[Image credit: @mendiphuntsabs] 

Mink and Otter hunting season has begun. Only 26 registered packs exist in the UK and Ireland, making them vulnerable to the multiple sabotage groups that operate, as seen by the Northern Counties Mink Hounds who were apprehended by Sheffield, Staffordshire, Manchester and West Yorkshire hunt sabotage groups, as well as Hull Wildlife Protectors. These packs operate using a small number of hounds and are usually transported in commercial and domestic vehicles, thus making them more difficult to locate oppose to a mounted hunt who are more obvious in appearance and use larger vehicles such as horse boxes and trailers. Members of the public can play an important role in sabotaging a hunt by notifying suspicious behaviour. This can be done by contacting the Hunt Saboteurs Association tip-off line at 07443148426 or your local group on social media. Making a call or sending a message can be enough to stop wildlife from being killed. 

A stag was killed by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds during their closing meet despite the best efforts of a large number of saboteurs from multiple groups. Sabotaging a stag hunt is notoriously difficult and when the life of the wild is lost, it is natural to feel depleted. However, it is important to remember that years ago, stag hunts were rarely getting sabotaged and, when they were, came with a lot of violence.  But they are getting more and more attention and are unable to kill every time they go out, as seen by multiple successful hit reports throughout the month by groups including Mendip Hunt Saboteurs. At one point, these hunts felt unstoppable but now that belief is crumbling. And that is something that we should recognise and take into account when morale is low.

Natural England published their summery of the 2023 badger cull and, despite any rhetoric they want to project, the UK governments’ agender is clear; they will continue to murder wildlife on mass. It is worth noting that, based on their own studies, culling badgers has no impact on the spread of bTB. The reality is that this cull is about protecting animal agriculture from taking accountability of their biosecurity problems and making life easier for landowners (as one example, badgers living on your land causes problems for gaining planning permission). The numbers of badgers killed in the 2023 cull stands at 19,570 and when combined with culls taken place since 2013, totals 230,125. These numbers are bleak as fuck but they would undoubtably be higher if it wasn’t for the efforts of dedicated groups (such as Underground Badger Syndicate), hunt sabotage groups and local badger protectors. It can sometimes be difficult to quantify the results of anti-badger cull work, but seeing fresh badger activity months after the cull has finished where multiple cage traps have been removed and free-shooters escorted away is a sure sign of success.  

Spring time is a busy time for wildlife. While many embrace this, gamekeepers and others intend to decimate anything that they see as a threat to their interests (sometimes as pathetic as having a neat and tidy lawn). However, some have been busy dealing with traps and other mechanisms used to kill wildlife, as seen by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs who have been removing mole traps, snares and pricey sensor-triggered squirrel traps. Simply walking around the countryside can make a difference when looking in the right places, such as a shooting estate or the grounds of a stately home. This activity is not only leisurely but can also make a difference to local wildlife. And if you don’t feel up to dealing with items yourself, you can relay what you have found to your local sabotage group.  

Northants Hunt Saboteurs held a protest against the Cottesmore Hunt at their first ‘fun ride’ of the spring/summer. As they explain in a recent social media post, holding demonstrations at ‘fun rides’ are important as these are specifically organised to raise money and recruit paid subscribers for the upcoming season. Discouraging supporters and paid spectators from joining a hunt can be a significant blow against their longevity, both financially and for their morale. This contributes to a diversity of tactics as part of a dedicated campaign against a hunt and has been proven to be successful in shutting them down for good.  



{editor’s note: we’ve received a report back from a demo in North Italy against Max Mara. Read the activists words below.}


“On 20 April, we responded to the call to action calling for activists to protest against Max Mara, guilty of not wanting to subscribe to a no fur policy.

We went in front of their shop in Monza (Monza Brianza) in northern Italy and held up signs showing with pictures and describing in writing the suffering to which foxes and mink used by the Max Mara group to make cuffs and hoods are subjected. We also went into the shop to protest and talked to people on the street. People supported us and spoke out against the use of fur.

