Some folks have anonymously sent us a reportback of a banner drop covering the entrance of a Max Mara store in Italy. Read what they have to say:

“Banner with painted writing “No alle pellicce – No to fur” hung and tied in front of the Max Mara store MaMa ( in Piazza Umberto Giordano square.

Max Mara is still one of the biggest offenders when it comes to fur and only recently the activist scene in Italy has picked up the fight against the cruelty of this fashion brand.

It is also the country where activists should strike harder since Italy is the Maramotti family’s home. Let it be known and made clear that exploiting animals for fashion is not a welcome practice, not even in their own turf.

A reminder that any form of activism in any city, not just the big ones like Milano and Bologna, is important to spread the message and intimidate Max Mara. A simple blanket, some paint and zip-ties can help decorate their shopping windows for citizens to see before opening times.

Be relentless, be dedicated to the cause.

Animal liberation is for the victims of this system, not to inflate anyone’s ego or wallet.

Until every cage is empty.”


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Burner phones are sometimes discussed, but rarely used correctly. We need to clarify what a burner phone is. A burner phone is a phone that aims at keeping you as anonymous as possible, not leaking your personal details. A burner phone is a single-use phone. It is turned on, used for what you need to use it, turned off and discarded. It isn’t a “field phone” or a “second phone”. It is a throwaway phone!

If you have decided you must take a phone to a demo but that taking your personal phone does not fit with your threat modelling, using a burner phone might be the best idea. A burner phone does not need to be a brick phone, it can be a smartphone (if you have sticky fingers or unlimited funds!), but if it is paid for, it should always be paid for in cash. The same goes for the SIM card inside the phone, you should buy one that does not require your details (for some folks this might even mean having to ask friends in a different country to send a few SIM cards!), and the credit inside should also be paid with cash. Purchasing burner phones should be done away from your town/city and certainly away from the shops you frequent. You should also consider aging burner phones, so that you always have some in stock for when they are needed, and so that they’ve been purchased quite some time in advance.

Once you have acquired your burner phone, SIM and credit, you should understand that if you turn that phone at home, that phone will ping your specific location, telling the phone provider where you live. For that reason, a burner phone should be turned on AWAY from your home and potentially even your city! Equally, you should remember that if you take your personal phone with you, then turn the burner phone somewhere else and then leave your personal phone in the car to go to the demo with your burner only, those two phones are now pinged in the same location, defeating the whole purpose of using a burner phone.

You should never have the burner and your personal phone together. If you are needing to take a burner phone to a demo because you want to ensure you can call your comrades on OTHER BURNER PHONES they’ve set up in case everything kicks off, you must leave your personal phone at home, turn the burner well away from home, and once the demo has ended, destroy the sim and the device and get rid of it for good. It isn’t enough to turn it off and take it back home, even if you haven’t used it! If it’s been turned on and has gone to a demo, a riot or a spikey action, that phone must disappear.

This is for a very simple reason which we will discuss more in depth in future articles, but your phone has an ID that tells the cell company where you are. If you think “well I never used it so I’ll keep it safe for the next one” and then you are arrested with it at the next demo, they can now connect you to the last demo too! It is not enough with changing a SIM card, you must get rid of both the card and the actual device.


– A burner phone is a single-use phone

– It should be purchased with cash, never card, and never where you normally mingle

– It should only be turned on away from your home and other devices

– It should only talk to other burner numbers

– If you’ve turned it on for a demo, you must destroy device and SIM before returning home.

In the next episode we will talk about IMEI numbers. If you have questions about burner phones, please drop a comment!

Your local anarchist cyber-counsellor.


24th July, Trento Italy.

According to local media, the Animal Liberation Front liberated eighty hens from a smallholding. The owner says this is the second time it has happened and that this time they just left the gate open so they wouldn’t destroy anything if they came back, claiming that the first time they cut the metal fence to access the hens. They also claim that other neighbours have had similar visits and then compares the raiders to “Greta Thunberg’s chinese knockoffs” just before laughing at the racist remark.

They claim to have lost about 100 EUR and that the only reason they’ve reported it to the police is to get the money back, as they do not really care about the chickens.


July, UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“We took action in the middle of the night to save as many lives as we could carry. Scummy egg farmers confine tens of thousands of hens into sheds filled with faeces and rotting dead birds and they get away with it. We targeted a free-range farm that was no better standards than any other indoor farms we’ve seen footage of.

We walked stealthily under the moonlight, concealing what we would carry these 20 hens to their safety in. After looking out to make sure that the farmer was tucked away in bed, we moved in. We crawled into the shed. The floor was laden with shit, feathers and smashed eggs. This is all these birds have ever known. Overwhelming noises and smells. Never being given bedding material.

We gently lifted the hens one by one knowing that we could only carry so many. 20 beautiful hens were saved but we had to leave behind tens of thousands to rot in an industry that doesn’t give a shit about their well-being or rights.

