18th September, PA, USA

received anonymously via email:

“dear mink murderer stahl, fur commission secretary:

i saw your mink prison recently and was not impressed. you have dozens of sheds but so many are falling apart. thankfully your operation seems to have gotten smaller over the years. when will you learn that animal abuse isn’t worth it?

people like me will continue to visit you at 4130 pennsylvania 890 sunbury, pa 17801, which i found on a recent communique on inspired me to visit, document what was happening, and liberate as many mink as possible. people need to see the filthy & cramped conditions where these territorial & genetically wild animals are kept up to four in a single cage. and the joy that is possible when they experience freedom.

when the cage latches were opened the mink jumped out to experience their first steps in grass and mud. i hope most have escaped to freedom and no more animals are ever imprisoned and slaughtered here again. whatever happened after i left i hope it was expensive.

the fur industry is hurting. great. profits are already at record lows and we can make it cost more than ever to continue breeding animals to steal their fur.”


9th September, Olympia USA/

via: Puget Sound Anarchists

“On the night of September 9th a small band assembled to carry out an attack on an Arby’s in Westside St̕č̓as (so-called Olympia). The crew convened in the shadows near the target. Anxious at first, a shooting star blesses our action and we don the black masks. We briskly walk to the target, confirm we are still in, set a thirty second timer, tag it and smash the windows and disperse. In, out, no arrests.

This target was chosen as CEO Paul Brown of its owning and franchising company, Inspire Brands LLC, sits on the board of directors of the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) who are behind the funding and political push for the urban warfare training ground and mass deforestation project known as Cop City. We take this small action against Cop City and its world and send love to those resisting the beast of police militarization in ATL.

Also, just in general, fuck Arby’s.

Targets are everywhere, take aim and strike.
And remember, It’s Easy to Attack!



It’s been quite a while since we’ve done one of these and it feels like it is due! We’ve had a very good run with collaborators since we put that final call for support. Many of the frontlines are being covered, and prisoner support is running very smoothly!

Sadly some folks have had to stop the project as they were busy, so we are looking for more collaborators that can commit to an article a month. The PalAction campaign is no longer being covered but we believe it to be quite an important campaign to spread around, so if you’d be interested in writing about it (or better yet, if you are in any way connected to the campaign) please shoot us a message!

Same goes for Defend the Atlanta Forest, and we would also love to cover the Mountain Valley Pipeline campaign in Appalachia USA. Please hit us up if you can dedicate some time every month to writing an update on what’s been going on!

We are of course open to other pressure campaign suggestions to cover on The Frontlines, so do not be shy if you can think of any. Take this call for support as serious as the last one, if you can help, please reach out, we really do not want to get to the point of burnout we got to at the beginning of the year. Do not assume others will contact us either. This call for support is aimed at you!

Secondly, we want to point out that we have noticed an influx of neo-nazis and eco-fascists following us on socials, specially twitter and instagram. Let’s make this very clear, UA is an anarchist, anti fascist platform. We have taken the trash out, but if you’re reading this, fuck you, you nazi scum! You certainly are not welcome here!

Lastly, it wouldn’t be an update without mentioning economic support. We really have noticed a drop on donations and could do with your help! If you can afford a monthly donation, please head to our Patreon. If ypu can only afford a couple coins, we have PayPal, Monero and Bitcoin wallets. Please donate if you can, so we can upkeep the servers, website and other associated costs. It is enormously appreciated.




4th September, Picassent Spain.

According to pro-hunt media, two hunters shooting pigeons in Spain had their cars keyed by a member of the public. Earlier that same day, whilst one of them was shooting a pigeon, a walker with a dog told them they really shouldn’t be shooting over their head whilst they were walking. The hunters threatened them by responding “maybe it is you that shouldn’t be here”. Later on that evening, when they got back to the cars, they found both of them keyed.

The hunters mention this is the second time in two weeks that members of the public have opposed their shooting. The week before, someone called the police twice on them, forcing them to show their permits to the cops and interrupting their hunt. One of the hunters adds “it is very sad that we always have to encounter some sort of enemy”.


Leonard Peltier is an activist for Native American rights, almost eighty years old (78 years), who has spent more than four and a half decades in prison (46 years), in the so called USA. Some of his incarceration Leonard has been forced to spend in solitary confinement, Over the years, Leonard’s support crew has worked tirelessly for his release. According to them, there is now hope that Leonard can be released from prison in the future. 