We also spread the information on the fur free alliance website and invited people to download the format to write to the Max Mara Group asking them to join the fur free alliance as so many of their high fashion colleagues have already done.

No more cruelty.



“Il 20 aprile abbiamo risposto alla chiamata all’ azione che invitava gli attivisti a protestare contro Max Mara colpevole di non volere sottoscrivere una politica no fur. Ci siamo recati davanti al loro negozio di Monza (Monza Brianza) nel Nord Italia e abbiamo esposto dei cartelli che mostravano con delle immagini e descrivevano con delle scritte la sofferenza a cui sono sottoposti volpi e visoni utilizzati dal gruppo Max Mara per fare polsini e cappucci. Siamo entrati anche nel negozio a protestare e abbiamo parlato con la gente in strada. Le persone ci hanno sostenuto e si sono dichiarate contrarie all’uso delle pellicce. Abbiamo anche diffuso le informazioni presenti sul sito delle fur free alliance e invitato a scaricare il format per scrivere al Gruppo Max Mara chiedendogli di unirsi alla fur free alliance come già fatto da tanti dei loro colleghi dell’alta moda. Basta crudeltà. MAX MARA SEI COLPEVOLE DELLA SOFFERENZA DEGLI ANIMALI.”


Received anonymously:

“What does it mean to be a militant? Being part of the Rojava Revolution

“95% of our struggle is that against ourselves. Only the other 5% are against the enemy” Abdullah Ocalan

The last weeks have been my toughest here so far. I have been unable to contribute much and continue working on my projects here, due to poor health. The perfect time for some self-reflection and introducing one of the core pillars of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. Many great revolutionaries have contributed to the idea of self-reflection and militancy.

When I first came across the word militancy, I imagined somehow becoming hard: always working, never complaining. In short, becoming a revolutionary robot, able to surpass the mental, physical and emotional ‘constraints’ of being human. In Europe – even though I had slowly widened my understanding a bit more – I still somehow held to this ideal of a revolutionary. Someone who is young, fit, able-bodied and smart. Indeed, I have pushed myself more than I thought I could do, stayed up longer than I thought I could and achieved things I never thought possible. However, while this can be part of being a militant, it is not the whole story.

Coming here, the militancy of the comrades you meet is undeniable. There are heroic resistance stories, people sacrificing their life to save that of their comrades or to prevent themselves falling in the hands of the enemies. These include that of Sehid Berxwedan, or Ryan Lock, who instead of falling in the hands of ISIS, ended his own life. These stories and examples are invaluable for us, and yet this is only one part of a much broader understanding of militancy here. Soon after arriving, I realized the broadness of who is a Kurdish revolutionary. I sat together with comrades in their 70’s, sick and worn down from 20 years fighting as a Guerilla, joking how I have become a “terrorist” alongside them simply for being here. Sharing stories of undeniable love and care for the people of the world. For weeks, another comrade gave us dance lessons. She was a ballet dancer before she joined the struggle. She fought with the Guerilla for 14 years and got severely wounded. She is in constant pain, until she forgets it through her much beloved dancing. Yesterday evening, we sat together with an older comrade. She is fifty and was born in Rojava. Her brother was killed in Bakur (North Kurdistan) only two years ago. She was describing to us how she followed the front lines in Raqqa together with other comrades from Kongra Star (the women’s umbrella organization), founding and building up people’s councils in every newly-liberated village.

These efforts to cultivate a mentality and practice of grass-roots democracy are as much a part of militancy as the military battles are. The constant drive to build up alternatives: dreaming about them, realizing them, having many hard conversations, making many mistakes, learning from them and not giving up hope. Mariame Kaba, a black abolitionist from New York once said hope is a constant discipline – here I see this coming true.

Things are hard here. Things are far from perfect. Many women still live in incredibly difficult situations, the spiralling economy is crushing household finances and most people with essential qualifications – such as doctors and engineers – have left for Europe. Several rounds of systematic Turkish airstrikes on power stations and oil infrastructure have shattered the already-frail energy sector in Rojava, making electricity, gas and fuel even more expensive and scarce for the population. Meanwhile, Turkey continues to assassinate scores of top YPG and YPJ commanders, as well as those working as society organizers and women’s activists, through targeted drone strikes.