What next? If you are reading this, get out there and take action! Go liberate animals from being imprisoned. Go smash what you can and tear down anything that will fuck with this oppressive system.

This liberation is in solidarity with all animals who are being exploited whilst we live in this speciesist world.



It has been another busy month for the CAFT campaign to get the LVMH luxury goods conglomerate to drop fur. 

The big change has been the addition of Marc Jacobs (an LVMH-owned fashion organization) to their list of top targets. On the 11th of May, Marc Jacobs ran a hat made of real fox fur on a fashion show. This was despite claiming only a year ago to not use fur in their designs. 

In response, NYC Animal Defense League ran actions against Marc Jacobs on the 31st of June, targeting a fashion event being run at NYC Public Library. This event included a confrontation with Marc Jacobs’ husband (a video of this is available on CAFT’s YouTube channel). Disruptive protests in Marc Jacobs stores were also held, with some activists suggesting that they’d been locked into the store. 

The broader CAFT campaign against LVMH has been continuing. The two immediate targets are now Max Mara and Marc Jacobs, with the long-term target remaining LVMH. On the 21st to the 23rd of July, CAFT ran a ‘Summer Beatdown Against Fur’. The results of this weekend of action are still unfolding. 

To get involved in the campaign, CAFT recommends six types of action: demonstrations, leafleting, propagandizing (e.g. wheat-pasting posters), video-based activism, canvassing, and other creative actions you can think of. More information regarding these suggestions are found on their website. 


Delayed report, winter 2023, Nottingham UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Just as the new year started we heard rumours of a scumbag shooting birds at the edge of a nature reserve. We decided to go check it out and we found one of the most grotesque scenes we could’ve ever imagined. All around the nature reserve, signs of trapping and shooting were littered around the hedges. When we found the hunter’s base, decorated with a very weird mannequin dressed in an all red Santa costume we already knew we were dealing with some deranged individual, but it became all too apparent when we found a decoy magpie inside a Larsen trap, in January, with snow all over the floor. The bird had no shelter, the water tray was completely frozen and the only perch that allowed the magpie to rest sat on top of a pile of half rotten, fully frozen bodies -presumably what the hunter was expecting the magpie to eat – that was then covered on the birds shit.

The disregard for the bird was tangible, so we decided to take them with us and destroy the trap. The magpie was taken to a rehab centre where they grew their fly feathers back before being released again. Fly free friend.



18th July, Eslöv, Sweden.

received anonymously via email:

“On the night of 18 July a butcher shop in Eslöv, Sweden. That has previously been targeted received one nice new Alf logo and a repainted entrance to make some trouble for the animal abusing scum. And if it weren’t for a private security car, the whole building would have been repainted!

/ ALF”


July, Northamptonshire UK

Received anonymously via email:

“On a leisure walk around the Northamptonshire countryside we discovered a little cabin next to a pheasant pen. The gamekeeper had secured it properly, with a hefty padlock keeping it shut. Luckily, they had also left a sledgehammer propped against the wall, so knowing we would be finding trinkets we popped the padlock open with a single blow.

Inside, all kinds of treasure was found. From bags of rat poison to fen traps, ten snares, mole traps and small mammal traps, there was a lot to play with! The sledgehammer came in handy to bash every trap possible, and whilst at it we ensured all pheasant drinkers and feeders that were not in use would not be used again either. We cut the bags of grain and smashed the metal containers that kept the rats away from their dinner and threw a few blows to the walls of the cabin, just to make sure the gamekeeper starts the remodelling as soon as possible.

After having destroyed a whole arsenal of murder machines, we walked out, opened the pheasant pen, cut the electricity line and stole both the leisure battery and the electric fence machine. They’ll come in handy for sure!

We hope the gamekeeper had a really bad afternoon when they found the effects of a whirlwind of anger and destruction.

Fuck traps and fuck cops at pride.

Gays Against Traps.”


Leonard Peltier is an activist for Native American rights, almost eighty years old (78 years), who has spent more than four and a half decades in prison (46 years), in the so called USA. Some of his incarceration Leonard has been forced to spend in solitary confinement, Over the years, Leonard’s support crew has worked tirelessly for his release. According to them, there is now hope that Leonard can be released from prison in the future. 

In 1977, Leonard was convicted in highly questionable ways for a crime he did not commit, the murder of two FBI agents. Since then, Leonard has been held captive by the state, with neither the possibility of reparation for the wrongs that occurred during his trial, nor the possibility of parole.

Remember! The state is never on the same side as those who are fighting for liberation, be that human or animal liberation. How Leonard has been treated is a disgusting example of the state’s oppression of minorities, repression and revenge against activists. 

There are several ways to help Leonard, so that he hopefully can spend the last years of his life outside the prison walls, and getting the help that he needs (Leonard is unfortunately not in good health). For example, drawing attention to Leonard’s case, writing him a letter, or contributing financially to the campaign for Leonard’s release. 


Read more about Leonard’s case, how to donate, write letters: