The fight against HS2 has seen many activists working very hard to stop a high speed train construction that has destroyed and will continue to destroy miles of nature, murdering thousands of animals and decimating the very little habitat that they have in the UK.

Jellytot is a HS2 campaigner that was sentenced to 268 days in prison for breaching a HS2 injunction . He is in HMP Dovegate until 3rd Feb 2023 and is welcoming messages (via an email managed by some friends) and donations to his support campaign.

His first letter after going in was full of jokes and positivity. Send him a letter (via the email below) and let him know you’re looking forward to his release!

Email him at [email protected] 
Donate: https://tinyurl.com/Hs2prisoner

More info: https://bristolabc.org/prisoners/



Eric was sentenced to ten years behind bars after accepting a non-cooperating plea agreement to one count of “using explosive materials to commit arson”. Since the moment Eric was locked up, the system has been continuously torturing him, exposing him to nazis after feeding them information that he is an antifascist, beating him up behind out of camera view doors and even shackling him to a bed, naked and in solitary. He had to battle a new charge whilst in prison, accused of attacking a guard when he had been the one attacked by the corrections officer, who had taken him to a broom closed and beat him up. He was found NOT GUILTY of that charge, but because the Bureau Of Prisons has many different ways to keep punishing innocent people, he was transported to a supermax facility.

This means that Eric is now completely isolated, 24/7, if you don’t count the disgraceful treatment by the screws, although that changes very little compared to his previous locations, where he was locked up in SHU and also not allowed to interact. There are positives to his new location. Eric reports that he has not had any smack talk from screws yet, and he has a TV. He does mention TV being a double edge sword and a tool by BOP to shackle people to a screen. He also has more access to commissary now, and he is allowed to wear sweatpants and shoes.

With commissary being less controlled now, he should be able to access more stamps and respond to more letters. Write to him so that the BOP’s tactic of isolation to force his mental health to break does not have an effect. He likes talking about football (specially Manchester United!), he likes folk music, he loves hearing about animals punking humans, the misfortunes of officers/nazis and even Taylor Swift. Just drop him a letter, pain a smile on his face and remind him that the end of his sentence is nearing.

Eric King 27090045
PO BOX 8500

Solidarity is our biggest weapon! Send solidarity to Eric today!


Smash Speciesism is a civil disobedience and direct action group in the UK. Earlier in the year we published about their NOT GUILTY verdict in their case for the Forge Farm Meats slaughterhouse blockade, which stopped the murder for almost the whole day and -as an unexpected win – took the climbing police resources away from evicting protestors who were blockading an arms factory known to sell weapons used to murder Palestinians. During their court case, the judge accepted that the blockade was justified due to the abuse and malpractice by Forge Farm Meats.

During the T&S Campaign, Smash Speciesism blockaded Phil Kerry’s quarry, raising alarm bells about the fact that major trades providers were making dealings with an animal abuser. That action would be the last nail in the coffin after a well thought out campaign by Shut Down T&S and Phil Kerry would announce his imminent retirement from rabbit fur farming. The two activists that blockaded the quarry would have their charges dropped as the cops had once again acted illegally and CPS was unable to build a case.

The group doesn’t shy away from even more disruptive actions. Last year they disrupted the Royal Vet vivisection awards, where alarms attached to helium balloons were set off, people booed and shouted at the speakers and ultimately someone would set off the fire alarm off, forcing the whole university compound to evacuate and the awards event to be cancelled. No activist was arrested as a result of that action.

They also organised another slaughterhouse blockade in 2020 at the gates of Tulip LTD in Manchester. Multiple lock ons and D-locks were deployed and no pigs were killed for the whole day. Last week, a judge acquitted all activists, effectively giving Smash Speciesism yet another win against the speciesist machine.

Whatever is next for Smash Speciesism, we would like to congratulate the activists and celebrate their wins once again. Disruptive, well thought out actions will topple the machine, and they have proven that multiple times.

You can find Smash Speciesism here:

IG: @Smashspeciesism
FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100068875545795



VIA: Unicorn Riot. By Ryan Fatica,

Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, a 54-year-old environmental activist and former Earth Liberation Front saboteur, was sentenced to time served today after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit arson and one count of arson. Dibee was also ordered to complete 1,000 hours of community service.

Dibee is a former member of an autonomous cell of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, loose networks of activists who in the late 90s and early 2000s took responsibility for a string of attacks on industries, businesses, and government entities they saw as responsible for the mounting environmental crisis.  