Yet despite all this, the comrades manage to keep alive within themselves an unparalleled energy, will to continue and spirit of optimism. When setbacks occur, when problems emerge (and of these there is no scarcity), when the circumstances make it seem like there is no way forward, still the comrades – and the people of Rojava – continue to push forwards. Of course, there are not many options other than to continue to struggle, given the situation. Yet as described before the deep culture that the Kurdish movement has built around their martyrs – the immense value given to those who gave their lives in the fight for freedom and their constant presence in our daily life through photos, memorials and stories – also offers the strength and will needed to renew a spirit of hope each day. To not just move, but move with momentum.

One rainy March day, I meet some comrades from Kobane (the place made famous in 2015, when a Kurdish-led resistance effort handed ISIS their first major loss and kick-started the liberation campaign that would result in the territorial defeat of the so-called caliphate in 2019) in the city’s large martyr’s graveyard. When countless childhood friends, family members, neighbours, loved ones and strangers have given their life for a cause that you believe in, to not try to carry on their struggle, channel their determination and passion and pursue their dreams of a better world in their place amounts to betraying them, they say.

This is the discipline Kaba speaks of: every day choosing to renew your will to hope, to dream and to continue to believe that against all the odds, it is possible to succeed. This is a kind of militancy that requires a strength that is not confined to the physically strong, young and able-bodied figure. A ‘robot revolutionary’ could never achieve this kind of militancy, because it is built on a deep emotional connection with your own spirit, your comrades, the path you have chosen to take together and the life around you. For me, this has meant to except my physical boundaries the last weeks, rely on my comrades support, listen to their harsh criticisms when I tried to move too much and reflect how I too, can expand my idea of militancy.”


[Image credit: @sono.sabs]

For the majority of Fox and Hare hunting packs across the UK & Ireland, March is when the season comes to an end. Usually at this time of year, their attempts to kill wildlife become desperate. Hunt saboteurs however, despite physical and mental exhaustion, have continued to stop this from happening right until the end. Individual hunts finish the season on different dates, so when one hunt packs up early in the month, the local sabotage groups will join others to target another hunt elsewhere, adding more pressure those final hunt meets. One specific end of season meet to note was of the Cottesmore Hunt who were sabotaged by 5x sizeable groups in solidarity to locals who have had consistent problems with aggressive hunt ‘security’ in recent months. A kill-free day was reported, as well as the arrest of the hunts hired bullies.  

Channel 4 News (UK) gave more negative coverage of hunting this month after they, along with West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, exposed police corruption following a ‘secret deal’ between Warwickshire Police and the Warwickshire Hunt. Even the National Police Chief’s ‘lead on hunting crime’ officer admitted this is likely due to the hunt being “well connected”. It is important to recognise that this coverage, however, still gave somewhat of a ‘not all cops are bad’ impression and we urge viewers to recognise and consider the problems and limitations of seeing state enforcement (in this case, the hunting act) as a means to wildlife liberation. Not long after it was aired, police had shown their true colours by harassing Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs and displayed their ignorance to hunting legislation and didn’t care about activity of the Grove and Rufford Hunt. In reality, the state views hunt sabotage as a gateway to becoming an ‘animal rights extremist’ and will happily repress anyone who they deem to be. With that being said, this coverage has undoubtably made many in the hunting community nervous and should be welcomed. And rightly so, it won’t be easy to shake off the exposed reality of the relationship between hunting and policing in the UK.

Protests against the hunt were also had, as seen by Suffolk Action for Wildlife. This is not only good for the morale of those who care about wildlife, but can hurt the hunts feelings. If these protests, or fear of protests and negative PR, lead to hunt socials and fundraisers being cancelled by venues then it’ll also hurt their pocket and make them feel unsupported.

Though the Fox and Hare hunting season has finished, other forms of hunting continue. The stag hunting season is set to continue until the end of April, but with other packs of hounds finished for the season, groups in the West and South West of England are doing what they can, as seen unsuccessful days had by the Devon & Somerset Staghounds.

