15th June, Streffi Hill, Greece.

via: Abolition Media

“We are at a juncture where, in the space of just a few months, we have counted two mass state capitalist murders, in Tempe and Pylos, which demonstrate in the most deafening way the very essence of capitalism. We are under no illusions and we know very well that in the face of the deadlock and bankruptcy of the state-capitalist system, the only answer that the state and capital have to propose is, on the one hand, to create new hotbeds of imperialist conflict and intervention in the capitalist regions, thus creating new hundreds of dead, both on the battlefields and in the debris left behind by war and the overexploitation of resources, and on the heavily guarded border lines, which have resulted in the Mediterranean becoming a vast graveyard of refugees.

On the other hand, in the capitalist centres of the West, capital and the state are looking for new areas of profitability through further class devaluation, impoverishment and death politics, which in turn create modern metropolitan guarded sweatshops in which we are forced to survive in conditions of misery with meagre wages as a result of the overvaluation of our labour power, with one worker murder after another, with the coverage of our basic material needs becoming more and more difficult, and the deterioration of the structures that cover basic social needs of transportation, health, education, etc. and with a state that is further entrenching itself by militarising its metropolises and increasing military budgets.

So at the same time as the state is generously spreading death, oppression, exploitation and destruction, it is inviting us to participate in the carnival of elections to choose which party will “save” us and which party will provide the best opposition. It invites us to entrust the management of our lives to saviours great and small, and once we have chosen we can proudly return to normality, where people are murdered at the borders, in police stations, on the streets, in the workers’ sweatshops. We can return to the normalcy of “passports” and starvation wages, of snitch journalists and exhausted and unpaid overtime, of evictions and home foreclosures. The normalcy we legitimize by voting consent and submission. In the face of their normalcy there is disobedience, resistance and rebellion. Against the vote of delegation there is collectivity, self-organization, faith in our strengths and in the potential of all the oppressed and exploited. The belief that this world will be changed by us, through collective struggles we will stand on our feet and attack the state, capital and their praetorian guard.

And it is precisely all the above ideals that we believe find fertile ground and are grounded in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia, which has historically been the bastion and the cutting edge of class and social resistances and movements. And it is precisely for this reason that the state and capital, at a time when they are trying to impose a doctrine of zero tolerance and bend the whole of the resistances and struggles, have launched an all-out attack on the neighbourhood of Exarcheia.

More specifically, the state has turned the neighbourhood into a war zone, with an all-armed occupying army swooping in in an attempt to show force, intimidation and repression. At the same time, capital sees in Exarcheia an investment opportunity that will open up new fields of profitability. Therefore, a swarm of real estate, construction, tourism companies of all kinds, bosses of alternative entertainment outlets, up to minefields under the pretext of gentrification, redevelopment and all kinds of alternative consumerism have invaded the area.

All of the above processes are aimed at political sterilization, class restructuring and the uprooting of the neighborhood’s militancy and its very history, turning it into an entrenched, depoliticized island of alternative tourism and entertainment.

For all these reasons, we believe that the struggle against the attack of the state and capitalists on the Exarcheia neighborhood is a struggle that concerns us all. Exarcheia is a neighbourhood with a rich history of struggles, which we must defend and continue.

So on Thursday 15/6, we carried out a Molotov cocktail attack, ambushing a change of guard at Strefi. This particular procession consisted of a van accompanied by a Delta unit, which not only did not perform its role, but in our view had no problem leaving its colleagues to fend for themselves in their lamp-lit vehicle, firing flash-bang grenades from a really long distance. It is important to mention the warm support we received from the people who happened to be in the tarmac during the attack.

The event was completely “buried” by both the police and their loyal allies, journalists. Obviously this silencing is not surprising, as the propaganda mechanisms of the state and the repression could never publicly admit such a deafening defeat in the most militarized neighborhood of Athens, in the heart of their operational center, which is now the hill of Strefi. What they don’t understand is that our stratagem is not negotiable, nor does it take a holiday. We meet, we cooperate, we organize and we spread, with camaraderie, consistency and sincerity in mind and with the aim of a revolutionary perspective, the abolition of the exploitation of man by man and the plundering of nature.

We believe that when the level of violence and impoverishment is constantly being raised by our enemies, we in turn must organise our own targeted responses to violence in a coherent, persistent and committed manner. Which, in the first instance, put up a barrier to the attack of the state and capital, putting in practical question the monopoly of violence they want to impose. While they are also an organic and integral part of the broader diverse mosaic of our own unconstrained social and class struggles, which can ultimately be the only response to the capitalist storm.

Freedom to all political prisoners of the social and class war!


