{editor’s note: This is the video of an already reported action by 269 liberation animale}

“This is a tale about an evasion. A tale about borders, blown up by direct action.

Borders between those who can transform, who can achieve a metamorphosis, and others.

Others who are trapped, locked up, stuck in a non-existence, in a body that became “their jail”. Others, who have been deprived of a future.

This is a tale about a bunch of comrades, mainly women, who decided that direct action wasn’t solely a thing for guys who like camo clothing, and feeling part of a self proclaimed elite.

This is the story of a collective, in red and black, that decided to show that the ones at the bottom, fight, and that all bodies, even the most messed up or the most destroyed ones are here to take part in a revolution.

We took those acts and made them viral, joyful and fun.
Even if a crowbar weighs twice as much for those who have to get rid of the coat of social order before taking action, nothing ever made us turn around.

Animals are no step stools to our feminism.

On that night, we were out for them, and most importantly, with them.

With animals drowning between walls of farms and slaughterhouses.
Forgotten by all, left to die in the machine, and whose calls for help remain ignored and unanswered.

The life of an animal is a life lived as a film negative.

An existence against itself.

“Bodies having to steal themselves if they want to survive”.
Maybe being part of a social minority makes us feel like acting harder, better, faster ?

We chose immediate impact, rather than stagnating in an abstract antispeciest scene full of empty words, far from animals.

It’s a fight that takes us right to their jails, to commit an escape.
All of a sudden, animals start flying above metal fences, breaking through obstacles, stopping the relentless murdering machine and finally, they can write their name in history. Always by breaking into it, and always through the big front door.

There, where the “undercover camera” that shows us the most cruel acts taking place in the slaughterhouse, does nothing else but reminding us of the desubjectification in wich animals getting killed and workers turned executioners are being placed.

In this very location, a slaughterhouse, direct action allows us to invent another end for animals.

To interrupt the way things would go.

It throws us in a powerful and emotional dimension, because there’s a direct connection between one’s body and their political power.
To those we left behind.

‘To girls who’s eye liner looks better than the future.'”


3rd May, Argentina.

via: @anarcoveganismo.arg

ENGLISH (translation):

“Driving I saw chickens in cages and I didn’t hesitate to try and rescue them. Unfortunately I couldn’t save them all. The cages were tiny and full of weeks old manure.

There were people in the house, the light was on and a pick up truck was parked by the door, but I still wanted to try to rescue them.

There were holes in the run where I could stick my hand in, but obviously they were scared so I went to buy corn to call them with it. As soon as they saw it, they were desperate for it. The first one I got I gave corn slowly until she popped her head out of the hole, I grabbed her and pulled her out, running into the car and then driving home. Once I had left her in my house I went back and grabbed another two the same way. In total there are two chickens and a cockerel.

NEVER doubt helping an animal, they can’t do anything, they are victims of a system that sees them as objects of consumption for humans.

It was clear those animals were being used for profit, in that area they buy and sell birds to use in religious rituals or to consume as flesh. From the ALF, we value every life that is saved by direct action, it doesn’t matter if it is just one. One life will be free. Veganism is respect and justice.”

SPANISH (original):

”Pasando con el auto ví a gallinas enjauladas y no dude en bajar a intentar rescatarlas, lamentablemente no pude salvar a todas
Las jaulas son diminutas, están llenas de excremento de hace semanas sin limpiar.

Había gente en la casa, estaba la luz prendida y una camioneta en la puerta pero iba a intentar rescatarlas de todas formas.
había algún que otro hueco por dónde meter la mano, lógicamente tenían miedo así que fui a comprar maíz para atraerlas, apenas vieron el maíz todas se desesperaron, a la primera que tome, fue dándole maíz y esperando que sacará el cuello para afuera de la casa, la agarre, la tape con un buzo oscuro y salí corriendo al auto. Luego de dejarla en mi casa, volví a ir y agarré dos más de la misma manera. Son 2 gallinas y un gallo .

NUNCA duden en ayudar a un animal, ellos no pueden hacer nada, son víctimas de un sistema que los ve como objetos de consumo humano.

Era claro que estos animales eran comercializados,en la zona compran mucho para utilizarlos en rituales religiosos o para consumo humano. Desde el ALF, valoramos cada vida que se salve mediante alguna acción directa. Así sea una,son sus vidas. Una vida que vivirá en libertad. Veganismo es respeto y justicia”


19th April, Germany.

According to local media, the police are investigating an attempted robbery after an unknown person tried to steal a hunter’s weapon.

Cops say an unknown perpetrator attempted to snatch the rifle of a hunter commissioned by the town to hunt rabbits in the cementery on Firdaty 19th April. This led to a scuffle between the saboteur and the hunter. In the end, the saboteur managed to steal the amunition and left the area.

Apparently, the hunter was approached by an unknown person and was asked what they were doing in the cementery grounds. When the hunter explained that he had permission to murder rabbits, the saboteur decided to atempt to take the weapon away. The hunter assumes it was an opponent of hunting.

