via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

August, Milwaukie USA.

[photo unrelated to the action]

“Last week, to commemorate the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, under the cover of darkness a small incendiary device was placed on the wheel arc of a Vertiv truck located on the edge of a sleepy office park in Milwaukie OR. The delay was lit before we disappeared back into the forest

Vertiv Corporation develops critical support equipment and services for commercial IT systems—technology that is utilized by United States military in addition to state and federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and ICE. Vertiv is part of the broad corporate infrastructure of state repression that condemns us all to a world of mass surveillance, borders, and militarized police


This action was inspired in part by the continued militancy and creativity of the movement to stop the construction of Cop City in Atlanta GA. Cop City is a testing ground for other law enforcement agencies across the country to construct similar facilities—continuing a broader trend towards the militarization of policing and domestic counter-insurgency. For their part, Vertiv is a supplier to the Atlanta Police Department. Just in the year 2023 alone, the APD paid Vertiv $168,315 to utilize their technology.

Cop City is everywhere, so our resistance will be everywhere. March 5th was our call to war…

For Tort

For Rayshard Brooks

March 5th Movement (M5M)”


summer, Bavaria, Germany.

via: Act for Free

“But who said summer wasn’t conducive to incendiary attacks on structures of domination? Not the police in Bavaria’s capital city, at any rate, where these have not ceased. On July 8, a construction machine set fire under the Föhringer Ring in the north of Munich, destroying the telecoms cables running along the bridge. On July 16, a cell phone antenna caught fire in Forstenrieder Park, south of Munich. Then on July 26, five construction machines at the Martinsried subway station were hit by flames in Planneg, this time in the west of the city. And on July 27, at around 10.30pm, a forestry machine used for felling large trees was engulfed in flames in the Perlach forest, south of the city, again causing over 100,000 euros worth of damage.

All this anonymous destruction is enough to make uniforms dizzy, as they no longer know which Saint to turn to or which direction to dig, so much so that helicopters have even taken to circling the skies over Munich at night, in search of saboteurs. All to no avail.

On Sunday night, August 14, at around 3:30 a.m., the crew of a police helicopter spotted – albeit a little late to start the hunt – a new excavator fire. It was located near the central dam on the River Isar, between Pullach and Höllriegelskreuth to the south of the city, and belonged to the municipal company Stadtwerke München (SWM), one of Germany’s largest energy supply companies. The damage is estimated by the cops at “several hundred thousand euros”, and the investigation has once again been handed over to Kommissariat 43 (state security offences).

But there’s more. Firstly, because summer isn’t over yet, and secondly, because the clever ones will have noticed that a cardinal point was missing from this beautiful continuity. Of course, there was no reason why the domination interests to the east of the city should escape the flames!

On Tuesday night, August 16, at around 2:30 a.m., a large construction machine went up in flames on the A94 freeway in Anzing, some fifteen kilometers east of Munich. According to the criminal police, this was probably a case of arson, and links with similar cases throughout the Munich police district are being investigated. The burnt-out machine was an asphalt paver parked on the construction site, and the damage is again estimated at over 100,000 euros.

With two more beautiful construction machines reduced to ashes, one on the eve of August 15 and the second after the feast of the Assumption, if the Saint to whom the Munich police devote themselves in an attempt to catch the arsonists is still called Mary… it’s because she really doubts nothing!”


Delayed report, July 2023, USA.

via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

[photo unrelated, train sabotage in Washington 2021]

“During the last week of action in Atlanta, some of us sabotaged various parts of Norfolk Southern’s rail infrastructure on the outskirts of the city. Norfolk Southern is one of Cop City’s funders.

1. We set fire to a signal box by cutting the lock with bolt cutters, stuffing the box with dried pine needles and trash, and lighting a road flare.
2. We disabled another signal box by cutting the lock with bolt cutters, lighting two fireworks held together with tape, and shutting the door of the box with fireworks inside.
3. We connected the rails with a set of jumper cables to signal a blockage on the track to be cleared.

