Marius is an anarchist, environmentalist, and animal rights activist who has been incarcerated since 2009.

Marius plead guilty to being involved in an ELF arson at a university lab researching GMOs for Monsanto. He also admitted to twelve other acts of property damage.

At the time, the USA was going through the “Green Scare”, in which the US government took extreme legal action against the environmental protection movement. Since Marius’ actions were deemed politically motivated, a “terrorism enhancement” was brought forth and the prosecution advocated for a 20 year sentence.

After finding out that Marius’ support team were also activists and “criminals”, his sentence was increased to 22 years due to his involvement with them.

Since being in prison Marius has enjoyed letters and books from his supporters. There has been news that he might be transferred to a new prison, so he is requesting books not to be sent until further notice.


You can keep up with updates from Marius’ support team through and the @supportmariusmason Instagram page.

Donations are also being accepted at

If you wish to write, more info can be found at


In other news, Marius completed his paralegal course in January and will have his true name on his diploma! This is his first legal document after transition to validate who he really is.

One of Marius’ support members has taken part in The Animal Liberation Hour podcast to share his story and give more details about his life in prison. You can find it (Episode 30) wherever you normally get your podcasts.

To end this post we’ll share a poem that Marius wrote in September 2022:

*I Am Resolving Myself*

My childhood prepared me for prison

I knew that in every day

There was a possibility

That I might be ashamed,

Denied something I


Would be contained and prevented

From escaping

And yes, there would be pain,

There might be violence

RELEASE DATE: January 10th 2027

Solidarity! ✊


Eric King is a political prisoner. He is an anarchist, vegan, activist, who has been in prison since 2016. In 2023 Eric will finally be released, hopefully already this summer, or in December. Help Eric start his life again by donating money to his release fund!

After Eric was arrested for the attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas City, Missouri in September 2014, he was sentenced in 2016 to 10 years in prison, for one count of using “explosive materials to commit arson of property used in or affecting interstate commerce”.

It has been a very difficult time for Eric in prison, but he has also won important victories. Eric won a trial against the government, after a guard abused and tortured him in prison. During and after this Eric was again punished by the screws, he was forced to stay in solitary confinement. Right now Eric is in the supermax prison in Florence Colorado, with increased restrictions on what he can do, who he can see, for the rest of his time in prison.

Eric’s release date is 27th December 2023, but his lawyer and support crew hope that Eric can leave the prison walls behind him, and come home as early as this summer.

To help Eric start his new life, money is being collected for him. At our website, in the links below, you can read more about Eric, the support for him, and about how you can donate to his release fund. SUPPORT ERIC KING!

Fuck every prison! Fuck the bastards that put us in there! Solidarity is our strength! Anarchy forever! 




If you want to write letters to Eric you can find addresses and restrictions on our website:


Almost a year ago, during a demonstration in front of a T&S Rabbit farm, folks decided to jump the fences and take as many rabbits as they could. Those rabbits would’ve been destined to a life of abuse and a death for a fur coat. The farm was almost empty at the end of the daylight raid, and an anonymous report called the day “Operation Easter Bunny”.

Reportedly, the day was very eventful, lots of people dressed in black during Easter Sunday, in a very busy country lane, running around with carriers full of rabbits. Many people were arrested, and ultimately four people were set to stand trial.

We have heard that those four people have had their charges dropped, maybe because they realised they cannot arbitrarily arrest people at a demo and charge them with theft, maybe because Phil Kerry was unwilling to show his face in front of all the animal rights support that the court case would’ve gathered, but whatever the reason, the result stands.

The bunnies are free, and so are the people!

This comes after two other mass raids by Animal Rebellion where multiple beagles were liberated from a vivisection breeder. The raiders gave themselves in, and ultimately their charges were dropped. The folks arrested at the Easter demo were in all likelihood people simply attending a demonstration who ended up arrested by the cops when raiders run away with the vast majority of the rabbits from the farm tucked in carriers, but arguably we can say that the security culture that the campaign against T&S Rabbits cultivated had much to do with the impossibility for anyone to be charged with the theft of the rabbits. For the most part, people were masked up and did not use their legal names aloud. They also made sure to understand that the police was not there to be friendly with them.

NO FACE NO CASE and NOBODY TALKS, EVERYBODY WALKS likely meant that in the end, no legal case was to be answered by any humans, regardless if they had or hadn’t been involved in the daylight raid.

We hope that all those rabbits are celebrating too, wherever they might be, and we hope that those who were facing legal charges because of Operation Easter Bunny are not only relieved, but incredibly fucking proud of themselves.

Love and liberation.


