2nd July, New Orleans USA

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest

“In the wee hours of July 2, with the near-full moon shining, we sabotaged the Bayou Oaks golf course in City Park, New Orleans. We filled holes with concrete, dug into the greens, destroyed golf course property, and left messages of rebellion. We intend this action as direct solidarity with forest defenders in Weelaunee. All power to the forest defenders! Stop Cop City! Stop Cop City everywhere!

The redevelopment of the Bayou Oaks golf course in the aftermath of Katrina was unpopular for many reasons, chief among them the callous destruction of fallow park area, a last vestige for native animals already squeezed by aggressive citywide development. A decade of rewilding since the storm offered a glimpse of a world that has continued to exist in spite of 300 years of apocalypse. We honor the forest defenders who mobilized back in 2015. Although the struggle to defend this wild area inevitably was defeated, we have not forgotten. Like the owls, coyotes and alligators, the cypress, palmettos and oaks, we are part of that world, we are nature defending itself.

Golf courses are abominations against nature, and symbolize our current predicament well: frat bros guzzle cold beers on manufactured turf while our unhoused neighbors stroke out under bridges from ever-intensifying heat waves. To anyone considering similar actions, we will say this: a simple jumped fence was all that stood in our way, and the whole course was ours for the taking. Check your local targets for cameras and find good in/out routes, and that’s it! It was cathartic to be out among the possums and cats, the birds, and the impenetrable swamp waters. We fight for a world that embraces the wild. Fuck the police! Smash fortress USA! From NOLA to ATL, Stop Cop City!”


3rd July, USA.

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

“Good Morning Keith Johnson,

How did you sleep last night? Did you rest well knowing you are responsible for destroying a beautiful, life-giving forest forest in order to build a death-bringing facility? Brasfield & Gorrie, the company for which you are the Eastern Regional President (bosses burn in hell), has already torn apart one of the last lines of defense against climate catastrophe and the largest green space in a Black neighborhood of Southeast Atlanta. You’ve decided to build a cop city that will produce brutal state violence. You’ve occupied sacred Mvskoke land and are working with the killers of Tortuguita in order to enable their repressive and murderous regime. B&G claims to live by the Golden Rule, and if we’re truly following this moral framework, what fate do you deserve?

I imagine you woke up early this morning and made a cup of coffee. As you looked out the window, something unusual caught your eye. You opened the back door to investigate and the stench of rotten fish and dirty motor oil hit your nose. To your dismay, blood-red paint has been cast around the pool, dripping into the water and mixing with the oil concoction, destroying your fancy little filter. There is blood on your hands (and you won’t be able to wash it off with that nasty pool water). At this point, I imagine feelings of anger and fear began to rise, which grew overwhelming when you saw the words, “COP CITY WILL NEVER BE BUILT,” “DROP THE CONTRACT,” and “YOU CAN’T HIDE,” emblazoned across your property. But you didn’t need the words to know what this is about and these feelings are surely nothing new. We know things haven’t been feeling great in the office– you’re losing money, subcontractors are upset, there are fractures everywhere the cop city project, and all that weight and precarity is on your fragile shoulders. Each time you think of us or see the reminders we left you, remember this is your own doing. You can make all this stop by dropping the Cop City contract.

There are a couple more surprises in store for you, but we don’t want to spoil them. Maybe it will be your daughter who sees the damage first instead, but we won’t feel bad. Mary Grace Johnson works for the same awful company that you do. Seems like rancid vibes run in the family.

See you next time!

P.S. To our beloved comrades– the fight is not lost. While we have not yet taken back Weelaunee People’s Park, the forest is with us. For every cowardly security detail shining their lights into the night, there are ten trees providing us with revolutionary darkness. Take to the shadows, no matter your experience. There’s a stinky prank hiding in the back of your mind and you just have to start sniffing 😉


(Not pictured: the useless security guards pointing their headlights at said driveway where painting occured)”


4th July, Atlanta USA.

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest

[photo: brent scarborough promoting ‘maintainer’]

“Dear Brent Scarbrough,

Happy Fourth of July! Today we decided to celebrate our independence from your destruction of the land for Cop City by torching two of your machines, a steam roller and a front end loader, in broad daylight across from the federal prison in Atlanta (the same site that was hit three months ago). We noticed that you only have overnight security there, and we just wanted to let you know that you and your machines will never be safe, night or day. If you thought it was chill to clearcut 80+ acres, you were wrong and you will fucking pay. You may have thought you were done with us, but we will never be done with you.

For all the trees you’ve killed, for all the owls, snakes, frogs, squirrels, snails, slugs, birds, fish, deer, and coyote you’ve displaced, for all the unmarked graves you’ve disturbed, and for our fallen comrade who was murdered while you were contracted to clear-cut the forest, we will wage a campaign of violence and destruction on any and all contractors who participate in cutting down the forest or building Cop City.

We wonder how you and Tina sleep at night (at 182 Woods Rd, Brooks, GA 30205)?

We are vengeful wingnuts with nothing left to lose.

Fuck around and find out.”


4th July, Michigan USA.

