16th June, Portland OR, USA. 

via: Rose City Counterinfo

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“Over the weekend, two simultaneous attacks occurred at construction sites for a major refined petroleum pipeline running through the forested hills of Portland OR. Work is ongoing to upgrade the pipeline, which is run by Kinder Morgan and carries diesel and gasoline between Portland and Eugene. The pipeline is an essential supply line for gas stations in the area and part of a bigger network that runs up the West coast.

Two sites were sabotaged in forest park. At one site, a large excavator and other pieces of equipment were made un usable. Wires and tubing were cut and tools left on the worksite were used to cause more damage. A bird trapped in anti erosion netting was cut free. At the other site, dozens of trees have already been cut down above the pipe. The remaining trees set to be removed were spiked with various kinds of nails and bolts. A piece of equipment was destroyed there as well. All equipment belonged to Michels, a major company that builds pipelines including the Keystone XL.

The arteries of industry are all over. With a bit of imagination and effort, anyone can attack them. Leviathan is always vulnerable.

Strike now.”


12th June, Denmark.

Received anonymously via email:

“The ALF has liberated 5 hens from a miserable live in an organic factory farm in Denmark.

When entering the farm, the first thing we saw was several dead hens lying on the floor. Let there as trash to be removed later. Few meters from them were thousands of hens crammed in a loud and smelly barn. This is the best “animal welfare” available on the market in Denmark, just like in most countries.

Companies and animal welfare organizations convince people that it’s a good thing to support organic farms. That’s bullshit. They are only telling people that lie because they profit of it.

If you’re against the exploitation and murder of other beings, live vegan and fight for total liberation.

Unfortunately we only had homes for 5 hens. Getting the hens out is the easy part. Finding good homes with people who are ready to take care of the animals for the rest of their lives is the hardest part.

Remember to let you local grassroots activists know, if you are able to house rescued animals. You could help save lives.

Thank you to the amazing people who gave these beings a home and the opportunity to live better lives, free from exploitation and harm.”


TW: Contains some footage of animal cruelty.

via: Animal Liberation Press Office

“Historically, June is the beginning of “fur farm raiding season”, when mink born in March mature to a state where they can be liberated into their natural environment.

Since 1995, there have been at least 116 fur farm raids across the United States. Raids peaked in 1997 and 1998, and continued with small surges in 2008, 2011, and a resurgence in 2013.

In 2022, three mink farms were emptied by the Animal Liberation Front. Over 15,000 mink were liberated into their natural environment, and at least one fur farm closed as a result.

2023 saw the ALF visit three fur farms and liberate over 11,000 mink and dozens of foxes.

The anonymous liberators wrote “people need to see the filthy & cramped conditions where these territorial & genetically wild animals are kept up to four in a single cage. and the joy that is possible when they experience freedom.”

Empty the prisons.”


Prisoner support ensures folks feel empowered to take risks that could make them face the law. It tells people they will be backed for all who might not be willing to risk their freedom but that appreciate that others do.

We know many folks are not willing to risk their freedom but appreciate those who do because hit reports are extremely well received, welcomed and commented by many of our readers.

Unfortunately, it is not translating into prisoner support. Cheering for all the fantastic work that anonymous people do fighting back against speciesism or freeing animals from places of abuse is not enough. We must show up for those who have ended up facing legal issues due to those kinds of actions.

We understand that not everybody is able to afford donating towards prisoner support, but that is not the only way you all can show up. Writing letters to prisoners is hugely important, and interacting with posts about fundraising for prisoners goes a long way. If you can’t donate, please comment, share, send it to people privately, email distros who might be able to share it too or in any other way engage with it so more people see it and hopefully support!

Currently we are running a pre-order only merch sale to raise funds for the Susaron Prisoners, who are locked up accused of arson at a meat packaging plant, but that is only one of many; today we received a request for support for almost 2k GBP for folks convicted of taking animals out of farms!

Unoffensive is prisoner support. We believe it to be the most important job we can do, but for us to do it we need you to do it too. Please help us support prisoners around the world.

Write to a prisoner today:

Pre-order some merch to support Press susaron; we have not reached the minimum orders to make it profitable yet:


CAUSING MAYHEM WITH FIRE EXTINGUISHERS (in your own room of course!)

We love promoting new ways to express your art (and defo not to cause enormous paint covering in speciesist businesses) so if you have been wondering about how you can paint places quickly, we have a great recipe for yo: How to fill fire extinguishers with paint!