Saboteurs will now also be getting prepared for Mink and Otter hunts, who operate during the spring and summer months.  Any tip-off’s relating to these activities can result in wildlife being saved from being killed, and are welcomed by your local sabotage group who will maintain anonymity. Kind messages and donations are also well appreciated!

Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs have been busy with a ‘countryside clean up’, by removing snares and traps. Spring is a busy time for shooting estates and others who want to kill wildlife so it is important to see what can be found locally. The warmer weather makes such an activity a lot more enjoyable and gives people an opportunity to not only appreciate the beauty of this time of year, but also to make a difference in sustaining it.



anonymous submission:

“The last weeks I have danced countless hours, intercepted by too little sleep and many hours sitting together with comrades, remembering those who have fallen on the way here.

March is a month of celebrations in Kurdistan, and Rojava. We celebrate the 8th of March as a day to dance to the victories working and socialist women have gained across the world. Remembering the long and rich tradition we are part of- here, we gathered for a picnic, with live music and dancing. In between we shared stories of resistance, silly anecdotes of the early days of the revolution and many hugs.

Although I have only been here a few weeks, I was welcomed by many as if they’d known me forever. “Our goodbyes are always so heavy”- I was told in Bakur (North Kurdistan, Eastern Turkey) and it shines through every interaction here, too. March is not only a month of celebration of victories and new beginnings, it is also a month where many anniversaries of internationalist sehids (martyrs) take place. For me, Anna Campbell, Lorenzo Orsetti and Alina Sanchez are all people who inspired me to travel here. Anna was killed by the fascist Turkish state in the Afrin Occupation March, 2018, Lorenzo was killed in one of the last battles against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor in March 2019 and Alina died in a car crash in 2018. With them hundreds of Kurdish friends died.

Tomorrow, we will get together to remember them, the day of the internationalist martyrs. There will be music, dances, speeches and theater performances. Many here, spent time with these friends and other martyrs and can tell funny, sad and heartwarming stories of their times here.

With this depth in mind, we also celebrated the Kurdish New Year- Newroz- some days ago on the 21st. As with every celebration, we started it with a minute of silence for our martyrs. Newroz has a long history of resistance in Kurdish culture, formerly a prohibited celebration in many parts of Kurdistan, people came together in secret to celebrate. And this is still a reality in the occupied parts of Kurdistan. Last year a family of four was murdered in Afrin by Turkish backed jihadists. Knowing what we fight against, and more importantly what we are fighting for, makes every step we take together all the more meaningful. “


[Image credit: @undergroundbadgersyndicate]

The end of the main hunting season is approaching and hunts are getting desperate. Northants Hunt Saboteurs have had a difficult time with the Cottesmore Hunt after continued threats of violence and intimidation by hunt ‘security’, who throw their weight around in front of the police. But the sab group maintained a presence on the hunt. Though they had some setbacks due to the hunts rent-a-mob, this inevitably comes with its own set of problems for the hunt; hiring them costs them money and they attract negative media attention. The Pytchley with Woodland Hunt, who Northants sabs also contend with, has also got themselves into trouble and ended their season early after multiple hounds were killed on the busy A43 whilst out hunting.

Lincolnshire Hunt Saboteurs have also had problems with hunt employees who slashed their tyres during a ‘gruelling day’ with the Burton Hunt, but were able to continue taking action throughout the month.

Despite the best efforts of local sabs, deer were killed by the Stevenstone Hunt in Devon and, two days later, by the Kent Hunt. Farm animals were also victim to hounds, as seen by a post by North Wales Hunt Saboteurs who stated that the Flint and Denbigh hunt killed a Sheep and her an unborn lamb. Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs also reported of a fox being killed in a garden by the Grove and Rufford Hunt. Though upsetting and frustrating, they took solace in knowing they prevented other kills by this hunt and also of the Holme and Colne Valley Beagles, who they packed up earlier in the day. They, like many other groups, have worked tirelessly in a challenging time of the year as wildlife becomes much more vulnerable as the Fox and Hare breeding season takes place.  

