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Mink and Otter hunting season has begun. Only 26 registered packs exist in the UK and Ireland, making them vulnerable to the multiple sabotage groups that operate, as seen by the Northern Counties Mink Hounds who were apprehended by Sheffield, Staffordshire, Manchester and West Yorkshire hunt sabotage groups, as well as Hull Wildlife Protectors. These packs operate using a small number of hounds and are usually transported in commercial and domestic vehicles, thus making them more difficult to locate oppose to a mounted hunt who are more obvious in appearance and use larger vehicles such as horse boxes and trailers. Members of the public can play an important role in sabotaging a hunt by notifying suspicious behaviour. This can be done by contacting the Hunt Saboteurs Association tip-off line at 07443148426 or your local group on social media. Making a call or sending a message can be enough to stop wildlife from being killed. 

A stag was killed by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds during their closing meet despite the best efforts of a large number of saboteurs from multiple groups. Sabotaging a stag hunt is notoriously difficult and when the life of the wild is lost, it is natural to feel depleted. However, it is important to remember that years ago, stag hunts were rarely getting sabotaged and, when they were, came with a lot of violence.  But they are getting more and more attention and are unable to kill every time they go out, as seen by multiple successful hit reports throughout the month by groups including Mendip Hunt Saboteurs. At one point, these hunts felt unstoppable but now that belief is crumbling. And that is something that we should recognise and take into account when morale is low.

Natural England published their summery of the 2023 badger cull and, despite any rhetoric they want to project, the UK governments’ agender is clear; they will continue to murder wildlife on mass. It is worth noting that, based on their own studies, culling badgers has no impact on the spread of bTB. The reality is that this cull is about protecting animal agriculture from taking accountability of their biosecurity problems and making life easier for landowners (as one example, badgers living on your land causes problems for gaining planning permission). The numbers of badgers killed in the 2023 cull stands at 19,570 and when combined with culls taken place since 2013, totals 230,125. These numbers are bleak as fuck but they would undoubtably be higher if it wasn’t for the efforts of dedicated groups (such as Underground Badger Syndicate), hunt sabotage groups and local badger protectors. It can sometimes be difficult to quantify the results of anti-badger cull work, but seeing fresh badger activity months after the cull has finished where multiple cage traps have been removed and free-shooters escorted away is a sure sign of success.  

Spring time is a busy time for wildlife. While many embrace this, gamekeepers and others intend to decimate anything that they see as a threat to their interests (sometimes as pathetic as having a neat and tidy lawn). However, some have been busy dealing with traps and other mechanisms used to kill wildlife, as seen by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs who have been removing mole traps, snares and pricey sensor-triggered squirrel traps. Simply walking around the countryside can make a difference when looking in the right places, such as a shooting estate or the grounds of a stately home. This activity is not only leisurely but can also make a difference to local wildlife. And if you don’t feel up to dealing with items yourself, you can relay what you have found to your local sabotage group.  

Northants Hunt Saboteurs held a protest against the Cottesmore Hunt at their first ‘fun ride’ of the spring/summer. As they explain in a recent social media post, holding demonstrations at ‘fun rides’ are important as these are specifically organised to raise money and recruit paid subscribers for the upcoming season. Discouraging supporters and paid spectators from joining a hunt can be a significant blow against their longevity, both financially and for their morale. This contributes to a diversity of tactics as part of a dedicated campaign against a hunt and has been proven to be successful in shutting them down for good.  



via: NAALPO.

“Recently, aboveground activists visited Utah to determine the operational status of known fur farms in the state. 25 fur farms were surveilled, and only 1 was confirmed as currently in operation.

This is the grim state of the U.S. fur industry.

Activists found dilapidated sheds, piles of rusted and decayed cages and nesting boxes, and complete silence on properties that once echoed with the simultaneous cries of thousands of mink yearning for freedom.

The Salt Lake Valley was once the nerve center of the fur industry – where mink murderers once operated not in rural isolation – but within blocks of elementary schools and where tens of thousands of mink languished at farms directly off of major interstates.

