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We are taking a little break. We could write heaps about how rest is revolutionary and whatever else, but we are burnt out enough to not want to take it on.

Over this week we will publish all prisoner support posts, submissions and hit reports sent to us through the last couple of weeks. After that, we will not monitor our emails or socials until the 29th. This means that any submissions sent between today til the 29th need to be set with a longer expiration date than normal, as we will not be taking care of emails for the next 14 days!

We will resume our standard work on the 29th, and if we could request for people to email us if they need something instead of DMing us, that’d be grand. We don’t really give many fucks about social media and it is very possible we will not see your DMs, but we always check emails!

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Received via email from @wildfire.zine

Hey shoplifting raccoons!

We’re super excited to let you all know that Wildfire Vol.4 is coming (yeah yeah yeah, we know, Vol.3 was in 2022, we’ve been busy!) and we’d love to get some submissions.

We have enough articles for it, but it would be great to get more visuals to populate the zine. We are looking for artists who would like to send us some radical drawings, or photographers who would like us to publish some of their photos from demos, riots or actions!

If you send photos, please understand that we will not publish uncensored faces. As for drawings or other forms of graphic art, anything from anarchist to trans to animal liberationist is welcome!

The deadline for submissions is the 10th of July, so please drop us an email if you would like to submit some visuals. Please also include in the email if you’d like your website or social handle or whatever to be used to credit the images.

All submissions to wildfiremagazine (at) riseup (dot) net

For anarchy, for animal liberation!


Between June 15-19, around 300 activists from different parts of Europe and the Nordics gathered for a climate camp in Gävle, Sweden.

The camp was organized by the Take Concrete Action network, which previously organized a camp and blockade against the cement factory Cementa on Gotland in 2022. (Link:

At the camp in Gävle, folks from the radical movement came together with people from the broad environmental one, you could make contacts, there were opportunities for learning, and to mobilize future climate actions. One could contribute to the escalation needed in the climate struggle.

The camp had a schedule filled with interesting talks. It was five days with, among other things, anti-colonial perspectives, reports from anti-fascists, information on anti-repression. There was a good atmosphere in the camp, with vegan food, and action training. On Monday, June 15, it was time for mass action, when more than a hundred activists blocked two entrances to Stora Enso’s pulp factory in Gävle. Stora Enso is an international pulp company, which depletes forests around the world, which has fatal consequences for non-human animals, and minority groups, for example in both Sweden and Uruguay.

The day of action began on Sunday night, when the activists gathered and made their way to the action site and structured themselves into friend groups and finger formations. Of course, they were closely pursued by cops, who awkwardly stumbled around the forest in useless attempts to keep track of the activists. When the activists marched towards the industrial building, singing “Tout Le Monde Dèteste La Police”, there were police cars both in front and behind the demonstration train. Nevertheless, the demonstration reached its goal.

Arriving at Stora Enso, the activists split into two groups, one finger blocking the West Gate, and another finger blocking the East Entrance. At 07:00 the blockade began, after which it did not end until 10 hours later. At 17:00 the activists chose to end the blockade. Then they had caused trouble for Stora Enso’s operations all day, prevented transport from getting in and out of the area.

The blockade was also well attended by journalists and cops (from at least three different police regions). Of course, representatives from Stora Enso refused to publicly comment on the activists’ criticism of their environmentally destructive activities.

Overall, the camp was well organized and inspiring. Activists met, exchanged experiences and started new fruitful relationships. The action, the blockade against Stora Enso, was successful and showed what can be achieved when enough people gather and take direct action together. We can shut down what destroys us, and expose the crap companies. It will be exciting to see what the next climate camp with Take Concrete Action mobilizes resistance against.


Take Concrete Actions website:


In the month of June we have heavily focused on raising funds for the Susaron prisoners by selling t-shirts and tote bags. You’ll be happy to hear that the pre-orders have now finished and you won’t see us promoting it any longer! 

We still don’t know how much money we’ve managed to raise (we will only know once we post all the parcels and pay for the postage), but we are hoping to have made a decent amount to support them in prison!

We also celebrated our 8th anniversary as a collective. Who would’ve thought we’d still be kicking after eight years!

Lastly on the prisoner support corner, we wrote about Marius needing support in order to get gender affirming surgery in prison. You can still help today!

In the direct action corner it looks like Denmark was busy this month. It was also interesting to see the first fur farm raid of the season, where people opened every fox cage at a fur farm in USA.

By country, the number of reported direct actions in June are: 


UK: 3
USA: 1

As always, if you appreciate the work that we do and would like to support us, please send us some coins.

Paypal: [email protected]


TW: Contains some footage of animal cruelty.

via: Animal Liberation Press Office

“Historically, June is the beginning of “fur farm raiding season”, when mink born in March mature to a state where they can be liberated into their natural environment.

Since 1995, there have been at least 116 fur farm raids across the United States. Raids peaked in 1997 and 1998, and continued with small surges in 2008, 2011, and a resurgence in 2013.

In 2022, three mink farms were emptied by the Animal Liberation Front. Over 15,000 mink were liberated into their natural environment, and at least one fur farm closed as a result.

2023 saw the ALF visit three fur farms and liberate over 11,000 mink and dozens of foxes.

The anonymous liberators wrote “people need to see the filthy & cramped conditions where these territorial & genetically wild animals are kept up to four in a single cage. and the joy that is possible when they experience freedom.”

Empty the prisons.”


Eight years ago we decided to start Unoffensive Animal because we found the Animal Lib movement devoid of anarchist views and the anarchist movement devoid of animal liberation struggle.

Since then we have acted as an anonymous platform for direct action reports, trying to keep those taking direct action safe and unknown, while giving them a microphone to express themselves and their reasons for taking action.

We have also worked very hard on prisoner support and court support, from fundraising for people who are locked up to giving advice and coins to people who are facing charges or fines, because we believe that people should feel safe that if they are caught breaking the law for their beliefs, they will have people behind them to support them.

We still believe in educating the general public about tech safety, security culture, and anarchism in general, even though we have stopped running workshops. We realised that Unoffensive Animal could not continue to do public speaking events with the amount of repression we were facing.

It hasn’t been easy to keep going for eight years, and we’ve been close to shutting down for good on several occasions. This is not only because of the legal difficulties of running the platform, but also because it is a lot of work for a small number of volunteers who put in a lot of time to make sure we are up to date.

However, we have grown as a collective and there are now a few more people taking care of the content for Unoffensive. We couldn’t be more proud of the small team we’ve built and would like to remind you that you can be part of the collective too!

Finally, we would like to mention how grateful we are to all of you, those who have appeared over the years, but also those who shared our first post and still comment on our stuff from time to time. We are incredibly grateful to all the supporters who donate via Patreon or PayPal, and everyone who has bought some merch to keep us going. It is because of all of you that we can continue to work.

To many more years of direct action until we fucking win.

Unoffensive Animal Collective

PS: Please, if you can afford it, donate some coins to the project, support your radical media!

Paypal: [email protected]



(thanks Krime for the design, find more of their stuff here:

Folks have been asking for it for quite a while so we have partially re-opened the shop! 

We are bringing you a pre-order only t-shirt and tote bag to support our comrades at Caso Susaron in Chile.

This is a very limited pre-order run that will end the 3rd week of June. We will only print as many t-shirts and tote bags as there are orders and they will never be in stock again, so this is your chance to grab what you want! 

As always, stuff is printed on No Sweat garments (cooperative owned factory producing organic threads) using vegan ink at a printers that runs on solar power. It cannot get more greenwashed than this!

Tees available in grey and white. Tote bags are off-white, thick cotton material. 

We operate with Name your Price, at a minimum we’ve set tees at 20 GBP and Tote Bags at 12 GBP but if you can afford more please donate more. Every penny in profits will go directly to the support of Presos Susaron.


Every order comes with free stickers and if you grab a tee and a tote bag we will send a Wildfire magazine for free too!

We have also re-listed some other items on the shop (prints, badges and patches). If you order those items alongside pre-order items, everything will be posted together. 

We aim to post the preorder items Mid July.

Four antispeciesist comrades were arrested in September 2022 accused of setting a Susaron meat packaging plant alight, totally burning six lorries and partially burning a refrigerating unit. 

One of the four comrades was earlier this year sentenced to five years on tag and released to the streets, the other three are still awaiting trial. 

They need support, solidarity and money, so your donations here go a long way.



May was a busy month and we received a total of 16 direct action reports this month. Seven of these reports were liberations and the other 9 were sabotage actions.

