12th May, Midlands UK

Received anonymously via email:

“Tonight we decided to take our allocated daily exercise at 3am, with spray cans, glue, a knife and a brick on our person.

3 humans clad in black arrived at the butcher’s shop, masked and aware of the well lit area surrounded by cameras and residential homes. This seller of animal carcasses also backed on to the local cop shop but we just couldn’t resist the open glass front with no shutters. This sick fucker needed a visit.

One of us began to spray slogans whilst one sat on the shoulders of another to reach the high areas. This was an act of economic sabotage and the priority was causing as much damage as possible. The glue was used in the lock and around the edges of the door. The awnings were slashed with the knife. Every part that could be damaged, was. This is going to cost them, their scummy choices in life should cost them.

The final step was a hefty throw of the brick towards the glass front, and as the smashing sound of broken glass filled the air we legged it.

Economic sabotage is a really important tool in the arsenal of animal liberationists. We need to hit these scumbags on every level and destroy the businesses that profit off the killing of animals. By smashing their glass we are smashing their profits.

Anyone can do this. The reason we post these actions is to inform and motivate others to do more. If we hit these industries at every level and consistently their insurance goes up and ultimately insurers won’t want to touch them.

We also send a clear message with these actions.

Don’t fuck with the animals. Or we will fuck with you.”


10th May, Derbyshire UK

Received anonymously via email:

“While humans have been on lockdown, fish have enjoyed a welcome reprieve from anglers dragging them out of the water, stabbing hooks into their mouths and ripping them out for “fun”.

Last night as Boris announced that we could sit outdoors again, we knew the sick, twisted fishing-folk will soon be out in their masses; torturing fish by the buckets full again, in the name of sport, disguised as a peaceful hobby.

So we took a trip to a Derbyshire reservoir, where your angling club is based. We decorated your clubhouse, to tell it like it is – getting your kicks from a bloodthirsty hobby, by mutilating someone is perverse. They feel pain while you feel joy – you sad sadistic fucks! Their bodies aren’t yours to stab and rip apart as you like. Hook your own fucking mouths!”


3rd May, Portland , OR, USA

According to media reports, The People’s Pig in Portland, Oregon, was hit on the 3rd of May. Three windows were broken, a fourth one was spray painted with a Veganarchist sign. End speciesism was painted underneath.

At this time we have not received a claim of responsibility.


May 10th, Louisville, CO USA

Received anonymously via email:

“Activists masked up and gave the corporate headquarters of Boulder Sausage a smashing welcome to the real animal liberation movement.

We aren’t here to persuade you to add plant based options and enable you to continue lining your pockets with money you use to slit throats and murder families. We’re here to watch your businesses burn to the fucking ground and make you fearful and ashamed of your work. As many cute local, grass fed, humanely raised buzzwords as you want to use, selling body parts that belonged to a person of a life will never be an ethical or respectable business practice. No to vegan capitalism. No to animal enslavement of any kind.
We hope this short and to-the-point video will inspire every individual reading this to do what they can to take similar action against evil animal exploiting businesses. We’re normal humans like you, you’re only a mask and a hammer away. And given the times, you’re probably now only just a hammer away.

Until all are free,
Long live the Animal Liberation Front.

P.S. to Boulder Sausage;
If you haven’t yet, check in on your delivery van. Some maintenance may be due.”

CHEESE SHOP SPRAY PAINTED (Claim of responsibility)

5th May, Brighton UK.

received anonymously via email:

“On the 5th May, we covered our faces, picked up a spray can and headed into Brighton. We were inspired by other actions of this kind which we have seen from others in our area. We are sick of seeing “high welfare” places selling animal products. They think this is guilt free, but we know that they are still using and abusing animals- “free range” and “high welfare” are just labels used so that humans can feel better about the abuse.

Local media picked up the story and printed a one sided story about how the shop owner is very upset. We hope that she and her customers think about what they are selling and paying for, and we are not sorry that this shop might fall into financial difficulty.

We have been very disappointed to see the response to the media, which is a lot of vegans being unsupportive, and saying that this action harms the ‘vegan movement’. To that, we say: we are the animal liberation movement. We are not fighting for more vegan options and acceptance in society. We are fighting for liberation.”


5th May, Brighton UK.

According to mainstream media, a cheese shop in Brighton was spray painted overnight in Brighton with “DAIRY = DEATH”.

The shop owner said “The emotional impact alone has been horrible, I’ve got that knotted, twisting feeling inside – my stomach’s still churning. When Sam saw it, he felt like he’d almost been punched.”

She said that the graffiti would cost “a small fortune to remove”.


May, Czech Republic.

Via: http://michalkolesar.net

“Crushed and beaten lives. Dot. Dust, stink and feathers. Dot. Arrive, leave. Dot. Take someone with us, leave someone behind. Dot. Cry and bang my head on the steering wheel. Dot. To be happy for every animal we have stolen from the underworld. Dot. Don‘t stop breathing. Dot. Return. Dot.

Fuck nirvana. If there are any future lives I want to be one of you. In a meat grinder if you understand… Without luck if you understand… Because we are just animals if you understand.

There are three rescue actions in this report with a total of 36 rescued animals, to whom we changed lives for the better.”


2nd May, South UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Taking our daily exercise during lockdown, we came across this piece of shit eyesore! It didn’t take long to get this over and decided to go back when it was dark to finish the job off.

Theres still a lot of damage we can cause for the hunt scum, keep your eyes open for traps, towers, feeders etc when out and about, whilst social distancing obviously, we wouldn’t want to break the rules, just the fucking towers.

So get busy, smash them up, it’s good exercise.

Until all are free.”


1st April, Bochum, Germany,

received anonymously via email:

“Showing the general public that people who support cruelty have to deal with consequences.”


27th April, UK.

Via: Underground Badger Syndicate

“Poking around a local shoot, we stumbled across some Larsen traps. The scum seemed a little protective of them, they were located in view of their scum houses and the prisoners were padlocked inside. So we came back at night with our boltcutters to set them free and smash the shit outta the cages.

Three magpies were released and two traps destroyed. We’ll be back again soon to check there’s no more.

We dedicate this action for freedom to our friend Jess, an incredible warrior. ❤