Utah has seen at least 12 raids on fur farms, and numerous sabotage actions by the Animal Liberation Front. At least 16,790 wild animals have been liberated from captivity into their natural environment.

In 1997, the most vital component to the proliferation of the fur industry in the state was bombed – the Fur Breeders Agricultural Cooperative in Sandy – with over $1 million in damages resulting.

Most recently, in 2020, an ALF cell visited an unknown Utah mink farm, and released over 1100 mink.

That ALF cell said it best – calling on us all to finish the work of past liberators who fought hard when there was no light at the end of the tunnel – and now every bankrupted fur farmer and abandoned wildlife prison is that light.

“Caging the wild is a heinous offense against life – against freedom. Every cage is worth emptying, and to begin this work is not difficult. Pressure from animal liberation activists, a declining demand for the products and economic downswings have come together to push the archaic fur industry further than ever towards full collapse. Wiping fur farms off the landscape is a worthy and attainable goal. What’s needed now is for the reader to reflect on what is stopping them from picking up where others left off.”

For a full list of U.S. fur farms visit”


Imagine that someone (not you, you would never break the law) has done some crime to help some animals, or to hurt a nazi, or to scare some earth destroyer, and that someone wishes to share their story with the world in hopes that others might too take action. It is difficult to navigate digital forensics, but fear not!, UA is here to help. We have existed as an anonymous platform for direct action for nearly eight years, we have never wanted to know who the ‘criminals’ are and we have set up a system that helps everybody stay anonymous.

1- write your story. Tell us fun details and motivations and whatever else feels right, but don’t give personal information out. We don’t want it. Also avoid writing fascist shit because we will literally not publish it. 161 always.

2- open the TOR Browser. It exists for computer, it exists for smartphones, literally no excuse. This browser helps you keep anonymous by routing your connection through multiple nodes around the world, like an onion with many layers! It means it is a little slower, but worth the anonymity.

3- Head to and scroll down til you find the contact us box. Paste your text.

4- If you have images, use (through the TOR Browser) any of the service providers that allow for media upload (,…). You should probably clean the metadata first. Use Obscurecam or ExifCleaner. Once you have the media link, paste it with your text in the contact us box.

5- answer the math question. You’re allowed to use calculators if you fancy!!!

6- tap on send. That’s it

If after doing that, your little story is not anonymously published within two weeks, you can use a throwaways email like anonymouse to send us an email with message and media. Hopefully we hear about it that way! If it still doesn’t appear, then consider re-reading your report and checking if you’re a fast. We don’t publish fast shit.

And that’s about it. Happy anonymous reporting!


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{editor’s note: We are aware UA is mentioned in this article and will address this issue as well as another not mentioned here in the coming days}

Anonymous submission:

Not long ago, a horse that had been locked up in an Atlanta police station was released into the city to fend for themselves. Today I check news from around the world to read that the Atlanta Police Department’s recruitment meeting was sabotaged by pulling a fire alarm AND releasing 300 crickets.

But this is not exclusive to the Atlanta forest struggle. Just this year, the animal rights organisation Viva! UK came under fire for parading a purchased whole pig dead body around London to make the point that animal murder is not OK. Just last week I saw the announcement of National Animal Rights Day 2024, where dozens of groups around the world will organise activists to stand in the centre of their city holding dead bodies in a macabre show to discourage people from eating animals.

These are not made up situations and we need to do much better. As anarchists, anti imperialists and anti capitalists, we cannot buy into the grossly hierarchical notion that animals are props we can use to shock the public, any more than we can buy into the notion that animals are tools to sabotage or inconvenience our enemy.

The mistreatment of dogs and horses (and other animals) by the police is a great injustice that we should be addressing, but releasing a domesecrated animal into a city is irresponsible, not cute and liberating. Those who released crickets in the hotel signed as “the horde of locusts that will destroy you”. You’re not a horde of locusts, in fact you see insects as disposable tools you can condemn to die to make a point.

Until the wild is wild again and we stop the ongoing abuse that is domestication, we have a responsibility to all the animals around us. Not only must we fight for their freedom by any means necessary, but we must understand what that freedom means and make the sacrifices necessary to ensure their safety and well-being.

