In this instalment of Incite, Conspire, Inspire, we bring you the extremely radical and dangerous technique of making wallpaper. Like, seriously. 
You see, in a world dominated by paid advertisement and where social media overtakes most of our visual input, wheatpasting is the hero we all deserve. Wheatpasting democratises the streets, allowing you to express your voice, share your leaflets or your artwork. Wheatpasting is the crusty, mouldy poetry of the streets. 
Does it sound like something you’re into? Good, because we are into it too. Wheatpasting will allow you to stick the paper to walls in a much more permanent way than duck tape. And we are here to teach you how. 

To make wheatpaste you will need: 
A saucepan. 
A whisk, or a spoon, or something to stir your potion. 
Two parts of flour.
Three parts of water.  
A stove, or a fire, or something that will bring your concoction to a boil. 

This is how easy it is to make wheatpaste:
 1- Mix your ingredients inside of the saucepan
2- Put it on the stove and bring it to a boil, whisking all lumps and ensuring the mix is homogeneous.
3- Keep on a boil and whisk until it thickens and looks like sticky, runny and very smooth porridge, about thirty minutes.
4- Let it cool, then pour it into a sealable container. 
Now for the fun part. Time to take it to the streets!

Make sure you have:
A brush
The container with wheatpaste
Your prints! This could be artwork, or leaflets, or whatever you want to show to the world
Gloves help if you don’t like a sticky mess over your hands. 
 Once you have everything you need, get on the streets! Wheatpaste works best in non-porous surfaces like glass, but you certainly should experiment! If you have leftovers, ideally you should keep the tub refrigerated. If you leave it for too long it will dry up and it could also explode in a disgustingly smelly mess, so maybe just use it all!

Now that you hold this power, what kind go trouble will the world see? 

Video stolen from @zerofoursixeight


15th March, Chile

via: BiteBackMagazine

A rodeo ring in Cañete (Biobío) was heavily damaged in an arson attack. According to media reports, a pamphlet referring to the liberation of Mapuche political prisoners was found at the site.


Someone in Norwich, UK, was sentenced to a 1000 GBP fine after being found guilty of attacking multiple butcher shops. Whilst the person feels the sentencing was relatively lenient and they have started to pay the fine in small monthly payments, it would be very useful if that fine was paid in full and gotten rid of as it eases the burden of having probation keeping an eye on you and your transactions.

For that reason and thanks to a very generous donation by artist and comrade @goaskforde, we will be organising an artwork raffle to raise the funds.

Because it is quite a lot of money and we doubt we will be able to raise all those funds with just the raffle, we are asking for people to consider sending a donation over PayPal if they can afford it. You can be overly generous if that doesn’t put you in a difficult position, or you can just donate 5 pounds, every little bit that people put towards this fine helps someone feel supported after being caught doing an anonymous action.

If you are unable to donate, please spread the word as much as possible. Liking, commenting, sharing and saving this post all increase the algorithm and help this fundraiser reach as many people as possible.

Keep an eye for the upcoming art raffle, we will publish it very soon, and for the time being if you can donate, send some coins to



Normally on flammable we bring you two or three different bits of news about other struggles, but seeing as stuff is kicking off in the UK, some comrades felt that focusing it around the proposed “Police, crime and sentencing Bill” would be a good idea.

The UK parliament is pushing a new law that threatens the right to protest, sending people who are taking part in “very annoying or inconvenient” protests away for up to ten years in prison, as well as criminalising the very existence of travellers and Roma folk by criminalising trespass and adding prison sentences to the “crime”. It even mentions the possibility of deportation for foreign folk who accept a caution at a protest, or who are found guilty of being part of an inconvenient protest. It is a dangerous law that affects protest camps, targets homeless folk and ensures hunt sabs will not be able to do their job, for example, and amplifies the already brutal powers that the police has to stop dissenting voices.

For that reason, thousands of people have taken to the streets in major cities across the UK. Protests, demonstrations, and even unapologetically militant actions have taken place to oppose the proposed law, and it is believed to be on the increase.

Folks have taken many forms of creative action. We’ve seen banner drops deployed on trees by climbing activists, people purposely trespassing to liberate animals or smashing traps, and multiple squats have popped up in defiance to the PSCB.

Last Thursday, and after organising a free food share in a pizza squat in London, riot police entered RAT’s new occupied restaurant and launched a violent attack against the squatters inside. Someone was beaten unconscious, and everybody was arrested on bogus charges.

Police brutality doesn’t end there. Bristol has seen riot police repeatedly hitting folk with batons for committing the crime of not moving from the floor, and this morning it surfaced that a journalist was tricked into getting close to the police just to be arrested and another journalist was badly beaten whilst filming the demonstration.

Folks are taking action to protect the right to protest and they are doing so in whatever manner they believe is right. In an interview, someone who was present during the first Bristol protest said “Soon we will not be able to go out on the streets to demonstrate, so it does not surprise me that someone burnt that police van. If we are gonna go to prison, we might as well give them fire”. 

From squatters to folks fighting for the earth, ALF activists and even folks without any political background are fighting this bill. If you are in the UK, leaderless demos are being called in multiple cities. They advise folk to wear black and to mask up to keep safe. From abroad, folks are calling for over and underground actions in solidarity to make as much noise as possible about the new authoritarian law. 

 Solidarity with our comrades in the UK fighting this madness. 



20th March, South UK

received anonymously via encrypted email:

“As Easter approaches we decided that we needed to do something, this lamb won’t be appearing on a plate near you! Liberated and safe now, they’ll never know the fate that might have been.

A note to Priti: You might pass in history as the politician that single handedly forced the resurgence of the ALF. Why protest in front of a butchers when you can get a longer sentence than if you smashed the windows or liberated a lamb? Fuck you, you evil, fascist scum.”


23rd March, Kent, UK

received anonymously via email:

“On the Resist Anti Trespass day of action we went for a little walk around the countryside. After a few ignored “private property” signs we heard sheep in a near-by orchard. We decided to take a look and wasn’t prepared for what we saw. Two dead ewes and a lamb standing by them. Knowing they wouldn’t survive, we took this baby to a safe heaven to live the life they deserve.

Fuck the proposed anti trespass law. It affect us all; it’s a racist law specifically targeting travellers. It’s a classist law that will criminalise being homeless. It’s an ecocidal law that will make protest camps completely illegal. It’s a speciesist law that will attack the way hunt sabs operate and the way farm investigators work. 

Resist Anti-Trespass.


(Photo is just a stock image in order to protect the identity of the lamb).”


25th March, North East Uk

received anonymously via encryopted email:

“We set off in the middle of the night with cameras in our bags looking for a broiler farm. The stench alone was enough to lead us to where we wanted to go.

As we entered, hormone-filled chickens where crammed wall to wall, sitting covered in their own shit, some sadly dead already.

Normally we would’ve simply taken some photos to show the public how horrible the meat industry is, but seeing that soon we could face prison for trespassing and even for showing the footage we filmed at a demo, we decided to take a more radical approach. This night saw seventeen chickens liberated. Satisfied and not wanting to get caught, we left but we will return.

Until all are free


NOTE: Today’s A is for Anarchy is in solidarity with the RATS at Resisting Anti Trespass, who are under siege right now being attacked by cops in their squat in London.

We all need shelter, it is a basic need and like so many of our needs capitalism exploits it. We live in a society that profits from exchanging a lot of labour for temporary shelter. A society that makes it impossible for most people to own their own home and thrives off the constant threat of withholding a roof over your head. Rent is theft.

Squatting is a radical action against this. It involves occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area (of which there are many) which the squatter/s doesn’t own, rent or have any lawful permission to be there. Squatting is a lifeline to so many people. Squatting is reclaiming our right to shelter in a world full of empty buildings and extortionate bills. Squatting is protest. Squatting is a landlords worst nightmare.

In many ways squatting is anarchism in action. Squatting is in direct opposition to capitalism and it challenges ideas and norms surrounding ownership of land. Squatting takes space without asking our overlords for permission. It uses direct action to tackle the housing crisis and/or tactically takes specific targets in protest or to enable further protest. For example the squats in Exarchia that anarchists set up in solidarity with refugees and migrants without papers who need space and as much shelter from the hostile state as possible.

While there are many debates to be had surrounding and within the world of squatting, and it is not without its challenges, it is a means of resistance and survival. It rejects the authority of the ‘landowner’, gives the state the finger and not only shows us how we can reimagine ways we could live but actually puts it into practice. Let’s hope the queen can look forward to having squatters as neighbours again.

Squat the world.

Further reading:

Advisory Service for Squatters (UK Based):


Some anonymous folk have sent a compilation of actions in Sweden by the ALF and other autonomous groups. They also sent the following paragraph:

“Fighting for animal liberation over the whole of so called Sweden. All animal oppressors are targets. All means are allowed. No regret. No forgiveness. No one is safe. The fight continues. Until all are free! – Gråben “


Peter was locked up and sentenced to 25 months after an arson at a duck slaughterhouse in Netherlands. Ten of those months are probation, so he will be coming out of prison this August.

His support group reports that he is in good spirits and that although he contracted COVID, he only had mild symptoms and only spent 15 days in isolation.

He has thanked folks for the letters sent and also for the donations that came in through the fundraiser, which has been used to improve the food he eats, helping with the COVID recovery.

If you want to write a letter to Peter, you can send it via email to [email protected]. Remember to write your address down if you want him to be able to write back.

Solidarity is our biggest weapon!