In 1986, Brass Tacks; Animal Warfare was published in the UK. This is a clip extracted from the document entry that showcases the Animal Liberation Leagues work in multiple laboratories, were hundreds of activists would organise to raid a place together, and in brad daylight. After months of watching and learning, hundreds of folk would break into a laboratory, or a breeding facility, to document, film, steal paperwork, cause economic damage and sometimes liberate animals.

You can see multiple highly functioning teams in action. From folks doing video and audio surveillance, to mass groups pushing their way into laboratories. Tim Phillips gives an interview where he explains the reasoning behind choosing specific tactics, and mentions “Within this laboratories animals have been tortured and died, and they have no say, their only hope is organisations such as ourselves. Arrogance or not, it’s a fact”.

It is also interesting to hear the figures of ALF activists in the UK. They claim about 1300 people involved in underground direct action in the aim of animal liberation. At the beginning of the video, you can read a quote from the ALF Bulletin n.11; “If it is necessary to smash and destroy every butcher’s shop in the land, the the ALF will do it.”

PS: Please note that David Henshaw, producing this documentary, spent quite a few years of his life attempting to link the ALF with the far right and Class War with nazis. Proceed with caution watching complete documentaries made by him.


Most of us have one, most of us benefit from them, we put our lives all over them but should in reality fear them. Smartphones are a tool of the modern world, being able to share data to anybody instantly; a mindblowing concept.

Each year, new devices are released, with new and possibly beneficial features, Authenticating yourself only by looking at the screen, Storing Photos in the cloud, Managing banking transactions with minimal effort. Smartphones are convenient. Yes. They can also be VERY damaging for activists.

A device that knows where you are, where you’re going, when you’re there, the journey you took, and whether you drove, walked or cycled. They know who’s with you, they hold the messages you’ve sent to each other and the pictures and videos you took while you were there.

One small mistake and the device you hold so dearly can get you into some serious ‘legal’ issues. The biggest mistake that you may already be making? Unlocking your phone.

Various reports show that most devices are secured with a 4 Number Passcode, Are you currently doing this? If you are, this should be the first step you take to securing your device. Longer passwords are harder to enter, yes, but are also relatively harder for Law enforcement to break.

Knowing the difference between an Insecure and ‘Secure’ Smartphone can be difficult. With the next few posts, we’ll try to recommend easy to implement changes and tips that ANYBODY can follow, irrelevant to your knowledge of technology.

There’s a constant battle in the tech world with Security vs Convenience, With Smartphones, typically benefit from convenience. As mentioned above, Face, fingerprint, and iris unlocking for your device are very ‘cool’ and convenient methods of authentication but take it from us, there’s nothing stopping Law enforcement from forcing your eyes open, your phone to your face, or by pressing each finger onto your fingerprint scanner. – the only thing they currently cannot do is force you to provide a password to a device. 1*

Most Operating Systems on Phones use the screen lock as a method of Encryption; It’s good to assume that if you’re using a 4 number password or similar, the data on your device is easily recoverable by anybody with very little effort.

Bringing us to the first change for a more secure device.

Your Device password.
If you’re currently using a ‘PIN Code’ or Numerical password, Change it.
If you’re using a Pattern lock, Change it.
If you’re using Biometrics, Fingerprint, FaceID, Iris… Stop… Seriously. Stop it. Stop reading, go disable it now…
If your password is the name of your ‘pet’, child, spouse, town, date of birth, Spring2016, AnimalLiberation, or FuckTheCops, Change it.

Change it to what? Good Question!
How do we as Human beings, Generate a Secure, complex password that’s difficult for a highly-intelligent computer to guess? It’s not difficult, there’s a general rule in the password-cracking industry that longer passwords aren’t typically the most secure.

As the person writing this post, I can suggest the following formula for ‘Secure’ Passwords.

Multiple, DIFFERENT Symbols, Multiple Words in different languages if you’re so lucky to know them and numbers, no phone numbers, bank pins or dates and 1312, 161, etc are also not secure :). It may be easier for you to remember a complex password if it flows easily when you recall it in your head, maybe something that rhymes.

For Example, Looking around me right now, I will try to make a ‘secure’ password, 1 x Aloe Vera Plant… 1 x Bottle of Water… 2 x Skylights… 8 steps to some Stairs…

My Password could be:

Easier to remember, but less Secure:

Now… I understand that you might be thinking “There’s no way I’m going to remember something like that…” This is why it’s important to personalize your password with rules and patterns that make sense to you. Assuming you use your Smartphone every day, That’s a repetitive task for your brain and you will learn to type the password easily, without thought very quickly. It’s just adjusting to it that may take a few days. Sadly, Security is not convenient and will take effort to introduce.

