25th December, UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Whilst everybody was getting drunk and partying on Christmas Eve, we broke into T&S. They are still going, still torturing rabbits, still murdering them “for their meat” and making bank selling their fur.

The place is disgusting. The smell of rotten flesh is a permanent feature in the farm, and the rabbits show all kinds of illnesses, from mites and head tilt to lack of limbs.

We took as many as we had houses for and we left without being seen. Rudolf the anarcho-reindeer made sure they were delivered to safety. They will no longer know human cruelty and will be allowed the space and time they need to heal physically and mentally.

To everybody fighting T&S, we see you. Keep at it, and let’s make that company a thing of the past once and for all.

bunnies against Phill Kerry.”


As you might’ve read, we have been trying to raise enough funds to cover the fines to a comrade in Sweden who was sentenced after being charged with criminal damage and theft. We are very happy to announce that thanks to the incredible generosity of people, those fines have been paid in full and the person will not have to take on a loan to cover costs. We are immensely grateful to all that donated, shared and showed solidarity one way or another. Thank you!

Heading into the new year we would like to create a good “emergency” fund that can be used for situations like this. It is difficult for us to get it done because expenses are constant and because folks (be it prisoners, campaign groups or people’s sentencing) always need support, so we distribute everything that comes in and there is never some extra cash to put aside.

If you like the work we do and think you can spare a few coins, we would be really grateful for your support. In the new year we will break down exactly how we work with money and explain a bit more how we intend to create that emergency fund, but for the time being, any new patreons and or PayPal donations are very welcome. We also have a Monero and a Bitcoin wallet if you prefer to make donations over cryptocurrencies.

Paypal: unoffensive_animal(at)tutanota.com

Patreon: www.patreon.com/animalliberation

Cryptocurrency wallets can be found on our website: www.unoffensiveanimal.is

We are going to continue with normal schedule, but this is probably the last UA Update of 2021, so we wish all of you a very merry fucking riot. May the new year bring the revolution, and with it, all your intention to not be a show watcher, but an action taker.



Christmas has always been a busy time for direct action. There are meant reasons, from people wanting to catch the eye during the holidays, to the obvious distraction by authorities dealing with parties, fireworks and crowds. It only takes a few minutes to find many reports of actions during Christmas throughout the years.

In 2014, a report from Austria by the Association Against Animal Factories explained how someone dressed as an angel and someone dressed as Santa broke into a turkey farm to liberate four birds and then rescued another sixteen hens from an egg farm.

The visuals are interesting, with the Santa costume sporting an almost scary face mask, but it hits a point that attracts many. The costumes, the time to celebrate, the will to give gifts and the spirit of helping directed towards direct action.

You can read the report, copied from BiteBack, just below:

reported by the Association Against Animal Factories (translation):

“The greatest gift is freedom – a Christmas story with a difference:During this visit, unfortunately, only 16 hens and 4 turkeys could be saved. For these creatures, however, now begins a new life in freedom with animal-loving people.”

It is hard to predict what the holidays will bring, but remember that Saint Nicholas is the patron of thieves and he breaks into houses in December after watching people all year round.

May you bring the spirit of freedom to all around you.

PS: Sorry for the shit music, we did not choose it.


23rd December, Madrid Spain.

Received anonymously via email:

“We were bored in a winter afternoon thinking about our miserable lives, but we thought “fuck depression, lets do direct action”.

We started to think about all the people who lives in prison and the different types of prisons. We realised that near us were people locked up in little plastic cages; a lot of crickets. They were in a pet shop called Petiberia with more species locked up inside, so we made a plan and we went there.

We entered the shop and while a person was distracting the security people, the other took as much as possible of the plastic prisons with the people inside and went out of the shop. The workers were thinking in their dumb lives so they didn’t realise about was was happening.

After, we looked for a safe place for the crickets, and we ended up in a field. We opened the cages there and they jumped out. But some of them were dead, so we estimate that the number of people that escaped that day was 125.

This is a simple and easy action and you can help a lot of people with it. Go to your local pet shop and do it!!!


Kisses for the workers <3 we’ll see each other again :P”

Photo: stock image, no photo was sent with the reprot


Late December, Georgia USA

via: Scenes of Atlanta Forest

“In late December we decided to pay a visit to district one to the home of Dean and Patty Reeves. Dean Reeves is the Chairman of Reeves Young construction company, a company contracted to destroy part of the South Atlanta forest to build Cop City.

Their home at 4682 Blackwater Way in Suwanee, GA is part of a purportedly high security gated community but it turns out it’s quite easy to get in with just a little bit of ingenuity 😉 We left them a small message in the trees behind their home to encourage them to do the right thing.

