May 10th, Louisville, CO USA

Received anonymously via email:

“Activists masked up and gave the corporate headquarters of Boulder Sausage a smashing welcome to the real animal liberation movement.

We aren’t here to persuade you to add plant based options and enable you to continue lining your pockets with money you use to slit throats and murder families. We’re here to watch your businesses burn to the fucking ground and make you fearful and ashamed of your work. As many cute local, grass fed, humanely raised buzzwords as you want to use, selling body parts that belonged to a person of a life will never be an ethical or respectable business practice. No to vegan capitalism. No to animal enslavement of any kind.
We hope this short and to-the-point video will inspire every individual reading this to do what they can to take similar action against evil animal exploiting businesses. We’re normal humans like you, you’re only a mask and a hammer away. And given the times, you’re probably now only just a hammer away.

Until all are free,
Long live the Animal Liberation Front.

P.S. to Boulder Sausage;
If you haven’t yet, check in on your delivery van. Some maintenance may be due.”

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