When we analyse the hierarchy imposed by speciesism, lack of consent is the main explanation for the blatant injustice that is the subjugation of animals for food, entertainment, experimentation or any other use. The excuse that corpses are buried or cremated after being used as shock props does not change the fact that they are completely incapable of consenting to being used as shock props.

Finally, I cannot in good faith send this statement without acknowledging that I am enormously disappointed that platforms such as Scenes from the Atlanta Forest and Unoffensive Animal are platforming these kinds of actions. Do better, because your promotion of animal use only means more animal use.

When I die, you must use my entrails to stink up the ventilation systems of the CEO of RWE, the owners of Faccenda and any police station you like, and I hope you dry my bones and use them as ammunition to smash as many butcher’s shops as possible with a catapult. That is consent. The animals have not given you theirs.

Dismantle your speciesist hierarchy to fight a system that is stronger when you hold oppressive thoughts.

For anarchy, for antispeciesism.

An anarchist.


On June 11th of every year, we take the opportunity to remember and support Marius Mason and anarchist comrades who are serving long prison terms. We can show our support in different ways. Through actions, as well as donations to prisoners. Every year, the support crew of June 11th publishes a summary of the situation, a list of prisoners, what support is needed (read the full text in the attached link below):

“We once again approach June 11th, a day of remembrance and active solidarity, in a world of multiple crises and struggles for liberation. All of these are interconnected; there are no separate worlds. Across borders, languages, contexts, and identities, both catastrophes and victories of spirit and defiance reverberate around the globe. One environment is not untouched by another. The personal is not separate from the political. The positive project is not separate from that of destruction. Prison is not separate from the “free world.” Means are not separate from ends. Bridging these divides is a shared curiosity and commitment; bridging these divides is solidarity. This is not to flatten or oversimplify diversity and differences in circumstance, intensity, and consequence. Rather, that these different pieces are held together like organs of the body held by connective tissue. So we consider: how do we strengthen this connective tissue? How do we remain strong, yet supple and flexible? Bridges, connection, must also be built through time, especially in a world that moves too fast, from one crisis to the next. June 11th aspires to be one of these bridges: to build solidarity across borders, between movements, and among generations. Remembering and supporting long-term prisoners, as well as carrying on shared struggles, are two ways to strengthen this connective tissue. A stronger connective tissue will, in turn, bolster us against further repression…”

For more information about Marius and the call for 2024 action, check out:



WHAT: Mass demonstration against MBR Acres, UK.
WHEN: 25th of May.
WHERE: MBR Acres, Sawtry Way, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 2DT, UK

Inspired by the demos at Green Hill in Italy in 2012, people have organised a demo outside MBR Acres, the notorious vivisection puppy breeder run by Marshall BioResources, which breeds animals for laboratories internationally and used to own Green Hill. They are calling for a large turnout and asking people to wear black as a mark of respect for the animals imprisoned there. Be smart and wear a mask, for your own and everyone else’s safety. Look after each other and don’t talk to the police.

People will be travelling from all over the UK and you can find folks who are organising lift shares via the event page link below. We recommend that you do not use your legal name on any Facebook profile, especially for organising.

This event is not associated with Free the MBR Beagles, Camp Beagle or any other campaign. Diversity of tactics is needed; the animals used for vivisection need us to stand up and fight. If you want to see something happen, now is your chance. The more of us who take the initiative with different kinds of actions, the harder it is for these companies to stay on top of things. Be ungovernable.

Outside the UK? People are calling for solidarity demonstrations on the day. Is there a Marshall BioResources plant near you? Or one of their customers? Get organised.

Check out the Facebook event for more information, lift shares and more:


The City of Atlanta has leased 381-acres of Weelaunee Forest, stolen Muscogee land, to the Atlanta Police Foundation for a police military facility funded by corporations. The protests against this have been receiving increasingly high levels of state violence and repression.

Larry is the last #stopcopcity forest defender currently behind bars and would like to receive more letters to keep them connected to the outside world. Write to them and remind them they are not alone.