So far, the cops have no leads on the identity of the saboteur.


21st April, Argentina.

Via: @anarcoveganismo.arg

ENGLISH (translation):

Antispeciesist activists vandalise speciesist propaganda. Speciesist adverts are normalised and forced into a society that sees the bodies of our animal siblings as products.

Antispeciesism is justice.”

SPANISH (original):

“Activistas Antiespecistas vandalizan la propaganda especista. Que esta normalizada e instalada en esta sociedad que ve a los cuerpos de nuestrxs hermanxs animales como productos.

Antiespecismo es justicia”


5th May, Italy.

Received anonymously via email:

ENG (translation):

“We called him Igor and he is a billy goat who was locked up in poor conditions in a pen waiting to be sacrificed according to the Islamic ‘halal’ ritual at the end of Ramadan. But someone decided that Igor would not become food and rescued him from his unjust imprisonment to give him back the freedom with which every living being is born.

Initially taken to a stable, he was then taken to a sanctuary that takes in rescued animals and from now on he will be able to live with his fellow creatures, loved and cared for. The ‘halal’ ritual slaughter involves slaughtering the animal without stunning it, as required by European law. For us there is no difference because we reject animals being used and consumed by humans and we do not accept that they should be slaughtered to feed, clothe or otherwise. We do not want less violent slaughter, we do not want bigger cages.


Have a nice life Igor”

ITALIAN (original):

“Lo abbiamo chiamato Igor ed è un caprone che era richiuso in pessime condizioni in un recinto in attesa di essere sacrificato con il rituale islamico “halal” alla fine del Ramadan. Ma qualcuno ha deciso che Igor non sarebbe diventato cibo e l’ha sottratto alla sua ingiusta prigionia per ridargli la libertà con cui ogni essere vivente nasce. Inizialmente portato in stallo, e’ stato poi condotto presso un santuario che accoglie animali salvati e d’ora in poi potrà vivere insieme ai suoi simili, amato e accudito. La macellazione rituale “halal” prevede l’ abbattimento dell’ animale senza stordimento come invece previsto dalla legge europea. Per noi non c’ è alcuna differenza perché rifiutiamo che gli animali siano ad uso e consumo dell’ essere umano e non accettiamo che debbano essere ammazzati per nutrirci, vestirci o altro. Non vogliamo macellazioni meno violente, non vogliamo gabbie più grandi. VOGLIAMO GLI ANIMALI LIBERI. Buona vita Igor”


3rd May, Victoria Australia

Received anonymously via email:

“ALF Locks Hunters Out of Wetlands and Spray Paints Rifle Club

The campaign against hunters continues in so-called Australia. The ALF has visited Lake Colac and Reedy Lake before the weekend to lock gates and prevent vehicles from entering the wetland. The Colac Rifle Club was also visited, and spray painted for their encouragement of blood sport and providing the training to take innocent lives.

To all the lives taken over the last month already and to the lives yet to be taken, we are sorry, and these actions are for you. Until every animal no longer fears for their life, we will be here fighting, harassing, and disrupting.

We pay our respects to the First Nations people of the land in which our actions take place on. We acknowledge the long history of First Nations people on this land and pay our respects for the lives that have been lost, the struggles that colonisation has caused to this day, and we stand in solidarity of First Nations peoples fight for freedom.

We further extend our solidarity to the struggles of dispossessed people all over, from the Congo to Palestine. Solidarity always, no one is free until all are free.”


9th April, Europe?

Via: @269.liberation_animale


it calls us, it gives us a duty, it makes us rise. It brings us, relentlessly, in front of the same doors.

Violette was liberated last November, during the first “CUORE LIBERI” operation.
She was already weak when she arrived at the place that welcomed her. She got taken away shortly after by a pulmonary infection.

“The slaughterhouse” isn’t just a place. It’s also the factory ground for an exploitation that digs down to the bone.

A poison attacking animals and infiltrating their body. It sneaks in and grabs back those who it could not tear appart and dooms the ones who made it out. Slowly devouring them from the inside.

But we promised Violette that her name wouldn’t get to fade away.

Direct action as a way to fix those lives, slashed by slaughterhouses. As a way to never forget.

Scars only heal once you took revenge, at last.

Actions only stick when they are aimed at the power. So we put together another story, written with those at the bottom of the ladder.
All those worthless and invisible bodies, dying at rates so high we can’t even count them.

Violette’s lifeless body says it all, crudely.
And here we are, once again, meeting up to punch back.

We went in a forest, to slide into our second skin.
To turn our flashlights back on, providing us with this soft red light that makes our faces glow at night.

This time, we took revenge in a slaughterhouse.

The back door finally broke apart, as a gun going off in the dark, and we screamed. Maybe a little too much, but it made us happy.

A slaughterhouse isn’t just four walls and a roof, it’s someone. A border patrol guard standing in our way with it’s smell, straight out of a graveyard, and it’s captive bolt gun. It’s watching for the world to stay splitted between night and day, the ones who live and the ones who died, suburbs and towns, animals and us, victims and abusers, the exploited and the ones who profit.