The actions were simple and unsurveilled. More experimentation is needed to see if this actually stops or delays trains. That is the main reason we have waited until now to claim this action. But it certainly cost Norfolk Southern money, and that’s better than nothing. Our original intent was not propaganda of the deed, but to cause economic harm. However, in light of the recent RICO charges, we realized that people might need a little encouragement on how to respond. Norfolk Southern owns and operates many railroads across the country east of the Mississippi.

The best defense is a strong offense!”


10th August, Berlin Germany.

via: Act for Free!

“Somebody has to build all this shit, the highways through forests, the jails, the palaces of the rich in the formerly green backyards of Berlin’s old buildings, the concrete aisles along the banks of the Spree River.

As we walk through the city, we repeatedly encounter the signs of a handful of companies that want to use them to mark who owns the city. Among them is Züblin, a construction corporation that pours cement on the explosive increase in rents. Züblin has long been active in the business of the capitalist attack on our living spaces, and was already targeted forty years ago for this reason, when construction machinery burned because of its involvement in the construction of Runway West in Frankfurt. During the Nazi regime, Züblin used forced laborers at Frankfurt Airport. Through its connection with Strabag, Züblin has become one of the leading tree killers, see the expansion of the A49 through the Danni or A66 through the Fechenheimer forest.

Naming such actors and sabotaging them unpredictably can be a modest contribution to the long-term wave of action towards revolt.

On the night of August 10, we shut down a Züblin vehicle with fire in Kreuzberg, Alexandrinenstraße.

The attack of the day before on the occupied houses in Habersaathstr. by a security company on behalf of the real estate mafia, shows the determination of our opponents to subjugate the city at any price in their pursuit of profit. There is nothing left but to target all profiteers of these exploitative relations.

Our action took place in a neighborhood that has been completely transformed in recent years in favor of the new urban elites. The nocturnal crackling of their vehicles is supposed to be part of the disturbing background music of the workers of Züblin, Amazon, DB & Co, when they want to regenerate in their new fancy apartments for another productive working day.

Group for the Shutdown of the Construction Industry


September, Appalachia USA.

via: Abolition Media.

“a fortnight ago, by the light of the full moon, a small group of friends set fire to a large excavator and a second small machine that were being used to build the mountain valley pipeline near teels creek.

we came prepared to burn up to six machines but unfortunately found only two at the site we chose. mvp has dozens or possibly hundreds of unattended machines on their construction sites on any given night; they are working at a breakneck pace in an attempt to complete the pipeline by the end of the year. a map of the pipeline showing incomplete water crossings can be found at

we believe that mvp is financially precarious and can still be stopped through relentless destructive actions, alongside the scaling-up of the existing campaign to cause disruptions and delays. to this end, we call upon like-minded individuals and groups to travel to so-called virginia and west virginia to inflict maximum economic damage against mvp by any means at your disposal. we must demoralize the enemy and prove that their project is doomed to never be completed.

people in the area have campaigned against this pipeline for eight years. while they allowed most of the pipeline to be built, they successfully used lawsuits and aerial blockades to delay construction indefinitely in key places like water crossings and national forests. however, the campaign has no further legal recourse after the remaining permits were forced through by congress in june. the mvp can no longer be stopped through walk-ons and lockdowns, nor by low-key monkeywrenching like adding bleach to engine oil. we are not asking everyone to stop using existing tactics, we only ask that people expand their imaginations and really consider how they can be most effective given limited resources of time, money, personnel, and energy. we like working with fire because it’s straightforward to use and makes it so easy to completely destroy machines. plus, accelerant is a hell of a lot lighter than concrete.

we have seen campaign after campaign fail to stop pipelines over the past decade, and we cannot afford to keep losing. we send our warmest greetings to jess reznicek, who is currently in prison for her courageous acts of arson and sabotage against the dakota access pipeline. we regret that her methods have not yet been taken up widely in the anti-pipeline movement. and are good starting points to find information on various arson and sabotage techniques.