Beds and Bucks Hunt Saboteurs announced that the Oakley Hunt will disband at the end of the season, following a 10-year concentrated campaign against them. A decade is a long time but the abundance of wild animals, as well as hounds bred for hunting, that will be spared cruelty and death is undoubtable well worth it. The group state that two major factors in their demise is due to a massive decline in subscribers and a lack of land they are permitted to hunt on – both of which are vulnerable to pressure campaigns. Protesting fundraisers and hunt related social events, shaming landowners and business that host the hunt, as well as direct action in the field are sure ways to make a hunt unviable. With such attention being given to a hunt, it is inevitable that they struggle to maintain staff, as proven by the Oakley Hunt. Now, local and neighbouring saboteurs can move onto their next hunt.

Kent Hunt Saboteurs reported that costs of policing the protest against the Kent Hunts boxing day meet mounted to over £14k, which can add additional pressure on the hunt as members of the public rightly question why public money should be spent on policing an illegal hunt. Suffolk Action for Wildlife received reliable intel that multiple Essex and Suffolk Hunt masters, who often play an integral position financially, are leaving at the end of the season, which makes them vulnerable and an attractive target for a pressure campaign.

The Fox Inn, a pub, hotel and wedding venue in Stourton, were forced to no longer host the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt end of season ‘supper’ after Staffordshire Hunt Saboteurs named-and-shamed them online. Members of the public, including locals and potential visitors from afar, were given the opportunity to contact the business and voice their concerns which ultimately worked. Events like these are not only important to raise money for the hunt, but also double up as a networking and social event, and is a big problem for a hunt if cancelled. Businesses heavily rely on reputation so negative publicity can produce quick results when they are seen to be supporting wildlife killers.   

Underground Badger Syndicate have reawakened after taking some time to rest after the intensive badger cull but soon got back to work by removing 20 mole traps from a posh private estate. Traps and other means of wildlife killing are used all year round but springtime is particularly nasty, so they’ve set up a new donation page to help them pay for fuel so they can keep active. Others who have also been busy, including Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs dealing with fen traps and The Great Unwashed dealing with a shooting hide.

Devon County Hunt Saboteurs reminded the online world that, as of the 1st February, the supplementary badger cull has stopped and won’t continue until June. However, they make the point clear that people should remain vigilant as persecution of the supposedly legally protected wild animal will continue regardless. Checking up on setts is a casual way of doing this and is also vital intel that can be used in the future, as pointed out by Northamptonshire Badger Group who have been regularly surveying throughout the month. They, as well as hunt sabotage groups, can provide training and workshops on sett checking and general surveying which is not only a great way to learn about the fascinating and beautiful existence of wildlife, but also the skillset on how to protect them.



[Editor’s note: Anarcho Anti-Speciesists for Palestine sent a write up and video about their disruption in the Animal Rights Forum in Melbourne due to the welcoming of zionists as speakers. Read it below:]


Saturday 24 February 2024

We are autonomous anarcho anti-speciesist actionists who disrupted the platforming of a zionist speaker at the Animal Rights Forum in Naarm (so called Melbourne).  We opened the action stating “This is for Reem, they are all Reem” followed by “This is how Palestinians are notified that they are being targeted by the IOF”  whilst throwing pieces of paper in the air titled with these words and also quotes from the Zionist speaker, Maya Cohen-Ronen (M.C. Ronen). We then commenced our speakout. We will let the video speak for itself from there.

We refuse to have veganism co-opted by spaces that platform genocide supporters with blood on their hands. Nor will we cower to misogynistic violence and bootlickers. 

Boycott and disrupt all spaces where zionists are platformed!  Total Liberation Now! Long live the Palestinian Resistance!

This is our statement: 

We acknowledge that our resistance is being undertaken on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. Sovereignty was never ceded and we acknowledge the ongoing effects and suffering of colonisation on this land and those who have been fighting against and resisting the oppression for over 250 years. We also acknowledge the Elders past and present who continue to guide and teach. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

We are here today to oppose this zionist named M.C. Ronen (aka Maya) being platformed at this forum in full knowledge that she is a genocide supporter with blood on her hands. 

