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The supplementary badger cull begun at the start of the month and so has the mobilisation hunt saboteurs, anti-cull activists and members of the public who are checking setts for signs of being baited or tampered with. Some groups have posted evidence of healthy badger activity but things can change quickly. Derbyshire Against The Cull, for example, has been concerned about the presence of a known badger-killer who has been regularly spotted near a hotspot culling area, though hasn’t had the chance to go shooting due to the groups presence.  

Ambitious for an end to the badger cull, Northamptonshire Badger Group advised to ‘vote wisely’ in the general election, hoping that the main opposition party (who are predicted to form the next successive government) would abandon the murderous policy. However, the badger group later confirmed that the Labour party will allow pre-existing cull licenses to continue. Though its unsurprising to many, it is worth noting that legality has little bearing on the protection of wildlife and though there isn’t justice, there is us. 

Saboteurs from Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln and West Midlands foiled plans by the Dove Valley Mink Hounds to hunt the River Trent. As they did last month, on discovering the presence of saboteurs, the hunt resorted to walking back to the meet and were escorted back to the kennels. Despite the fact that Mink and Otter hound pacts are notoriously covert, they continue to be apprehended.  

The Cottesmore Hunt are continuing to have a hard time as Northants Hunt Saboteurs keeps up the pressure during an open day at the kennels and a fun ride. Both of these are recruiting drives to recruit new members and raise money. The presence of saboteurs and protesters, highlighting the brutal reality of hunting is bad for business as it puts off any new interest they may have and also discourages existing members as they may not want to be publicly seen to be supporting the murder of innocent wild animals. This is one tactic that has been applied consistently as part of a pressure campaign. Simultaneous action overtime, using different tactics, is a proven method to shutting down a hunt for good. Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs also held a protest against a fundraising event held by the Grove and Rufford Hunt.  

After freeing a severely injured corvid from a Larsen trap, Underground Badger Syndicate  sent a clear message to a gamekeeper by dealing with three high seats, three larsens, a ladder trap, multiple fens and a fox cage. In a social media post including a video of what they got up to, they stated ‘you destroy lives, we destroy your shoot’.

Herefordshire Hunt Saboteurs, who also dealt with two types of spring traps and poison hoppers, have a similar message; ‘direct action saves lives’. 

Any information about wildlife killing fundraisers, Mink/Otter hunts, the location of traps, tools and infrastructure used to kill and anything dodgy or suspicious relating to the interference or ill-treatment of wildlife should be reported to your local hunt sabotage group. Unsure of your local group? Contact the Hunt Saboteurs Association’s tip-off line at 07443148426 or via social media. The smallest bit of information could make the biggest different to an innocent life.


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