WHEN: 15th April
WHERE: Worldwide
WHAT: Fightback against the annihilation of Palestine

For decades the zionist project has murdered with impunity. SinceOctober 7th, people globally have woken up to the reality of a genocide in Palestine of which the west is not only complicit, but willing to fund and manipulate to its own benefit. Since early October, at least 33,000 people have been murdered in Gaza. 13,000 of those, children.

Whilst demonstrations and boycott campaigns have shown that the people are unwilling to put up with genocide, it is not enough. The west profits from this war. Capitalist enterprises benefit from this war, and when the resistance stands against the murder of Palestinians, like Yemen has done, they will be bombed by the west to “protect trade connections”. We all profit from their murder, and it is on us to put our bodies on the line.

On April 15th, a global network of people will act in affinity and block and attack the economic system that upholds the murder of Palestinians. There are actions organised in every single continent and organising teams have agreed to show solidarity between actions and groups (regardless of the tactics used!0, to not coordinate or communicate with the police and to debrief internally instead of publicly after the action. If you want to be involved, you can visit to read more information or to find your nearest organising team’s email address to coordinate with them.

If you do not wish to be part of an organised action, remember that PalAction published a great manual on underground direct action called Palestine Underground as well as the release of which hosts Elbit and secondary businesses related to Elbit, who manufacture weapons systems used to murder people in Palestine. Sadly the website only maps UK based locations, but the manual should be of use for everybody.

It seems like PalAction’s website is struggling a tad, but we have managed to find the Palestine Underground Manual though their archive links:

The time is now to chose to either be accomplices against the murder machine, or complicit in genocide. 


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