Melbourne Hunt Sabs is asking for support on the local hunt’s opening meet day. If you are near, go shout at some scum!

“For the first time, we are asking for community and supporter presence at our first hunt sabotage without our founding sab, Liam.

This is going to be a big one. We are determined to not let their abuse of power mean they can get away with hunting illegally. Are you annoyed at the hunt? Want to stand with Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs?

Come and show your support for all Saboteurs as we reintroduce ourselves to the hunt at Barwon Hunt Club’s official “Welcoming hunt” on July 8th.

This will be a protest out the front of the property that they use their illegal hunting methods on (of which they are inviting to teach others including children how to be cruel to animals)

This will take place on July 8th @10am right out front of Mt Hesse estate, which is on Mt hesse Rd in Eurack. We will have flags set up for you to spot us!

Bring snacks, bring chairs, bring yourselves! its going to be a big day!
Make some noise with us!!!”

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