Mel Broughton has been locked up in prison for months now awaiting court. He would love to hear from you, so writing a short letter would be fantastic.

Two years ago, we published a short video where Mel explained how important it is to receive letters in prison. Today, you can again watch that video and use it as a call to action to write to Mel.

Make him part of the outside world, he loves nature, plants, animals and fungi, so there is much to talk about!

Someone from his support team told us quite a cute story about him. Mel Broughton is as grassroots as anyone can be. He might jump into campaigning and fight corporations, but he also works to rehabilitate wildlife on a regular basis.

Once, a crow became a bit too tame. One of their favourite pastimes was perching on Mel’s ankles and untying his shoelaces. The crow really enjoyed being an amusing pain in the ass. One time, whilst Mel was away, the crow found that grabbing one side of the toilet roll and flying around the house would let them redecorate the whole flat! Imagine the clean-up afterwards!

This is something we have heard second-hand, but we can promise you that Mel is full of great stories. Reach out and ask him how he is doing, bring him a little bit of the outside world with your words and show solidarity.

Mel does not want to discuss his case publicly, so please don’t do so, and do not write anything illegal. Assume that all letters sent to Mel are being monitored.

To write to Mel, please address the letters to:

Mel Broughton A3892AE

HMP Peterborough

Saville Rd



United Kingdom

His support team has sent us a short list of books that Mel would like to receive so we will purchase them for him. This means that instead of receiving random books from many different folks, he can get exactly what he’d like to read. Please consider dropping a few coins to help with the costs. You can donate over PayPal, but remember to do it via friends and family and add a note reading “Mel’s Books”

Paypal address: unoffensive_animal (at)



42 people have been charged with “domestic terrorism” since Dec 2022, and 11 people are still incarcerated awaiting release or court for their alleged involvement in the ongoing effort to stop ‘Cop City’ and to Defend the Atlanta Forest in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The Atlanta Solidarity Fund provides legal support for them and others who are arrested at protests, or otherwise prosecuted for social movement involvement and pays bail for people imprisoned awaiting court.

The first charges of domestic terrorism came after a two day raid on Dec 13th and 14th of 2022. On Jan 18th 2022 police conducted another raid and murdered forest defender Tortuguita and charged 7 with “domestic terrorism” and 15 people with trespassing. On January 21, 2023 at a demonstration in downtown Atlanta in response to the murder of Tortuguita, 6 people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. On March 5, 2023 police arrested 35 people, of which 23 were charged with domestic terrorism. The Atlanta Solidarity Fund has worked to quickly pay bail for people’s release when the courts have allowed, and provide lawyers for their cases.

Support people and act in solidarity with them when they’re targeted by the state and let them know that they are not alone, that they are loved, and not forgotten.

You can find information to write to forest defenders imprisoned awaiting court on our website

To donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund go to
For the most up to date information about arrestees follow @atlsolfund on twitter/instagram general information on the movement campaign against contractors and subcontractors counterinfo website and information on the movement


Mel Broughton has been locked up in the UK awaiting trial since November last year. He does not wish to discuss the charges publicly, but he would really like to feel supported from the outside and there are many ways you can do that!

We have had contact with Mel’s support group, who have let us know that he has received so many books that the screws are limiting how many he can take out, so until further notice don’t send any as they might just send them back. They have also let us know that folks have been sending non-authorised parcels to Mel, which include things like food and clothes, and that folks should not do that (even if they have the best intentions) as he is unable to receive those parcels. If in doubt about what Mel (or any other prisoner in Peterborough Prison) is allowed or not allowed to receive, here is a quick list:


  • Letters
  • Photos (as long as they are NOT “inappropriate” or pornographic. Basically keep things VERY PG)
  • Books directly from approved retailers (WH Smiths and Waterstones), but Mel has received such a large amount of books that they are currently restricting them, so please hold off from getting any more until further notice!
  • Clothing, but please don’t send any as allocations are already complete.


  • Any Amazon parcels
  • Food of any kind.
  • Cash
  • Electronics, DVDs, Videogames, CDs.
  • Magazines or Newspapers (the prison likes to make money off of the prisoners by selling them the magazines themselves).

What Mel could really do with is positive letters. It could be a letter about a recent walk in nature, or about some good news you have received. All positive letters are a window to the outside when locked up surrounded by concrete and metal, and every time you write a letter you are opening that window for a prisoner to breathe the outside world!

If you are concerned about your personal address being surveilled by the prison system, you can contact your local Anarchist Black Cross and ask if you can use their postal address, or maybe your local vegan cafe! What is important is that the letter has a name and an address on the back of the envelope, so as long as it does the screws should be “generous enough” to let the mail get through. Please include a stamped addressed envelope if you’d like to hear back from Mel!

Please be aware that you should NOT include any incriminating details on your letters, nothing that would incriminate you or that would incriminate somebody else. Mel also requests that he does not wish to talk about his case so no need to ask about that either!

If you rather, you are also allowed to send a card directly from Moonpig or Funky Pigeon, as prison is being a little difficult about what postcards and cards prisoners are allowed to receive but Moonpig and Funky Pigeon are approved companies.

Send a letter today, organise a local letter writing event this week with your mates and let prisoners know that they have the movement behind them!

To write to Mel, please address the letters to:

Mel Broughton A3892AE
HMP Peterborough
Saville Rd
United Kingdom

To support prisoners like Mel, you can join the ALFsg as a supporter:



Mel has been held on remand at Peterborough Prison since November. His conditions have improved, after a difficult start with little to no medication or vegan food available.

Mel is receiving regular letters, but keeping in touch with news from the outside world is a great way to support and keep him busy. He really could do with uplifting letters to remind him we are all thinking about him!

Please do not discuss any details about his case. He has got very into analysing the football and watching Dogs In the Wild on the BBC, and he likes talking about nature and animals, so maybe you can describe your last walk in the forest!

Books can also be sent to Mel via Waterstones. Books about nature, fungi, animals and plants and about positive historical change in the world are preferred over fictional stuff.

Books and letters to the address below, include a stamped addressed envelope for a reply.

Mel Broughton A3892AE
HMP Peterborough
Saville Rd
United Kingdom

The ALFSG offer support to people in a similar position to Mel. You can help them do this here


On our last update, we mentioned that Ladislav was going to be released in January of this year. Unfortunately, there was a mix up of dates and miscommunication and his release date had not changed, so he is still scheduled to be released in January 2024 instead of this year. We can only apologise for the wrong information being shared. That means that we still have time to raise funds for his release, helping him get back on his feet after many years suffering the prison system.

Our comrades at Philly ABC have a fundraiser event which is still open for donations and we would like to encourage everybody to donate even if it is just a few coins, so when he is out he is able to fend for himself whilst getting his head around being back out in society! The fundraiser has been up for a month and it has only managed to raise 10% of its goal. Can we all do a big push of support and double it?

You can donate here:

If you cannot support (and even if you can!), you certainly should send him a letter and let him know about the outside world.

Write to him here: 

Ladislav Kuc



19/670 Priečinoik 7




Solidarity with all facing the jaws of the state!


Eric is due to be released this year and we cannot wait to hear he is out and surounded by his friends and family!

We hate prisons, they are designed to destroy people and communities and no one comes out of these twisted and malicious places unscathed. Eric King has had it rough in prison since he was sentenced in 2016. He has been systematically attacked by prison guards, who on one occassion took him to a closet with no CCTV to beat him up due to his anarchist and anti fascist beliefs. They also retrained him for 6 hours afterwards. He has spent much of his long prison sentence kept in solitary confinement, isolating him as a means of torture.

In 2019, he was falsely accused of attacking a guard and faced an additional 20 years in prison, he was found innocent but the prison system is still set on making his life as hard as possible and transferred him to MAX.

In much lighter news, Eric is due to be released from prison this year and is desperate to be free and reunited with his family. There is currently a GoFundMe set up. Donations will help him do things like see a doctor, have some family days out and just take a bit of the burden off.

We have just sent 150USD to Eric for his release, why not join us?

If you can support our comrade Eric then do it, solidarity is everything.

Do send him a letter and help him get through the last months of imprisonment, his address is this:

Eric King 27090045
PO BOX 8500

For further updates and more info about Eric and his experiences as well as a number of poems he has written while inside, check out:


During the last police attack against the Atlanta Forest Defenders, six people were arrested and sent to jail on terrorism charges for simply sitting in treehouses to stop the felling of trees for the building of a new police training city and a sound stage.

We have received the news that after multiple court appeals, all the arrestees have been granted bail and will be able to come back out to loved ones instead of spending any ,more time in jail until their case is heard in court.

We have taken down the mailing information about the defendents, but remember that many other prisoners remain locked up. Please write a letter to someone today:

We could not be happier to hear the news and want to send all the love and support to everyone who have had to endure the prison system for the protection of the Atlanta Forest.

Welcome back to the woods.

PS: Atlanta Defence Fund is still up and in need of support, the defence work will still need to carry on until court and lawyers fees are expensive. If you can afford it, please drop them some coins:

For more info on the campaign:

Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

We now accept Bitcoin and Monero as donation methods! Please visit "Support Us" page to find out how.