1st December, Italy.

received anonymously via email:

ENG (translation):

Italy, 1/12/2023
Tonight, abetted by a full moon,
we attacked two sheds
for hunting by rendering them harmless.
The War for Animal Liberation
will continue until they are ALL
free from the violence of the criminal human.


Italia, 1/12/2023
Questa notte, complice la luna piena,
abbiamo attaccato due capanni
per la caccia rendendoli inoffensivi.
La Guerra per la Liberazione Animale
continuera’ fino a che saranno TUTTI
liberi dalla violenza dell’umano criminale.
A.L.F. “



WHEN: 25-27TH JANUARY 2024

1st International Gathering of Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Practices Against Borders, January 25, 26 y 27 2024 in Tijuana, Mexico

We are a group of individuals with years of experience agitating for anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas and practices in Tijuana: from solidarity events for prisoners and fugitives to propaganda activities like bookfairs and discussion groups to mutual aid like childcare and bicycle workshops.

Unfortunately we could no longer maintain our old, squatted space–Centro Social Okupado Mauricio Morales–out of which we raised confrontational proposals. The turbulent and disgusting requirements of daily life in capitalism proved too much of a constant struggle to keep the space. Nevertheless, with our networks and wills we have continued to bring together new proposals.

Now, we are calling on all those with affinity for war against power and authority, asking you for solidarity in organizing the 1st International Gathering of Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Practices, against the border in Tijuana January 2024. During the gathering, we will be organizing a space of encounter for practices tending towards confrontation against power, whether those be discussions, multimedia presentations, counter-information like books or zines, workshops, artistic projects, and any other creative activity that takes aim at breaking with thedaily affronts of authority. Taking into account the distance of many of our comrades, we will also open up participation over distance, whether those contributions be through writing, live video, or any other medium.The purpose of the gathering is to create an international platform for anarchist and anti-authoritarian agitation and propaganda through various horizontal practices of confrontation.

As organized individuals, we consider it important to propose ways that encourage the coming together of diverse forms of resistance against power, whether through discussions, actions, music, or propaganda—everything is valid when it comes to confronting power directly. This gathering serves as a laboratory in which theoretical and practical ingredients are mixed appropriately.

More info and support: [email protected]

Firefund (support ENINPAACF 2024):


Every now and then we like to remind folks how they can submit anonymous reports, as it is easy to become complacent and not watch out for their security.

When someone wishes to submit an anonymous action, they should visit to read the most up to date information on how to contact us and keep themselves safe.

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We DO NOT want to receive reports through social media DMs. It does not matter if the account does not have your real details on it. This is not simply out of safety for the sender and for us (us knowing who takes illegal direct action is legally not ideal, and we do not want to carry that responsibility), it is also a logistical issue. We might check DMs, but we might ignore DMs for months! We will always check emails at least once a week, so contacting us through the contact form is the safest bet that we have not missed your message.

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[Image credit: @glasgowhuntsabs]

The main hunting season in the UK & Ireland is in full swing. Equally, so are the efforts to prevent packs of hounds from killing fox, hare and deer. With the demise of hunting in Scotland, hunt saboteurs from Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond have taken their efforts across the border to support those in the north of England, including against the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhounds and the North Cumberland Hunt. Though using packs of hounds to hunt has effectively been criminalised in Scotland, activity of the remaining hunts continues to be monitored.

In England and Wales, where hunting is technically legally restricted, hunts continue to operate how they please. Despite the best efforts of Devon County Hunt Sabs, a fox was killed by the Eggesford Hunt during their opening meet. In a statement, they confirm that though they continue to share evidence with the police, they know they are not interested and that is why saboteurs continue to take direct action themselves.

A deer was also attacked by hounds of the Puckeridge and Essex Hunt whilst attempting to hunt a fox. Hunting the wrong animal, known as ‘rioting’, is simply seen as collateral damage to those involved in or in support of hunting, with deer and domestic pets being the most common victims. Hunt saboteurs from groups East Herts and East Northants, as well as Herts Wildlife Monitors, were able to intervene and prevent a kill.

Some hunts however, intend to hunt deer. Failing to successfully hunt and kill a hind, hunt staff from the Quantock Staghounds attacked saboteurs from North Dorset and Mendip after they had called off the hounds. Multiple saboteurs sustained injuries, including to the head, with one having to be taken to hospital. The camera containing evidence was also smashed. Violence was also seen at a meet of the South Shropshire Hunt, where a terrierman used their quad bike to run down an opponent, whilst they hunted on land they had no permission to be on. It is reported they suffered a broken leg.

