14th March, Henry County USA

Via Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

{photo unrelated}

“On the early morning of March 14th, we torched eight pieces of heavy construction machinery belonging to the Brent Scarbrough company (the contractor that is presently clearcutting the Weelaunee forest) at a site on Jonesboro Road in Henry County, Georgia. We hope everyone on their morning commute enjoyed the show. Despite the blaze being visible from a major road, what appears to be one of the most quantitatively effective attacks on the company’s equipment so far remains unreported in the media at the time of submission. This follows a previously observed pattern in which the news focuses only on reporting attacks that occur inside the perimeter. However, it appears that some of Brent Scarbrough’s largest sites, with the greatest amount of equipment, can be found by venturing further outside the city. It’s easy to find clues that construction sites are nearby, like Flock cameras, orange cones, and “road work” signs. When passing by a site, look for the arms of excavators bearing large and recognizable “Brent.us” logos. We’re getting closer every day. Let’s bankrupt them!”

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