In 1977, Leonard was convicted in highly questionable ways for a crime he did not commit, the murder of two FBI agents. Since then, Leonard has been held captive by the state, with neither the possibility of reparation for the wrongs that occurred during his trial, nor the possibility of parole.

Remember! The state is never on the same side as those who are fighting for liberation, be that human or animal liberation. How Leonard has been treated is a disgusting example of the state’s oppression of minorities, repression and revenge against activists. 

There are several ways to help Leonard, so that he hopefully can spend the last years of his life outside the prison walls, and getting the help that he needs (Leonard is unfortunately not in good health). For example, drawing attention to Leonard’s case, writing him a letter, or contributing financially to the campaign for Leonard’s release. 


Read more about Leonard’s case, how to donate, write letters:


Since 2017, Djurfront has been campaigning to shut down Niclas Pettersson’s mink farm in Falkenberg, Sweden. He was the perfect target for multiple reasons, including the fact that he owned the only mink farm in the southern part of Sweden, making him very isolated from the lobby industry.

Since the begining of the campaign activists did everything they could to make him stop murdering mink. From demonstrations to blockades and even climbing the security tower inside the farm, Niclas was told time and time again that his murdering business was not welcome and needed to stop.

The campaign didn’t just see aboveground activities. In August 2017, activists broke into the farm and liberated 2000 mink. In 2019 just before his daughter’s graduation, the ALF set his car on fire in front of his house. The fire travelled to the adjacent vehicle damaging it too, and the daughter complained that she was unable to be driven to graduation. During halloween that same year the Swedish Animal Rights Militia threw lots of cat shit in Niclas’ garden and set up a grave stone in the front of his house ‘RIP Niclas Pettersson ex-mink farmer’.

Sabotages, slashed tyres, locking the gates of the farm and militant demonstrations were a known happening to Niclas, who a couple of weeks ago decided to shut down for good.

We want to send love and congratulations to everybody who fought against that farm and ended up winning that battle, you’re all absolutely fantastic and the animals are a tad better thanks to you! During the campaign people were heavily assaulted, a good few were convicted of different crimes and there even was prison sentences served. Thank you for your fight and your resilience!

In the 2019 arson report, the ALF wrote: “We have a message for you, Nicolas: We have already won. The question remains – how much do we need to escalate before you give up? We will keep increasing our actions until you stop, until your fur farm is closed and your exploitation of animals is consigned to history. For a future of freedom and a present of fire.” Well, it seems they were right, Niclas had already lost and his animal exploitation business would turn into nothing but a line in the history books.




Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

We’ve all done it. We set a trap down for cat neutering, and the trap just doesn’t work. It keeps triggering when it shouldn’t, or just fails to trap that pesky cat! 

When you feel frustrated about a cage trap there is a way out of that frustration. 

First, check if you set up a wildlife camera around, you wouldn’t want to forget it when you leave your site! Once you refresh your memory, grab that cage and angle it at 45°, making sure that the trap door is facing downwards, you do not want it to be closed, you need the entrance wide open! 

You can use a tree to angle the cage, or you can ask a friend to hold it in place if there aren’t any trees around! Then, starting at the entrance of the cage, stand on the top corner and jump like a trampoline! As you jump, move towards the end of the cage so that you end up with a nice and flat cage. 

After the cage is flat, optionally, fold it in half by standing it up lengthwise and putting the weight of your body over it whilst pushing the middle inwards. You don’t need to do a lot of force, just let your bodyweight do the exercise! 

It is now ready for disposal, easy to transport and it will never be used to fail at trapping! 

Pro tip: if your cage is too sturdy, you might need to use boltcutters. We’ve even seen some folks using angle grinders! Just make sure you remove the trigger, or the door, or whatever part of the mechanism to ensure no neutering cat ends up trapped by mistake whilst you go fetching your tools! 

PS: This has NOTHING to do with the badger cull. The instructions are provided for the disposal of trashy, non-working, personal traps. Thank you. 