we hope locals will step up their game, but the mvp is not just a local struggle. catastrophic climate change is already here. no one in the northern hemisphere has been unaffected by wildfires, flooding, or extreme heat this summer alone. while we are glad that this monstrous civilization has already ensured its own demise, we would love to make it possible for something to exist after. the only way to stop the deterioration of the climate from getting exponentially worse is to immediately halt the expansion of new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to shut down and dismantle existing infrastructure. wherever you live, there’s a pipeline near you that you can go shut off yourself.

if you have not yet begun to fight, there will never be a better time to start than now. the hour is late, and the risks of taking action far outweigh the risks of doing nothing. inaction is suicide. of course, we must always take precautions to avoid identification and capture, so that we are able to attack repeatedly. we don’t want to only act “once in a blue moon”! we’ll be back for more soon. will you join us?

blessed is the flame.

doom to the pipeline.

another end of the world is possible.”


18th September, PA, USA

received anonymously via email:

“dear mink murderer stahl, fur commission secretary:

i saw your mink prison recently and was not impressed. you have dozens of sheds but so many are falling apart. thankfully your operation seems to have gotten smaller over the years. when will you learn that animal abuse isn’t worth it?

people like me will continue to visit you at 4130 pennsylvania 890 sunbury, pa 17801, which i found on a recent communique on inspired me to visit, document what was happening, and liberate as many mink as possible. people need to see the filthy & cramped conditions where these territorial & genetically wild animals are kept up to four in a single cage. and the joy that is possible when they experience freedom.

when the cage latches were opened the mink jumped out to experience their first steps in grass and mud. i hope most have escaped to freedom and no more animals are ever imprisoned and slaughtered here again. whatever happened after i left i hope it was expensive.

the fur industry is hurting. great. profits are already at record lows and we can make it cost more than ever to continue breeding animals to steal their fur.”


9th September, Olympia USA/

via: Puget Sound Anarchists

“On the night of September 9th a small band assembled to carry out an attack on an Arby’s in Westside St̕č̓as (so-called Olympia). The crew convened in the shadows near the target. Anxious at first, a shooting star blesses our action and we don the black masks. We briskly walk to the target, confirm we are still in, set a thirty second timer, tag it and smash the windows and disperse. In, out, no arrests.

This target was chosen as CEO Paul Brown of its owning and franchising company, Inspire Brands LLC, sits on the board of directors of the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) who are behind the funding and political push for the urban warfare training ground and mass deforestation project known as Cop City. We take this small action against Cop City and its world and send love to those resisting the beast of police militarization in ATL.

Also, just in general, fuck Arby’s.

Targets are everywhere, take aim and strike.
And remember, It’s Easy to Attack!



4th September, Picassent Spain.

According to pro-hunt media, two hunters shooting pigeons in Spain had their cars keyed by a member of the public. Earlier that same day, whilst one of them was shooting a pigeon, a walker with a dog told them they really shouldn’t be shooting over their head whilst they were walking. The hunters threatened them by responding “maybe it is you that shouldn’t be here”. Later on that evening, when they got back to the cars, they found both of them keyed.

The hunters mention this is the second time in two weeks that members of the public have opposed their shooting. The week before, someone called the police twice on them, forcing them to show their permits to the cops and interrupting their hunt. One of the hunters adds “it is very sad that we always have to encounter some sort of enemy”.


1st September, Sweden.

received anonymously via email:

“Hunt saboteurs decorated several towns in Sweden with pictures of how it can go when you try to kill a bear: “ANIMAL ABUSERS GET WHAT THEY DESERVE”.

In this years ongoing trophy bear hunt in Sweden, hunters wants to kill 649 bears. One of these bears fought back and defended itself against two hunters. The hunters almost died. Unfortunately, the bear did not survive.

We honor the bear that died, continue its fight, our sabotage of hunting, and remind all animal abusers that you will get what you deserve. In time…”

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