Photo not associated with the action.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This short book was originally published with ilustrations and explanations on how to hunt and dismember non-human animals. We found the rest of the content interesting enough for those wanting to live in the wild and fight the capitalist machine, but we were unwilling to share it due to its links to hunting. Some folks created a slightly more anti-speciesist version, which is the one we have linked. They decided to leave some of the traps, we can only guess because they are intended to be used towards bigger animals, and in the fight to protect the wild those traps could be useful tools on fighting those who destroy the planet alongside wildlife and other comrades. It is not ideal, but it contains interesting and useful information, so have a read!

“Originally intended to be a zine, expanding to a short book, How To Survive The 9 To 5 focuses on direct action in wilderness and woodland areas and Land defense – specifically in North “georgia”. Deeply influenced by the movement to Stop Cop City and Defend the Atlanta Forest, this writing aims to aid in compiling information useful to this fight; covering topics on basic camping know-how, the local flora and fauna, natural building and skills, security and defense, and some useful tips and tactics for direct action.

In the fight for the defense of the Land, the compilation, sharing, and study of knowledge here is necessary, not only for our own safety as a movement but also for the very safety of the Land itself. We must dedicated ourselves daily to knowing and understanding the Land and how we can establish our relationship with it, which in turn means we will be able to work with it for its defense. The Forest and the Land will defend itself and we must work in solidarity with each other and it in this struggle.”

Some of the words from the anti-speciesist editing team:

“These edits were made by admirers of the original text and are overjoyed by the intentions of the original authors

These edits remove pages and text that involves hunting and trapping

It does not remove suggestions of shooting animals in “self-defense”, or edited other areas where we may have of liked, but we wanted to maintain the integrity of the text as much as possible

Yes, killing animals is murder.
No, it is not “more ethical” because you do it yourself
No, it is not “respectful” to hang an animal by their neck from a tree lined up next to the other victims, nor by bullet, nor by putting a hook in them and suffocating them in air

Yes, we are animals . Animals with the capability of agency, control, stewardship, careful relationships, observation, reflection, responsibility, and insight among many other traits that allow us to choose to live varying lives in different relationships to the earth we live in.”



1st July, Atlanta USA.


“Three police vehicles vandalized, and several police motorcycles were set on fire overnight.

Officers were dispatched around 1 a.m. to 890 Memorial Drive regarding damage to vehicles.

Upon arrival, they discovered three APD vehicles with broken windows. The Path Force Unit is located at that address.

Atlanta Fire and Rescue responded to a multi-vehicle fire inside a parking deck at 180 Southside Industrial Parkway around 2:20 a.m.

Several motorcycles were set on fire inside a parking deck near the Atlanta Police Training Academy on Southside Industrial Parkway.

Found On Mainstream Media


An anonymous contributor has sent a fundraiser text relating to Strefi Hill. Donate if you can, and share the word if you can’t!

“Our opposition to the constant repression and the attempt by investors to loot the area character of our neighbourhood is a daily struggle. In their efforts to destroy the character of our neighbourhood, to kick us out of our homes, to ban us the access to the now-occupied, green and public spaces, we respond with our daily presence and action in the neighbourhood where we live, work, get politicised, organise and develop our relations.

Our goal and vision is to keep the character that we ourselves have given to our neighbourhood for years now, to keep Strefi Hill accessible to every being, human and non. We don’t accept any other version of the Hill, other than the one of a public space, that is precious for us all, for the countless species of plants (rare or not) that grow in it, for its turtles and the dozens of birds that live on its trees.

Our interest is the liberation from the system that feeds repression and exclusion, for our lives to be as free and wild as possible, as close to nature as possible, as open to relationships as possible.

The Open Assembly for the Defence of Strefi Hill is starting a crowdfunding campaign for the financial support of the struggle for Strefi.

The exorbitant costs for legal actions against Prodea Investments, the arrests of our members and the frequent mobilisations are strangling our struggle. For our propaganda activities (newspaper, posters, events, materials, announcements) and to cover legal costs (appeals against Prodea and the Municipality, arrests of its members) we need to cover 5000 euros.

We call on you to financially support the common struggle to save Strefi Hill, Exarchia and their history from the most brutal and coordinated attack the neighbourhood has ever experienced.


Our campaign in English, Greek, Italian, French, German


July, Stockholm, Sweden.

Received anonymously via email:

“Silence only benefits the oppressor!!

Since Maxmara continues to ignore activists demanding a fur-free policy, I sent them a message that’s impossible to miss. A little bit of wheat paste (flour+water) and fake blood (sirap+food coloring) goes a long way. Dried wheat paste is literally impossible to remove and anyone can make it.

Max Mara and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) are the last few corporations that continues to sell fur. Join the fight and let’s abolish the furtrade once and for all!!!

Animal liberation ffs.”


When? 17th-20th August.
Where? Hambacher Forst, (near Cologne), Germany.

We have received a call to join the 4th Forest Anti-Spe Days gathering in Hambi. Read below, and find more information on their website!




