Delayed report, November 2021, Italy.

According to local media, William Baccini’s hunting lodge was visited by the ALF last year. Taking advantage of the fact that the family home was empty for the night, a group of people entered the building, destroyed all furniture, TV and windows, made holes on the roof using a pick axe, freed over fifty decoy birds and after dousing the place with gasoline, left the building with three rifles that then were decomissioned and abandoned in the woods.

William is head of the “Hunting and Tradition” group, an association of hunting groups who attempt to lobby the government in Italy as well as being very vocal about animal rights activists.

William had set up wildlife cameras outside the abode in fear of attack, but all he got was some blurry photos of masked, hooded up individuals.


26th March, Philadelphia USA.

received anonymously via email:

“This month we sabotaged card slots of Wells Fargo and Bank Of America in Center City, Philadelphia. This attack was done in solidarity and complicity with those disrupting the construction of a police training grounds in Atlanta. Cops in Atlanta want to cut down a forest to build a mock city to practice squashing uprisings. In response, individuals are occupying, protesting, and sabotaging. People have started staying in the forest and fucking with the construction. The Atlanta Police Foundation is being funded by Wells Fargo and Bank Of America. We are excited to hear about construction workers being chased out and construction vehicles being messed up.

As proponents of self-directed revolt we decided to target the banks contributing to building the cop city. We hope that by communicating our action others feel encouraged or inspired to attack and disrupt the social order in their own context. While it would be preferable if the police project in Atlanta collapsed, for us destruction is an end in itself. We take pleasure in disrupting capital.

Our sabotage involved collecting plastic cards, which we cut into thirds. The purpose of this was to prevent the cards from easily being removed. Before going out we wiped down the pieces with gloves on and dressed anonymously. We inserted the pieces into atm and door card readers after putting a strip of super glue onto them. One benefit of this action is that it fucks up the machine without making a lot of noise or seeming out of place. We feel this is relevant to point out because the cop city is an example of the police preparing for mass unrest and we feel it is strategic to be able to act discreetly in light of increasing policing and surveillance.

Fuck cops
Fuck banks and money
Solidarity and complicity with the feral anarchists in Atlanta
Death to civilization
Long live anarchy
Chaos forever”


El Estor is a nickel mine in Guatemala owned by Solway, a Swiss mining company that is willing to go to any lengths to keep making profits.

The nickel resources around the mine happen to be just below the surface of land indigenous folk live on, and for many years there has been a serious fight to not only stop the company from digging up their home but also to stop the company’s continuous pollution that is affecting everybody’s health, murdering uncountable endangered species and destroying the land around it.

In 2009, Adolfo Ich Chaman, leader of the indigenous community, was brutally murdered by mine security. In 2016, due to the precarious conditions within the mine, an explosion injured over twenty workers and killed at least six. In 2017, during the fishermen’s protests demanding a stop to the polluting of the lake, Carlos Maas was shot dead by riot police. The two journalists that covered his murder were the only people charged with anything after his death.

A hacking group called Guacamaya decided to fight back and released 4.2 TB of internal documents showing the lengths that Solway is prepared to go to displace the indigenous community. From bribes to judges, police and government officials to creating economic dependency within the community, Solway was willing to pay their way to bulldoze the land murdering animals, plants and trees. If the indigenous community wasn’t willing to move, then they had even more sinister plans, like setting fire to key parts of the forest to destroy their livelihood or spread false rumours about the community leaders having HIV “due to their promiscuity”. To Solway, the health of the earth, the life of animals and the worth of the indigenous community were lesser than their hunger for money. The mining company has carried out many of these plans, burning irreplaceable chunks of the forest and terrorising both individuals and the whole community.

Forbidden stories broke the news at the beginning of March, releasing the work that over 65 journalists from across the globe had done analysing the data dump that Guacamaya had handed them over. 

At the same time, Guacamaya released their statement, which can be read in Spanish and is linked at the bottom of this article. Guacamaya did not stop there tho. They want you to know that everybody can do this job and they put a video together of how they hacked this multinational company, using open-source software. We have linked that video below too. 

Check the resources linked below to learn more about the hack, the indigenous peoples’ struggle against Solway and the tools and methods that Guacamaya used to hack them.

From UA, we want to echo the words of Guacamaya. “Infiltrate and sabotage with rebellious joy!”; but we also want you to think. A big part of our readers is part of the West. Have you ever stopped to think how deeply our consumption affects the earth? And if you have, have you put faces to the people that we are hurting with our insatiable thirst for progress? Watch the videos published by Forbidden Stories to meet the people affected by Solway. Solway is a Swiss-based company. They live in Europe and they profit from the destruction of the indigenous communities of Guatemala whilst comfortably sitting on their sofa at home. They are giving orders to pollute rivers, burn forests down and murder the people on the ground who resist. While this mine is far away for many of you, the people who run and profit from it are closer than you think. Are you part of the resistance?

