received anonymously via email (translation):


31st December, Argentina.

“The human species has a disgusting capability to exploit and destroy all life forms.

Insects are no exception and that is why they exploit bees in a very peculiar way; they kidnap the queen and from her, they build a new hive. They steal their honey, made through strenuous labour collecting pollen from flowers. When they steal their honey they make the bees work overtime until they die of exhaustion.

Whilst bees are pollinators, those bees are not endemic and were imported from Africa. For that reason and being aware of the very little biodiversity left on the planet, honey bees mean competition for native pollinators.

In one of our walks, we walk by multiple hives of exploited honey bees, living in one of the only areas around with actual flora and fauna endemic to the region.

We did not doubt and took as many bees as we could without harming them and without being harmed, to leave them somewhere else where they will not be exploited, will live in harmony and will not damage the biodiversity. We also took multiple boxes used to attract bees and to build new hives.

For animal liberation, and for the liberation of nature from human domination.

Animal and Earth Liberation Front.”


31 Diciembre, Argentina.

“La especie humana tiene la macabra capacidad de explotar, rebajar, destruir, todas las formas de vida.

Los insectos no son la excepción, por eso explotan abejas de una manera peculiar, secuestran una abeja reina, y a partir de ello genera un nuevo enjambre, les roban su miel, que producen en base al arduo trabajo de recolectar polen de las flores. Al robarles la miel, genera que las abejas tengan que trabajar constantemente hasta su colapso vital. Si bien las abejas polinizan las flores, estas abejas son de origen africano, por lo que, con la poca biodiversidad que queda en el planeta, las abajas pueden suponer una competencia para otrxs polinizadores nativxs.

En uno de nuestros paseos, nos cruzamos con muchos enjambres de abejas explotadas, las cuales estaban en una de las pocas zonas con flora y fauna nativa de la region.

No dudamos en usar nuestro ingenio, para llevarnos toda las abejas que pudimos sin lastimarlas y sin salir lastimadxs nosotrxs, para dejarlas en algún lugar donde no sean explotadas, puedan vivir bien, y no perjudiquen a su entorno. También nos llevamos varias cajas que utilizan para atraer abejas y construir nuevos enjambres.

Por la liberación animal y liberación de la naturaleza del nauseabundo dominio de la humanidad.

Frente de liberación animal y de la tierra”


25th March, North East Uk

received anonymously via encryopted email:

“We set off in the middle of the night with cameras in our bags looking for a broiler farm. The stench alone was enough to lead us to where we wanted to go.

As we entered, hormone-filled chickens where crammed wall to wall, sitting covered in their own shit, some sadly dead already.

Normally we would’ve simply taken some photos to show the public how horrible the meat industry is, but seeing that soon we could face prison for trespassing and even for showing the footage we filmed at a demo, we decided to take a more radical approach. This night saw seventeen chickens liberated. Satisfied and not wanting to get caught, we left but we will return.

Until all are free


31st October, Norfolk UK

Received anonymously via email:
“On the 31st of October, we entered Nature Farm, Horsford, a “free-range”, family-run egg farm in Norfolk. Free-range is synonymous with ‘high welfare’, yet exposés of farms up and down the country have proved, time and time again, this is not the case. Red Tractor, RSPCA Approved, farm-fresh, happy hens, high welfare … these are all meaningless labels to placate the conscience of consumers. The public are being duped.
Over numerous visits to Nature Farm, we found hens in shocking, appalling conditions: bleeding, infected, red raw, prolapsed, egg bound, featherless. Suffering. The farm was dingy, filthy, smelt putrid and was full of flies, with no enrichment for the hens. It’s a prison and a breeding ground for zoonotic diseases.
On this occasion, five individuals were liberated. They have been taken to a new home where they will enjoy love, sunlight and freedom: the freedom to carry out their natural behaviours, freedom to be themselves, freedom from harm, exploitation and murder. To the hundreds we had to leave behind, we are truly sorry.
There is never a right way to exploit someone else’s body, there is never a just reason to reduce a sentient life to nothing more than a commodity. But for those who believe otherwise, the ‘humane way’ doesn’t exist. It’s a lie.


Folks have contacted us to let us know that an antispeciesist event is being organised in Hambacher Forst this September. We decided to call off Liberate or Die a few months ago due to COVID concerns and although we cannot organise an event in September due to badger cull happening at the same time in the UK, there is an antispeciesist event going on this year in Hambacher Forst.

For more information about it please head to their website.



We’ve received a release from the ALFpo that we believe should be published and shared as far and wide as possible. It relates to the multiple actions the ALF has taken in relation to the murder of Regan Russell.

The press officer’s job is to be able to talk on behalf of ALF activists towards the media, newspapers and TV, explaining why folks would take action and keeping the activists safe.

Read it, share it, let folks know.


On the morning of Friday, June 19, Canadian animal rights activist Regan Russell was hit by a truck and murdered whilst peacefully protesting against a slaughterhouse.