If you’re worried about forgetting the password, I suggest keeping a written copy or reminder of the password until you don’t need it anymore and then destroy it with fire :), it’s better to use a slightly insecure method of security temporarily than it is to only use insecure methods permanently.

This change is possibly the most mentally demanding. It will take time and effort to introduce properly but once you’ve laid the groundwork here, the effectiveness of the other changes will be greatly increased; Banks aren’t made from Cardboard for a reason ;).


Change your Password!
Unoffensive Animal.


1* – Depending on where you are in the world, the Police can press Legal charges for individuals who do not provide access to personal devices. What we mean is they can’t force their way into your brain.


6th March, Bristol UK.

received anonymously via email:


We went for a walk armed with rocks, spraypaint and a target in mind. It wasn’t hard, especially now being masked up is not a sight people find unusual. The street was empty and we knew which way to run after. We painted ‘ALF’ multiple times across the large window and then enjoyed the crashing sound as our stones went through it.

We dedicate this action to each animal whose flesh has been sold at this speciesist shop and to our comrade Marius Mason. An animal rights and eco activist he is serving a very long sentence for multiple arsons against Monsanto.

To a world where people get off their arses and actually fucking do shit themselves.



Animalists of the world, we need your help in the common struggle that we share.
On March 24th, the french activist Vincent Aubry will be judged at the court of Toulouse (France) for “aggravated theft”.

About twenty female rabbits were freed from an INRAE research center near the french city of Toulouse, which was using them for experimentation.

Since this action, which aimed to highlight the practices of this public institute that has been genetically torturing animals for more than 50 years, INRAE has never really been a priority target for the animal rights movement, its activities are even rather unknown.

However it’s the corner-stone of the whole system that massacres animals by billions, animals that have become simple raw materials thanks to the mad scientists of INRAE, and our taxes.

Today we need a general solidarity of the antispeciesist movement to publicly relay Vincent’s trial in order to mobilize lots of people during this gathering.

These practices must be firmly denounced and condemned, and the responsibilities of INRAE and the French State must be assumed.

This trial is an opportunity. A rally will be organized in front of the Toulouse court before the trial. National and local press are invited.

French institute INRAE is using genetic torture and practices in order to supply the victims of global animal agriculture, funded by the governement.

Today they sue us, but the Animalist Resistance will continue to attack them to restore a true justice.

Please share massively on your social networks, talk about it to your community, make your own research about animal genetic in your country, target the perpetrators, for the animals and for Vincent who fights like all of us every day for animal liberation.

If you want to know more about Vincent’s collective (Animal1st) and participate in the anti-specist actions, here is the Facebook link:

Until ALL are free! ✊🖤    


Animalistes du monde entier, nous avons besoin de votre aide dans la lutte commune que nous partageons.

Le 24 mars, l’activiste français Vincent Aubry sera jugé au tribunal de Toulouse pour “vol aggravé”.

Une vingtaine de lapines ont été exfiltrées d’un centre de recherche de l’INRAE près de Toulouse, qui les utilisait pour des expérimentations.

Depuis cette action, qui visait à mettre en lumière les pratiques de cet institut public qui torture génétiquement des animaux depuis plus de 50 ans, l’INRAE n’a jamais vraiment été une cible prioritaire pour le mouvement antispéciste, ses activités sont même plutôt méconnues.

Pourtant c’est la source de tout un système qui massacre les animaux par milliards, animaux devenus de simples matières premières grâce aux savants fous de l’INRAE, et à nos impôts.

Aujourd’hui nous avons besoin d’une solidarité générale du mouvement antispéciste pour relayer publiquement le procès de Vincent afin de mobiliser au maximum lors de ce rassemblement, et plus globalement pour visibiliser ce qu’est la génétique animale.
Ces pratiques doivent être fermement dénoncées et condamnées, et les responsabilités de l’INRAE et de l’Etat français doivent être assumées.

Ce procès est une opportunité. Un rassemblement sera organisé devant le tribunal de Toulouse. La presse nationale et locale y est conviée.

L’INRAE est le fournisseur officiel des victimes de l’Élevage, financé par l’État.
Aujourd’hui ils nous poursuivent en justice, mais la Résistance Animaliste continuera à les attaquer pour rétablir la vraie justice.

Merci de partager massivement sur vos réseaux sociaux, d’en parler à votre communauté, de faire vos propres recherches sur la génétique animale dans votre pays, de cibler et dénoncer les coupables, pour les animaux et pour Vincent, qui se bat comme nous toustes chaque jour pour la libération animale et les ravages de la domestication.

