February, Brooksville, FL, USA (delayed report)

received anonymosuly via email:

“In February 2021 we visited a backyard peacock/peafowl breeder near Brooksville, FL and cut the fencing of pens holding around 20 or 30 wild birds. Though not a native species, peacocks can live a feral existence which is much better than being sold as pets or for meat. Simple, low risk actions like this are powerful because they can immediately offer autonomy to non-human individuals living in prisons. Until all are free.”

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1st September, Euskal Herria.

via Argia:

Fifteen hunting towers and seven posts attacked in Jaizkibel, Jarindo, Kastañarri, Gorbeia, Arrikurutz and mount Kintoa. The Basque Animal Liberation Front denounces the “deplorable state” and the slaughter of animals by hunters.

“We will not be passively looking elsewhere as long as the sensitive creatures of other species are exploited, oppressed, or killed,” The members of the Basque People ‘s Animal Liberation Front stated in a communique about the attacks on the hunting towers and posts on the night of 31 August and 1 September. “Hunting licenses go up, but hunting towers go down.”

“As long as violence, domination, and murder of human and other animals continues to be normal, we see “legitimate and necessary” to attack companies, institutions, or structures that promote and reproduce such oppression.”

The Animal Liberation Front is a clandestine organization operating in various countries worldwide, with no known leader or public face, and carrying out direct action for animal rights. The last few days are not the only actions the Front has taken in the Basque Country. For example, in December 2018, several hunting stations were also damaged and in May and June of the same year, cement was dumped on the runway at Iruñera to create obsstruction and a fire was set in the bull fighting stadium.


1st September, Somewhere in Sweden.

received anonymously via email:

Strike #2 against ostrich farm, somewhere in Sweden. Several road signs and parts of the farm were vandalized, and this time signs were thrown in the river. Until the death camp is closed! Until all are free! We will be back! ALF”


26th August, Poland.

received anonymously via email:

“At the end of August in the south of Poland, the antispeciesist activists sabotaged hunting tower.

Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a murder authorized by the Polish state.

ALF Silesia”


11th August, Roth, Germany.

‘According to local press, hunters in Roth are under a constant campaign of sabotage that is making them stop enjoying going out to shoot animals.

Tyres have been slashed, wildlife cameras stolen or broken, dog shit smeared over the towers and seats as well as sabotage of the hunting cabins and ladders.

A camera trap pointing towards another camera trap managed to partially film a concerned citizen smashing another wildlife camera whilst walking the dogs, but it has not been possible to identify them.

A hunter in the area reported that after having climbed to the top of the seat he realised it was unsafe it toppled down with him on top, whilst he was carrying a gun. He says that after his “near death experience” he is scared to go out hunting and spends a long time ensuring the seats are safe.


6th August, Germany.

received anonymously via email:

“Three towers destroyed in north rhine westphalia, germany.

Hunt the hunters, protect the wild!”


11th August, Bavaria Germany

received anonymously:



Six rat traps in front of a supermarket stolen and disposed.
The thin fixing wires were cut with a side cutter, the poison was removed and the traps were put in the recycling garbage.
You take the habitat from rats an other animals by building new houses on the last green areas of the city. And then you also set traps and poison them. They die a cruel, painful, and slow death from internal bleeding.

I will come back!

This action is dedicated to six wonderful rat ladies who unfortunately left far too early.



Sechs Rattenfallen vor einem Supermarktgebäude entwendet und entsorgt.
Die dünnen Befestigungsdrähte wurden mit einem Seitenschneider durchtrennt, das Gift entfernt und die Fallen im Recyclingmüll entsorgt.

Nachdem ihr Ratten und anderen Tieren auf den letzten Grünflächen der Stadt durch neue Gebäude den Lebensraum genommen habt, stellt ihr auch noch Fallen auf und vergiftet sie. Sie sterben einen grausamen, schmerzvollen und langsamen Tod durch innere Blutungen.

Ich komme wieder!

Diese Aktion ist sechs wundervollen Rattendamen gewidmet, die leider viel zu früh gegangen sind.


via: directaction.info

10th August, France.

received anonymously:


“At the end of July, in France, we antispeciesist activists searched for and found hunting towers in a forest. Most of them we found were already broken, well done to the activists who passed by! It’s nice to know that we’re not alone in motivating ourselves and taking action! On the area of the forest that we explored, there remained one hunting tower, still intact… so we took care of it!

We are well aware of the arguments of the pro-hunting who say that the hunting towers serve the safety of humans when hunting is allowed, but destroying the hunting towers gives more chances to non-human animals against their murderers to be able to spot them, then flee or defend themselves. Hidden in their towers the hunters are inaccessible to any non-human animal that would like to get back at them.

The tool you see on the video is a manual chainsaw. It fits in a pocket, and it is extremely effective. Equip yourself and let’s destroy what they use to assassinate!”

“Fin Juillet, en France, nous, activistes antispécistes, avons cherché et trouvé des miradors de chasse dans une forêt. La plupart que nous avons trouvé étaient déjà cassés, bravo aux activistes qui sont passé.e.s par là ! Cela fait plaisir de savoir que nous ne sommes pas seul.e.s à nous motiver et à agir !

Sur la zone de la forêt que nous avons exploré, il restait un mirador, encore intact… nous nous en sommes donc occupé !

Nous connaissons bien l’argumentaire des pro-chasse qui disent que les miradors servent à la sécurité des humain.e.s lorsque la chasse est autorisée, mais détruire les miradors redonne des chances aux animaux non-humains face à leurs assassin.e.s pour pouvoir les repérer, puis fuir ou se défendre. Posté.e.s dans leurs tours les chass.eurs.euses sont inaccessibles pour tout animal non-humain qui voudrait leur rendre la monnaie de leur pièce.

L’outil que vous voyez sur la vidéo est une tronçonneuse manuelle. Cela tient dans une poche, et c’est extrêmement efficace. Equipez-vous et détruisons ce qui leur sert à assassiner !”