Janyary, Germany.


From German Media (translation)

The sight of the destroyed, sawn-down hunting high seat, which lies on the ground on the country road between Rheinfelden and Möhlin, annoys Willy Itin, hunting supervisor in the Rheinfelden area. “2000 francs are over,” he says and adds: “It’s a bottomless impudence – just destroying someone else’s property.” With red paint, the alleged perpetrator has sprayed her abbreviation on the high seat: “ALF” – Animal Liberation Front.

Their goal is to prevent animal testing and killing of animals. This is done, for example, by attacks on laboratories and animal farms by means of sabotage or arson attacks. Danger to life and a queasy feeling It is hard to imagine, according to Itin, what could have happened if the perpetrators had only sawn on the stilts or the ladder and a hunter in the seat had fallen as a result.

He says: In the worst case, you can break your back – or a shot can come loose.” In general, it would be anything but easy for hunting today to fulfill its mission of keeping game damage to a minimum. “Animal rights activists don’t want us to hunt anymore and according to some farmers, we can’t hunt often enough,” says Itin.

Two more high seats destroyed It was not the only action against the hunting parties in the lower Fricktal in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Also in the hunting ground Möhlin-Süd in the Röti area at the foot of the Sonnenberg tower, the ALF allegedly sawed a high seat, a third fell near the brewery Feldschlösschen in the hunting ground Olsberg. In the past, the three hunting societies had no problems with the said animal liberation front. In principle, one could be against hunting, says Paul Mahrer, deputy supervisor in the Möhlin Süd district. But: “You should then please collect signatures, but not commit a crime.”

In the future, you have to check carefully whether the high seat is not manipulated before you climb on it, warns Mahrer. He hopes that the police can identify the perpetrators and that they will have to bear the costs on which the hunting party would otherwise remain seated.

The other hunting societies also hope for this in unison. Thus, the reassembly is not only associated with costs, but also with time and work.

Police have started the investigation Yesterday afternoon, it was still unclear whether further high seats had been destroyed. As Corina Winkler, spokeswoman for the cantonal police, says, the police have started the investigation and secured the first traces.


18th January, Thrapston UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Whilst a demo was being held on Tuesday 18th January at Impex Services International Ltd in Thrapston some activists were tipped off by angry locals as to where company director Russell Phillip Morgan lived and decided to pay him a visit.

Thanks to the £80k Porsche he drives with personalised number plate R55 RPM his large house was easy to find behind electric security gates on Toll Bar Road. Despite pressing the buzzer it appeared Russell felt a little shy so activists jumped the gate and walked up to his front door to tell him his vile business transporting animals to their deaths is not welcome in Thrapston and never will be.

Once at the door neither Russell nor wife Amy would answer but instead tried to hide inside, activists held up signs and set off smoke grenades and made sure they both felt some intimidation for what they put animals through every single day in order for them to live their privileged lifestyle.

If you’re reading this Russel, we will not stop until Impex closes down for good, the high life is over, it’s time to close down your disgusting business once for all. “


On the 28th of January, nine activists will face a court trial in Le Mans, France. They are accused of criminal damage, the rescue of seven lambs and belonging to a liminal association. Multiple civil parties are involved red with the prosecution including FNSEA (national farmers association), Interveb (interprofessional association for livestock and meat) and Hendrix Genetics (a company specialising in the breeding of livestock that holds twenty-eight million animals in their breeding database).

The activists are facing a range of sentences, from very hefty fines to suspended sentences or even firm prison sentences.

Two of the seven lambs are also facing prosecution, and out of the outcome of the court case, the state is asking for the animals to be given back to the breeder.

Folks are asking for solidarity outside of court, at 9 am in front of the Cité Judiciarie in Le Mans, but they also wish for their story to be told and shared far and wide.

If you cannot show solidarity by being present during court, you can choose to take whatever action you feel makes sense in solidarity with the defendants and the lambs.

They also have a fundraiser to help with legal fees that you can find here:



17th January, Atlanta Forest.

via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

anonymously submitted:

“Today a bulldozer and three employees (One being Alan WIlliams, the project manager with the APF) attempted to destroy the forest.

A group gathered to stop the destruction under the call of “Not One Blade Of Grass!”.

The group approached the construction workers and some led them outside of the forest while the machinery was attacked leaving broken windows and mangled machinery entrails.

The group escaped with zero arrests.”



October 2021, Malleville-sur-le-Bec

Received anonymously:


“At the end of October, in Malleville-sur-le-Bec in the Eure (27), a container used as a hunting hut was set on fire by an anonymous person.

A hole was made in the roof and flammable material was spread inside the hunting hut.”

“Fin octobre, à Malleville-sur-le-Bec dans l’Eure (27), un conteneur faisant office de cabane de chasse a été incendié par un·e ou des anonymes.

Un trou a été fait dans le toit et du produit inflammable a été répandu à l’intérieur de la cabane de chasse.”