Si vous voulez en savoir plus, vous impliquer, voici le lien vers la page du collecif Animal1st :

Jusqu’à ce qu’iels soient tous.tes libres ! ✊🖤


28th February, Atlanta, USA.

received anonymously via email:

“On Sunday night, 02/28, we smashed the windows of the Midtown Butcher Shoppe in Atlanta, GA. We did this in solidarity with an old vegan anarchist friend who died recently. This world of exploitation and hierarchy is truly awful. Tell the people in your life you care about them. More importantly, get together and attack.”

PHOTO: Unrelated butcher shop smashed in broad daylight, 2016 UK.


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8th March 2021, London UK

received anonymosuly via email:

“The Ginger Pig shops have always upset me, it has been great to see they have been getting a few visits. At least something is happening against them, at least other people out there are sick to death of them too. Then I noticed I was slipping into a deeper type of passivity. Waiting for someone else’s hit report to appear, I told myself there was even less reason for me to do something, someone else would probably get round to it. This was just the anxieties I’m sure a lot of us have around taking action.

This night, I packed their locks tight with glue at one of the shops that had been damaged before. The Ginger Pig, as well as others, are targets for us all and if you are nervous remember that the worst we can do is nothing.

Hope they have an annoying morning trying to open up their disgusting shop.



In this edition of flammable we bring you three stories for you to read and develop knowledge in other struggles that surround us. Please take the time to do your research and learn, all stories are linked!


Pablo Hasel was taken to prison a couple of weeks back accused of promoting terrorism for writing songs calling the King of Spain a thief. There have been multiple demonstrations throughout Europe, but Barcelona and Madrid have become focal points of struggle in solidarity. On the 27th of February and as part of the riots, the police raided two squats in Barcelona and arrested 8 comrades accused of setting a police van on fire with a cop inside. They are now awaiting trial whilst in prison and facing attempted murder, organised criminal association, conspiracy, unauthorised demonstration, aggression, public disorder, assault and violence against public officials and damages.We do not have addresses to write letter, but we will update that as soon as we do.

Read more:


In solidarity with Lukáš Kalina, who was just released after serving prison for shoplifting bread, an anonymous anarchist claimed responsibility for the expropriation of books from a warehouse. They say:

“They will only issue them to us in exchange for money. For a lot of money! These are their rules, which I do not accept. I therefore expropriated books for which the capitalists wanted to pay a total of 5980 CZK (230 EUR). I didn’t give them any money at all. I will share books now. I will use some in favor of organizing fight.

Only a general uprising can overthrow capitalism. But when he doesn’t come, I won’t just wait passively and suffer obediently. By expropriation, I take back pieces of what was stolen from us.”They mention Project Magpie, an initiative inciting folks to expropriate what they (or their communities) need.

Read more here:


Dimitris was locked up in Greece in 2002 and has been serving his sentence ever since. The Greek state in their blatant attempt to repress anarchism in their territory, passed a law in December where anarchist prisoners do not get to serve sentence in “rural prisons” (a concept of prison where inmates work the land growing veg) as they are “dangerous political terrorists”. Dimitris was immediately transported to max security. The 8th of January, Dimitris started a hunger strike that lasted 59 days, as two days ago he was rushed into critical care and today he was force fed by the state using an intubation system.

The decision to force feed him today is a vague attempt at keeping him alive out of fear for the repercussions that his death will have in the greek territory. Folks around the world have shown solidarity in many different ways, from huge demonstrations and banner drops to arson attacks against military and prison vehicles and even police stations and the prosecutor’s office. Those actions are believed to be on the increase due to the force feeding order by the state.

Read more here:

Multiple actions in one single blog post:
Greek embassy in Frankfurt attacked:
Prison construction company’s van in flames:
Town Hall burn down:

That’s it for todays Flammable.

And as some anarchists say in one of the reports; “Quiet cities burn beautifully”.


28th January, Birmingham UK.

Via local newspapers:

According to local news, Ron Cockayne Butchers Ltd was attacked by unknown people. Eighteen bricks were used to break through the window, then smashed the cooked meat counter, multiple freezers, smashed eggs and glass jars and put a cleaver through a freezer door. A butcher’s knife and a set of keys went missing.

The owner says that over 3k GBP worth of damage was caused to the forty seven year old butcher shop.


5th March 2021, London UK

received anonymously via email:

“On their website, these butcherers of animals claim they have a great fondness for this particular store since its the first they established. Shame if something were to happen to it.

Too late!

A multitude of crashes filled the air as the rich slept contentedly in their onlooking apartments. On our journey away from the scene, a cop van suddenly appeared in our pathway. Our hearts sank but having already smoothly blended back into our surroundings, they didnt lift a finger. Not even your precious police or sickening neighbourhood can shield you from whatever is coming your way.

Destruction to all who hold commodities above life, status above justice, themselves above others.”