We are here today because we oppose the genocide of the Indigenous people of Palestine and some of us have had our community killed and injured in the bombing of the oldest Greek Orthodox church in Palestine by the Israeli Occupation Forces. 

Over 29,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed since October, including over 14,000 children – more than 260 babies didn’t get to celebrate their first birthday. Over 70,000 Palestinians are injured to date. THIS IS GENOCIDE. 

The fascist settler-colonial state of israel has ensured that there is nowhere safe for the Palestinian people – the “safe” corridors are corridors of execution. Rafah with over 1.5 million people cornered is now a target. 

Decolonisation is and should be the cornerstone of the Human Liberation movement. This means cultural, psychological and economic freedom for Indigenous Communities to have the right and ability to practice self determination over their land, cultures, political and economic systems.  The colonisation of Palestine has caused the occupation and dispossession of land, military rule over social, political and economic systems which exploit the Palestinian people and their resources.

Animal Rights Forum – have you not noticed the countless numbers of other animals that have been killed by the zionists, either at point blank or through the endless bombings in Palestine? Thousands are traumatized, lying injured or deceased, under the ruins and rubble. The donkeys, the cats, the dogs, the sheep that have been killed by IOF snipers as ‘target practice’. 

Animal Rights Forum – the weapons which are “field” tested on and used to kill the Palestinian people are FIRST tested on and used to kill other animals. The connect is here! 


In front of a zionist being platformed at an animal rights forum ready to deliver a speech about animal and human rights – but just not those of all Palestinians and most certainly not those she labels with the speciesist slur “vermin”.

She talks of human rights as though she is the defender of those rights.

She talks of human rights as though she is not the violator of those rights.

She talks of human rights as though she is not part of a political ideology responsible for perpetrating the genocide of the Palestinian people. 

She talks of human rights as though the zionist state has not been ethnically cleansing Palestine for over 75 years in the world’s largest open air prison – by land, air and sea.

We reject the vegan washing of the zionist state. No amount of vegan boots in so-called vegan armies will ever inform our position. The oppression of other animals cannot be used to mask the subjugation of the Palestinians over decades. 

Zionists have turned Palestine into an open air slaughterhouse – and here you have your token zionist platformed today. 

We stand with anti-zionist Jews who are on the frontlines of solidarity actions with Palestine. Judaism is not Zionism. It is not anti-semitic to oppose zionism and this genocide.

The Palestinian resistance has deep seeded roots in every corner of the world, including at this forum.

Blood on your hands Animal Rights Forum!

Shame on anyone speaking at this forum in full knowledge that a zionist is being platformed! Get that Keffiyeh off your neck! 

And shame on the Animal Rights Forum for also platforming transphobes this weekend! 

Long live the Palestinian Resistance!


Whilst we would have liked to to keep this write up strictly about the genocide in Palestine and our solidarity action, we will touch on a few other going ons (briefly as we don’t want this to detract from why we took action):

We were physically and verbally attacked by organisers at the forum, especially the lead organiser who launched at the activists pulling speeches and flags from their hands, pulled at a keffiyeh wrapped around of one of our queer comrades necks which started to choke them, pushing and shoving us as mock security. We will always push back against misogynistic violence in any space. This ugly display of unprovoked violence towards women and non-binary folk was a microcosm of the very violence the people in the room proclaim to oppose towards other animals but then without hesitation replicate this violence for all to witness.  You have all become the very thing you claim to be fighting against. In that moment you could have listened – a mirror was being held up to a room full of hypocrisy because it is necessary and long overdue. You’re also a bunch of bootlickers for calling cops on other activists. 

