We have (slightly) good news about Eric. For those who don’t know who he is, Eric has been in prison after being arrested and charged with an attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas. His release was scheduled for 2023, but since, Eric’s anarchist convictions have made guards and nazis in prison target Eric physically and psychologically. He is now facing new charges after screws made fake allegations of assault, during which Eric was beaten up. His new trial was moved to April of this year and his letter ban seems to have been lifted. To avoid trouble, please don’t send postcards, and just use plain white paper and black ink.

If you don’t know what to write about, Eric has a nice list of things he likes on his website, which you can find here:

He also has a book Wishlist you can order from so he can read stuff whilst in prison:

Please write to Eric. A simple letter can make it or break it for someone in prison:

Eric King #27090-045
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123

We also have news on the Swedish front. Thanks to a generous donation, we sent 1500GBP to Djurfront, which helped cover the fines, plus Karl’s fines. Knowing that they don’t have to worry about all that cash is fantastic, and it is only thanks to all of our supporters that we can help, so thank you!

Karl had their first trial about calls to fur farmers, ended up with a guilty sentence, giving Karl 100 hours of community service as well as a hefty fine. The good news is that they were released from prison and doesn’t have to be locked up awaiting the next trial! We can only send all our solidarity to you, Karl! And long run the fox!

So with all this good news, the only thing left to mention is to write to prisoners. Visit our website, pop by the ‘Prisoner support’ tab and choose someone to write to. Their freedom is at the end of your pen.


Art by @goaskforde


30th December, London UK

received anonymously via email:

“The streets were deathly silent until we arrived. In the early hours of the morning, we brought hammers to your shopfront. We disappeared again just as easily. Having your shiny things broken is the very least you deserve, murderous scum. Looking forward to the new year? We are.”


December, Online

anonymous report:

“e-comouest is the website designer: ‘ &’, these websites claim millions of victims around the world, this is not acceptable.e-comouest collaborates and condones death.for this their website and 30 other websites he was designer were hacked.”


30th December, Touluse France.

received anonymously via email:

“During the night of December 30-31, a butcher shop (La Bête à Cornes) in Toulouse was targeted for the second time in less than a month. Red paint was splattered on the storefront, and messages painted on the walls.”


31st December, Stuttgart Germany.

received anonymously via email:

“Made on 31.12.2020 from 11:50 pm to 00:30 am around Stuttgart at 7 animal exploiting shops and bakery and kebap and ice cream shop and supermarkets.
The tape say: Closed because of animal cruelty
Total Liberation!!! Now!!!”


December, France

received anonymously via email:

English :
At the end of December in the south of France, the members of ALF sabotaged 17 towers for hunting, among other things for the wild boar.
These steel towers have been destroyed in order to allow animals to live on this area.
Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a murder authorized by the french state.
As long as you kill, rebuild, we will destroy …

Français :
Fin Décembre Sud de la France, les membres d’ALF ont saboté 17 miradors de chasse prévus entre autres pour les battues aux sangliers.
Ces miradors en acier ont été détruits afin de permettre aux Animaux de vivre sur ce secteur.
La chasse n’est pas un sport, pas un loisir mais seulement un meurtre autorisé par l’état français.
Tant que vous tuerez, reconstruirez, nous détruirons …


1st January, Sweden.

received anonymously via email:

“During the black winter night four hunting towers were destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front, somewhere in Sweden. The forest is full of wild animals, and there is no place for vile creatures as hunters! FCK HNT!”


The year is coming to an end and it is as good of a time as any to thank everybody that has supported Unoffensive. All we have achieved would have not been possible without all of you on the other side, donating, sharing, commenting, sending complaints and criticisms and encouraging us to carry on. 

It certainly has been a weird ride. Except for the very beginning of the year, we haven’t done any workshops through 2020. That’s the first time in five years that we’ve missed big activist meetups like Earth First! and that we’ve not travelled to multiple countries to meet people and discuss and learn and share. We cannot wait to start all that over as we believe it to be the best way to grow and expand our knowledge. Until then, you can always reach us via email! 

 In true fashion of “new year new me” and blatantly copying @the.cranky.vegan we have a little list for any of you wanting to make 2021 a revolutionary one. Of course, we are big believers of getting things done, so instead of more ideological ideas, we have a few things to add to your To-Do list: 


Alongside Facebook, they own the internet, and they own you. They sell you too, your data, your activity, your behaviours and your hopes and dreams. Find alternatives. As a search engine, try DuckDuckGo instead. Set it up as your standard on your browser! Instead of Chrome as an internet browser, try Brave. Of course, we would recommend TOR, but for everyday use, Brave can be very useful! Google Maps? Try OsmAnd app instead. How about phones? Google owns Pixel, and it can be de-googlefied! Check GrapheneOs or CalyxOs. Disconnecting Google from your life is a MAJOR anti-capitalist step you can do with very very little difference in your life. 