December 2021, January 2022, Bristol UK

received anonymously via email:

“Four tyres on a Pak’s butchers van, December.
Two large windows smashed of butchers in Clifton at the mill 30th Dec.
Window and door butchers Srt Werbergs 15th January”

Photo: Unrelated, butchers attacked by the ALF in Bristol in solidarity with Bristol rioters back in 2021.


9th January, Italy

via: Frente De Liberacion Animal (translation)

“The Animal Liberation Front has liberated a hunting dog that was extremelly ill in Veneto (Italy).

Their liberation was the only viable solution. Overnight, hidden in the shadows, the liberators broke their chains.

Now they are being treated by a vet and will live in a home where they will be respected and lovel til the end of their life.”

«El Frente de Liberación Animal libera a un ex perro de caza enfermo in Veneto (Italia).

Su liberación fue la única solución, durante la noche, ocultxs, su liberadores rompieron su cadenas .

Ahora está en cuidado veterinario y estará en un hogar donde será respetado y querido hasta el final de sus días”.


In 2011, the Animal Liberation Front broke into a farm in the outskirts of Barcelona to document the conditions of the rabbits, living in raised battery cages and destined to be killed for their meat.

They took three rabbits away from the farm as they struggled to find more suitable homes, but the footage they released was horrendous. Rows and rows of wire cages with barely any space to move, without ever seeing the sun and without any hay or suitable feed.

They dedicated the action to the memory of Barry Horne, but also in solidarity with Osmar Evcan, who at the time of the liberation was on hunger strike in a Turkish prison, demanding vegan food.

The video is not perfect and the anonymous activists did not have the latest technology at their disposal, but they ensured to show how the action worked and how the rabbits were living before their liberation, which is always an amazing plus on a report.

You can read their whole report here:

“On November 9, well into the night, total liberation activists entered a rabbit farm in a town near Barcelona to once again collect images of how animals are abused and confined; this time it was rabbits, and we took the opportunity to give freedom to some of them.

On this occasion there were three individuals who we liberated and who are now in a safe place where they can enjoy the rest of their days according to their needs. It was a difficult task since this time we had to suppress our desire for freedom and limit ourselves to only a few of the hundreds who were in the farm.

This liberation is dedicated in part to the memory of Barry Horne which pushes us to keep fighting and in part because we want to show solidarity with Osmar Evcan, who at the time of the liberation was on hunger strike in a Turkish prison demanding something as basic as vegan food within those walls of misery and loneliness.

For these and for the many other prisoners who fight against this shitty system, all our rebellious love and rage.



18th January, Barcelona.

According to reports on Twitter, the University of Barcelona was the target of spray painting warning them to liberate the beagles they have contracted to be killed by Vivotecnia.

The University contracted the services of Vivotecnia to test a new pharmacological drug, paying them 255.648,8 euros for it. The trial is supposed to last 28 days and 38 beagle puppies are being tested. At the end of the test, the dogs are scheduled to be killed.

Their murder date is the 24th of January, and people are fighting in many different ways to force them to release the dogs. In this case, anonymous folk spray painted “LAST WARNING”, “LIBERATE THE BEAGLES” and “STOP VIVOTECNIA” on the walls of the university.


There are folks in the frontlines that for one reason or another are widely known and mentioned often. Other people chip away at the enormous rock that is oppression throughout their whole life without asking for credit and without wanting notoriety. Sometimes those people fall through the cracks and only those who knew them personally remember them once they are gone.

Fernán was one of those people. Fernando Sanchez Grassa. An animal liberationist involved with the Spanish ALF (FLA), an anti-fascist, a fighter against Daesh who joined the YPG in Kurdistan and an incredible human being who is remembered by his friends with the love and rage reserved for those who truly meant something to your life.

Fernán died climbing a mountain in the Himalayas on the 4th of November 2019. A year later, an unnamed group liberated a dog tethered to a dairy farm and called him Fer.

When talking to people who knew him, they only have words of adulation. “He was incredibly sweet, a revolutionary to the core”. “He was in the riots in Italy, 2001, when Carlo Giuliani died. There are pictures of him at a mink raid, placing incendiaries at a fur farm and even some photos during a partridge farm liberation”.

And indeed, Fernán was photographed many times during FLA (ALF) raids. In 2003, after having visited a mink farm in Lubia, Spain, and having found that all the animals had already been killed, they planed and took action by setting the farm on fire. That arson would be the only recorded fur farm arson in the country of Spain. They would later dedicate the action to not only Barry Horne, but also the Palestinian people.

He was photographed cutting the fence of a game farm breeding partridges for hunters to shoot, and on a different occasion, at a mink farm raid where over 1000 mink were released before the farmer interrupted the raid.

There is no doubt that Fernán fought against oppression at a completely different level that many of us would only dream of. And after having learnt about him, we felt you too should know his name. He never took action to gain fame, but his memory should be powerful enough to still inflict blows in the oppression machine that devours the earth.

He was also a published author and we would like to end this with a quote from one of his books that perfectly explains what his life and history should do to all of us:

“We hope this article is nothing but a germ that replicates and creates more memories and love. We now pass you this weapon; take it”.