Note that PalAction actually wrote an amazing guide which you can download at the end of the article. Whilst we give an overview of the steps to convert a fire extinguisher into a weapon of mass paintaction, it is not only inspired by their guide but you should actually follow their guide as it has all the details we cannot fit into a short post.


  • Extinguisher
  • Paint, water, funnel
  • Air compressor or high quality pump.
  • Hack Saw, rubber mallet.
  • A metal 1/4” BSP Taper Male Thread x 1/8” BSPT Female Thread Hex Bush.
  • A 1/8” BSPT Male Thread High Pressure Schrader Valve.
  • Barbed Hose Joiner, Barbe Hose Tail End Connector (check PDF for sizing)


1- Discharge the extinguisher. Ideally on some bailiffs, but if you can’t then remember foam and water extinguishers are full of shit, discharge in a bucket then empty into a toilet for fowl sewage disposal. CO2 and dust are “less” harmful.

2- Tie the operating leavers together. Then with force (or a rubber mallet) push anticlockwise on the leavers to release them. Unscrew full and pull valve and syphon tube out. Make sure you properly clean the innards of that fire extinguisher!

3- Remove the syphon tube filter. Either unscrew it if it lets you, or cut it out (as low as possible to not reduce length!

4- Unscrew the pipe from the valve assembly. In its place, screw the Hex Bush with a few layers of PTFE tape. To the Hex Bush, screw the Schrader Valve (that’s where you’ll pump the air in!!!!)

5- Fill the extinguisher with a mix of Matt emulsion and Water at equal parts. Please measure the volume of watered down paint and ensure you only fill up to the volume of the fire extinguisher and no more.

6- Screw the Valve assembly. Ensure that the leavers are fully engaged and tied/taped. Use your air compressor or pump to depressurise the system to the middle of the green zone on the pressure gauge. That should be around 14-15 BAR which will be perfect for your arts and crafts.

7- Release the operating leavers, either untie, un tape or whatever else. This will then hold the pressure inside, if you don’t do this you’ll end up covered in paint in the next step!

8- Unscrew the air compressor pipe, then with an adjustable spanner wind the Hex bush anticlockwise to disconnect it.

9- Modify the hose nozzle. Please read about this on PalAction’s PDF. Once the hose is good, screw it into the operating valve. You can tighten it a tad with a spanner.

10- Insert the pin and secure the extinguisher by taping that pin in place. Only remove it when you’re up to no good painting your room!



Back in 2022, a Susaron owned meat packaging plant in Chile was attacked. Six lorries and part of the refrigerated unit were burn to the ground.

Some time later four anarchist and antispeciesist individuals were arrested and sent to prison awaiting trial in connection with the arson attack.

One of those anarchists was sentenced to five years on tag and released from prison a few months ago, but the other three are still sitting in prison awaiting trial and are in dire need of economic support.

Thanks to Krime we have a really cool design to print on t-shirts and tote bags, absolutely all profits made from it will go to the support of the Susaron Prisoners.

These tees and tote bags will be printed as pre-orders only. You won’t be able to get your hands on one of them once pre-orders end at the end of June. For now we have not sold enough to cross the printing threshold, so jump on it and help us support folks in prison!!!

Prisoner support isn’t just the backbone of direct action, ensuring that folks feel comfortable risking their freedom in the knowledge that if something goes wrong, people will have their backs. It also is the strongest form of anti-snitching in the movement. Knowing you are safe if you have to face the law ensures people don’t speak more than they should to avoid consequences.

Get the threads here:

So get involved, show solidarity, grab yourself some nice threads and let’s raise at least a few hundred quid to send to people who really need that support! 



Marius Mason is an activist serving a 22 year sentence after being found guilty of arson at a laboratory and on logging equipment.

Marius was approved for gender affirming care in 2022 when he was moved to FCI Danbury, a male prison. He was then transported to FMC Fort Worth where he was supposed to get gender affirming surgery, but he was informed that the health company contracted by the prison was unwilling to perform a hysterectomy. Marius’ doctor has informed him that there are indications of an early onset of cancer on his uterus, yet the facility is unable to provide the care he deserves. 

His support team has drafted a letter that they are asking to print and post to put pressure and show support. 

Please, read the words below, grab a stamp and print the letter.

Let’s show solidarity to Marius and fight for his health as fearsome as he has fought for our planet. 