Choose a prisoner, or two, and start writing letters. Once a week, simply send a letter out to someone in prison. It takes virtually no time in your life, but it opens the windows to a huge world for someone incarcerated. Remember that those you cheer with likes and comments under HIT REPORTS are the same as those who are locked up in prison. They also need some love. 


Get used to walking the countryside at night, in the dark. Get dropped away from the city with a map and walk your way back. Call out the police on the streets. Sneak into a university lesson. Shoplift your dinner. Whatever the task, put yourself in places you are not supposed to be. Familiarise yourself with that uncomfortable feeling and learn to manage your adrenaline. Legality is not just papers and rules, legality also lives in your mind. Kill the cop in your head. 


Don’t misunderstand this one. We are not encouraging anyone to go smash a window with a face covering. That would be a terrible, terrible act of vandalism. What we are encouraging is for you to become accustomed to doing things without the backing of social media. Join your local food not bombs and don’t tell your entire following about it. Go to a demo without posting about it. Have dinner without taking a photo for Instagram. In this world of social media platforms, likes, shares and instant gratification challenge yourself to do something without the approval of anyone else. And of course, never smash a window without a face covering. Covid travels faster on glass shards. 


The world is full of show watchers. We are guilty of creating them by sharing news of direct action. The reality is, you have the same power as anybody else to do anything you have in mind. Start small. Wheatpaste the streets. Graffiti “Plants will dance on the ashes of capitalism” through your city. Challenge bailiffs at a squat eviction. Stop looking, dreaming about the “what if”. The revolution is in your hands. 

 See you in the next riot 


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video by:

Gender has become a huge topic of discussion in the past few years. From the clusterfuck of assimilation by liberals to projects of gender liberation by radical activists and without ignoring the “traditional” concept of gender that the right insists on, gender isn’t something you can avoid in conversation.

The reality is, you can’t avoid gender in society either. Gender qualifies you even before you are born, setting parameters about who you are, how you will behave and how society will see and understand you. It infiltrates everybody and categorises them within a binary concept of male and female that for the most part we have accepted, assimilated and perpetuated. The problem with the assimilated gender binary comes in two separate arguments. The gender binary acts as a societal marker that defines the opportunities you will have, the privileges you will benefit from and the abuses you will face. Secondly, it further erases the variety of identities already under attack by western globalisation and colonialism.

Throughout history and in different groups around the world, gender has been defined as a lot more than the current gender binary. It has only been through colonialism that gender has been constricted to the binary. A blatant example of this is Vasco Nuñez Balboa, a Spanish invader who in 1513 fed forty two-spirited people to the war dogs after deciding they were “devilish, sinful sodomites”.

So what is the alternative? It lies within. The main aim when talking about gender is to stop thinking of people in terms of gender. We all do it. The first thing we do to describe someone is to split society into the binary and explain the gender we perceive they express. We assume that the bearded person walking down the street is a man, for example, as we have learnt what gender markers define someone within the binary.

Gender Anarchy is a do-it-your-way gender expression. There is no “right way” to be a woman, a man, or a skirt-wearing femme boi. This means you can express yourself how you want, regardless of how you identify, and that you do not owe an explanation to anyone on either your gender or your expression. The whole idea is to destroy what society understands as masculinity and femininity, as it is the fastest highway to destroying transphobic, homophobic and sexist behaviours.

Gender Anarchy does not mean to be forcefully out and proud, or to practice Genderfuck regularly. Whatever makes you comfortable and keeps you safe is your personal Gender Anarchy. Whilst Genderfuck is a great way of expressing oneself and conflicting society with their internalised concepts of the binary, you are not a flag to be waved by the movement. Regardless of how you express your gender and even who knows the reality of your identity, you still are you.

To fight patriarchal society we must destroy what we understand as the gender binary and we must destroy what society perceives as gender roles. For that, community organising, victim retribution, collective problem solving and the creation of inclusive spaces is a life-saving necessity within our neighbourhoods. The whole concept is simple; by identifying abusive behaviour we can solve problems before the transgression goes too far.

So be gay, do crime, express whatever you want to express, take care of one another and remember to cause a whole lot of trouble.