Rumours are circulating that the Suffolk Hunt may turn to drag hunting; a form of hunting where hounds follow a genuine artificial scent. This is not to be confused with trial hunting, which was created in response to the Hunting Act 2004 and is used as a guise of illegal hunting. In recent years, this hunt has been consistently sabotaged by multiple groups including North London and Suffolk & Essex. The pressure has caught up with them and resulted in the huntsman and other staff walking away. Failing to replace these fundamental roles has meant they have had to split their hounds into neighbouring packs. The Suffolk Hunt are hanging on by a thread. Direct action has been a major part of this achievement and shows that, regardless of their reputation, any hunt is capable of collapse.

A number of hunts have traditioned to drag hunting since the ban which reaffirms that they can do it, it’s simply a choice. Though there are legitimate concerns of continuing to breed hounds and horses for this purpose, at least drag hunting operates without the need to kill wildlife, trespass and cause danger to road users. Hunts who refuse to transition, or simply disband, will continue to feel the pressure from hunt saboteurs and the wider community.

An abundance of hit reports were published by sabotage groups throughout the month, with too many to mention here. For updates and other developments, find your local group online and follow them on social media platforms. Support can also be given, and tactics can be replicated, abroad. Skill sharing can begin simply by networking online.   

November has also seen a mixture of results within the legal world. Chris Mardles, former member of the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt, was found guilty of using his horse to ride down a saboteur from Northants, causing multiple broken bones, a punctured lung and required airlifting to hospital. The prosecution took 3 years but resulted in an 18-month prison sentence.

In complete contrast, a member of the Cottesmore Hunt who intentionally trampled a saboteur and later arrested for ‘attempted GBH’, was found not guilty. Hertfordshire Hunt Sabs stated that this was because of the influence of positive character references from his mother-in-law as well as Lady Sarah McCorquodale, the sister of Princess Diana. Ultimately



Wayne Hsiung has been released from jail after 40 days locked up, most of that time on remand awaiting sentencing.

Wayne had been sentenced to three months in prison and probation thereafter after being convicted of one count of felony conspiracy and two counts of misdemeanor trespass for his involvement in animal rescues at Sunrise Farms and Reichardt Duck Farm.

Due to overcrowding in the jail, Wayne was released earlier and will have to serve two years of probation, which include being unable to see “14 co-conspirators”, many of them his close friends.

Post prison conditions can sometimes be as harrowing as the prison sentence itself, so ensure you send love and solidarity to Wayne and welcome him back to the outside world!



5th December, North UK.

received anonymously via email:

“In solidarity with all animals being murdered for the “Christmas celebrations” and inspired by folks in Australia, in Midlands and in Luton UK, we decided to break into a turkey farm and take six birds with us.

They were mere days away from being murdered. One of the barns had already been wiped, so we can only guess that all birds we left behind in the second barn are now dead.

We want to amplify the call to action that our anonymous comrades in Midlands wrote about. In this capitalist world of slavery to consumerism and complete tethering to employment, Christmas tends to be a time to celebrate, to spend and to switch off. We believe it is the perfect time for animal abusing scum to feel our wrath.

Every fucking day from today to Christmas, make sure you do something to some abuser that will make them enjoy their Christmas a little less. Most turkeys might’ve been kllled already, but butcher shop windows are still intact, milk parlours are still functioning and there is so much Christmas spirit in liberating dogs from a hunter or slashing the tyres of a vivisector. 

This is directed at you, the reader, wherever you are. Get out there and cause the chaos deserved by animal abusers for their constant disregard to animal suffering. 

When if not now?
Who if not you?!

some anarchists.”


Vegan anarchist prisoner Eric King, incarcerated since 2014, will soon be released from prison, hopefully before/in February 2024. The fundraiser for Eric’s release has almost reached its goal. If you can help, all donations will go to Eric and help him get back on his feet outside the prison walls.

Donate at:

Although Eric is soon to be released, you can still write letters to him. All correspondence is deeply appreciated, prison can be a lonely place, specially over holidays (due to shitty circumstances in prison Eric may not be able to answer letters as quickly as he would like to). You can write to Eric at:

Eric King 27090045
USP Florence ADMAX
PO BOX 8500
Florence, CO 81226

For more information about Eric and his case, see:



Early November, Maine-et-Loire France.

According to pro-hunting media, the four hunting stands that Didier Fresnau built as the president of the of the Amis de la grange hunting association had one of the four legs sawn off, then repositioned so it looked like it wasn’t damaged.

According to Didier, this was a premeditated act to hurt or kill the hunters using the stands: “the legs were cut off with a saw, but the towers remained standing on three legs. There was a will to cause harm.”

The hunting towers had been built in August 2023, lasting an impressive three months before someone decided they did not match the surrounding aesthetics of the countryside.