Forbidden Stories, all articles:
Downloadable Mining Secrets 4.2TB Datadump:
Guacamaya’s communique after the hacking was published:
Guacamaya’s ‘how to’ video of the action:


Eric was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2014 after a Molotov cocktail attack on a congressional office in Kansas City in solidarity with the Ferguson demonstrations. Since he was served his sentence, guards have conspired with white supremacist prisoners to beat Eric multiple times, and in 2018 Lieutenant Correctional Officer Donald Wilcox took him into a closet, away from cameras, and beat him as part of an “attitude adjustment”. Eric was later charged assaulting a corrections officer.

Throughout last week, his case was heard in court, and the guards told all sorts of lies like a bird had managed to enter the prison and messed up his cell and spilled coffee on his legal documents.

On Thursday, the jury returned a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict after seeing through the lies of the prison officers that had been conspiring to ultimately kill Eric.

Because of this Not Guilty verdict, Eric will be out of prison in December 2023, but until then he really needs to hear as much animal rights and antifascist news as possible. Eric needs to feel the support of his comrades and to know that he is not alone facing the fascist prison officers in the jail.

Please write to Eric and give him lots of love:

Eric King 27090045
FCI Englewood
9595 w Quincy Ave
Littleton co 80123



March, Flowery Branch, Georgia USA.

received anonymously via email:

“To Reeves Young:

You will have noticed by now that several of your machines have ceased to function, their arteries corroded from within. Last week, we sabotaged six Earth-raping machines——including two large excavators and a bulldozer——at a Reeves Young construction site in Flowery Branch, Georgia. So long as you continue to contract with the Atlanta Police Foundation for the destruction of the South Atlanta Forest, and the construction of a Cop City in its place, know that your equipment is not safe. Your offices are not safe. Your homes are not safe.

Unless your company chooses to pull out of the APF’s Cop City project of its own volition, we will undermine your profits so severely that you’ll have no choice but to drop the contract. A recent article in the AJC estimated that forest defenders already “have done hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to utility equipment.” Our conservative estimate places you now hundreds of thousands deeper in the red. Though we fight in defense of the forest, against Cop City, our struggle is not contained there. Wherever you are, we will find you. All fields are battlefields. All machines are targets.

To our friends:

Solidarity means attack. If you hate the cops and love the forest; if you feel as we do that they have already taken too much from us——venture into the night and fight back. Sabotage and vandalize. Don’t get caught. By bleach, sand or fire, you can destroy the Earth destroyers. (Read Chapter 5 of “Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching” for details——practice good security if searching online.) We will not sit idly by as they desolate one of our last wild spaces, all to sharpen their tools of mass domestication. The logic of death ends with us. We choose life.

We do not need more training centers for the police to practice killing us. We do not need more Amazon warehouses for two-hour delivery of fleshlights and Quest bars. What we need is what we already have, what Reeves Young aims to ruin: spaces free from Empire; soil, roots and water, mutually healing; trees bending in the wind; a friend’s eyes shining in the light of the fire.

We will not rest, so neither will our enemies. In solidarity with all those locked in cages; in solidarity with all those combating Russian and Amerikkkan imperialism——let us strike without fear at everything which confines and assails us. May the flame that burns inside us burn everything around us.

With burning heart,
Anonymous Drivers of the Nomadic War Machine”

PHOTO: Anonymous artwork published by the Defend the Atlanta Forest campaign group.


5th March, South West UK

received anonymously via email:

“This is a delayed report. On the night of Saturday the 5th of March we snuck out and popped all the tyres on Pak’s butchers van…again. We also took a trip to the BS4 postcode and popped all the tyres and paint stripped a van belonging to a dairy company.

For the animals


15th March, Granby, UK

received anonymously via email:

“Having seen that people have kickstarted a campaign to shut down the vile fur farms owned by T&S we decided to pay a quick visit to a farm we had visited in the past, near Granby. We thought this would be a quick routine check because the actual farm had shut over a year ago due to them getting permission to build a huge house on the land, like they always do with their rabbit farms. Our mission was simple; gain information about the status of the house and learn about the contractors that are doing the work. What we found was far from what we expected.

Most of the farm was empty, but two runs were very loud and active! When we approached we saw eleven rabbits that had been left to starve. With obvious illnesses and incredibly skinny, those eleven rabbits weren’t destined to slaughter. They had been abandoned, probably picked up from other farms when displaying illness, and left to die at Granby Hill.

The disregard and abuse was such that it took us some time to react. You could see their bones through the skin, ears covered in wounds and mites, their fur stained yellow and covered in their own piss, no fresh hay, or any grass to eat, and their water containers had stopped working. We needed to do something.