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

[photo: unrelated to the action]

“here in so-called southeast Michigan, it was too freakin hot on the night of the 4th so we decided to take to the streets for mischief, and what did we find but a Chase Bank with plenty of good-sized windows and atms!
we decided to redecorate. we glued the ATMs shut and spray-painted the windows, and used acid-etch paint to write messages of resistance like DROP COP CITY and VIVA TORTUGUITA!
we think that your stupid bank looks MUCH better now. down with beige minimalism! up with the spirit of resistance!
it was the best fourth of july we’ve ever spent.

chase, if you don’t drop the Cop City project, we will rain down more destruction upon you and your buildings.

death to america!
death to banks everywhere!


[Image credit: South Wales Hunt Sabs]

Thanks to a tip-off, Northern Counties Mink Hounds were unable to hunt at the start of the month following the arrival of hunt sab groups from West Yorkshire, Nottingham and Sheffield. Information that is passed on is vital for wildlife protection as, with only 26 packs throughout the UK and Ireland who operate in small numbers, these hunts are elusive. Once they are located, however, they often simply pack up and go home. Saboteurs have since been keeping an eye on their kennels which has deterred any hunting from taking place on specific days. This consistent pressure, if continued over a long period of time and combined with other tactics, is a sure way to force a hunt to disband. For example, it was announced this month that the Leadon Vale Basset Hounds, who have been hunting hare since 1967, have folded. One major factor in this was that multiple landowners were no longer inviting them due to ‘unwanted attention’ from hunt sabotage groups, including Severn Vale, over the last few years. Now there are only 5 basset packs operating, making them even more vulnerable to a targeted campaign. Tip off’s can be made anonymously via the Hunt Saboteurs Association tip-off line at 07443 148 426.

The supplementary Badger cull began at the start of the month and is operating in 29 zones. The cull is primarily known for its ‘intensive’ period in autumn but the murder of badgers also takes place for 8 months in areas which have already been victim to 4 years of culling. Supplementary culling often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves even though 10,000’s could be killed. However, action is being taken. Saboteurs and animal liberation activists survey the countryside for cage traps during the day and for marksman at night. Devon County Hunt Sabs was successful recently in stopping a shooter who was forced to hide in crops and inevitably left with empty body bags. Key to this success is based on years of expertise and intelligence gathering, but everyone starts from the same place and results can be achieved quickly. In a social media post also published from the group, advice is given on what you can do to help stop the cull. Derbyshire Against The Cull have also been active by providing a sett surveying workshop, giving people from the local community an opportunity to learn what to look out for. For further information on how to get involved, hunt sabotage and anti-cull groups can be contacted (all of which can be found via a quick search on the internet). 

The importance of surveying shouldn’t be underestimated. On discovering and dismantling ‘death traps’ used by the game industry, Suffolk & Essex hunt sabs highlighted how indiscriminate the killing of wildlife is for the purpose of protecting birds used for shooting. They reaffirmed that these can be dealt with simply by going ‘off the beaten track away from footpaths’ in the countryside and to ‘look for these cruel devices’.  

Snares, which are cheap and easy methods of brutal suffering, have now been banned in Wales. Though many wildlife killers are not concerned with abiding the law and are likely to continue using them, others will stop and should be seen as a positive step. This has been achieved through evidence gathering and campaigning by groups such as Hunt Investigation Team as well as many others.

Another important development relating to the legal world is the prosecution of Angela Jarrom; a hunt supporter who, in October 2022, almost killed a Northants hunt saboteur by hitting her at speed with her car. Though the state is not a realistic method for animal liberation (let alone total liberation), this prosecution is arguably positive as it will deter others from extreme forms of violence, even if the punishment is considered minor. It is likely that this would not have been successful in the courts without such damning video evidence, thus reaffirms how vital video cameras are. All sabotage groups benefit from donations, especially as equipment gets smashed, damaged or stolen, and is a sure method of support that people can contribute to, even if unable to take part directly.  



1st July, Atlanta USA.


“one week ago there were two coordinated attacks on atlanta police department infrastructure

-current apd training facility: 8 motorcycles destroyed
-apd cruisers on memorial drive: 3 cruisers smashed

both actions had equipment issues. check your materials.

we took action because the police see everyone associated with the movement to defend the atlanta forest as an enemy combatant whether or not they participate in brave decisive actions like that at the cop city site on march 5.

we took action after non combative demonstrations at cadence bank and home depot. the police attacked those demonstrations with no cause, as they do wherever or however the movement gathers. there can be no separation of time and space for tactics when the police have turned society into a warzone. despite this, we dispersed our activity as much as possible across their area of control.

to address the referendum. we encourage thsoe who are pursuing a strategy of referendum to continue supporting all methods to stop cop city. while signatures are collected, the forest is being destroyed, the police are still killing. we cannot wait. if the referendum fails, actions like ours, and bolder, will be the only means available.

to these ends, we announce the march 5 movement (m5m). we are inspired by the brave actions of forest defenders on march 5, and reflect on the shortcomings of the march 5 action. we see that mass daylight actions are not possible for now, but the struggle must advance and escalate.

we encourage anyone who agrees to pick up these methods and claim actions in the name of m5m if they seek to disrupt the logistics of those who destroy the earth and dignified life on it.

we have shed enough tears and acted soley in revenge for too long. we encourage a revolutionary guerilla movement as a path forward.

save weelaunee
save the world


July, Dublin Ireland.