We send these words to our comrades, known and unknown, those who feel in their hearts that the death of speciesism needs fierce and uncompromising resistance, outside organizations of every sort, without wishes of reforming this wretched civilization.

Those looking for legalistic campaigns, vegan savourism or cop-hugging pacifism are in the wrong place. These days are about attacking human supremacism and its world, its technologies and ideologies, all the cages that attempt to oppress us – and which we can empower each other to escape.

We warmly invite you to the Hambacher Forest, still squatted after 11 years, to share skills, perspectives, stories, proposals, inspiration, love, rage… whatever we need to go further in our struggles for total liberation. You don’t need money and you definitely dont need to register. Just pack your bag and find us here in August!

Propose your workshops by email or once you arrive. Come early if you want to help set up. Bring vegan food for the kitchen and other fun stuff if you like/can (but there will be free meals for everyone). And stay well away if you have racist, sexist, transphobic or otherwise oppressive views and behaviour.

Wild friends of animal liberation, you are not alone. Let’s meet each other and have some fun!




27th June, USA.

“Dear Brent Scarborough,

I Bet You Thought You Were Safe With All The New Security Measures You Put In At Your Headquarters Site! We Saw The Empty Lot Where You Used To Store Machines… And The Big One Right Next Door.

We Saw The Bright Lights, Tall Fence, And Trees Clear Cut Twenty Feet From Every Edge Of The Lot. It Was A Quick Walk From The On Ramp Of Exit 41. A Row Of Trucks Obscured Our Car So We Only Had To Carry Our Supplies About Half A Mile.

You Ought To Pay Your Security Guard More… He Was Asleep On The Job! We Climbed Over The Barbed Wire Fence With A Ladder And A Carpet Square & Taking Note Of The Machines Fifty Feet From The Fence And Cameras On Every Pole. Sneaking Between Equipment And Around The Useless Security Truck, We Finally Reached A Row Of Many Large Machines. Each Of Us Carried A Gallon Of Muriatic Acid, A Substance You Should Know About If You Don’t Already. We Poured The Corrosive Acid Into The Oil Tanks Of Three Machines. Have You Found Which Ones Yet? If Not, You Will Soon.

Dear Reader,

Are You Interested In Similar Activities? We Made A Handy Little Graphic To Help.

Muriatic Acid (aka Hydrochloric Acid, HCl)Highly corrosive, eats away metal. Also used for home cleaning and pool maintenance (significantly diluted). Obtain from pool supply stores, ~$10/gallon.
Pour onto cars, equipment, machines, etc. to cause permanent damage. Add to oil or gas tank, or pour over engine block.

Diagrams from Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching. Full text at

SAFETY: Wear goggles, a respirator, long sleeves, and thick rubber gloves

Pour below eye level if possible
Use slowly and carefully… this stuff is highly toxic, no joke”


Melbourne Hunt Sabs is asking for support on the local hunt’s opening meet day. If you are near, go shout at some scum!

“For the first time, we are asking for community and supporter presence at our first hunt sabotage without our founding sab, Liam.

This is going to be a big one. We are determined to not let their abuse of power mean they can get away with hunting illegally. Are you annoyed at the hunt? Want to stand with Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs?

Come and show your support for all Saboteurs as we reintroduce ourselves to the hunt at Barwon Hunt Club’s official “Welcoming hunt” on July 8th.

This will be a protest out the front of the property that they use their illegal hunting methods on (of which they are inviting to teach others including children how to be cruel to animals)

This will take place on July 8th @10am right out front of Mt Hesse estate, which is on Mt hesse Rd in Eurack. We will have flags set up for you to spot us!

Bring snacks, bring chairs, bring yourselves! its going to be a big day!
Make some noise with us!!!”


23rd July, Lombardy, Italy.

Received anonymously via email.


“23/06/2023, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Lombardia. We intervened to destroy a boar cage trap set by the regional government. This action will be followed by others. NO TRUCE for the animal murderers. ALF.”


“23/06/2023, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Lombardia. Siamo intervenuti per distruggere una gabbia trappola per cinghiali posizionata dalla provincia. A questa azione ne seguiranno altre. NESSUNA TREGUA per gli aguzzini assassini di innocenti. A.L.F.”


June11th serves both as a day of solidarity for all long term anarchist prisoners and to fundraise funds for Marius Mason, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for arson and is not scheduled to be released til 2027. We are happy to hear that the fundraiser for Marius Masons has reached beyond half of the set goal. 

This is good news! But there is still a bit to go before the fundraiser reach the goal of 2500$ (which is what Marius needs to get by for a year in prison). Any donations will be deeply appreciated. 

If you want to donate, you will find the fundraiser here:

If you are searching for information about Marius, background on his case, prisoner support, you will find information here: