We have received a Call to Action for everybody to join the fight in Atlanta Forest. We would add for all people who cannot travel to the USA that you can do a lot of things from wherever you are. Learn about the multinational companies that are part of the destruction of the Atlanta Forest and organise locally! More info can be found on and


This is a CALL-TO-ACTION for eco-warriors worldwide to come help defend the forest from any further police intrusion and destruction! The kkkops would train here to militarize against those resisting all systems of oppression; in the name of abolition we must take action!

We have over 500 acres to defend between fighting off the police and staving off Hollywood from clear-cutting the forest for their bullshit movies.
If you come to make a stand against the long arm of the law, know that autonomous action is encouraged!
Go feral! Build pirate ships! Dance with us! Don’t bring your hierarchical shit here. Leave your clocks.
Bring your art and your fury! Let’s supplant the slimy fingers of the police and oppressive systems they make possible.

If you are interested in throwing down and joining our funky feral brigade, hit us up on the riseup at:


See you in the Forest!
With Love and Rage,

-Camp Deadnettle-“


Assemblea Antispecista and an array of other groups have been putting a lot of effort in fighting Casteller. For anyone who doesn’t know, Casteller is a concrete prison in Italy where multiple bears deemed dangerous have been locked up under strict measures and for life. Currently, three bears are kept in concrete rooms and exiled from the wild because the authorities decided they are a risk to the humans in the area. The same authorities that participated in the project of bear reintroduction in the wild. Those authorities have been combating the information that bears do not deserve to be locked up and insisted that right now, the bears are hibernating.

Anonymous activists from Assemblea Antispecista accessed the prison to film the conditions of the bears. In the video, you can clearly see the size of the rooms where the bears spend their life, and as if by some weird magic, that the bears are not hibernating. Surely the authorities will be able to justify it one way or another, but the reality is that forcing wild animals into a cage will negatively impact their normal functions.

In October last year, a mass action was organised, where a group of people locked on in front of the main entrance whilst a different group toppled down a big part of the perimeter fence surrounding the prison. Meanwhile, multiple organisations have been lobbying and campaigning politically to stop Casteller from imprisoning wild bears. With the video of the precarious situation of bears surfacing online, Assamblea Antispecista has called for another mass day of action in Trento, Italy, and is calling for international support.

20th March, Trento, Italy.

For more information, organisation and timetable, contact Assemblea Antispecista here: assembleaantispecista(at)gmail(dot)com

You can check their socials here:
FB: Assemblea Antispecista
IG: Assemblea Antispecista

If you are not able to go, you should probably let other folks know. Share, contact your local collectives and other mass action groups in Europe. Are you unable to do so due to being in a different continent or not being able to travel? Generate press. Create videos, write about it, contact mainstream media or organise solidarity actions. Choose what you’re good at and join this campaign!

The wild is not to be caged. We are all responsible for this fight. We are all responsible for the freedom of those bears. We should all fight until we win.




WHEN?: 27th November
WHAT?: Take adverts off, reclaim public space!

Advertisement shits in your head. No, seriously, it fucking does. On average in western society, people see 3000 adds per day. Most of them are littered in public spaces. All of them have the exact same aim; to make you consume. To shape you into another robot of this society that spends most of the life working to be able to consume all the mindless bullshit that they sell to us.

In order to give a rest to your eyes, NO-AD day is an initiative calling for action to every single person who feels like capitalism should not get a free pass. On the 27th of November, people are called to remove advertisement from public spaces. From Telephone Boxes that simply require you to peel off the sticker to Bus Stop Ads (we’ve made a tutorial for that one) and even billboards that can be painted white, you have the chance to clear all the rubbish from your city.

According to NO-AD Day organisers, if you wish to work under their umbrella you should not commit acts of vandalism and you should keep peaceful.

Most importantly, you SHOULD NOT install new adds under that action name. The idea is to leave the advertisement spots naked and empty, to enjoy the simplicity of a life without adds.

All actions can be posted online under #noadday. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can send us reports like any other report is sent (details on our website!)

Remember that wearing a Hi-Viz makes you nearly invincible, remember that those spaces were taken from you without permission and remember that as we said before, ADVERTISEMENT SHITS IN YOUR HEAD.

There is a telegram group you can join to get more info and updates:

Here you can find more info about what tools you need and how you can open bus stop adds:

You can get all the info you need about the day of action on the link below:

See you in the streets.

The beauty of not being sold anything.


A new Zone A Defendre has been set up in Switzerland in order to stop the expansion of a mine digging for the production of cement.

Sitting within a forested hill, the plans to expand the mine would incur in the destruction of biodiversity and the murder of uncountable animals for the profit of a single multinational.

For that reason, people have come together to create a space to live, experiment and fight against the capital and all business that attempt to harm the environment. They need help, and you can help them.

La ZAD is an open community where people can come and go, build structures, donate food and warm clothing or simply organise against Holcim. If you like what you hear and want to be part of it, it is your time to take action.

Join La ZAD de la Colline and fight to protect whatever is left to the wild.

Find more information here:

Or follow them online on instagram:



WHERE?: multiple protest camps throughout the UK.

WHEN?: now.

Right now our woodlands are under direct attack. Front line activists have stopped HS2 in their tracks, but as the weather worsens and rebellion fever has taken hold, numbers are needed to hold the sites between London and Birmingham. Camps in some of the 108 ancient woodlands being destroyed by HS2 are under imminent threat of eviction and ‘vegetation clearance’. This is a call out for radical activists who dont mind getting muddy to make their way to the camps up and down the line.

Activists are expecting eviction imminently and desperately need support. Whether you’re feeling confrontational or are actively non-violent, this site needs you. Food, accommodation and climbing equipment can be provided. All are welcome

Get in touch with any of the following accounts for more details or directions to sites. We cannot afford to lose anymore biodiversity to HS2.

Contact any of this accounts on instagram:

@hs2rebellion @roalddahlwoods @resisths2 @squiddley_dot_stophs2 @harvil_road_protection_camp @the_doll_thief_


WHEN? 29th July.
WHERE? Wherever the fuck you want.

Folks at @heartcureclothing reached out to organise a collaborative event to raise awareness about anti-prison politics as well as to show solidarity with prisoners. All you need is to get some supplies. Pens pencils, plain paper and maybe some postcards. On the day, we will share addresses of prisoners for you to write to as well as tips on how to write to prisoners.

You’ll need to keep an eye out to know who can receive drawings or postcards and who has restrictions on post and can only receive letters on plain paper with black pen.

If you cannot afford that, you can also visit our website and use the contact for on our prisoner support page to write letters that we will print and post for you. Handy isn’t it?

Keep an eye out for any more information about the online event and spread the word far and wide. Remember that solidarity is our weapon!

PS: Wildfire Magazine has a whole article on how to write to prisoners. Grab yourself a copy of the magazine from our website (because we have a lot of them still!)



DATES FOR ACTION: 20th to 24th December. 

INDUSTRY: Fur Farming.

TARGET: Escada.

LOCATION: International Call to Action.

We have been contacted by the German Coalition Against the Fur Industry for an international call to action targeting a specific retailer, Escada. Escada declared themselves Fur-Free in 2010 after constant campaigning for three solid years. In 2017 they started selling fur again. 

We believe that international calls to action against specific targets can be a great tactic to not only raise awareness but also force a business to do a little better and for that reason we are calling on all of our readers to organise, however they seem fit, to put pressure on Escada during the dates provided.

Escada has a very handy website where you can find all of their retail shops so have a look in their finder to be able to approach your closest retailer. You can search by country or by city, they have retail shops in many different countries.

As always, we would like to remind people that creativity is a great tool for campaigning. Whatever your tactic is, be it underground or overground, make sure to report what’s happened against Escada and ensure that Escada understands why they are being targeted. For any underground actions please refer to our Contact Us before sending reports. For overground actions, get creative! They like to present themselves as a very posh and fancy shop. Maybe bring nature back to their patch and cover them in autumn leaves. Maybe if they really like fur a hairdressers can donate a couple of bags of hair. That might help them understand what fur really is. Any and all actions are in the toolbox for you to use. Make it fun, make it militant and make it loud. 

Find below the original email with more information and links that will help you decide what to do, and join this call to action wherever you are!

Original email:

“20th – 24th December 2019: Days of action against ESCADA´s fur trade!

In autumn 2019 the German Coalition Against The Fur Industry (OGPI)

organised an Anti-Fur tour in Germany and Austria. In October and

November the tour protested every weekend in front of another ESCADA

shop in a different city, always demanding the end of ESCADA´s bloody

fur trade. All in all there were 13 different actions taking place

during that period.

For winter 2019 the OGPI calls for more days of action against ESCADA.

If you can join in, please let us know in advance and share your

Facebook events with us.

Send us pictures and let us know how it went afterwards.

Together we can make ESCADA fur-free again!

ESCADA has been a target of Anti-Fur Protest from 2007 to 2010 and

declared to go fur-free, but started selling real fur again in 2017.

Since then we have been organising protests against ESCADA.

The OGPI is a network of different groups and individuals organised to

aboliosh the fur trade. There is a campaign team which collects and

collates information about the fur industry and makes this available to

other animal rights groups. The campaign team also suggests strategies,

coordinates actions and provides info-material. But all persons active

in a campaign decide for themselve which form of action they take.

contact us:

[email protected]

more infos:“


“Last saturday we saw that a truck had arrived to our city, it was giving
away pieces of pig legs (ham) for people to eat for free, there was “Ham
Passion Tour” written all over it, so we decided to investigate online.

It turns out that this Tour is funded by the European Union, and its
objective is to promote the so called “mediterranean diet” by taking
this truck to several cities of the continent and the UK.

We saw this truck as a clear symbol of speciesism and exploitation, so we decided to throw some balloons filled with red paint at it, we also threw some leaflets explaining the reasons behind the action.

We know there are a lot of nice people that probably want to welcome the truck when it arrives to their area, so take a look at the map and dates of the tour, don’t miss a chance to greet it!


map of europe


Read below a text sent to us on the incarceration of Matthias, the slaughterhouse sabotage action in Switzerland last year and a call to action to show Matthias isn’t alone: 

Exactly one year ago, following the Geneva march for the end of speciesism, activists targeted the canton’s largest chicken slaughterhouse, temporarily disabling it and destroying the killing chain, computers, and the entire stock of speciesist “goods”, thus causing a direct attack on the murder economy of several tens of thousands of francs.(991,856 hens killed in 2018 in the canton, 8,000~ per week in this slaughterhouse, Tribune de Genève, Céline Garcin)

The activists had issued press releases explaining their action through various media. 

It was the first such action in Switzerland in at least 10 years. 

The idea is simple, however: as antispeciesists we all oppose every forms of animal exploitation and where there are the most victims are slaughterhouses. 

Since Matthias’ imprisonment, it has to be said that the repression has worked well. Where is the revolt, the sound of broken windows and the fear of speciesist businesses and multinationals that our egalitarian movement will resist it?

Where are the 250,000 vegans from Switzerland? At the sides of their brothers and sisters, in sanctuaries, and places of domination to resist with them? Or at the supermarket, credit card in hand? 

Matthias is innocent until proven guilty, this beautiful judicial system promises us. 

And yet, for the past 9 months he has been paying the price of our silence for a prosecutor who dreamed of seeing him held as a leader of actions for which there is STILL no proof. 

But since we no longer hear broken windows, it’s because he necessarily did it, right?

It seems obvious to us that the best way to help him, beyond supporting him morally and materially, is to make him this promise: when you’re getting out Matthias, the speciesist industry will have suffered many failures and we are one day closer to animal liberation.

We were neither silent nor fearful, we did not abandon our brothers and sisters to their fate by closing our eyes, we grabbed picks, bolt cutters, shovels and carboys to indicate everywhere and all the time that we are determined to resist their side regardless of our criminal record, regardless of the risks, because they are ready to be free at last! 

If his incarceration has taught us anything, it is this: solidarity is never an empty word. Solidarity is lived and proven on a daily basis. Not behind a keyboard. We went to meet activists from all over the world to share Matthias’ story and often the most distant people are the ones who do the most to get him out of his cell. 

But this is obviously not enough. In Switzerland it is urgently time to activate all the manoeuvres to denounce his incarceration.

This is a call to action. NOW!

Read the report from the slaughterhouse action last year here: 

“On the night of Saturday night, antispeciesist activists attacked a slaughterhouse in Perly, Canton Geneva, announced the activists in an anonymous letter. 

Upset citizens have decided to attack a slaughterhouse in Perly, which claims several thousand victims every week,” the anonymous message said.

“Science has long proven (…) the sentience (the ability to feel emotions and live a subjective life) that other animals show. They can rightly be considered as individuals, who deserve to live as long and happy a life as possible,” the letter continues.

“That is why antispeciesist activists decided to undermine this slaughterhouse, damaging its slaughter line, premises and stocks in the hope of temporarily preventing them from taking further lives and showing their refusal to see these morbid places exist.”

Please, help Matthias economically whilst he endures an illegal incarceration by donating on the link below:


The fuckface, only-good-for-photos, Justin Trudeau is allowing the invasion of indigenous land in the Wet’swet’en territory and applying an injunction in favour of the gas companies planning to build a gianormous fucking pipeline to transport gas and further climate change. 

The Wet’swet’en nation, made of five different regions, has actively opposed the construction of the pipeline through their land, and two of the groups have actively set up check points and soft blockades to ensure that the territory is safe. Today, after bringing heavy militarised police as well as actual army, they have breached through one of the blockades and arrested 12 people, including elderly folks. The filth ensured to jam all phone signal to make sure no one could inform, use internet and talk to the press. 

Meanwhile, Unist’ot’en camp fears they will receive the exact same treatment. Their hard blockade is, as far as we know, still standing, but it could be breached by police at any time now. 

This breaches all indigenous treaties that ‘Canada’ has agreed to and that ensure that no indigenous folks are forcefully removed from their rightful territory under any circumstances. This simply shows yet another action by the system in favour of capitalism and against the people and the environment. 

We stand in solidarity with Unist’ot’en camp, with the folks resisting in Wet’swet’en territory and with anyone fighting to stop the machine before climate change has crossed the line of no return. 

If we take care of the land, the land will take care of us. 


More info: 

The Wet’swet’en nation has issued an international call to action. You can read about it here:

Submedia is doing a lot of good work so probably check them out too:


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