The truck which killed her was carrying the very pigs whose plight she was attempting to draw attention to.

Despite being clearly visible to the driver, who accelerated towards her, and continued to drive even as her body was torn in half, no one has been arrested for the crime.

As a response, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activists across the world—including the UK–have taken matters into their own hands in order to bring justice to Regan, and to the animals she lost her life trying to defend. Some of the actions taken are liberations; aimed at immediately changing the world for the animals involved. Regan wanted to save animals, and the ALF are directly saving animals from a suffering beyond our imagination. Other actions are acts of economic sabotage, aimed at making the meat industry unprofitable. We live in a world where a plant based diet is readily available, is healthier, tastes delicious, and would save the entire planet. If those involved in animal agriculture will not shift voluntarily to plant based production, then the ALF aims to force them there.

On June 19th, the day Regan was murdered, fifty turkeys being bred for Christmas were saved from a farm in the south east of England. In their communique, the ALF said: “We want to dedicate this action to Regan Russell, murdered under the truck wheels in front of a Toronto slaughterhouse, and we are hoping from our comrades worldwide to wake up to the reality that animal liberation is a war. Regan, like Jill or Mike, fell martyr in the fight for animal liberation.” Jill Phipps and Mike Hill were both animal rights activists, also killed whilst peacefully protesting (live exports and hunting respectively). Full report (including pictures):

On June 21st, Randal Parker’s abattoir near Andover, Hampshire, was attacked, with the tires of fifteen vehicles being slashed. The ALF claimed: “As we worked, we could hear the pigs inside the building, crying out as they await a death worse than our wildest nightmares. Our remorse that we had to leave them behind is only equal to our remorse that we could not have disabled the truck which murdered Regan.” Full report:

On June 22nd, Choice Cuts, a butcher’s shop in Brighton was attacked. The ALF stated: “We dedicate this action to Regan Russell, who thought doing something was better than nothing. We will remember you, the struggle continues and we will not let up.” Full report (including pictures):

Also on June 22nd, in the East Midlands, 14 chicks were saved from a factory farm where they would have been killed for meat. Full report (including pictures and video):

On June 25th, a butcher’s shop and livestock haulage firm were targeted in Alberta, Canada. The ALF declared: “It is time that we send a clear message to exploiters. Your time is up. Your reign of terror will come to an end. We will burn your slaughterhouses, we will destroy your death trucks and we will make your lives a living nightmare.” Full report (including video):

It is assumed such actions will continue, in memory of Regan and to bring about Total animal liberation.

For further comment, please contact the ALF Press Office: [email protected]

Please note, the ALF Press Office is not the ALF. We have no further knowledge on these actions beyond that which is printed in the communiques. We did not carry them out, and we don’t know who did.”


We have thought of a little something. Every couple of Saturdays we will post a fundraiser that we believe is in need of attention. Be it a sanctuary, a prison support crowdfunding or an arrest fund, we will share something folks should look into. We have about 20k followers when we combine all social platforms. If just 500 of those followers were to donate $2 each, we would be raising $1000 overnight. For those who cannot afford donating, sharing and connecting with other folks who would be able to is also a HUGE deal, as it is to interact with the Solidarity Saturday posts by liking and commenting so that the algorithms in social media boost the post up.

When folks have donated, they can take a screenshot of it and share it alongside the link, encouraging others to do the same. That should help the fundraiser spread even more!

Today, we want to share a fundraiser that was created in September with the aim of helping multiple groups and individuals that had been arrested for different actions. From all of those people, some have already received what they needed and some cases have been dropped or found not guilty, but there still are seven unnamed individuals that cannot talk about their case yet but that will need help, plus eleven codefendants that will go to trial in Kent for the Slaughterhouse Blockade that happened in August.

This fundraiser aims to collect 3000€ and it has only managed to raise a third of the goal. It would be wonderful if we could manage to raise another 1000 by the end of the week.

The currency in this fundraiser is Euros, but you can donate using whatever currency works for you. You can use PayPal or a bank card to make it even easier.

You can find the fundraiser in the link below:

So let’s do this! Donate a couple of euros (or more if you can afford it), screenshot it, share it with your own friends and let’s all pull together to show all our solidarity with folks facing legal action because of their convictions. And if you cannot afford donating, remember that you are still part of this and you can help in many other ways!

SIDE NOTE FOR BIG ACCOUNTS/INFLUENCERS: Please use your reach responsibly and be part of Solidarity Saturdays. If that’s your thing, make a little video and share it in your stories asking people to donate. Share the links. Help out with the power you have!

Solidarity is our biggest, strongest weapon. It is time we start using it.


Photo: Court demo during Tracey Middleton’s trial, Kent UK. This court appearance was certainly NOT in solidarity with the defendant. 


received anonymously via email:

Early July, France.

“a 5 ALF activist team destroyed 15 hunting towers in France, region “Centre”,

We will fight until specism is died, until every cage is empty.”

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