met with the stench of death and ammonia, so much so that their eyes were stinging and weeping,

At approximately 5am the team had completed what they needed to do and went outside to grab some fresh air and to consolidate all of their gear into one bag. A few moments later they entered the building again with empty bags and gently and respectfully helped a group who they had noticed to be a little bit of a duck gang into the bags.

They all left together as one gang, the driver was called and the Duck gang were delivered to their new place of safety a few days later.”


22nd June, Brighton.

received anonymously via email:

“Filled with rage at the news that a comrade had been murdered by a slaughterhouse truck driver, we took a very small portion of it out on this butcher shop, a place set on profiting no matter how much blood is spilt on the way. We cannot leave these places untouched, COST THEM, make it hurt.

We dedicate this action to Regan Russell, who thought doing something was better than nothing. We will remember you, the struggle continues and we will not let up. We’ve seen the call to #SavePigs4Regan and we’d like to expand on it. This is a call to action to DO SOMETHING. Target these places every way we can, #SmashButchers4Regan.

In case you’re wondering, this is the address of the place we visited: Choice Cuts, 95 Preston Drove BN1 6LD.

Love, rage, ALF.”


28th May, Netherlands

VIA: BiteBack Magazine

The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for an arson attack in the early hours of May 28 at the duck slaughterhouse Tomassen Duck-to in Ermelo. Five trucks and two trailers were completely destroyed. Activists also attempted to start a fire inside the slaughterhouse.

In the claim of responsibility, sent anonymously to Vrije Dier, activists explained that their goal was to hit an “already weakened duck industry.” They added, “We are aware of the danger of arson, but the daily murder of innocent animals has to end.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since the action, a person gave themselves up claiming to be responsible for the arson and is now waiting trial. We will update legal information and support groups when we know more. 


19th June, South East UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“The turkeys that will be murdered for Christmas dinners were born about three weeks ago. Taking advantage of the obvious size difference, we decided to pay a visit to a “free range” farm and take fifty of them with us.

We walked by sheds full of pigs, ducks and broilers until we saw a shed labeled “Turkey chicks”. Job done. As the shed was locked, we used the bolt cutters to cut the padlock and open the shed. We made sure not to leave the padlock behind, so to avoid leaving any tool marks in the farm. A quick check to ensure the door is not alarmed and we are in, and whilst someone keeps guard outside, the rest load fifty turkey chicks in bags. 

With a single heat lamp in the whole shed, they are all crammed in the same spot. They have been debeaked. There is still blood on the face of many of them. How fucking unnecessary and cruel can they be? To literally cut their beaks off you have to be some seriously evil scumbag. Sadly the tool cannot be found. It would’ve been nice to break it.

Once they are all loaded in the bags, we head outside and walk away into the night, with another fifty comrades that will have a chance in life.

We want to dedicate this action to Regan Russell, murdered under the truck wheels in front of a Toronto slaughterhouse, and we are hoping from our comrades worldwide to wake up to the reality that animal liberation is a war. Regan, like Jill or Mike, fell martyr in the fight for animal liberation. Don’t let their names be forgotten and fight back the oppressor until we win.

May the sad and frustration turn into flames for liberation.

Animal Liberation Front.”


North of England, 12th June

Received anonymously via email:

“We visited an industrial egg farm; there were usually thousands of hens inside. This time the barn was empty of birds. Hens live a short life before egg production slows, then they’re sent to slaughter. It looked like the F’harmers were getting ready for the next batch of slaves to exploit.

This was the perfect opportunity for a bit of financial sabotage, with the barns set up with expensive machinery and no chance of causing casualties to any hens….

So with the help of some hefty tools and spray paint, we smashed fuck out of the shed! We bust off the hatch doors, slashed the egg conveyor belt, cut the water and feeding lines down, spray painted the inside and outside walls, we broke into the control room, smashed the control panel, smashed the windows, and the icing on the cake.. we set off the fire extinguisher to fill up the control room.

That’s gonna hurt them! That’s gonna to cost them! 

There’s many ways to fuck up animal exploiters, stinging them economically is an effective strategy. Hitting them again and again. Letting them know what it feels like to be vulnerable, scared and ashamed of the work they do, until they shut down, that’s the aim.

Get active, go out and hit your local animal abusing business and smash fuck out of their profits! Don’t let them remain comfortable while they profit from murder. Get creative and don’t forget to post your hit reports…let’s see what you’ve been up to, let’s inspire each other. If we want to see liberation we’ve gotta work for it. Let’s scare the fuck out of them!”


15th May, Canada.

Received anonymously via email: 

“Over 20 million turkeys are brutally murdered every year in Canada to satisfy the human’s fetish for flesh. They are kept in horrific conditions but even if the conditions were idyllic, their lives are not ours to take.  

This facility is “free range & organic.” Or that’s what they like to claim. There is evidence this farm feeds turkeys antibiotic laden food to promote rapid growth. They are fed antibiotics from the time they are dumped inside the shed until they’re loaded onto a hauler.   

Unfortunately, sometimes even with the best care and endless love, they don’t make it when rescued at this stage in their life.   She was almost 3 months old when she was taken out of that shit hole.  She felt love, kindness, sunshine, fresh air, dirt and made friends with ducks, hens & roosters.  She is no longer with us because her body was so damaged that it simply gave out on her.  She was surrounded by people who loved her and left this world peacefully.  

Animals cannot wait for people to change their lifestyles. 

Exploiters should live in fear, anxiety and torment for the heinous crimes they inflict on our animal comrades.  It’s about fuckin time they feel exactly what non-humans feel.  

We are not playing nice anymore.  “