We thank our comrades at Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs for stepping up and having our backs in a room full of bystanders showing them all what being an accomplice to the Palestinian resistance looks like whilst others stood back and told us “we aren’t discussing that (genocide) here” and “you’re disgusting”. MHS also pulled out from the forum without hesitation in an act of unwavering solidarity with Palestine and our action. Head over to the hunt sabs facebook page to read their statement and show them some solidarity.  Link here:

To the orgs and individuals who have an endless list of pathetic reasons why they couldn’t walk away from this forum in full knowledge (prior to the forum commencing) that a zionist was being platformed – f*ck you. We repeat, f*ck you. For all the times you have looked away – for ignoring the fascists, the misogynists, the transphobes, the conspiracy theorists, the anti-vaxxers, the zionists in animal rights spaces. It is counter revolutionary! And again, you looked away even though you were presented with an opportunity to do better this time. If only you had an ounce of the integrity our sab comrades have. Keep waving the flag of faux solidarity with Palestine whilst some of you are even on the record as financial sponsors of this forum. Your rich whyt girl tears don’t affect us and nor does sliding into our DMs to attempt to school us. You do not get to drive the narrative here. Your solidarity with Palestine in the time of genocide shouldn’t be difficult – it should be easy. Solidarity isn’t selfies months ago at a Palestinian rally you attended, it is every day and in every space. There is nowhere to hide now, you had the opportunity to walk – the rest is on you.

To the neo-liberal poster children for whyt and single issue veganism in the room – especially the vegan saviour yelling “are you vegan?” and “animal rights now” at us, role playing security trying to push us out of the zio space whilst pointing to his Palestinian wristband – yes, we are f*cking vegan and also yes, you’re a walking hypocrite. #WristbandsForLiberation

And lastly to the coppers outside the Melbourne Town Hall – we saw your hands on the OC spray simply because you were called to an action by Palestinian actionists. Upholding settler colonial violence everywhere you go. 

Abolish the Police! F*ck The Police! ACAB!

After the outside action was concluded, one of our Palestinian comrades walked across the road to rescue a gull (“seagull”) that had just been hit by an ambulance. He held the gull with such tenderness and love, caressing their head and kissing them gently and then handed this individual over to us. We wrapped their dying, almost lifeless, body in our keffiyeh. It was in that keffiyeh that they died. In that moment it became clear to us that the love and compassion shown by the Palestinian people for this animal was in such stark contrast to the racism and hatred shown by the “animal rights” forum and associated folk towards Palestine only a few hours earlier. 

No one is free until all are free. 

End the occupation! 

All eyes on Rafah!


– Anarcho Anti-Speciesists for Palestine – Naarm”


Received anonymously:

“For years I had heard all these stories about Rojava – great stories of resistance, heartbreaking stories of comrades falling Sehid (martyr), being remembered through tears, laughter and action, and of difficulties. It had always caught my attention; this place, so far away from our reality. A place where I don’t need to fear the police raiding my house, but instead fear the bombs and drones Turkey sends over. The hope that shines in people’s eyes when they talk about Rojava and the fact that many of my beliefs are being put into practice there, was also something that had always caught my attention.

Now, I am here, living many of the things I had only heard about previously. In just the short time I have been here, Turkey has assassinated several comrades, including two YPJ commanders who were part of the famous resistance against ISIS in Kobane. They were wounded there and had been living in a house for comrades wounded in war. Yet, there is silence from the so-called democratic western states admit such clear war crimes. Only days later, I went to a march demanding the freedom for Abdullah Öcalan; we were thousands marching together through the city. And most beautifully, the same wounded friends who survived the attacks only days before were leading the march, showing the spirit of “no pasaran! Em nacim! You will not get through and we will not leave!”.

The revolutionary spirit cannot be denied here, whether it is in the streets talking to people, visiting families who have been part of the Kurdish movement for decades or spending time together with the small team of internationalists who have traveled a long way to get to know the Rojava Revolution.

So, I will try to write a small regular update on Rojava, the developments here, and how I connect it to the broader anarchist and liberationist political movement that we are all part of.”


(Compiled from local and National Media Scources)

Huntington, WV, January 2024

In January, a group of pipeline protestors showed up at CJ Hughes Equipment
Rentals complex, located in Huntington WV

Activists disrupted the workday for their largest office administration
building with spray foam, glitter, barbecue sauce and more. The protestors
made their message clear, “Anyone partnering with MVP is a target, and
will not be allowed to continue with business as usual.

