The prison system is fucked up for multiple reasons. It once and again shows how it doesn’t work or “rehabilitate offenders”. It has been designed to push further class divide and to ensure those dissenting are silenced. Worse of all, it is a blatant corporate business where a few enterprises control the trade within the walls, making reoffending a profitable action!

For those reasons, and many more, we stand against all prisons. Prison abolition cannot come soon enough.

There is another huge layer to the prison system that as a movement we keep forgetting about. There are folks in prison who were thrown behind those walls for the crime of fighting for a just world. From black panthers (seriously, still) to anti GMO activists and animal liberation folks, many folks are locked up to keep their mouth shut and their spirits low simply because their actions were a threat to the status quo.

People are forgotten behind those walls whilst we write “heroes” under any HIT REPORT comment section. The same people who are praised on instagram could be forgotten the day they enter prison.

This is why we insist on prison solidarity. From our side, we divert quite a bit of the money we make to help stock up the accounts of some prisoners, so they can get commissary food or buy stamps or make some calls. But you can also help, even if you don’t have money to donate. Writing a letter can open a window to the outside, can remind them that they are not alone, can ensure they know they are not forgotten.

Send them news (sometimes, a report or two are nice to read, just remember not to send anything incriminating), tell them about the last hike you did, or the demo you went to, or about your favourite ice cream flavour. The content doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re able to transport them away from prison and into a world of colours other than beige and grey. It might feel like a difficult task, writing to someone you don’t know, but you will 100% make someones day.

You can find a few addresses under our “Prisoner Support” tab on our website:


On that same link you’ll find other sites that have even more addresses, resources on how to write to prisoners and ideas about what to talk about as well as political texts on prison abolition.

Please, take 20 minutes of this evening and write a letter. Choose someone at random, it does not matter. Write a letter today.

And remember, comrades break comrades out of prison.


PS: Art by No Bonzo (@nobonzo)


Many months after Richii’s sentence, the filth has taken him to prison to serve six months. We want to remind you how important it is to support folks in prison, write letters and send love his way, he will need it.

Richii was arrested and sentenced on bogus charges for fighting against the fur industry. He was targeted because of his history organising in animal rights in Sweden and used as an example to try to stop a campaign that has become increasingly effective. His charges are manufactured to make him look bad and are not based in reality.

Read his words below:

“Auf wiedersehen comrades

if you are reading this, I have been kidnapped by our animal hating & corrupt state and will be imprisoned for a while.

Many of you have asked me if I want any form of support in prison. Feel free to write me! However, do not feel obligated to send money or other expensive things. Instead, donate that money to your local animal sanctuary.

Never to stop fighting for the animals, regardless of any resistance or setbacks.

We are the only ones they’ve got, the only ones who want to save them at any cost and the only ones who care enough and are dedicated enough to set our egos aside for what’s right. We are the ones fighting to end cruelty and exploitation of animals and we’re going to end it once and for all, step by step.

Fight even harder to crush the resistance: show no mercy for those who stand between us and the oppressed individuals we are trying to save from a certain death.

Fight back. Organize yourself.
No revolution has ever begun without a fight, no revolution ever happened in silence. Silence Is Violence.

Raise your voice for those who can’t speak, fight until every cage is empty and smashed into pieces. I will join you as soon as I can.

For the animals


My adress in prison :

Box 3112
200 22 Malmö


We bring some good news today!

Animal rights prisoners Sven Van Hasselt has been released from prison. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2018 charged with “conspiracy to blackmail”, a charge piggybacking a law that was purposely set up to stop the SHAC campaign. After having served over half of his sentence, he is now out with conditions for the rest of the sentence.

His release marks the first time in 20 years that there is no one in prison in relation to the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign which officially disbanded in 2014.

In other news, we have been told that Joseph Dibee (who was arrested over two years ago) in relation to ALF and ELF actions in the US during the 90s is in fact still in prison. You can write to him here:

Joseph Dibee #812133
Multnomah County Jail
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland, OR 97220

Lastly, we’ve been informed that the only way to send correspondence to Peter Janssen, who is locked up awaiting trial accused of arson at a duck slaughterhouse is via their support email, so if you want to send any support, please write to:

Remember that solidarity is our biggest weapon



Heartcure has organised an online prisoner letter writing day today and we should all show up for it. All you need is some paper and a pen and some ideas to write to prisoners.

– But why should I write to prisoners? 

Because the prison system is yet another capitalist tool to silence and put away those who do not fit into the standard of productivity that the current system wants to. Because activists are locked up in order to stop them from achieving change. Because solidarity is probably the strongest weapon you possess. 

– What if I don’t know what to write? 

This is a fair concern. As a rule of thumb, don’t write about anything illegal. Don’t talk about the prisoner’s case unless they do so. Don’t assume their innocence or guilt in relation to their case. Do talk about mundane things that are difficult to experience in prison. Going to walk your dog, a walk in the park, seeing sheep relax at a sanctuary… You can also read about them to learn what their interests are and then send articles about those interests. 

– I wrote to a prisoner once but I never received an answer! 

That can happen. There are many reasons, from screws not allowing letters to arrive to the person in prison, to lack of money to send letters, many things could’ve happened. Remember that you don’t write letters for you, but for them. Opening a window to your reality can be the best five minutes for someone inside of prison. 

– But what do you mean when you say “prisons are for burning”? 

We would 100% recommend you to read “What about the rapists”. It is a free zine on prison abolition and restorative justice that might help you understand a lot better why the prison system is broken, useless and should be left in the past. 

– Is there any other way I can help?

Yes! You can donate to prisoner support groups like Project FANG. You can visit the support websites of political prisoners and see if they have a book Wishlist to buy a book for them. You can organise local letter writing events and send a bunch of letters together as well as discuss with your community why prison should be abolished. You can. Visit your nearest prison and organise a noise demo to let people inside know that they are not forgotten. 

The concrete walls, the bars, the thick windows, the razor blade wire, the militarised workers.. They are all part of the same system that profits from criminality. Prisons are full of capitalist enterprises. From communications to cleaning and food, prisons are a business. Capitalist enterprises profit from the justice system deeming someone unfit to be in society.

Prisons are a muzzle for those who dare to speak up. They are a box for those who did not know how to survive within the parameters of capitalist law. They are the punishment for folks with mental health issues. They are one of the main root problems of this society and we should weed it out to build a better world. 



More info: www.unoffensiveanimal.is/prisonner-support


Let’s talk about prisoners because it is really needed and you have some homework to do.

To start with, we want to mention that Walter Bond has been released to prison and is now at a halfway home after a very lengthy prison sentence for arson.

Multiple folks have asked for an update on Peter’s situation. We have talked with his support team, who on advice of the lawyers have recommended to wait before sharing any more information. Once there is an address or a fundraiser we will be sharing it, but for now, we simply have to wait. The support team has created a Facebook page for his prison support specifically and you can follow it over on Facebook:


Marius’ appeal to release because of COVID risks was denied on the basis that he has “ties with the ELF”. Send him a letter. Talk to him about nature.

Finally, we need to talk about Eric King. He has been continuously framed in prison by the screws, he has had nazis thrown at him by the administration to beat him up and on the 18th of June, an unknown prison guard kicked the shit out of him in the showers. He needs out of that prison for his own security.

His support team are asking for phone calls to put pressure. You can find the telephone numbers on the linked website. If you are not from the USA, there is something else you can (and should) do. Eric is facing extra 10 years on multiple fabricated cases just because he is an anarchist and an antifascist and the prison guards are fucking nazis. Send some cash to his legal funds. Just a dollar or two, we don’t care. Just send some cash so he can get legal help and a lawyer can ensure he is moved away from the prison he is at before some fascist scumbag kills him or orders some other fascist prisoner to kill him. Do anything and everything you can to help him survive.

All Eric’s support links below:



Get on this, visit our prison support page to get information and write letters and please, share and support.




On the 28th of May the only Dutch slaughterhouse murdering ducks was attacked. Five meat transporting trucks were set alight and destroyed. An incendiary device in the slaughterhouse never caught fire. This action would later be claimed as an ALF action.

The person behind the action had to leave prematurely losing his car keys and abandoning the car at the scene. A week later and after being wanted by the police, he would give himself in.

Today, his name was publicly released. Peter Janssen, known mostly for his work in Vegan Strike Group interrupting bullfighting and in Konijn in Nood investigating rabbit farms and performing open rescues, remains in prison, remanded and accused of “arson with danger for goods” although prosecution is weighing in changing the charge to “arson with danger to people”.

For now there is no public address for letters or an organised support group. As soon as fundraisers are ready and there is more information we will make sure to make it public.




After receiving a six month sentence and a fine wrongly accused of assault at a fur farm demo in Falkenberg, Richii appealed the case. The court of appeal did not allow him to be present during the case, excusing themselves on “safety precautions” when in reality they did not want a mass of people showing solidarity outside and the media picking up on a story they are already pretty interested in. The Court of Appeal made the decision to reduce Richii’s sentence by two months, having to serve four months in prison and pay the 30000 SEK (2750EUR) fine.

We will update Richii’s address once there is one to be able to send letters, but for now you can help by sending money to cover the fine. You can use any of this three methods:

Swish: 123 013 42 13
Paypal: [email protected]
Bankgiro: 5310-2174

We’ve just sent 5000SEK as that’s as much money we had in the accounts. It would be amazing if other folks could also donate (even if it is just 10EUR!). Let’s ensure that Richii feels supported and let’s ensure that anyone fighting for a better world knows that we have their back. Donate a few coins and send us a PM via Instagram with a screenshot so we can post it on our stories creating a trail of folks showing solidarity and encouraging more people to do the same. Solidarity is our weapon.

We should mention that we are terribly thankful to everybody that has bought merch and joined patreon or sent some money to PayPal. That’s the only reason we are able to send 4-500 quid to someone that needs it straight away. So to all our supporters, thank you very much.

Now go out and encourage others to donate towards the support fund for Richii! Let’s cover that fine in 24 hours!




In this video you can hear Mel talking about what it means to receive letters whilst in prison. Mel Broughton spent quite a few years locked up (and a good few afterwards on tag) for their actions to further animal liberation. He is a good reference to explain why letters to prisoners are so incredibly important.

In this times of lockdown and widespread actions to contain a virus, prisoners have it hard. In many prisons a “two week lockdown” has been imposed, where folks have to stay 24 hours a day locked up in the cell. No access to anything else, no access to the outside, to a cafeteria where they might be able to swap their yogurt for an apple, no access to showers, to library, nothing. It is a hard time and you can do something about it.

The first part of this call to action is for you to write to a prisoner, or two. Maybe make it a daily routine where you write something for someone each day and post a bulk of letters once a week. It is up to you, but send some letters to prisoners. You can find a few addresses on our website under “prisoner support”.

The second part of this call to action is more specific. Leonard Peltier was locked up in 1977 under completely fabricated evidence accused of the murder of two police officers. Although since then it has been proved that ballistics, forensics, testimonies and even the murder weapon was completely fabricated by the FBI, the courts have always denied a second trial. His release date is non existent as court recoded his sentence as “life”. The only reason for this is because Leonard is a resilient native rights activist.

He has multiple underlying health conditions that make him vulnerable to any viral outbreak in prison. Due to the fact that the US Attorney General has given the power to the Director of Bureau of Prisons to release vulnerable prisoners to home confinement, we should all do some effort and help Leonard get back home, where he can be safe and at least, a little safe.

You can read all the details about what to write and where to write to in the link below:


Please, please, please put some effort into this. Help folks in prison. Tell them you’re there for them. Do not let them feel that the system has made them invisible.




Joseph Dibee was arrested in August 2018 after more than a decade on the run. He is accused of being part of a group that organised arson attacks against earth destroying and animal murdering enterprises. He is accused, for example, of taking part in the arson against the Wild Horse Meat Slaughterhouse in Oregon that would be completely destroyed by fire to never be reopened.

He has been locked up since his capture even tho he has not had a trial yet. In January, Joseph was attacked by a “white-power” piece of shit. His jaw was shattered to bits and he has suffered multiple fractures in the skull. His mouth is wired shut. He is stable, but needless to say that was a very scary and terrible experience.

This comes as no surprise when the FBI has insisted on plastering the media with his full name (Joseph Mahmoud Dibee) alongside “Terrorist”. They have paved the path for Joseph to be continuously attacked in prison because of this. They are utilising any tool (in this case, the spread of anti muslim and Neo nazi philosophy) to make Joseph suffer as much as possible.

His lawyer has insisted to the judge over and over that Joseph is not a risk to society and that he has c hanged his life around, helping build solar and thermal systems in Syria and working as a teacher whilst on the run. The judge did not care and decided to keep Joseph locked up awaiting for trial. We will say it again, he has not even been found guilty and he is supposed to pay the price.

Joseph could do with letter of support and love. No one should be writing anything related to direct action or to his case, but sending letters explaining how the day has been might be a good start for him to feel a little better.

This is the address to send letters:
Joseph Dibee #101799,
Inverness Jail, 11540 N.E.
Inverness Drive,
Portland, OR 97220.

Remember that “Support the ALF” isn’t just a fucking t-shirt.




Donate here: https://www.cotizup.com/nooneisfree

We haven’t shared our arrest support fundraiser for a little while as we did not want to put pressure on anyone with all the capitalist celebrations coming, but we decided to give this one last try in the hope that people might be willing to donate even one or two euros towards the funds.

The arrest support fund was created to help folks who were arrested and or charged during 2019 for many different actions. Some of those actions are public whilst others are not for the safety of the defendants.

Since its creation, we have a few news to share. The Earth First 11 were all either dropped or found not guilty. That means no one will have anything on their record or have to pay any fines for their action inside the coal mine in County Durham. This fundraiser, however, helped some get all the way to the north of the UK for the court hearings. 

The Ramsgate 3 had a plea hearing and are now scheduled for sentencing on the 6h to the 8th of January.  The outcome is most likely a fine, so help covering costs will be very necessary. 

SMASH Speciesism still doesn’t have a specific date for trial as they are waiting on all evidence to be accounted for and accepted, but that is 11 people who might face  serious fines for the slaughterhouse blockade in Kent.

The seven folks who do not want their case to be public yet are still waiting to know more about what is going to happen next, but support is always necessary and needed and their will make their legal status public as and when it makes sense. 

The Dolce & Gabbana Bloody Bunnies will be sentenced next year and the most likely outcome is a fine. Some of them are already having to deal with huge costs for legal help. All just for a theatrical action on the streets of London! 

Finally, a new addition to this year’s arrest support crew is a human charged with multiple accounts of criminal damage towards hunting towers. The prognosis is unknown but the lawyer is talking about anything from a seriously hefty fine to prison sentence, so again support really is needed. 

Normally we get an average of 8-900 reactions per post across all social media. In this case we are asking you TWO favours. The first one is to increase that average to be able to reach more people and fuck about with the algorithm. Like, comment some messages of support towards those who need it and share it absolutely everywhere.

Secondly, we would like everybody to donate. If you are fucked with money that is ok, we do not want to put you in a difficult situation, but if you can spare a euro or two, or maybe five or ten, ANY donation helps towards the goal. 

So please share, comment, donate, show solidarity towards all folks who took action and are now facing consequences and remember it could’ve been any of us.

Never stop fighting.

Solidarity is our weapon.