Received anonymously via email:

“Over several nights many advertising signs were vandalised in Dublin. Advertisement plays a key role in animal exploitation so these signs were turned into anti-speciesist advertisement.

Not only does fast play one of the biggest parts in animal genocide it contributes massively to climate change and deforestation of rainforests which is home for many plant and animal species including human. Massive amounts of land turned into pasture for cow farming and growing soya, the fuel that runs the animal agriculture industry globally.

Also, screens of ATMS were also spray painted to prevent use. Multinational corporations and banks are two other cogs that make up the slaughter machine that is techno-industrual society. On an individual level going vegan is a good way to prevent some of the blood spilt and reducing carbon emissions, it is a step in the right direction towards creating a world free from the death culture of speciesism and anthropocentrism. But ultimately if there is to be any hope in saving the planet as well as its inhabitants from total extinction action needs to be the next step.

On Till Every Cage Is Empty
On Till Techno-Industrual Society Has Come To End No One Will Be Free

For Liberation For Anarchy

Animal Liberation Front Cell of Vandals”


In March 2021 in Bristol, UK, the rage against the abuse and oppression by the police boiled up during a demonstration against a new policing bill introduced by parliament. When police attacked protesters fought back defending themselves against pepper spray, batons, shields and charges on horseback. By the end of the evening, several police vehicles had been set alight.

The ‘outrageous’ action of defending themselves caused the police to seek revenge, and they have been targeting the community ever since. Over 78 people have been arrested and 50 or more have been charged. At least 29 people have been sentenced to time in prison, with sentences ranging from just a few months to up to 14 years.

Bristol ABC has been handling the support work for all prisoners from the Kill The Bill protests. Since the beginning of their fundraiser they have managed to gather over 50k GBP, but last month they published an urgent call for support as their money reserves were dropping rapidly.

They send £50 per month to each individual prisoner currently serving time, which is used for topping up phone credits and other essential items in prison. There are twenty current prisoners, which means they use £1000 a month. They only have £2000 left in their accounts, so they are in a really dire situation.

As well as the £50 allowance, they also support released prisoners, families of prisoners and folks doing prison visits.

Please, consider sending just a few coins to Bristol ABC. We have a combined 20k people reach. If all of you send 1 coin, they would reach the 70k GBP they want to raise.

You can read more about the fundraiser, see how money is being used and donate here:

You can read about the work Bristol ABC is doing here:

And you can find KTB prisoner addresses here:



4th July, USA

Received anonymously via email:

“An invitation and reportback from a productive fourth of july party

On the fourth of july, 20 machines across 6 sites of the construction of the mountain valley pipeline were sabotaged, using a variety of means to render them inoperable. Machines are often left unguarded, and when they’re not, the security are just prats. It was easy and fun. We gave a big cheer when these machines were seen being hauled off the mountains back to the industrial hellscapes they come from.

I have loved these mountains my whole life, and truly am a part of the forests. Mountain Valley Pipeline has been fought ferociously by locals every step of the last 5 years, but we need help. People have locked themselves to equipment and had their bodies maimed by police. People have precariously lived in treetops for years (literally, 2 and a half years at yellow finch). But MVP, supported by Joe Manchin and the full power of the US government does not care about the trees, the deer, the woodducks, the candy darters, or any one of us. Lockdowns and treesits are not enough anymore. I am inviting the full power and creativity of the movement to do whatever it takes to stop these fuckers from killing us all. Doom to the pipeline!

Check out the many resources on, especially the following:


Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

Many of you will have seen evidence gathering cops at protests before, they are the ones walking around having ‘friendly’ conversations, asking questions like “did you travel far to get here?” “so are you a student?” “what’s your name?” and so on. Never answer these questions, don’t talk to cops! Alongside the chatty ones there are also the ones walking around with big ass cameras, taking photos and videos of everyone they can. The footage they collect is often used to help identify and target individuals and can lead to successful prosecutions.

A simple tactic to combat these intrusive protest stalkers is to follow them around and use your placard or banner to block their cameras from filming the crowd.

It might be wise to attach long sticks or poles to your banners as the cops usually come with extendable poles for their cameras in order to get clear shots from above.

It’s not just banners and placards that can do the job of blocking cameras, umbrellas work brilliantly and fit in your pocket after. Skateboards have been used many times too and depending on your skating abilities can provide a fast getaway or dramatic fail.

Be aware that preventing these creeps from filming effectively is likely to upset and frustrate them. It can result in grumpy cops targeting you, even if what you’re doing isn’t illegal. Make sure you are well masked up and alert to your surroundings and ideally doing it with friends. Factor in your vulnerability, if you’re undocumented, or really can’t afford another arrest if things go sideways then this probably isn’t the job for you. Talk in your group about who could take this role before heading out.

Remember, we keep us safe.