CHEESE SHOP SPRAY PAINTED (Claim of responsibility)

5th May, Brighton UK.

received anonymously via email:

“On the 5th May, we covered our faces, picked up a spray can and headed into Brighton. We were inspired by other actions of this kind which we have seen from others in our area. We are sick of seeing “high welfare” places selling animal products. They think this is guilt free, but we know that they are still using and abusing animals- “free range” and “high welfare” are just labels used so that humans can feel better about the abuse.

Local media picked up the story and printed a one sided story about how the shop owner is very upset. We hope that she and her customers think about what they are selling and paying for, and we are not sorry that this shop might fall into financial difficulty.

We have been very disappointed to see the response to the media, which is a lot of vegans being unsupportive, and saying that this action harms the ‘vegan movement’. To that, we say: we are the animal liberation movement. We are not fighting for more vegan options and acceptance in society. We are fighting for liberation.”

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