As you might’ve read, we have been trying to raise enough funds to cover the fines to a comrade in Sweden who was sentenced after being charged with criminal damage and theft. We are very happy to announce that thanks to the incredible generosity of people, those fines have been paid in full and the person will not have to take on a loan to cover costs. We are immensely grateful to all that donated, shared and showed solidarity one way or another. Thank you!

Heading into the new year we would like to create a good “emergency” fund that can be used for situations like this. It is difficult for us to get it done because expenses are constant and because folks (be it prisoners, campaign groups or people’s sentencing) always need support, so we distribute everything that comes in and there is never some extra cash to put aside.

If you like the work we do and think you can spare a few coins, we would be really grateful for your support. In the new year we will break down exactly how we work with money and explain a bit more how we intend to create that emergency fund, but for the time being, any new patreons and or PayPal donations are very welcome. We also have a Monero and a Bitcoin wallet if you prefer to make donations over cryptocurrencies.

Paypal: unoffensive_animal(at)tutanota.com

Patreon: www.patreon.com/animalliberation

Cryptocurrency wallets can be found on our website: www.unoffensiveanimal.is

We are going to continue with normal schedule, but this is probably the last UA Update of 2021, so we wish all of you a very merry fucking riot. May the new year bring the revolution, and with it, all your intention to not be a show watcher, but an action taker.


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