CJ Hughes is a WV based equipment rental company that specializes in
pipeline projects, including the Mountain Valley Pipeline. They also provide
services like directional drilling and hydrostatic testing for fracked gas
pipelines across the region.

#NoMVP #StopMVP #NoPipelines


[Image credit: @severnvalesabs]

The main hunting season has passed the half-way point and many are starting to feel it drag on. But groups remain active. Some have even visited two hunts in one day, as seen by Glasgow Hunt Sabs and, separately, Staffordshire Hunt Sabs. Though there was plenty of success with disrupting the efforts to kill wildlife, some sabotage groups were on the receiving end of violence. Northants Hunt Sabs were attacked two weeks in a row and then had their windscreen smashed the following week, all during meets of the Cottesmore Hunt. In a statement, they claimed this was a result of continued pressure put on the hunt that they described as ‘wounded’. Behaviour such as this is a sure sign of desperation and has been carried out in a similar way by many hunts that have folded in the past. They later stated; ‘no matter what they throw at us they should always expect us’.

South Coast Hunt Sabs were also assaulted and had a vehicle smashed on New Year’s by the South Down & Eridge with East Sussex & Romney Marsh, who recently amalgamated. Historically, both of these hunts have a reputation for violence and is likely to continue. Be this as it may, the development is big news. They are also advertising for a new huntsman, which suggests things aren’t going well. Last year saw an amalgamation in Kent, resulting in the large county only have one fox hunt left. With both of these developments in mind, this means that hunt sabotage groups in the South East of England now have fewer to contend with, giving them the opportunity to concentrate efforts and shut down those left remaining for good.

It was reported that, despite the best efforts of Plymouth and West Devon Hunt Sabs, The Lamerton Hunt killed a fox whilst hunting Dartmoor National Park. The actions of the hunt just a week earlier resulted in the death of two hounds who were run over on a public road. Like wildlife, hounds are treated as a commodity with little to no regard for their safety or wellbeing. As hunts continue to breed thousands of hounds a year, they subsequently create more life that is subject to suffering. An end to hunting not only means less suffering for wildlife, but also an end to an animal industry.

In December, North Dorset Hunt Sabs used a drone to capture video footage of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale hunting and killing a fox, which was later broadcast on national TV on Channel 4 News in January. This evidence, aided by receiving mainstream coverage, has forced the governing body of fox hunting to suspend the hunt. Though this response by the governing body is purely to save face, the hunt is unable to continue for the foreseeable future which is undoubtably good for local wildlife but also means that the hunt will take a financial hit from the lack of income generated by mounted hunt supporters who pay to participate. This is one example of how utilising opportunities to show the realities of hunting through mainstream media has played an important part in sustaining public outrage and maintaining pressure against individual hunts as well as hunting in general.

Drones has become more of a regular piece equipment in the sabotaging toolkit, as seen by Cumbria and Lancashire Hunt Sabs who focus their efforts on fell packs; non-mounted fox hunts. With having to operate in challenging vast rugged terrain, drones help to locate and gather evidence of hunts who are increasingly having to rely on trespassing to hunt. It was reported that this includes land owned by the National Trust, Forestry England, Lake District National Park Authority, United Utilities, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, and Butterfly Conservation, as well as areas that have status of being a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The sabotage group also state that a growing network of landowners has formed to tackle hunt trespass on their land, adding pressure from the local community against a form of hunting that is already depleting in support. Pressure from local and large landowners could be enough to cause for dwindling hunts to disband. Sabotage helps to make that happen sooner.

The intensive badger cull may have finished months ago but supplementary culling has continued. Though shooting free roaming badgers at night continued until February, regulations stipulate that cage-trapping should cease on the 1st December. Be that as it may, some involved in culling leave their killing mechanisms laying around. Severn Vale Hunt Sabs came across some and made sure they can no longer trap again, and reaffirms the importance of checking up on badger setts, especially that have previously been targeted. Northamptonshire Badger Group, for example, have been busy checking setts and used this to train others, which emboldens locals to take action where necessary and doubles up as a wholesome activity in appreciating the activity of wildlife.