By country, the number of reports received is as follows

Germany: 5
Argentina: 4
France: 1
Australia: 1
Italy: 1
Sweden: 1
UK: 1
Ireland: 1
Czech Republic: 1

While a large number of actions were related to either hunting or the flesh industry, it was interesting to see that three reports were related to pethood, ranging from pet shop liberations to individual liberations at places of imprisonment. There was also a vivisection liberation in solidarity with Operation 1000, which is the first vivisection liberation in a couple of years.

On the prisoner support page, we posted about Larry, the last Atlanta Forest Defender still incarcerated. If you can, please write to them! We have also finally published the translated statement from Presos Caso Susaron. We are preparing to print t-shirts to raise funds for them, so keep an eye out for that!

In terms of events, it has been quite a busy month! We published about EF! Gathering UK, the call for solidarity on June 11th, the National Animal Rights March in London this summer and the Animal Liberation Gathering in the Netherlands in August.

Finally, Operation 1000 outside MBR Acres came and went and from what we have heard it felt like a huge injection of power into the UK grassroots movement.

If you value the work we do, please donate to help us continue, either via PayPal or Patreon.

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via: NAALPO.

“Recently, aboveground activists visited Utah to determine the operational status of known fur farms in the state. 25 fur farms were surveilled, and only 1 was confirmed as currently in operation.

This is the grim state of the U.S. fur industry.

Activists found dilapidated sheds, piles of rusted and decayed cages and nesting boxes, and complete silence on properties that once echoed with the simultaneous cries of thousands of mink yearning for freedom.

The Salt Lake Valley was once the nerve center of the fur industry – where mink murderers once operated not in rural isolation – but within blocks of elementary schools and where tens of thousands of mink languished at farms directly off of major interstates.

Utah has seen at least 12 raids on fur farms, and numerous sabotage actions by the Animal Liberation Front. At least 16,790 wild animals have been liberated from captivity into their natural environment.

In 1997, the most vital component to the proliferation of the fur industry in the state was bombed – the Fur Breeders Agricultural Cooperative in Sandy – with over $1 million in damages resulting.

Most recently, in 2020, an ALF cell visited an unknown Utah mink farm, and released over 1100 mink.

That ALF cell said it best – calling on us all to finish the work of past liberators who fought hard when there was no light at the end of the tunnel – and now every bankrupted fur farmer and abandoned wildlife prison is that light.

“Caging the wild is a heinous offense against life – against freedom. Every cage is worth emptying, and to begin this work is not difficult. Pressure from animal liberation activists, a declining demand for the products and economic downswings have come together to push the archaic fur industry further than ever towards full collapse. Wiping fur farms off the landscape is a worthy and attainable goal. What’s needed now is for the reader to reflect on what is stopping them from picking up where others left off.”

For a full list of U.S. fur farms visit”


Imagine that someone (not you, you would never break the law) has done some crime to help some animals, or to hurt a nazi, or to scare some earth destroyer, and that someone wishes to share their story with the world in hopes that others might too take action. It is difficult to navigate digital forensics, but fear not!, UA is here to help. We have existed as an anonymous platform for direct action for nearly eight years, we have never wanted to know who the ‘criminals’ are and we have set up a system that helps everybody stay anonymous.

1- write your story. Tell us fun details and motivations and whatever else feels right, but don’t give personal information out. We don’t want it. Also avoid writing fascist shit because we will literally not publish it. 161 always.

2- open the TOR Browser. It exists for computer, it exists for smartphones, literally no excuse. This browser helps you keep anonymous by routing your connection through multiple nodes around the world, like an onion with many layers! It means it is a little slower, but worth the anonymity.

3- Head to and scroll down til you find the contact us box. Paste your text.

4- If you have images, use (through the TOR Browser) any of the service providers that allow for media upload (,…). You should probably clean the metadata first. Use Obscurecam or ExifCleaner. Once you have the media link, paste it with your text in the contact us box.

5- answer the math question. You’re allowed to use calculators if you fancy!!!

6- tap on send. That’s it

If after doing that, your little story is not anonymously published within two weeks, you can use a throwaways email like anonymouse to send us an email with message and media. Hopefully we hear about it that way! If it still doesn’t appear, then consider re-reading your report and checking if you’re a fast. We don’t publish fast shit.

And that’s about it. Happy anonymous reporting!


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