Between June 15-19, around 300 activists from different parts of Europe and the Nordics gathered for a climate camp in Gävle, Sweden.

The camp was organized by the Take Concrete Action network, which previously organized a camp and blockade against the cement factory Cementa on Gotland in 2022. (Link: https://youtu.be/zROOiTOEafE)

At the camp in Gävle, folks from the radical movement came together with people from the broad environmental one, you could make contacts, there were opportunities for learning, and to mobilize future climate actions. One could contribute to the escalation needed in the climate struggle.

The camp had a schedule filled with interesting talks. It was five days with, among other things, anti-colonial perspectives, reports from anti-fascists, information on anti-repression. There was a good atmosphere in the camp, with vegan food, and action training. On Monday, June 15, it was time for mass action, when more than a hundred activists blocked two entrances to Stora Enso’s pulp factory in Gävle. Stora Enso is an international pulp company, which depletes forests around the world, which has fatal consequences for non-human animals, and minority groups, for example in both Sweden and Uruguay.

The day of action began on Sunday night, when the activists gathered and made their way to the action site and structured themselves into friend groups and finger formations. Of course, they were closely pursued by cops, who awkwardly stumbled around the forest in useless attempts to keep track of the activists. When the activists marched towards the industrial building, singing “Tout Le Monde Dèteste La Police”, there were police cars both in front and behind the demonstration train. Nevertheless, the demonstration reached its goal.

Arriving at Stora Enso, the activists split into two groups, one finger blocking the West Gate, and another finger blocking the East Entrance. At 07:00 the blockade began, after which it did not end until 10 hours later. At 17:00 the activists chose to end the blockade. Then they had caused trouble for Stora Enso’s operations all day, prevented transport from getting in and out of the area.

The blockade was also well attended by journalists and cops (from at least three different police regions). Of course, representatives from Stora Enso refused to publicly comment on the activists’ criticism of their environmentally destructive activities.

Overall, the camp was well organized and inspiring. Activists met, exchanged experiences and started new fruitful relationships. The action, the blockade against Stora Enso, was successful and showed what can be achieved when enough people gather and take direct action together. We can shut down what destroys us, and expose the crap companies. It will be exciting to see what the next climate camp with Take Concrete Action mobilizes resistance against.


Take Concrete Actions website: https://www.takeconcreteaction.info/

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