Many of you have been asking for it, so we’ve restocked all t-shirts and hoodies. It took us quite a while as sourcing Medium and Large garments was a lot harder due to many factories shutting down due to COVID, but they are now here. Because many folks have asked for them, we have also restocked on Defend Direct Action flags!

For anyone that has any questions about merch or has encountered any issues receiving their parcels, please instead of private messaging our account, just drop an email to unoffensiveshop(at)riseup(dot)net and remember to include your order number to speed up the process.

As always, we would like to remind you that our shop is set up for you to choose the price you’d like to pay. This is to ensure we can cover costs of printing but still give the chance for folks to donate extra if they can afford it or if they want to! Remember that Unoffensive is not for profit and the money raised is redirected to projects, prisoner and arrest support and costs related to our work online. We do not take any money for ourselves and we are not interested in personal gain.

All orders this week will include a Wildfire magazine and a bunch of stickers completely for free. Last time we printed flags they didn’t last more than a week, so if you’ve been looking for one this is your chance. Thank you again for supporting our work and liking Unoffensive enough to represent with our merch, and infinite thanks to the many talented artists that have donated their time and skills to make things you like wearing.

You can grab some merch visiting our website:

And if you are able to, join our Patreon! It is the best way to support us economically and you can donate very little every month!



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