Also fuck the cull go support @undergroundbadgersyndicate


Organisations and activists around the world regularly organize to support folks in prison. We’ve probably all seen lists with names of prisoners, the contact information of jailed anarchists and animal liberation activists. There are also many suggestions how to show solidarity with prisoners, for example by writing letters, donating books, or providing financial support. Supporting comrades in prison is a cornerstone of a radical movement. We hate the state, and we want to abolish all prisons, physical as well as mental. But as long as the struggle for a better life means that we risk prison, and that some of us will be imprisoned, we must always take care of our comrades in prison. The struggle continues. 

But some prisoners do not want their trial, sentence, or prison time to be noticed. There can be various reasons why an inmate does not want to be seen in the media. For example, you may be tired of being exposed in public. Many have a long period of repression, detention hearings, trials, appeals, possibly getting hanged out in the media by fascists and animal oppressors, behind them. Others may be worried that further exposure in the media will make it harder to return to everyday life, once released. We should take notice, respect and support the wishes of these prisoners. Of course should we not public expose prisoners who do not want that kind of attention.

The fact that some comrades for various reasons do not want attention during their time in prison does not always mean that they do not need help. These prisoners also need solidarity and support. Which they also often get, from friends, families and close peers. The responsibility for taking care is then placed more on individuals, than on organizations for prisoner support to rally help. For this reason, it is important that we who have a friend, comrade or family member in prison, take the time to support, for example by writing letters, donating books or giving a penny, even though the friend’s name is not on prisoner lists, or when no photos on the family member circulates online. And sometimes it also is the person who supports a prisoner who needs our solidarity, in order to be able to help their friend throughout his/hers time in prison. There are as many ways to help as there are comrades in prison. Together we take care of each other!


Remembering Hazel, the first ever T&S rabbit liberated by the ALF.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: we’ve received a memorial text for the first rabbit that was ever liberated from a T&S farm and reported under the ALF umbrella. The text calls for illegal action and we believe we should remind people that we do not promote illegal activities, and the words come from an alleged former ALF operative. The report they refer to can be found here: ]

Back in 2019 I stumbled upon T&S rabbits and I was left perplex by the abhorrent conditions of the farm and the fact that they were breeding rabbits to skin them and sell their fur.

At the end of August that same year, alongside some other ALF comrades, I broke into the farm in Granby and helped free four rabbits. Our intention was twofold. We wanted to give freedom to those rabbits, but we also needed to let the broader animal rights community know that fur farming was alive, even after the UK ban.

The first rabbit I grabbed and placed in the carrier was Hazel, a wide-eyed English spotted rabbit who after the initial scare of being snatched in the middle of the night munched contently on dandelion leaves on her way to freedom with her two sisters and her brother.

They were all about six months old and were distributed in pairs to safe homes who since then gave them the very best life possible.

A few days ago we heard the news that Hazel had passed after teeth complications. She had spent the past three years living with her sister and enjoyed causing chaos, jumping into bed and doing binkies every time she had the chance.

In many ways, Hazel was the catalyst to an incredibly inspiring storm that would shut down T&S Rabbits forever. A few months after her liberation some unknown comrades liberated even more rabbits from T&S. After that, and after some very heartwarming pictures of yet another liberation during Christmas, people set up a campaign that would ultimately shut down the farms.

During the campaign I watched from afar and wondered how Hazel and her siblings were doing. It is very sad to hear of her passing, but I write this because I believe her story should be heard to understand her legacy. She was the very first rabbit ever liberated from T&S by the ALF.

When we sent the report, at the very end, we signed “until we win”. We won. Hazel won the freedom for every rabbit released from the hellhole that was T&S.

Please, never give up the fight. Go out at night with your friends and fight back against the horrible exploitation that animals undergo every single day. Liberate, sabotage, bite back! You never know how much an action could contribute towards the broader struggle, even more when it is reported and folks learn about it and might take action themselves.

Make it your mission tonight to find freedom for somebody else, in raging and loving memory of Hazel.

The ALF needs you. The animals need you. Take action.

Binky free, wild one.


1st September, Sweden.

received anonymously via email:

“Hunt saboteurs decorated several towns in Sweden with pictures of how it can go when you try to kill a bear: “ANIMAL ABUSERS GET WHAT THEY DESERVE”.

In this years ongoing trophy bear hunt in Sweden, hunters wants to kill 649 bears. One of these bears fought back and defended itself against two hunters. The hunters almost died. Unfortunately, the bear did not survive.

We honor the bear that died, continue its fight, our sabotage of hunting, and remind all animal abusers that you will get what you deserve. In time…”

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