8th March 2021, London UK

received anonymosuly via email:

“The Ginger Pig shops have always upset me, it has been great to see they have been getting a few visits. At least something is happening against them, at least other people out there are sick to death of them too. Then I noticed I was slipping into a deeper type of passivity. Waiting for someone else’s hit report to appear, I told myself there was even less reason for me to do something, someone else would probably get round to it. This was just the anxieties I’m sure a lot of us have around taking action.

This night, I packed their locks tight with glue at one of the shops that had been damaged before. The Ginger Pig, as well as others, are targets for us all and if you are nervous remember that the worst we can do is nothing.

Hope they have an annoying morning trying to open up their disgusting shop.


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