“Please copy and paste in to your own document, print and send to:

Director Collette Peters
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20534

Dear Director Peters:
Thank you for prioritizing the rehabilitative purpose and programming of the BOP in your role as Director. It was encouraging to see the Transgender Policy Manual posted again, after years of being unavailable on the FBOP site when you came into office. I appreciate the atmosphere of respect, acceptance and safety fostered at the highest level under your administration for all LGBTQIA+ people currently in the carceral system.

I am writing today to call attention to the situation of Marius Mason (née Marie Mason, #04672-061). Mason has been approved by the FBOP for gender-affirming surgery since 2022. He was transferred from FCI Danbury, a male facility, and after living there for two years, he was transported to FMC Fort Worth, where he was to undergo gender affirming surgery. This was the culmination of a 10-year process, beginning in 2013 when Mason asked to be considered for the new transgender medical policy, after a lawsuit created a pathway to medical transition.

However, Mason was informed at a meeting with Dr. Mercado (the Health Services Administrator), Mr. Strickland and Mason’s therapist, Dr. Bartholomew on 5/24/24 that despite having been approved for surgery, the health services contractor that was working for FMC Fort Worth was not willing to provide gender-affirming hysterectomy. It is our understanding that there are in fact local medical professionals who can perform this procedure, without which the other surgeries will be delayed.

Also at this same meeting, Mason was informed that test results from a prior ultrasound had revealed that there was indications of an early onset of cancer in his uterus, and a further test was being ordered to confirm this possible result. If indeed Marius requires a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer, we hope this will be carried out with all possible speed.

I am asking that you please investigate the apparent refusal of a contracted health care to provide care to a trans prisoner, and also to ensure that this denial and delay do not endanger Mason’s health and safety or delay the approved care long enough to prevent it being fulfilled. Thank you for continuing to be an ally to LGBTQIA+ prisoners in the Federal system.



5th June, Copenhagen Denmark.

Received anonymously via email:

“A restaurant in Copenhagen called “Beef” (Bøf) was covered in messages and red paint. This disgusting speciesist place has pieces of animal corpses hanging as decorations. Even their name says how speciesists they are.

We must fight speciesist everywhere we see it. Do whatever you can in the fight for total liberation.

No one is free until everyone is free.”


Today is the day to pay tribute, and offer support, to anarchists locked up by the state.

We salute comrades fighting for the liberation of animals, friends who today cannot join us in the fight, outside the prison walls, because they are serving long prison terms. Comrades like Marius, Sindre, and folks in Susaron 4. You are always remembered! Our common struggle always continues.

On the June 11 website you can read a list of worldwide imprisoned anarchist comrades.

You can also read reports about actions taken in solidarity with long-term prisoners, for example from Russia and Sweden.


June 11th website:


Eight years ago we decided to start Unoffensive Animal because we found the Animal Lib movement devoid of anarchist views and the anarchist movement devoid of animal liberation struggle.

Since then we have acted as an anonymous platform for direct action reports, trying to keep those taking direct action safe and unknown, while giving them a microphone to express themselves and their reasons for taking action.

We have also worked very hard on prisoner support and court support, from fundraising for people who are locked up to giving advice and coins to people who are facing charges or fines, because we believe that people should feel safe that if they are caught breaking the law for their beliefs, they will have people behind them to support them.

We still believe in educating the general public about tech safety, security culture, and anarchism in general, even though we have stopped running workshops. We realised that Unoffensive Animal could not continue to do public speaking events with the amount of repression we were facing.

It hasn’t been easy to keep going for eight years, and we’ve been close to shutting down for good on several occasions. This is not only because of the legal difficulties of running the platform, but also because it is a lot of work for a small number of volunteers who put in a lot of time to make sure we are up to date.

However, we have grown as a collective and there are now a few more people taking care of the content for Unoffensive. We couldn’t be more proud of the small team we’ve built and would like to remind you that you can be part of the collective too!

Finally, we would like to mention how grateful we are to all of you, those who have appeared over the years, but also those who shared our first post and still comment on our stuff from time to time. We are incredibly grateful to all the supporters who donate via Patreon or PayPal, and everyone who has bought some merch to keep us going. It is because of all of you that we can continue to work.

To many more years of direct action until we fucking win.

Unoffensive Animal Collective

PS: Please, if you can afford it, donate some coins to the project, support your radical media!

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