We convinced them to come out by sprinkling some feed on the ground. Their fear towards humans was obvious, but their hunger was stronger and they devoured the food immediately. We sourced a couple of animal carriers and after catching the eleven rabbits, we took them to safety.

They have a lengthy road of recovery ahead of them. Some might not make it. What is clear is that they now have a chance to survive, and that they will be loved and cared for unconditionally without being destined for slaughter to sell their fur to some rich scumbag.

Phil Kerry needs to realise that it is time to change his ways. Our discovery in Granby has put us on high alert, and there is no compromise. He must give up his rabbit farming business once and for all.

We are watching. Choose wisely.

Rabbit Liberation Unit.

PS: We want to dedicate this liberation action to the memory of Anna Campbell, who was killed four years ago today fighting fascism in Rojava. We remember you. The fight goes on. Şehîd Namirin.”


In past instalments we’ve talked about creating a safe password for your smartphone and how to use a password manager for all other accounts, but something was left behind that needs addressing.

As we mentioned before, data leaks can happen, and even tho the passwords to access an account on any internet platform tend to be stored hashed, it can be unhashed by people with the right tools.

So there is no point having a great password that then gets leaked and cracked, right? We can do something about this too.

Multifactor authentication is a way of ensuring whoever is sending the credentials to an account is actually the person who owns that account. It normally uses two of these three:

  • Something you know (usually, your password!)
  • Something you have (your smartphone, or a hardware key, or some other object)
  • Something you are (fingerprints, biometrics and so on)

We have talked about the dangers of biometrics already and we would highly advise you to not use them. That said, you still can use two factor authentication (2FA) by giving something you know (your password) and something you have (either a hardware key, or an application on your smartphone).

This is how it works; when you log in on Facebook, you are asked for your email and password. You have done your job right and know that the password is complicated and stored in your Bitwarden account. So you select it, then add that little bit of password that only you remember, and hit enter. A second screen appears that asks you for a code. You check your smartphone, introduce your code, and you’re in!

Ideally, that code will be a one time use code and change every time, making things a lot safer.

That means that if someone was to get your password, they still wouldn’t be able to access your account without also having that code, which should be in your pocket!

You have already done this before, normally over telephone number. Amazon asks you for a mobile number, they send you a code over text, and then you introduce it in your log in screen to get in. But texts are sent and stored in plain text, and SIM Swapping (an attack where someone manages to acquire your telephone number without you realising) is a very common vector of attack.

Instead of using your telephone number, you can choose to use a hardware token if you feel you need to go the extra mile with your security (like YubiKey, go read about it!) or you can use a software based 2FA authenticator.

Our recommendation for a software based 2FA authenticator would be the open sourced Aegis Authenticator if you’re using Android, as it offers a few extra features like password access and back up options, or TofuAuth if you’re using iOS, also open sourced and designed for iPhones.

The process is simple, you go to your account, find 2FA and enable it. You then grab your phone, scan the QR code that the website offers and it will automatically add it to the account. Now the app and the website will be able to talk to each other and nod in agreement when you give them the right code!

This is an incredibly easy, yet very effective way of keeping your accounts safe. Please head to your accounts and enable 2FA, connect it to your phone software and stick your middle finger to whoever might try to gain access to your accounts!

UA Tech and Sec department.

If you like what we do, consider donating a few coins, we have very little funds left
Paypal: unoffensive_animal(at)


1st March, Atlanta USA

received anonymously via email:


On Mar. 1st, 2022, FIVE large Long Engineering trucks used to do survey work to help delineate destruction in the South Atlanta Forest were destroyed in solidarity with eco defenders currently protecting the forest from being clear-cut to build cop city and more Hollywood infrastructure for Black Hall Studios.

There will be NO peace for any subcontractors involved with the planning or destruction of the south Atlanta Forest until ALL contracts with the Atlanta Police Foundation & Black Hall Studios have been withdrawn, & the Forest is safe from any and ALL destruction. We do NOT differentiate “pre-construction ” & “construction “…

It is EASY to approach vehicles and machinery sitting like ducks in subcontractor parking lots and simply pour gallons of bleach into their gas tanks and render any and all of their equipment used to subjugate the land completely dead and inoperable!

This is a CALL-TO-ACTION for more eco-warriors to replicate these actions in the name of Defending the Forest and ALL creatures wild and Free!

Save the South Atlanta Forest! Destroy all of the machines! Tear up all of the roads! There is no “perfect moment” to act on the horizon, the time is ripe!

Fuck your ego and use the cover of darkness to go out and get shit done, for we need more faceless saboteurs to help bankrupt all of these companies from being able to function.

It only costs $1.00 for a gallon of bleach and it costs them $50,000.00 (or more!) Per vehicle…


Bite the Hands of Greed,
-The Wolvez-“