In 2005, in the midst of post-911 anti-terrorism fervor, the FBI rolled out Operation Backfire, which ultimately led to the indictment of nearly 20 people on serious felony charges. Although Dibee was not initially charged in the case, he was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury to testify against another activist. When confronted with the choice of whether or not to cooperate, or ‘snitch,’ Dibee chose to flee to Syria, his family’s country of origin. Shortly thereafter, he was indicted in a sweeping conspiracy case.

In summer 2018, Dibee was captured in José Martí International Airport in Havana, Cuba on his way home from a business trip in Ecuador and was held by Cuban authorities for several days. According to Dibee, he was tortured, threatened with execution, and held without food or water. On August 9, 2018, he was turned over to the FBI and extradited to the United States.

In April 2022, after nearly two years of pre-trial incarceration, Dibee signed a plea agreement admitting to his participation in a conspiracy to commit arson at Cavel West, a meat packing facility in Oregon that was known for slaughtering wild horses, and at a Bureau of Land Management horse facility near Litchfield, California. 

Today, two years and five months after his initial capture, Dibee appeared remotely before Federal Judge Ann Aiken’s court in Eugene, Oregon for sentencing. The prosecution asked the court to sentence Dibee to 87 months in prison, citing the severity of his crimes and his time on the run as reasons for a harsher sentence. Ultimately, Judge Aiken would reject that logic saying that time away from one’s family is always a punishment, whether one is in Syria, Russia, or in prison.

“Syria and Russia were not recreational destinations” at this time, the judge said.

In her lengthy statement, Judge Aiken cited Dibee’s 29 months of pre-trial incarceration, during which he was attacked by a white supremacist and later contracted COVID-19, as well as his years of self-imposed banishment abroad, as reasons for issuing the sentence of time served.

The judge also spoke at length about Dibee’s decades of efforts while he was on the run in Syria, Russia, and Ecuador to use his engineering skills to advance environmental causes.  

Aiken also cited Dibee’s claim that he was tortured by Cuban authorities when he was captured in Havana. Dibee said they left him without water for days and told him that if he didn’t confess, they’d take him on a plane and drop him in the ocean and he would never be found.

“I don’t think an imagination could dream up” such stories, Aiken said.

She initially sentenced Dibee to pay more than $1.3 million in restitution to those entities targeted in his attacks, but decided to table the issue of restitution for a future hearing after Dibee’s attorney objected.

The judge cited Dibee’s lack of financial resources at present, saying he is not likely to be able to pay restitution soon “unless he strikes it rich” by creating a life changing technology, which Judge Aiken admitted “seems possible.”

While on the lam, Dibee taught environmental engineering at a university in Syria, even helping to plan a national project on renewable energy. In Russia, he started a business recycling used fuels into biodiesel. In Ecuador, he agreed to create a technology for ecologically sound gold mining to mitigate the dangers of mercury and other toxins involved in current technologies.

“Frankly, this country needs some of the technologies he’s able to craft,” the judge said.


On the 18th of September the world woke up to the news that Grupo de Respuesta Animal had struck again in Chile, this time against a meat packaging facility that had been set alight. A few weeks later, GRA released a communique explaining their action:

Two days ago we heard the news that chilean police had made four arrests in relation to that arson, claiming that the mobile phones of four people had been pinpointed into that location on the night of the action.

Today, the four comrades faced a judge, who has sent them to prison without possibility of bail whilst the cops investigate the case. They have not been charged and the filth could very easily be making up the evidence they’ve used to convince the judge to lock them up, but their case will be up for review in 70 days and until then they will remain behind bars.

Comrades in Chile have started to organise and donations as well as addresses for letter wirtting will be made public soon. We will publish those promptly after we have been made aware of how you can support.

Ni culpables, ni inocentes. ENEMIGOS SIMPLEMENTE!



The New York Anarchist Black Cross has published an up to date list of USA political prisoners and USA prisoners of war, alongside their charges and addresses to which you can send letters.

In the list, as well as Earth Liberation folks like Jessica and Marius, there are prisoners locked up for their work on black liberation, anarchist action and anti-police action. Every single one of those people listed was locked up because of their involvement in the fight for a better world. Some of them have been behind bars for decades, and all of them deserve support and solidarity.

We would love for you to have a look at their list, choose a couple of people and write a little something to send them a letter. It doesn’t need to be something very profound, you can talk to them about your day or your favourite place in the world. Describe to them a good walk with a dog companion, your favourite restaurant or that time you almost got caught dumpster diving behind the apple store!