We hope this action gives them but a minuscule does of what the creatures in the South Atlanta forest they want to bulldoze might feel: unsafe in the place they call home. Feels bad don’t it…”


Last week a comrade was sentenced in Northern Ireland for the liberation of three chickens. The liberation took place in July at a broiler farm and it was live-streamed, showing the conditions of the farm and open rescuing three chickens in the process.

Tuesday was then arrested and charged with theft, burglary and criminal damage. The judge didn’t care that the door was open and that no criminal damage had been caused, and they didn’t give a fuck about intent. Tuesday explained she entered the farm wanting to document the meat industry but that she could not help herself to try and give a home to a few chickens after seeing how horrible it looked.

She was sentenced to four months in prison that was then exchanged for three years suspended sentence.

Tuesday has more court cases coming related to Meat the Victims that includes a charge of “moving a pig without the tag in its ear” after the animal had been surrendered by the farmer during a Meat the Victims action.

Whilst we are happy that Tuesday avoided prison, three years suspended sentence are an incredibly harsh punishment for the liberation of three hens, and luckily the court cases coming should not affect the sliding scale of legal punishment as she was charged before the July action.

Support all comrades facing the “justice” system.

An injury to one is an injury to all!



Defend the Atlanta Forest is a campaign aiming to stop the destruction of the woods and the development of the wild in Southeast Atalanta’s forest.

Atlanta was built within a forest. The forest in Southeast Atlanta is home to wetlands that filter rainwater and protest against flooding. It is also the last breeding ground for many amphibians in the region and an important migration site for wading birds.

In the 1800s and after stealing the forest from the Muscogee Peoples, the forest was used as a plantation. Then in the early 1900s, the forest was used as a “farm prison” where prisoners were forced into farming labour. A great example of the economic interest of incarceration.

Since then, Atlanta Police has used the grounds as a firing range.

Now, new plans by the filth have been announced, where 300 acres would be destroyed to then build a “mock city” to practice police operations. You know, because they do not have enough with abuse on the streets, they need to prepare even harder to assault, mutilate and murder people.

Another 170 acres are planned to be destroyed by Blackhall Studios to build an airport and erect the biggest sound stage in America, further fuelling Atlanta’s gentrification.

People have said no, and they are saying no loud and clear. There have been demonstrations, mass email/phonecall days, but also shows of resistance in the form of direct action. From windows smashed to bulldozers vandalised and even arson, people have found ways to slow down the process and to show defiance against the capitalist jaws that want to engulf the forest in the name of “development”.

You should follow this campaign closely and show support from wherever you are. The companies involved are multinational empires that can be targeted in a plethora of ways.

The only thing stopping you is yourself.

Check the campaign’s site here: https://defendtheatlantaforest.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/defendatlantaforest/
Instagram: @defendatlantaforest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/defendatlforest/

Donate to the campaign here: https://opencollective.com/forest-justice-defense-fund

Also, Scenes From the Atlanta Forest is a good resource to keep an eye on what is happening with the campaign:

Twitter: @scenesatl


Mutual aid has been in the spotlight recently in light of the current crisis, but what exactly does it mean? And what makes it a powerful form of anarchist praxis unique from charity and volunteering?

Well, ‘mutual aid’ is essentially the very radical notion that co-operation, rather than competition, is what drives communities forward. It is the most practical expression of solidarity, aiming for everyone to be taken care of, incentivising but never expecting reciprocity. It is decentralised and grassroots, relying on the collective skills, resources and efforts of the community rather than state intervention or making demands.

In the animal kingdom, it is second nature – Kropotkin’s evolutionary observations in “Mutual Aid” displayed how mutual support networks, rather than mutual struggle, play the greatest role in species prosperity. But like most forms of commonality that pose a threat to capitalism in all its neoliberal individualism, our instinct for mutual aid has been ironed out and repressed. Organising in this way is therefore a display of solidarity which threatens to crush the destructive fallacy of “Every one for himself, and the State for all”. It breeds a form of collective abundance that endless economic growth will never succeed in creating, and that the state will never understand.

Reclaiming it is taking the fuck back our humanity, our animality, from the capitalist machine. Practicing it, is an act of resistance and an embodiment of an alternative system that we can carry out here and now; anarchism does not sit around and wait for capitalism to collapse. It lives and breathes in the present. Now more than ever, it is not something you pray for… it is something you do.


January 2020 (delayed report), Argentina.

Received anonymously via email (translation)

“During the first lockdown and whilst everybody was staying at home and waiting for a vaccine that was being tested on animals we decided not to forget those who live locked up and cannot decide to stay at home or to go out.

We decided to attack a bird farm that breeds chicken in order to steal their eggs and then murder them.

After much planning we managed to take fifteen hens, who now live in a place where they will not be seen as objects and where they will not be exploited. Their lives have changed forever.

Let’s organise to bring the only real animal liberation, the one done through direct action, the one that opens all cages.”