The animal question stands here, between red, white and black.
Pigs dont have words coming out of their mouth. Instead, they look at you. They talk with their face, and we get it all.

It’s our burden because it makes us responsible.
When we get in, tired eyes and broken bodies immediately stand out.

Them and those cracks in the concrete flour, as a breach between what animals are forced to be and what’s forbidden to them.

A place to eradicate.

And that one pig, in the left corner of the first box, understood it.

That there’s nothing to understand no more.
That there’s no outside.
That his world stops, at the end of this corridor, tomorrow, at dusk.

So he’s drowning his eyes in the holes in the ground
As if this ground would suddenly break open.
Ending it all, now.

An animal who’s taking refuge in solitude, self mutilation or depression, is everything but a victim who consents and accepts the injustice done to them.

For those postures are still ways to resist, to try and bear the unimaginable. And for there is, in each attempt at resignation something that shows you as the actual looser of the fight.

We decide to carry this pig, because you cannot allow yourself to take the time to choose, or the memory of those left behind comes to chew at your head forever after.
As it’s time to get the hell out of there, we notice, in another dimly lit corner, another pig, smaller than the others. He’s isolated and has a tumor as big as a football. How could we leave without him ?

We carry him out too and decide that we’ll just figure things out later.

We each went our ways in the early morning, knowing that we’ll see each other again, soon.

After our last slaughterhouse blockade, local newspapers wrote this about us : “we dont know who they are, or when they’ll strike next”.

Ain’t gonna lie, we actually like this.

After this 27th liberation, we keep in our minds yet another unforgettable heritage.
At the end of the day it’s there, in those very moments, that life and death look at each other without hatred.
And between us remains light. The same light that emerges when a cage pops open.

To my comrades who keep hitting the road each week to write this story with me, alongside animals <3”


2nd of April, Bavaria

Received anonymously via email: 

“We came in the dark so these innocent animals would see the light the next morning. They did.

We have already been in the exact same egg farm 4 times before and liberated 36 hens from this place in total in 2023. We never claimed these actions until now because we hope the more actions are reported, the more people will be inspired to take action on behalf of the animals

This time on April the second 2024 we liberated 11 hens. from this filthy, horrible place.

They are crowded by the thousands in a concrete building wiht no windows.

No fresh air, no sundlight, no grass, so space just noise, bad smell, fecies, pain and death.

These poor animals are bred to lay an unnatural amount of eggs. They are only seen as egg laying machines and are sent to slaughterhouse as soon as the egg laying declines and the farmer makes less profit with them.

So if you are reading this we ask you to take action. Do some research , locate the farms in you area and go out at night and take as many animals as you caan carry. Make sure to find good homes where they can live in freedom and peace.

The 11 hens we liberated were brought to a secure , caring home where they have a lot of space to run around, they can now spent their days outside on grass, breathing fresh air and bathing in the sun. We want to use this moment now to express our gratitude to all those who offer a home for liberated animals. Thank you so much. We appreaciate everyone who takes action for these who have no chance but us. lets destroy the infrastructure of this slavery. While liberations, make sure the animals are safe and then destroy as much as possible.

We took dozens of eggs from the farm and fed them to the liberated animals. The eggs belong to them not to humans. If you cant carry loads of eggs just break them in the farm. This means financial loss for the farmer.

Expect to hear from us.



10th April, Victoria, Australia

received anonymously via email:

“Earlier this year Jacinta Allen’s office was paid a visit by the A.L.F for her decision to go against her own governments recommendation to ban duck shooting. This is likely due to her personal ties with hunters, and the fair share of hunter population in her electorate. The A.L.F vowed to show up on the wetlands to disrupt and sabotage hunting activity. Here we are.

In the early morning of open day (10th April), the A.L.F paid a visit to Lake Colac and disrupted the sleep of hunters camped out on the lake by playing loud metal music and screaming out the windows. Song of choice for this fine morning was Deadbringer by Aborted.

Meanwhile down in Geelong near Lake Connewarre, on the morning of opening, a hunter broke shooting laws by opening fire at a swamp hen out of frustration. He opened fire at a pair of ducks flying overhead and when his shot missed, proceeded to shoot an illegal to shoot bird, a swamp hen. Further rules broken on the wetlands included a shooter carrying his gun unbroken, two wounded ducks not even attempted to be retrieved by the shooter who shot them and the flying of a drone. All illegal activities and the Game Management Authority were nowhere to be seen.

The duck shooting season will be active up until June 5th, we will be there day and night, ensuring hunters have as little joy as possible and we will bring you updates as they come. We vow to fight for the innocent ducks that have been slaughtered over the years and the ducks that are yet to be murdered.

Hunters will be hunted this duck shooting season.

We acknowledge the First Nations people whose land this action took place on. We stand in solidarity with their fight for freedom and liberation from the oppressive forces of colonialism.”