27th June, USA.

“Dear Brent Scarborough,

I Bet You Thought You Were Safe With All The New Security Measures You Put In At Your Headquarters Site! We Saw The Empty Lot Where You Used To Store Machines… And The Big One Right Next Door.

We Saw The Bright Lights, Tall Fence, And Trees Clear Cut Twenty Feet From Every Edge Of The Lot. It Was A Quick Walk From The On Ramp Of Exit 41. A Row Of Trucks Obscured Our Car So We Only Had To Carry Our Supplies About Half A Mile.

You Ought To Pay Your Security Guard More… He Was Asleep On The Job! We Climbed Over The Barbed Wire Fence With A Ladder And A Carpet Square & Taking Note Of The Machines Fifty Feet From The Fence And Cameras On Every Pole. Sneaking Between Equipment And Around The Useless Security Truck, We Finally Reached A Row Of Many Large Machines. Each Of Us Carried A Gallon Of Muriatic Acid, A Substance You Should Know About If You Don’t Already. We Poured The Corrosive Acid Into The Oil Tanks Of Three Machines. Have You Found Which Ones Yet? If Not, You Will Soon.

Dear Reader,

Are You Interested In Similar Activities? We Made A Handy Little Graphic To Help.

Muriatic Acid (aka Hydrochloric Acid, HCl)Highly corrosive, eats away metal. Also used for home cleaning and pool maintenance (significantly diluted). Obtain from pool supply stores, ~$10/gallon.
Pour onto cars, equipment, machines, etc. to cause permanent damage. Add to oil or gas tank, or pour over engine block.

Diagrams from Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching. Full text at

SAFETY: Wear goggles, a respirator, long sleeves, and thick rubber gloves

Pour below eye level if possible
Use slowly and carefully… this stuff is highly toxic, no joke”

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