Remember not to mention any illegal activity, these letters will be read by prison staff.

Laurance Clark #2404538
2 North 604 C/O Securus Digital Mail Center
Fulton County Jail
PO Box 989
Lebanon, MO



WHAT: One-day gathering / workshop event.

WHERE: Plantage Doklaan 8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

WHEN: 11 May

From the event website:

“Fighting for animal liberation can feel lonely and pointless. As there will never be a means to and end to these violent industries. Collectively, however, we can bring about meaningful change and connect on our struggle to see it through.

The animal liberation movement nowadays seems to be comprised by a lot of separate groups and individuals working to accomplish similar goals. By organising this event we hope to bring these groups and individuals together and create a wider and more connected movement.”

The Animal Liberation Summit in Amsterdam promises to be an interesting event of solidarity and practice, where you can meet like-minded activists, brainstorm within groups and create a more cohesive animal liberation movement.

So far a number of workshops have been announced, including how to talk to journalists, how to plan direct action, digital security, two separate talks by Christopher Sebastian, a puppet show on security culture and much more. The full programme can be found on their website:

The event is pay-as-you-feel and the suggested donation for those who can afford it is 5-10 EUR. This does not include meals, which must be paid for separately, with a suggested donation of 8 EUR to cover coffee, lunch and dinner.

More practical information can be found here:



{editor’s note: we’ve received a report back from a demo in North Italy against Max Mara. Read the activists words below.}


“On 20 April, we responded to the call to action calling for activists to protest against Max Mara, guilty of not wanting to subscribe to a no fur policy.

We went in front of their shop in Monza (Monza Brianza) in northern Italy and held up signs showing with pictures and describing in writing the suffering to which foxes and mink used by the Max Mara group to make cuffs and hoods are subjected. We also went into the shop to protest and talked to people on the street. People supported us and spoke out against the use of fur.

We also spread the information on the fur free alliance website and invited people to download the format to write to the Max Mara Group asking them to join the fur free alliance as so many of their high fashion colleagues have already done.

No more cruelty.



“Il 20 aprile abbiamo risposto alla chiamata all’ azione che invitava gli attivisti a protestare contro Max Mara colpevole di non volere sottoscrivere una politica no fur. Ci siamo recati davanti al loro negozio di Monza (Monza Brianza) nel Nord Italia e abbiamo esposto dei cartelli che mostravano con delle immagini e descrivevano con delle scritte la sofferenza a cui sono sottoposti volpi e visoni utilizzati dal gruppo Max Mara per fare polsini e cappucci. Siamo entrati anche nel negozio a protestare e abbiamo parlato con la gente in strada. Le persone ci hanno sostenuto e si sono dichiarate contrarie all’uso delle pellicce. Abbiamo anche diffuso le informazioni presenti sul sito delle fur free alliance e invitato a scaricare il format per scrivere al Gruppo Max Mara chiedendogli di unirsi alla fur free alliance come già fatto da tanti dei loro colleghi dell’alta moda. Basta crudeltà. MAX MARA SEI COLPEVOLE DELLA SOFFERENZA DEGLI ANIMALI.”


During the month of April we received 14 reports of direct action for animal liberation. Most of these were related to the flesh/egg/dairy industry, with ten actions being liberations. Australia saw the largest liberation this month, with 73 pullets, and was also the country with the most reports, with a total of 4. This is partly due to the start of the duck hunting season, which has attracted a lot of direct action since the beginning of the year.


USA: 1

This month was the Global Weekend of Action against Max Mara, with activists around the world putting pressure on Max Mara to ditch fur once and for all. It was also World Day for Animals in Laboratories, and we understand that the Liverpool demo in the UK was a blast!

We also heard that snitch David Agranoff was confronted at an event where he was trying to promote his book. The movement does not forget snitches!

We’ve heard that Sindre has been receiving letters since the support group changed the delivery address. Please write to Sindre today and send some love.

Finally, May is an expensive month for UA, covering the cost of servers and other tech logistics to keep the platform alive. If you can afford it, please donate via PayPal or Patreon. All the links are here: