WHAT: Mass demonstration against beagle breeders
WHERE: MBR Acres, Sawtry Way, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 2DT
WHEN: 25th May, Midday.

More groups are calling for a mass gathering in front of MBR Acres in Huntingdon UK, where beagles are bred to be shipped to laboratories across the country.

The event, autonomously organised independently from all other campaigning groups against MBR, makes clear claims; come to MBR Acres at 12 on Saturday 25th. Dress black in memory of all the beagles murdered for vivisection. Mask up for solidarity.

Take care of one another and fight back against this incredibly cruel industry that believes it is ok to torture animals in the name of capitalism.

If you are not in the UK, similar calls of solidarity have been made. There are many customers of MBR around the globe, and there are many MBR locations too. Find the nearest and fight back!

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1028509674957396/ 




WHAT: Mass demonstration against MBR Acres, UK.
WHEN: 25th of May.
WHERE: MBR Acres, Sawtry Way, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 2DT, UK

Inspired by the demos at Green Hill in Italy in 2012, people have organised a demo outside MBR Acres, the notorious vivisection puppy breeder run by Marshall BioResources, which breeds animals for laboratories internationally and used to own Green Hill. They are calling for a large turnout and asking people to wear black as a mark of respect for the animals imprisoned there. Be smart and wear a mask, for your own and everyone else’s safety. Look after each other and don’t talk to the police.

People will be travelling from all over the UK and you can find folks who are organising lift shares via the event page link below. We recommend that you do not use your legal name on any Facebook profile, especially for organising.

This event is not associated with Free the MBR Beagles, Camp Beagle or any other campaign. Diversity of tactics is needed; the animals used for vivisection need us to stand up and fight. If you want to see something happen, now is your chance. The more of us who take the initiative with different kinds of actions, the harder it is for these companies to stay on top of things. Be ungovernable.

Outside the UK? People are calling for solidarity demonstrations on the day. Is there a Marshall BioResources plant near you? Or one of their customers? Get organised.

Check out the Facebook event for more information, lift shares and more:



What?: March and protest against vivisection
When?: 27th April, 12pm – 5pm.
Where?: Liverpool UK.

World Day for Animals in Laboratories is over 40 years old. The day was founded by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) in 1979. Throughout the 1980s there were demonstrations and protests to mark World Day by anti-vivisection organizations in the UK and overseas. Among the targets were the Ministry of Defence’s Porton Down laboratory, Cambridge University and Shamrock Farm primate breeder.

Over the years WDAIL has been a day to fight against the torture of animals in labs. This year, the main national demo in UK is in Liverpool. Joi thousands of others and fight back against vivisection!


“Come and join us for the 2024 march through Liverpool.

Meet in St John`s Gardens 12pm. The first speech will be at 1pm, with the march starting at 13:30pm. There will be speeches and stops en route. Veggies will be there to keep you filled with fabulous food (and there are amazing veggie/vegan restaurants in Liverpool).

If you cant attend the march we hope you can demonstrate outside your local labs, or shops with links to vivisection. Tag #wdail2024 in your social media posts so we get to see you in action. Lets make it the biggest range of demonstrations against animal testing held in one day!”

More info:



Max Mara has been a target by anti fur activists for decades, but has truly seen a relentless campaign against them over the past couple of years. Only two months ago there was yet another push to contact Max Mara and ask them to join competitors on signing a fur free policy, which was ignored.

Next weekend, Max Mara is the target of a global weekend of action. Folks are asked to use whatever means they deem logical in order to send a clear message that Max Mara will lose money for as long as they continue torturing animals for their fur.

Many local grassroots groups will be organising their own demos throughout the weekend, but remember that you have the agency to organise yourself too.

Here is a link that shows all Max Mara retail locations worldwide: 


And here is another link with some other locations not necessarily related to retail:


If by any chance you don’t have any Max Mara locations nearby, here are a few brands owned by Max Mara Group that you might have nearby, just make sure you make the message clear:




received anonymously via email:

Photo unrelated, fishing barn sabotage in 2020.

ENGLISH (translation):

“Call to sabotage fishing.

The murder of fishes, commonly called “fishing”, is the murder activity more normalised by the human. So normalised in fact that it isn’t a standard point of attack by the antispeciesist movement. Those animals are chased, trapped and with the pleasure of any serial killer, tortured until death asphyxiating and suffering for a long time.

Usually fishes are some of the less cared for animals and people give very little value to their life and existence. We don’t believe it is needed to explain in detail the amount of suffering fishes are forced into, or why we should respect their existence, and instead we just want to call to action.

We believe in direct action for animal liberation, both violent and non violent, and inspired by the hunt sabotage and its incredible efficacy, we have decided to call all antispeciesists around the world to sabotage fishing and to create a front of resistance where there is none yet, so that we can keep pushing the fight against the abuse of animals in every possible angle.

We call for:

– the liberation of fish that have been trapped (and all other sea life)
– to try and stop all fishing acts by diverse tactics
– to try and make fishing more difficult if stopping it is impossible
– to attack or scare fisher people
– to cause as much economical damage to fishing equipment.
– to share the message against fishing.

The call to action is simply to try and stop the murder and if they actually manage to do it, for it to not be as easy as it currently is. Slowly with this we create a reality where subjugating animals is dangerous for all the animal murderers.

We don’t limit ourselves to fishing sabotage, but we believe fishing should be a target equally as important as any other animal abuse. The chances of sabotage are as vast as our imagination and will is and it would be beautiful to read about actions.

Go fishing saboteurs! “

SPANISH (original):

“Propuesta para saboteadorxs de la pesca

El asesinato de peces, encubiertamente llamado “pesca”, es la actividad de asesinato más normalizada practicada por humanos promedio. Tan normalizada, que no es parte de un punto de ataque por parte del movimiento. Estos animales son acechados, atrapados y con la saña de cualquier asesino en serie, torturados hasta la muerte en una asfixia que será de una larga agonía.

Usualmente lxs peces son de lxs animales que menos consideración se tiene de su vida y existencia. No consideramos necesario explicar en este ámbito con detalle el sometimiento al que son sometidxs lxs peces, o porque deberíamos respetar sus existencias, sino intentamos dar un panorama general de nuestra intención.

Creemos en una lucha por la liberación animal de acción directa tanto violenta como no violenta, e Inspiradxs en el saboteo de la caza y la sorprendente eficacia que posee esta práctica, decidimos convocar a antiespecistas de todo el mundo a sumarse al saboteo de la pesca y así generar un frente de resistencia donde no lo hay, y de esta forma seguir avanzando en la lucha contra sometimientos de animales, desde todos lados posibles:

Hacemos un llamado a:

  • tratar de salvar o liberar los peces atrapados y la vida marina en general
  • tratar de detener actos de pesca mediante diversas tácticas
  • entorpecerla la pesca de no ser posible detenerla
  • atacar o atemorizar a los pescadores
  • generarles el mayor daño posible a sus objetos de asesinato y pertenencias
  • difundir el mensaje en contra de la pesca

El llamado es básicamente evitar de que asesinen y si lo hacen que no les sea tan fácil como lo es, a su vez creando paso a paso un frente que construya una realidad en la que someter animales sea peligroso para lxs asesinxs de animales.

No pretendemos limitarnos a atacar solamente el asesinato de peces, sino que la pesca forme parte de los tantos objetivos que tenemos contra el sometimiento de animales. las posibilidades de sabotaje son tan amplias como nuestra voluntad y creatividad, seria hermoso enterarnos e inspirarnos con todo tipo de ideas llevadas a la práctica.

Adelante saboteadorxs de la pesca!”


WHEN: 15th April
WHERE: Worldwide
WHAT: Fightback against the annihilation of Palestine
MORE INFO: a15action.com

For decades the zionist project has murdered with impunity. SinceOctober 7th, people globally have woken up to the reality of a genocide in Palestine of which the west is not only complicit, but willing to fund and manipulate to its own benefit. Since early October, at least 33,000 people have been murdered in Gaza. 13,000 of those, children.

Whilst demonstrations and boycott campaigns have shown that the people are unwilling to put up with genocide, it is not enough. The west profits from this war. Capitalist enterprises benefit from this war, and when the resistance stands against the murder of Palestinians, like Yemen has done, they will be bombed by the west to “protect trade connections”. We all profit from their murder, and it is on us to put our bodies on the line.

On April 15th, a global network of people will act in affinity and block and attack the economic system that upholds the murder of Palestinians. There are actions organised in every single continent and organising teams have agreed to show solidarity between actions and groups (regardless of the tactics used!0, to not coordinate or communicate with the police and to debrief internally instead of publicly after the action. If you want to be involved, you can visit www.a15action.com to read more information or to find your nearest organising team’s email address to coordinate with them.

If you do not wish to be part of an organised action, remember that PalAction published a great manual on underground direct action called Palestine Underground as well as the release of www.elbitsites.uk/map which hosts Elbit and secondary businesses related to Elbit, who manufacture weapons systems used to murder people in Palestine. Sadly the website only maps UK based locations, but the manual should be of use for everybody.

It seems like PalAction’s website is struggling a tad, but we have managed to find the Palestine Underground Manual though their archive links:


The time is now to chose to either be accomplices against the murder machine, or complicit in genocide. 



This summer the network Take Concrete Action is going for the forestry capital. A mass direct action will take place in Gävle, in so called Sweden, 15-19 June. 

“We’re a mixed group of climate activists from Sweden who are tired of politicians and their inability to take the climate crisis seriously.

We refuse to remain passive – we’re taking action, and YOU can be a part of it!

Join us in Gävle this summer for the raddest climate camp in sweden’s history, in tandem with an even radder mass action!”

More info at,

– takeconcreteaction.info (as for now only in Swedish) 

– IG: https://www.instagram.com/takeconcreteaction (some info in English)

– FB: https://www.facebook.com/takeconcreteaction (some info in English)

Support at,

– Firefund: https://www.firefund.net/tca (in English)


WHAT: Mass protest camp for climate justice.
WHEN: 8th-13th August 2024.

Reclaim the Power has sent us a call to join their action camp in august this year fighting back against Drax, a company chopping woods and burning trees under the disguise of bio fuel who is also the single largest carbon emitter in the UK. Read their words below:

“Reclaim the Power Action Camp 8-13th August

Reclaim the Power is back this summer with a mass protest camp for climate justice. As a decade old direct action network we will welcome new faces and old to a mass action camp targeting Drax – the biggest emitter in the UK, the world’s biggest burner of trees and a key driver of environmental racism.

Join hundreds (hopefully thousands) of others from across the country and further afield for six days of workshops, communal living and action to fight the greenwashing eco-genocide of Drax. We will be camping from the 8-13th of August and attendance is entirely free, supported by donations.

Interested? Sign onto the mailing list here https://actionnetwork.org/forms/rtp24

Want to help organise with us? Come to the next gathering – a two day space to make decisions, get to know people and learn new skills. Gatherings are for everyone: new faces and those around since the Drax train hijack of 2008.

There will be a crash space, childcare, cheap and vegan food, and it will be wheelchair accessible.

Our next gathering will be on the 24th and 25th of February in York.

Sign up and find out more here: https://reclaimthepower.org.uk/news/york-gathering/

We can’t wait to see you all!!”


WHAT: Mass action against Swedish forestry industry.
WHEN: Summer 2024
WHERE: Gävle Sweden.

Take Concrete Action (TCA) is a network of autonomous radicals in so called Sweden. Two years ago TCA did a successful blockade against the concrete factory Cementa, on Gotland. This summer TCA is going for the forestry capital, with a mass direct action in Gävle. (Date is TBA)

“What lobby organizations, easily bought politicians and dubious scientists call a forest is not the same as what most of us think of when we hear the word. It’s not a bushy, messy, busy place. They are gigantic plantations. Since the end of the nineties, both the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Swedish forestry companies have been using a definition of forest that even includes clear-cut forests (where all tress are literally cut down). An incestuous relationship exists between Swedish authorities, the forest industry and research.

The PR image that the forestry and pulp industry have managed to establish on their business is total fiction – pulp fiction.

Our network have spent some time studying, writing about and taking action in questions about forestry. In the summer of 2024 we will arrange a climate camp in Gävle, with aim at the pulp industry, together with both old and new comrades… Conscious consumption choices are not enough, we have to change the whole shit.. Join!”

Read more at,

takeconcreteaction.info (as for now only in Swedish)

– IG: https://www.instagram.com/takeconcreteaction

– FB: https://www.facebook.com/takeconcreteaction


– Firefund: https://www.firefund.net/tca


Melbourne Hunt Sabs is asking for support on the local hunt’s opening meet day. If you are near, go shout at some scum!

“For the first time, we are asking for community and supporter presence at our first hunt sabotage without our founding sab, Liam.

This is going to be a big one. We are determined to not let their abuse of power mean they can get away with hunting illegally. Are you annoyed at the hunt? Want to stand with Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs?

Come and show your support for all Saboteurs as we reintroduce ourselves to the hunt at Barwon Hunt Club’s official “Welcoming hunt” on July 8th.

This will be a protest out the front of the property that they use their illegal hunting methods on (of which they are inviting to teach others including children how to be cruel to animals)

This will take place on July 8th @10am right out front of Mt Hesse estate, which is on Mt hesse Rd in Eurack. We will have flags set up for you to spot us!

Bring snacks, bring chairs, bring yourselves! its going to be a big day!
Make some noise with us!!!”