Many folks celebrate the anonymous reports that Unoffensive Animal publishes, but only a small percentage of those will write a letter to a prisoner, who could’ve once upon a time sent one of those anonymous reports! So today is the day, write a letter to someone locked up, help them open a window to the outside! 

If you have a group of friends, why not organise a letter writting evening? Meet up, have some snacks and write letters to multiple prisoners that then you can combine postage for. Makes things extra easy!

Check the NY ABC prisoner list here:



In 2018 on the Greek island of Evia two individuals confronted a hunter as he attempted to murder free-living animals. They took his gun and threw it away, and were later arrested by multiple police officers not far from the scene. They were charged with robbery, which is a felony, despite the motive clearly not being to steal the weapon that was found in the woods.

Since the arrest, both the local and national hunting associations have unsurprisingly taken a great interest in the case. The hunting association of Greece (D’KCSE) has frequently attacked the anti hunting activists in the press and is even paying the legal costs for their prosecution.

The trial is set for this month, 26th of May 2022 and there has been a call for folks to show solidarity “in any way you like”. Since the call for solidarity there have been demonstrations, banner drops and the hunting association of Athens was spray painted.

In the words of the accused, “our attempt to protect an animal from being murdered, was an instinctive move that in our opinion should be the obvious thing for everyone.”

You can find more information here: https://sabfornonhumans.blackblogs.org/en/


Richii is a Swedish activist who has faced the law a few times because of his work fighting for animal liberation. Two years ago, during a demo at a fur farmer’s house in Falkenberg, Richii used the megaphone’s alarm sound. A journalist who was present at the demo claimed that it damaged their hearing (the press has been dealing a lot of low blows against activists in Sweden), and took him to court.

In court, he was trialed for the megaphone sound but also for a trespass action inside the fur farm. He was found guilty and ordered to pay fines, which the Swedish activists managed to raise funds for. Sadly, the fundraiser did not cover the court costs and they are in immediate need of funds to pay for them before the deadline, which is is approaching rapidly. He owes the courts 9000SEK which is about 870 EUR (720 GBP / 910 USD).

If anyone is able to donate it would be highly appreciated. Send Richii and the activists at Djurfront all your love and solidarity and share far and wide so we can all fundraise enough to cover the costs!

The best donation method is PayPal, you can send some coins to: paypal.me/DjurfrontSE



Eric was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2014 after a Molotov cocktail attack on a congressional office in Kansas City in solidarity with the Ferguson demonstrations. Since he was served his sentence, guards have conspired with white supremacist prisoners to beat Eric multiple times, and in 2018 Lieutenant Correctional Officer Donald Wilcox took him into a closet, away from cameras, and beat him as part of an “attitude adjustment”. Eric was later charged assaulting a corrections officer.

Throughout last week, his case was heard in court, and the guards told all sorts of lies like a bird had managed to enter the prison and messed up his cell and spilled coffee on his legal documents.

On Thursday, the jury returned a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict after seeing through the lies of the prison officers that had been conspiring to ultimately kill Eric.

Because of this Not Guilty verdict, Eric will be out of prison in December 2023, but until then he really needs to hear as much animal rights and antifascist news as possible. Eric needs to feel the support of his comrades and to know that he is not alone facing the fascist prison officers in the jail.

Please write to Eric and give him lots of love:

Eric King 27090045
FCI Englewood
9595 w Quincy Ave
Littleton co 80123



On the 28th of January, nine activists will face a court trial in Le Mans, France. They are accused of criminal damage, the rescue of seven lambs and belonging to a liminal association. Multiple civil parties are involved red with the prosecution including FNSEA (national farmers association), Interveb (interprofessional association for livestock and meat) and Hendrix Genetics (a company specialising in the breeding of livestock that holds twenty-eight million animals in their breeding database).

The activists are facing a range of sentences, from very hefty fines to suspended sentences or even firm prison sentences.

Two of the seven lambs are also facing prosecution, and out of the outcome of the court case, the state is asking for the animals to be given back to the breeder.

Folks are asking for solidarity outside of court, at 9 am in front of the Cité Judiciarie in Le Mans, but they also wish for their story to be told and shared far and wide.

If you cannot show solidarity by being present during court, you can choose to take whatever action you feel makes sense in solidarity with the defendants and the lambs.

They also have a fundraiser to help with legal fees that you can find here: 



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